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This is a transcript from our 109th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Google +1 and SEO
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Google +1 and SEO

Chris:                           Hi! And welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.


Paul:                            What’s up everybody? Welcome back. Another fun-filled Friday. We got some good stuff for you.


Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Paul:                            Paul Hanson, sales manager in E-Webstyle.


Chris:                           Oh, we haven’t done that in a while.


Paul:                            We haven’t done that in a while.


Chris:                           We haven’t introduced ourselves. We are you friendly neighborhood top position snatchers where our mantra is “Don’t be a —


Paul:                            Douche.


Chris:                           — douche. We’re getting started — we’re not even close to —


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           This is podcast number 109. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. As always we want to talk about — I have a whole stack of pieces of paper, not much information on any one piece of paper. We’re inefficient that way. Like I said, we always like to talk about our previous podcast and what we said our tip — you know, we have a kind of running theme for our podcast number 107 and 108. 107 was something along the lines of strap up and —


Paul:                            And getting into bed with Google, strap up.


Chris:                           Yep. And 108 is don’t +1 the porn.


Paul:                            Yes, don’t +1 the porn. Well, that’s actually pretty interesting considering that +1 just rolled out on Monday for websites or the 31st. Is it the 31st or the 1st? They just rolled it out for websites. So now you can actually put it on a website, not just the search results.


Chris:                           So before it was just in the search results. So —


Paul:                            Yeah. I think it was somewhere else. Well, I don’t know, but it’s on websites as of this week.


Chris:                           It feels like pretty soon a website is going to be like all of this social crap on top and then like maybe some content.


Paul:                            Yeah, yeah, really. I don’t —


Chris:                           Please like me, please +1 me, please —


Paul:                            Yeah. I will retract my previous statement about the +1. I don’t think it’s going to do anything.


Chris:                           Oh, yeah.


Paul:                            I used to say it was going to take awhile to catch on. No, no.


Chris:                           You don’t think it’s going to catch on at all?


Paul:                            No.


Chris:                           No?


Paul:                            Not at all.


Chris:                           Are you frustrated because you started on Foursquare and then — no, you were using Yelp.


Paul:                            I was using Yelp, yeah. I just don’t think it’s going to catch on. They don’t have a platform, you know.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Who cares that people +1 like what does that mean?


Chris:                           Yeah. I tend to agree.


Paul:                            You know, like is a thing because there’s a platform, because I can go see who liked it, I can go read the article, I can go that, you know. And then honestly — my honest opinion is Google failed at every other social thing so why should they succeed at this?


Chris:                           Part of the reason is they don’t market. I was reading an article somewhere. You know, Android phones you can talk to them and they’ll type out a text message or they’ll type out of search query. I mean literally if I’ve been at places where I want to search, look up something or have an argument — by the way, have you seen that commercial where the guy is like, “Oh, no, it was 1963” or whatever.


Paul:                            Oh, yeah, yeah, this other phone?


Chris:                           He’s like, “Oh, wait, the restaurant is on fire.”


Paul:                            I haven’t done that.


Chris:                           So in those situations you’re like — I literally press and hold the magnifying glass which is the search button and just say like whatever — 1973 NBA champions.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           And it translates it. Apple — the iPhone have nothing like that and —


Paul:                            Like that’s what’s up.


Chris:                           — it’s a huge marketing thing.


Paul:                            I think so as well.


Chris:                           And Google doesn’t use it. So that’s part of the reason — I mean think about it. Most people don’t recognize — know that that’s there. When people see me do it, they’re like, “Oh, wow! Can you do anything on iPhone?” Like “Yeah. I saw that on a commercial. Of course, you can do that.”


Paul:                            And now I don’t think they’ve done marketing because they’ve failed so many times that if they have this  huge marketing push, people will just point and laugh at them like, “Look how bad you all failed.” Now, the only people that know they failed are people in the industry that actually watch. You know, how many people know about — very few people that I know know about Google Buzz.


Chris:                           And Wave.


Paul:                            And Wave, yeah.


Chris:                           And — yeah.


Paul:                            Or what is the new one? Social — Chuck, what’s the new one, Circle?


Chuck:                         The new what?


Paul:                            The new Google social thing?


Chuck:                         Oh, social — yeah, Circle.


Paul:                            Circle.


Chris:                           Circle.


Paul:                            Yeah, yeah. So most people in the general population don’t know about it. So if they went to this huge marketing push that everybody would know about it and watch it sink, you know, like the Titanic.


Chris:                           Yeah, that might make them a little nervous. All right. In news, we like to cover a little bit of news. Apparently, Sony servers have been hacked again, one million users data has been… And I think some were just like, “Well, if you have the data, show it to us, and I think — my impression was that with somebody at Sony and so they did.


Paul:                            Oh, wow! And brought to you by Bill Gates and Microsoft.


Chris:                           I thought this was hilarious. You should go check it out. There’s apparently a blog or whatever, somebody had their apartment burglarized and their MacBook stolen. And he went to the police because he had a piece of software that would actually — was actually sending him pictures of the dude on his computer —


Paul:                            Wow! That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           — and like snapshots of what he was on. So he knew his Gmail account and everything. And so because the police said, “Look, we really don’t have the manpower to do anything about this,” he started a blog and it was “This guy has my MacBook.”


Paul:                            Wow!


Chris:                           And finally the police got wind of it in their PR department and said, “Oh, somebody will be contacting you very shortly.”


Paul:                            I bet.


Chris:                           They found the Mac and they returned it. I thought that was pretty funny. The next thing is the Mac secure? So there’s Mac protector, Mac defender, and Mac guard which are all — I don’t know what the — there’s probably a specific term for it like Spyware or fake virus protection ware, and you download it, install, and it says, “Oh, you got this virus. Get this. Pay us 30 bucks and then pay us another 30 bucks and then pay us another 30 bucks and then you call a company like us that will do the IT work for them. So the Mac is starting to get some traction in terms of some negative traction.


Paul:                            Yeah, they had a malware scare which probably also brought to you by Bill Gates and Microsoft. So that was about what? A month ago that malware scare? So I can see that.


Chris:                           And I think it’s the same ones. I think it’s the same malware scare. So that’s apparently the term. It’s called malware. All right. We’ve got — I’m excited. We got two reviews on iTunes. I printed them out here. The first one is — it’s a scathing review.


Paul:                            Yeah, we get those ever so often.


Chris:                           I think it says — well, I know it says because I’m reading it. Too much BS, one star. Now, before I read this, what is typical of anyone who gives us a poor review is the fact that they haven’t listened to the whole podcast, that’s my belief, because it says, “A half hour show and at least 10 minutes was pure BS and had nothing to do with SEO. If want to hear people chat, I will go to Facebook,” which by the way I don’t have that app.


Paul:                            Yeah, I don’t have that.


Chris:                           I don’t have the “hear people chat” on Facebook. We need to get that.


Paul:                            Well, I mean I could understand like this is a weekly show and I mean we — there’s not that much we can cover every —


Chris:                           Every single week.


Paul:                            Yeah. You know, how much coding can we cover every single week? So we do try to fit — you know, add other things in, things that are really going on in the industry. That may or may not be related to you.


Chris:                           Yeah. And so we know that we’ll never get a chance at the lone leopard. By the way, I went and looked at all of these reviews. Mostly, he runs around attacking Christian podcasts.


Paul:                            Oh, wow!


Chris:                           Because apparently he has nothing better to do. Look, if your beliefs are different, why would you listen to that podcast? Like I mean it’s kind of stupid to review a podcast about Christianity or whatever religion and then your review is about the fact that you don’t believe what they’re saying like it — that’s just stupid.


Paul:                            Yeah. You can follow the other material.


Chris:                           Yeah. Go get some therapy. I know a really good therapist, and we appreciate the feedback. My favorite marketing podcast — let’s get into something good. This is by F.K. Bowman. “I subscribed to quite a few marketing and technology podcasts and this one is my favorite. Lots of actionable ideas explaining the way that makes even the non-techie feel empowered.” By the way, that’s pretty powerful.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up, man.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Cool. Thank you very much for that.


Chris:                           Thank you, Mr. Bowman. Bowman sounds familiar.


Paul:                            F.K. Bowman?


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           So we probably get —


Paul:                            Now we had a Bauman, B-A-U-M-A-N.


Chris:                           Okay. So we may have punched him in the face. If not, boom!


Paul:                            That’s what’s up, man.


Chris:                           There’s a big punch in the face. Now, we’ve got a lot of stuff here.


Paul:                            What’s up for today?


Chris:                           Well, let’s see. Well, here’s the — that’s the social — we’re going to do some social media don’ts. We still have a little bit more stuff on our Facebook. By the way, I got this here. This is exciting. If you’re looking at this, great. If you’re not, it’s a postcard from Bing Business Portal. So we got clients sign up for Bing local or whatever they call. It’s probably not Bing local because it’s Google local.


We also finally — I think I probably submitted these about seven months ago. Please send us a pin number, and because of the organization and I won’t mention what organization it is, they finally got the card to me. I’m still excited that they got the cards to me because now there are Google local places listing can actually go live which is exciting for me and for that client. We actually had an interesting tip on our podcast — I mean on our Facebook page.


By the way, you can find us at,, and send us an email We do websites. We do internet marketing. We really take a holistic approach to internet marketing so we’ll sprinkle in a little social. We’ll sprinkle in a little PFE, what we call pay for exposures, includes pay per click, maybe some banner ads, and certainly SEO. So give us a call if you need help with that, anything along those lines. All right.


So somebody is at the door. Somebody get that please, and it’s Lewis. So it was — we had a Facebook post about tweets and kind of paying attention, and then this is funny. Jeffrey Moskovitz says, “Another tip: beware of the scantily-clad 10+ supermodel who follows 97,000 people, has 97,000 all-male followers, but has never typed a single tweet.”


Paul:                            Yeah, but he’s got a nice picture.


Chris:                           Yeah, this is a good picture. I would — I think the point is I would follow that. We have two Facebook pages, one of them is our places page and one of them is our Facebook page. And so some people have posted on our places page. One lady, Cassandra McCarley, she actually says B2C, business-to-customer service. So she was answering the question in our podcast which she didn’t get to the right site. If you want to get to the right Facebook page in, you’re in Facebook, search for The other one is our places page. We actually have 100 and something followers on our real Facebook page. Our places Facebook page has about 60 something followers. And we got one more review. Are we tired yet? Are we past our Gino time limit?


Paul:                            No.

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