3 Tips for turning Emotions into Conversions

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Newsletter!

Today, we’re going to be going over Emotions. No, this isn’t a therapy session. No, you didn’t accidentally stumble yourself into daytime talk show. We’re going to cover emotions in the scope of how emotions can affect conversions, and how to use emotional appeal to drive traffic to convert.

Here’s tip number one for our article: 3 Tips for turning Emotions into Conversions

“Reinforcing Self Confidence”

Self confidence plays a key part in driving a visitor to convert. Building up your visitor’s confidence is a good way to use this to your advantage. Things that play a part in the visitor’s self confidence often revolve around making the website easy for the visitor to use and making the visitor feel like he or she is in control of the experience from start to finish.

Refining your website to make the user experience easy helps boost user self confidence.

Tip number two is as follows

“Facilitate Positive Feelings”

Think about it. The better you feel about a product, a service, or in general, the more inclined you are to make a positive decision in regards to that product. Facilitating Positive Feelings is as simple as it sounds – generating a “net” of good feelings/ideas to help push the user into converting.

Going a bit further, what positive feelings can you evoke? One of the most common ones that most people look past, or don’t even think about, is the “feeling” of saving money. Discount codes, coupons, special offers, you name it. All of these are built around the idea of giving the targeted user a “good feeling” (in this case, about saving money) that eventually causes the targeted user to convert into a customer.

Tip number three is as follows

“Using The Halo Effect”

The Halo effect is any given persons tendency to form a positive opinion about something when that particular “something” is associated with something else that the viewer finds positive. This is where branding plays a big part in your internet marketing strategy.

An example of the Halo Effect can be found in commercials, where a person from X company talks to another representative from Y company and they’re both portrayed in a positive light. The Cross-Marketing helps solidify associations that people have for the companies, and helps build up confidence for both companies as a result.

Rather than solely promoting your site, putting in the logos of reputable companies that you’ve served or sold to will help get a “halo” going for you and your business. Even in converting visitors, networking concepts can still be applied.

Author: eweb-admin