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Webalizer Statistics Explained

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Total Files – each web page will have a number of files involved in displaying that page.  For instance if you have a page with two images, each time someone view the page the Total Files count will go up by 3.  1 file for the page with the text and 2 files for the two images on that page. Total Pages – this would be the individual web pages that were viewed.  So if a use visited your site Read More

SQL Free Backup

This entry explains how I set-up my  Web Server to back-up my SQL database. Open up SQL Server Enterprise Manager Select a server group From the top menu select tools>backup database Select the database you want to backup Select the type of backup I usually set-up two backups             Complete once a week             Differential everyday You must add a destination.  I use a file as a destination on a folder designated for my database backups. Schedule the backup Again   Read More


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