4 Myths about SEO Debunked

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How much do you know about SEO? How much do you think you know about SEO?

Prepare to be amazed and mystified at the same time in our article – 4 Myths about SEO Debunked!

Myth Number 1: I need to be at the number 1 spot on Google

Contrary to what you might think, you do not need to be on the number one spot of Google in order to generate meaningful attention to your website. Being anywhere on the first page is great. Being on the second page isn’t horrible either.

Even though you strive to be number one (let’s face it – everyone thinks the top spot is the I gotta have it position), being on the first page in general will help your website traffic.

Myth Number 2: Social Media is all I need for good SEO

While you do need Social Media for your SEO, there are other things you require as well in order to drive a successful SEO campaign. Social Media, while important, is not the be all end all of SEO.

Social media is NOT some sort of magical substance that you can sprinkle on your website to propel it to the first spot on Google.

Social media IS an integral part in the ever changing SEO formula that Google uses to rate your website.

Myth Number 3: Videos are all I need for good SEO

If there’s one thing you should realize, it’s that SEO can’t be pigeonholed into only needing that “one” magical trick to make everything work.

Videos WILL enhance your site to a certain degree (provided that they are, of course, appropriate and fitting)

Videos will NOT magically propel you to higher rankings (all though, if you have the fundamentals of a good SEO strategy built already and a video or two is the only thing you’re missing, it may very well propel you higher)

Myth Number 4: Spending Money with Google will get me better placement

No. No no no no no no no no. No. This is a horrible assumption. Spending money on Google will give you better placement with Google’s advertising platform. That’s it.

No matter how much money you spend on Google for your advertisements, your regular organic placement won’t rise – at least in a meaningful fashion.

The fact that this myth gets perpetuated extremely often shows just how much people misunderstand how Google functions.

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Author: eweb-admin