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SEO Podcast 377

7 Reasons to Use Pay-Per-Click Ads

SEO Podcast 377 Algo Cat

Pay. Per. Click.  PPC advertising gets you in front of your audience instantly, with one caveat: you have to know how to use it effectively.  A simple mistake can cost you thousands, while a well-run campaign can make you millions.  PPC not only offers instant results, it is easy to track, works with other marketing, and provides all the data your heart desires.  Tune into SEO Podcast 377 and let Charles and Chris give you the 7 Reasons to Use Pay-Per-Click Read More

SEO Podcast 376

10 SEO WordPress Blunders You Should Avoid

SEO Podcast 376 Tip

WordPress.  Over 25% of the websites on the Internet are powered by it.  Its popularity makes it a fantastic platform for SEO, with plugins and how-to’s abounding on how to SEO your WordPress site.  If you have a WordPress site or are considering moving to this great content management system, check out these 10 SEO Blunders You Should Avoid! In the Potatoes: Epson sues for refilling print cartridges Algo Cat – in beta! A new study that Yelp drives higher Read More

SEO Podcast 375

How to Find a Phenomenal SEO Agency

SEO Podcast 375 Algo Cat

Have you vetted your SEO agency?  Do you know how your agency handles guarantees, link building, site audits, and most importantly, results?  We’ll talk 3 Tips for finding a phenomenal SEO agency and a list of more than 30 questions to ask to make sure your SEO agency is on the level. In the Potatoes: Algo Cat is back with a vengeance! Phone screens that stretch? Amazon now has pickup locations Augmented reality on your phone with Google Lens The article Read More

SEO Podcast 374

12 Ways to Make Your Content Amazing

SEO Podcast 374 Tip

Content.  It’s here to stay, and this week we bring you 12 Ways to Make Your Content Amazing!  We cover research, fact checking, editing, linking, using visuals and a whole lot more in Podcast 374. In the Potatoes: Google IO How your phone knows where you are, within centimeters! Can the Apple Watch diagnose heart problems? MLB now live on Facebook Facebook will now deliver you food!   This week’s article is “12 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Make Your Content Read More

SEO Podcast 373

Why Should I Create New Content?

SEO Podcast 373

Why should you create new content?  Is it really beneficial or just an old adage clung to by SEOs?  The short answer is: Content is still King.  How you write that content and what it does for the reader are what you need to focus on.  Chris and Charles talk about the ROI great content can bring to your business, diversifying your content through infographics, videos and more, which content will create the highest ROI, and even a checklist of Read More

SEO Podcast 372

8 AdWords Tips to Increase Your ROI

SEO Podcast 372 Tip

Are you getting the best possible return on AdWords?  Increase that ROI with these 8 AdWords Tips on the SEO Podcast.  Charles and David cover landing pages, keyword match types, ad extensions and more! In the Potatoes: New guy on the podcast! Google reduces penalties for ads PITFs! This week’s article is “8 Simple AdWords Tips That Will Make You More Money” by Chris Giarratana over at Search Engine Journal.

SEO Podcast 371

14 Technical Issues Killing Your SEO

SEO Podcast 371 Algo Cat

Need some easy solutions for ranking problems?  Check out these technical issues that are killing your SEO!  Chris and Charles cover indexing, Robots.txt files, Canonicalization, backlinks, redirects and more.  If you don’t know what all of that means, you should listen to the podcast, and if you do, you should still listen to the podcast! In the Potatoes: Algo Cat addressing Fake News and “False Facts”! Soccer might get video replay Google has servers in Cuba What percentage of Google Read More

SEO Podcast 370

10 Mobile SEO Mistakes You Need to Fix!

SEO Podcast 370 Tip

Do your mobile pages render in under 1 second?  Do you have interstitial ads or a separate mobile site?  Listen to the SEO Podcast 370, fix your mobile SEO mistakes and get your mobile SEO back on track! In the Potatoes: Plastic goes bankrupt Google launches Hire, a new recruitment tool for employers GMB now reports on returning customers This week’s article is “The 10 Most Harmful Mobile SEO Mistakes” by Aleh Barysevich, posted over at Search Engine Journal.

SEO Podcast 369

4 Steps to Creating High-Quality SEO Content

SEO Podcast 369 Tip

Anyone can create content, but how do you create great, SEO content that has value to the user?  With these 4 simple steps, plus some bonus technical info, you can create high-quality content users will love! In the Potatoes: Samsung’s foldable touch screen phone An 8 year old drives to McDonald’s Google eliminates ads for some YouTube videos Instagram stories is now bigger than Snapchat This week’s article is “The complete guide to optimizing content for SEO (with checklist)” by Read More

SEO Podcast 368

7 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Making

SEO Podcast 368 Algo Cat

The average return on email marketing is 44x your investment.  Are you getting that kind of return?  Check out the 7 email marketing mistakes you’re making and improve your email marketing ROI! In the Potatoes: Cataclysmic Algorithm Cataclysm from Google’s Fred update! Chris and Charles talk Black Hat World (and why you shouldn’t use it!) Google expands fact-check tag The article this week is “7 Ways You Screw Up Your Email Marketing” by Reshu Rathi over at Search Engine Journal.