2011 SEO Year in Review – Part 2

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This is a transcript from our 131st Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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2011 SEO Year in Review – Part 2

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chuck: You got it right that time; you got it right that time.

Chris: Where we come to you and share with our apparently — for SEO news, facts, figures, tips, and we actually also do websites.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah. We do websites — custom websites.

Chris: Welcome. This is Podcast 131. This is the second part of the 2011 SEO Podcast Year-end Review. This is our much acclaimed, much sought-after — well, I don’t know. It’s our 2011 Year-end Review Part Two.

Chuck: Part Two Year-end Review. So if you’re watching us right now, do me a favor. Stop what you’re doing and tweet this — Facebook it, just put it out there, #SEOPodcast131. I so appreciate it. And then tag as @ewebstyle so we’ll know that you did it.

Chris: Remember, we are your friendly, local neighborhood top position snatchers where our mantra is —

Chuck: — don’t be a douche.

Chris: Do not be a douche. We got two reviews in iTunes. That means, I think I’m actually erasing one of my tear tattoos. First one is “Punch in the face,” from gqsmooth. “Hey, guys. I want to give you all a big punch in the face for making me wait so long between podcasts.”

Chuck: Our bad.

Chris: “I’m gonna be honest. At first, I didn’t like the podcast. I thought you guys were just jokesters and didn’t provide any value so I keep on listening, yes, after the 8-minute mark and saw that you delivered good value and that kept learning fun. Great job, guys. I think it’s time to step up and do two podcasts a week.” Wow.

Chuck: We actually do.

Chris: We do. Yeah.

Chuck: We actually do. Sometimes four or five. But we only do one SEO podcast like you’re watching now the podcast or a website analysis where people go to our website, they fill a web anal quiz and we actually do a video analysis on site. So we do. But I get your point and we actually thought about it before but I just don’t know about that.

Chris: Yeah. Maybe in a year or two, we can handle two podcasts. It’s enough to put this one together and we really appreciate your feedback. Especially feedback like this “Best SEO podcast. Five stars. These guys –”

Chuck: Five stars.

Chris: “– get right to the point and freely share [00:02:23] [Inaudible] of advancement.” A little irony there. “They share a very advanced and insightful of knowledge, many other [00:02:30] [Inaudible] come off mostly in advertisement. There is real [00:02:33] [Inaudible] in every episode.” That’s —

Chuck: Is that so?

Chris: That’s a punch in the face to Mr. Tony Valey — Vayey.

Chuck: And we try to provide value. And the truth is, we don’t want to be in advertising [00:02:46] [Inaudible]. You know, I would go just to give you good information and frankly, SEO [00:02:51] [Inaudible] also admitted a research for us in order for us — I do with these up to date news in internet marketing, we have to research and we have to study and so it keeps us on our toes.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So I appreciate that.

Chris: It really works all around. And we got two e-mails, which turned out to be decent reviews. Let me — this is Ner —

Chuck: Netlord, what’s up?

Chris: “Great content on the podcast. Just talking about 126 and I have a question. You talked about Google not showing keywords and Google analytics for those who are logged in when doing a search.” [00:03:20] [Inaudible] one of my keywords, analytics it shows [00:03:24] [Inaudible] —

Chuck: Not provided.

Chris: Not provided instead of the keyword.

Chuck: That’s exactly why.

Chris: Yes. He says also, “I’d like to point out that good content — this king theory is dead on. They are — has been found from 9,008 different keywords. Our bound is 24% and average of site is a neat 51.” He says he’s honest. He says, “Okay, maybe I just want [00:03:46] [Inaudible] a little something that matters.” First, thank you for thinking that we matter. And second —

Chuck: Punch in the face to the [00:03:54] [Inaudible]. That’s awesome, 130%.

Chris: Yeah, that’s really good. And he is a Droid, not an Apple.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah. That’s why we don’t get the iTunes review.

Chris: All right. Maybe we got a — maybe we’ve got to figure out some Android review or Android market.

Chuck: And it’s funny because I think I’m becoming a “drapple.”

Chris: A “drapple”?

Chuck: I mean, I use a MacBook Pro. It’s my laptop of choice.

Chris: Right, right.

Chuck: My phone is Android. But I’m about [00:04:19] [Inaudible] Sprint calling my name.

Chris: You know, I was leafing — withhold it from the Apple right now and I may need to do a research. And this is the iPhone is tethering because, you know, I got the iPad. I don’t have 3G on the iPad so I have to be able to tether —

Chuck: — from the phone.

Chris: And I can from my Android. And the Apple is a little tougher. It probably can be done. It just didn’t seem to be straight forward. Was there anything else?

Chuck: Well, let me address our Twitter — our Twitter fans. I don’t [00:04:52] [Inaudible] on his name [00:04:53] [Inaudible]. He has two [00:04:57] [Inaudible] one about redirecting a secure service HTTP in regards to retaining link juice. Second question was what do [00:05:07] [Inaudible] at the end of the URL [00:05:09] [Inaudible]. So for question one, I don’t know. Frankly, anything that’s on a secured server with information that’s probably secured.

Chris: For a reason typically.

Chuck: Or [00:05:20] [Inaudible] yeah. Usually for a reason and it shouldn’t be indexed or ranked. And so if you’re redirecting to a not secured server then that means — well, I gather that you want that information to be ranked. And if that’s the case, I would recommend you just take it off the secured server and host it regularly.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: And I wouldn’t try some link juice from a secured server to a not secured service. I’m sure of that. Hope that helps. Second [00:05:44] [Inaudible] slash, I think it does have some value because if I understand right, the slash indicates how many times that that page has to be reloaded. Or maybe we’re wrong.

Chris: Yes. So basically if you don’t put the slash, what happens is it actually goes back to the server, the server comes back to the browser and says do you want the slash. And you always do so having the slash in your link actually cuts one trip to the server.

Chuck: Yeah. [00:06:17] [Inaudible] increase its load time. Okay. That’s what I was trying to get to.

Chris: Yeah. So you [00:06:20] [Inaudible] have the slashes, and give us some more details on the HTTPS. Why is it that you’re doing it that way? If you’re considering pointing it to a non — or redirecting to a non-secure server then the question is why do you have a secure server in place?

Chuck: Exactly. E-mail us. I’d be interested to look into that a little bit further, podcast@e-webstyle.com. As a matter of fact, Facebook us, facebook.com/ewebstyle. Follow us on Twitter. Twitter.com/ —

Chris: — ewebstyle. Podcast@e-webstyle [00:06:54] [Inaudible].

Chuck: Youtube.com/ —

Chris: — ewebstyle.

Chuck: Yeah. I think that’s all of it.

Chris: That’s it. And I did have one more e-mail. I thought this was definitely worth reading. “I’ve been loving the podcast so much so that I left you a review.” Punch in the face. Thank you for the review. “Because of listening to your podcast, I’ve decided to change my niche.”

Chuck: Oh, yeah, that’s —

Chris: That’s interesting. He was in the positive cash flow property niche but it was a bit small and highly competitive. He’s 23 and has two kids so he decided to start a young dad’s blog. That’s really cool.

Chuck: Awesome. I would co-sign at that. I’m a young father. I totally understand.

Chris: If you could give me a punch in the face or some link love to ayoungdad.com. Absolutely. Done. Key phrase — to be a young dad. Man, he does listen to our podcast. How to be a young dad is the key phrase. Just started the site yesterday so it’s a working progress. [00:07:45] [Inaudible] content, in fact probably asked us to do a SEVO analysis. It’s been a hectic week but he is gonna put it on his blog which is ryanmclean.com and give us some link love. Thank you so much.

Now, “Blank stare to you guys for the way you market Twitter and Facebook. You preach, give people reason to follow you on Facebook or Twitter but you always say follow us and never give us a reason why.” Yeah. That’s —

Chuck: I’m gonna blank stare at you too. Well, technically we don’t promote. Right now, we’ve got gift card giveaways going on, on Facebook. We just choose not to — like we talked about earlier in the first review about promoting us and advertising on the podcast. But if you go to the Facebook page, then you will see those offers.

Chris: And there’s stuff to do. We do have [00:08:34] [Inaudible] questions out there.

Chuck: — and all those stuff, yeah.

Chris: So yeah, punch in the face to Ryan and link love for ayoungdad.com.

Chuck: Yeah. He gave us some link tip. So when you give us some link love put Houston SEO —

Chris: There you go.

Chuck: — or Houston Internet Marketing or anything to that nature. Your choice.

Chris: Cool. Well let’s jump into it. So yup, basically what we’re doing is we’re going from the beginning of the year through to present [00:09:00] [Inaudible] that I created for our podcast and then making comments about those. So we are actually on Podcast 101. I cannot tell you when that was — what month that was. And it was “SEO 101 Back to Basics.” That was because it was Podcast 101 and we’re like —

Chuck: Let’s go back to the basics. To probably give you a great estimate on when this was. If we are [00:09:24] [Inaudible] in the middle of December, thirty podcasts ago.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: We average four a month. This would have had to be in the middle of the year.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: Frankly, May, June or something like that. So “SEO 101 Back to Basics.” We’d probably even call the top 10 on this one.

Chris: I think so, yeah.

Chuck: You know, titles. Make sure you have titles. Google’s not really looking at middle information but include it anyway because Bing and Yahoo do. We’re using headers correctly throughout the site. Tag just [00:09:56] [Inaudible]. Use linked titles and use proper anchor text inside your links. Make sure your pages are right in regards to the C word, canonicals.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: And threw in one redirect, [00:10:14] [Inaudible] things like that. Just basic stuff that you should do really when launching the site.

Chris: Yup. Those are all on our checklist — on our basic checklist before we really even get hot and heavy into the main SEO. Excellent. The next one. “HubSpot, the SEO Rapper and E-Webstyle.” Why did we have that title? That title just — because Charles, as you know, the SEO rapper was actually at HubSpot. He did a video at HubSpot and so that was the — that was probably when he just returned or when it just released or something and so we talked a little bit about your HubSpot video.

Chuck: Yeah. HubSpot was cool man. Shoutout to HubSpot. They’re doing some really big things, I think in Boston so we went out there. We did a whole [00:10:59] [Inaudible] marketing video. As a matter of fact, I post that on Facebook so you can check it out. And just a really cool company doing a lot. As a matter of fact, congrats to [00:11:07] [Inaudible] young one to be, you know, check the tech guy from Google. Awesome.

Chris: In fact, one of our e-mails that I didn’t print actually asked what we thought about HubSpot. Did you see that one?

Chuck: I didn’t see that one. I think as a company, awesome. I mean, they have a great working environment. The leadership is great, the employees are great, they took me out and had a — and not just because I had a good time off their book for what they’re doing. I did get a chance to walk around their office and see everything they’re doing.

The software seems okay. I tried out the new grader, that kind of evaluates your website and it gives you the grade on how well you’re linking, how well it’s optimized. And it seems okay. I haven’t actually used the official HubSpot marketing software so I can’t really comment on that. If you’re watching, I think I qualify for a free user or something so —

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I’ll check it out. Let me know.

Chris: All right. Next we’ve got “Page Speed Google Labs” and I’m just gonna read out the next three. “SERP Google Plus One,” “SEO Google Accounts” and “Google Plus One and SEO.”

Chuck: This was apparently when Google Plus One was launched. Page speed and Google Labs, I think that’s when it was a debate about how much of a factor is page load time.

Chris: And I think Google came out and said it’s less than 1%. That it affects —

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And when it affects the search result, remember that doesn’t mean that you’re on or off the first page necessarily. It doesn’t mean you’re in or out of the index. It means that maybe you’re in position three instead of two or whatever — five instead of two because your page speed you know —

Chuck: — is a little bit slower.

Chris: All other things being equal, you’re a little slower so you get bumped a little. So you just want to make sure that you’re providing a good experience. You know, one way — always talk about good experience to the Google user. But two, more importantly, providing a good experience to your user.

Chuck: To your user, exactly.

Chris: So if you’ve got really big — one of the things I’m always nervous about turning a WordPress over to a client who’s going to do a lot of images because they just, you know, they’ll that —

Chuck: Take that fresh from the digital camera.

Chris: A five-meg picture and shrink it physically.

Chuck: Thinking that it’s — yeah.

Chris: And then you got this, one 30-second page load time and the image is like a dot matrix printer. And yeah, so just make sure that your load times are good and that your images pop really, really quickly.

Chuck: You know what, speaking of that. That is the hardest thing in the world to do, explaining to a client how to resize an image. Man, that’s a 40-minute conversation.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Just to find out that they don’t even have a way to do it.

Chris: A software or whatever — yeah, paint. You know, it’s a struggle to do it. I don’t even know that you can do it in paint. You got to have something else.

Chuck: Yeah. I told the client one time to go download a free trial of SmartDraw.

Chris: Yeah. That’s where we’re gonna get started. And when that trial expires, don’t call me.


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