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My phone is actually starting to ring again!  I have 2 new clients this week! Thank you for all your work on this!  I have gotten more business in the last week from your work than from my prior web company in 4 months!

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A Search Engine Marketing Agency that Guarantees Results

eWebResults first opened its doors in 1999 under the name E-Webstyle, a Houston internet marketing company with a focus was on custom website design and IT support.

With the explosion of Search Engine Marketing in the early 2000s, we quickly added Search Engine Optimization as a means of getting traffic to our clients’ websites. As Google grew, changed and set new industry standards, we did too. Our ability to adapt to the rapidly changing world of internet marketing ultimately led us to where we are today. A search engine marketing agency with a unique guarantee on your results.


A Brief History of eWebResults

houston search engine marketing agency ewebresultsChapter 1 – Custom Website Design

When the owner, Chris Burres, a web development programmer and entrepreneur met one of the E-Webstyle partners, a talented graphic artist, Javier Chiesa, they clicked so well they started E-Webstyle. Serving many customers by providing both in Website Design and Development and IT services, the business began to grow. The direction was, at the time, unclear – would E-Webstyle become a great IT service company in the Houston area or a powerhouse of Internet Marketing across the globe?

Chapter 2 – Search Engine Optimization

In its infancy there were a few projects, in competitive industries, placed on the first page of Google. E-Webstyle knew how to perform these services and just did not have the staff to offer them as a regular service to it’s clients. It was after E-Webstyle was able to hire Charles Lewis that SEO and more generally Internet Marketing became the focus of the business. Now no matter your industry or location, E-Webstyle can not only make a great website, E-Webstyle can not only put that website on the first page of Google, what E-Webstyle excels at is working with both your website and your traffic to make sure you are getting new business.

Chapter 3 – SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

In September of 2009 E-Webstyle started what is now the most popular Internet Marketing and SEO podcast available on the Web. As of the end of 2013, the podcast is downloaded about 9,000 times per week and has been downloaded in over 76 different companies.

Chapter 4 – Results

We felt we needed to change our name to reflect our one and only focus: Results. Results are the core of our business; it’s not just about building a website or driving customers to your website, but driving business that turns into customers. In late 2015 we rebranded to eWebResults and made the domain change to www.ewebresults.com. As of March, we have redesigned our site, improving the look and feel while making it easier to navigate.  Check it out and let us know how you feel about our new look!

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