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Twenty-Eight E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast Sept. 11th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcasts.

Paul: Hi, welcome to the podcast thank you for joining us for another fun filled edition.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, the sales manager of E-Webstyle.

Chris: And we are joined today by Joe Orsack here. This is awesome! This is our first interview on our podcast.

Paul: Our first visitor.

Joe: Oh, wow! I am honored.

Chris: Excellent!

Paul: Excellent! I would say introduce yourself, Joe, but…

Chris: Not yet. We have other things, we have to follow our agenda. We can’t get off track here. Not from the first moment anyways. And actually we want to get a shout out to Melanie for suggesting that we do an interview.

Paul: Yes!

Chris: Actually within days that I met Joe and Joe and I really clicked. OK lets get you on this podcast. It’s lots of fun and of a lot of value.

Joe: Go Melanie!

Paul: Melanie@lushpad.com, they sell modern furniture and thanks for submitting a request for a web site analysis. You will have that shortly. So everybody take a look at her website and take a look at ours and fill out a request for a web site analysis.

Joe: And Melanie, just for the visual, I was doing the rock and roll horns, you know, the hand thing, you couldn’t see that, that’s right. I was giving you some rock and roll finger love there.

Chris: All right, Joe, you’re lucky because you’re here for our You Like Spanking Me podcast.

Paul: I got it, here we go. This podcast is a you like it when I spank you, you little bad girl, don’t you podcast.

Chris: Michael Duvall got caught on tape and he was cheating on his wife and he has this whole line and we just had to…

Joe: Who’s this guy again?

Chris: Senator? <!–[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]–> <!–[endif]–>

Paul: Senator and California I think. I believe yesterday he had openly admitted to having extramarital affairs and the guy got recorded talking about his extramarital affair and he got recorded saying how she likes to tell this woman who was like 20 years his junior, “You like it when I spank you, you little bad girl don’t you?”

Joe: And this gets recorded?

Chris: Did he get recorded at an Acorn office or something?

Paul: He must have recorded it at an Acorn office.

Chris: Yes! Our other news item for today is apparently if you need a
ny advice about how to set up a large Guatemalan prostitution ring just have…

Joe: With minors no less…

Chris: With minors…

Joe: 12 to 14 no less.

Chris: Just head down two your local Acorn office and they’ll give you some advice.

Paul: Why do they give advice? What’s going on with that?

Chris: I don’t know, but they got caught on tape with some undercover cops giving advice on hey you should put yourself on your tax return as a performing artist.

Paul: With air quotes.

Chris: Great performance ma’am here’s your 20 and bucks. And the other advice was make sure to include some of the young girls as your dependents so that you can get tax write-offs…

Joe: So the lesson of the day here I guess then is if you’re going to go over your specific details of what you like to do during your extramarital affair, speak clearly into the microphone when speaking to lobbyists.

Paul: We want to make sure we get every detail about what you do and how to do it.

Chris: As typical, a crazy news day with E-Webstyle podcast. So we covered last time, we want to talk about that a little bit. We went over two tools, we went over our key word analyzer tool and a meditag analyzer tool. Some really great information, really great, you can actually get a lot of good information about your website, where you’re at it and maybe where you want to be by using those two tools…

Joe: That was the last podcast?

Chris: That was the last podcast.

Paul: That was podcast number 27.

Joe: I really need that.

Paul: For $5.00…

Joe: Seriously! That wasn’t a plug!

Chris: So go back and listen to podcast number 27 that’s going to have a keyword analyzer tool. You and Joe will be checking it out apparently.

Joe: I actually will.

Paul: I told Chris I was going to give you a…

Chris: Report.

Paul: Thank you.

Chris: Some sort of report, information…

Paul: Website analysis. I’m going to give you an analysis, a 6 point analysis.

Chris: Speaking of that we still do have our free website analysis on our website, go to our website, go to our SEO page or our wet design page and you can either call us and we’ll get that setup for you or there is a link to a form where you can submit your domain name and some information so that we can get back in contact with you and that report is a 6 point report and it’s still free. So, we’ll get one of those to you as well, Joe. All right, well, let’s get into the meat of our podcast. Well Joe, apparently you or the meat of our podcast.

Paul: You’re looking pretty tasty there.

Chris: So Joe, can you, just for our audience, give a little bit of background about yourself, kind of your history and then get into a little bit of the company. I know you really focus on one thing at a time, that’s great and so start

off with you and your company, what you guys do.

Joe: I’ll start it off in my dancing at the go-go bar days. This is a good story… No, you know what? In one form or another I’ve been in sales on my life. I started my first business when I was 10 years old and, mowing yards…

Chris: It wasn’t a Guatemalan…

Joe: It wasn’t, nor was I a part of a Guatemalan sex ring. As much as I was trying to hook that up with the 12 and 14 year old girls that were in my neighborhood at the time, none of them would bite.

Chris: Lawn mowing you said?

Joe: Lawn mowing. So I ran into a lot of Guatemalan, I’m sorry I’m not going there! Anyway, boy I digress, that’s terrible!

Chris: You did get one sentence out, that was good! That’s a start!

Joe: Anyway, so I worked my way up doing different businesses, I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life that the I could never do work for anybody else thing. I had my years of corporate America, you know, shoots off to the side but by and large my whole life I’ve done an entrepreneurial thing.

Chris: By the way, for those who don’t know, you know, entrepreneur means a lot of things to a lot of different people and when you really break it down the only thing an entrepreneur he is it a sales person.

Joe: Yes.

Chris: Fixes problems for money and you can only fix a problem for money if you can sell your fix for that problem.

Joe: I definitely believe in this statistic that says, and I mean it’s truth, it’s a fact, it’s a fact of, you know, business statistics of the government has that 96% of small businesses fail over a 10 year period, 80% within the first five years, of the remaining 20% another 80% fail in the next five years. So there’s a 4% chance of success over a 10 year period which is pretty crazy. I ran an IT business for 10 years…

Chris: Competition!

Joe: Yeah.

Chris: Get out!

Joe: And I have a love hate relationship with computers, I really do. And I did it for so long…

Chris: I don’t think there’s anyone who works with a computer that doesn’t have a love hate relationship.

Joe: The thing that will really set you free in that realm is to understand that computers are made by humans. It’s kind of a fallacy that you have in your mind that it’s a piece of machinery that should function and do its thing exactly the same, exactly the same way every time, but it’s made by humans. So I mean stuff randomly breaks and it fails you now because of humans, human error and just Et cetera. Anyway, I have, you now, so my background I ran a lot of different business operations and have experience in growing businesses. Just managing to survive over 10 years just that statistic alone I was in a 4% bracket so I felt like I accomplished something just by doing that.

Chris: A 4 percenter…

Paul: A 4 percenter, congratulations!

Joe: I studied marketing in school and went to the university of Saint Thomas and also just a junior college, North Terrace now something else, Lonestar College, whenever it is, I don’t even know. Great school by the way but the wonderful thing about being a tech nerd is the value of Google. You know, we live in an information age and I don’t have to pay $80,000 for a marketing degree, you know, there’s tons of wealth of knowledge out there that can be had if you’re the bookworm type and you like to read and study.

Chris: And you no longer have to go down to the public library.

Joe: Yeah!

Chris: If we’re honest, it’s always been available you just actually had to put on your tennis shoes and go get it.

Joe: Yes, exactly!

Chris: Now its piped right into your house for office.

Joe: Exactly!

Paul: Some of the younger people who listen to this are like library? What a library? I thought that was Google.

Joe: Yes, exactly!

Chris: The library destroyer! A lot of people go to the library to access the Internet so at least it’s going to continue to serve some purpose, a very large but f fil
led kiosk.

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