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3 Key reasons to avoid Social Media

Hi, and welcome to this week’s E-Webstyle Newsletter. Today, we’re going to be taking a different approach to things in our article 3 Key reasons to avoid Social Media. Normally, we at E-Webstyle advocate social media because it has proven itself time and time again as an effective advertising tool, a great community outreach device, and a good SEO outlet. However, there are certain conditions in which you would want to avoid Social Media like the plague. Here are the Read More

SEVO Optimization trends – Internet Marketing Podcast Number 210

Welcome to the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes, hosted by E-Webstyle! Join us this week as we talk about Writing and Presenting your Content for Social, Local and Mobile SEVO Optimization Trends Making sure your Website Stands Out – Images

3 Tips for SEVO You Don't Want to Miss

Hi and welcome to this week’s E-Webstyle Newsletter. Today we’re going to be going over SEVO – Search Engine Visitor Optimization in our article 3 Tips For Sevo You Don’t Want to Miss   We’re going to go ahead and start with our first tip :   1)      Include Calls to Action Calls to action are important in your search engine visitor optimization for the sole reason that it optimizes for conversions. What kind of conversions, you ask? Well, to Read More


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