5 Quick Auditing Tips for the End of the Year

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Hello and welcome to this week’s E-Webstyle Newsletter. It’s quickly approaching the end of the year, and festivities are in order – but, before you celebrate, there are a few things you have to take care of!

One of the things that we continually advocate here at E-Webstyle is to audit your website at least once a year.

What better time to audit your website than the end of the year?

With that, we will begin our “5 Quick Auditing Tips for the End of the Year”

Tip Number 1 – Consolidate Pages

Consolidating your pages should be a simple thing to remember, but often times, it gets overlooked. Having multiple versions of the same page is bad. Maybe you have ~5 different pages that all resonate with the word “Home page”. Taking all of those pages (largely duplicate) and deleting unnecessary ones and combining content to one good page will help with your auditing process.

Tip Number 2 – Checking your visible text

Checking to see if all of your visible text is in order is an important part of auditing.

What is visible text?

Visible Text is any text that can be scanned and highlighted (with your browser or another program). Making sure that Key elements are visible text instead of pictures will both drive SEO increases because of robots, but will also make it so your website performs better.

Highly influencing things to have as visual text include company name, words you want to rank for, keywords, and contact information. Making sure that your visitors are regularly able to access visible text will help drive up performance and conversions.

Tip Number 3 – Title Tags

Auditing your title tags is a good practice. Generally, whenever you evaluate one of your title tags, you’re looking for a few things. Among these things, business name, business type and service area are key proponents. If anything, you’re looking to at the very least include this information in the title tag of your homepage.

Optimally, these will be on your internal pages and main target pages as well. If anything, these pages should at the very least be optimized with the name of your business in the title tag.

Tip Number 4 – Meta Description

Maintain and auditing your meta description is a good idea as well. Checking under the code for your meta description tag is a good practice – doubly so on your homepage.  You want to make sure that you’ve identified what your meta description is, and once you do, make sure that the default setting isn’t blank, thus allowing Google to dictate what shows up on the search engine
results page.

You want to be able to dictate that, rather than letting Google choose what happens for you.

Tip Number 5 – Conservation with your Description Tag

Your Description tag is a very powerful, but very limited resource. Making sure that you’re not overwhelming your description with a 300-charactered block of text is a good practice.

Things to not waste your description space on include the name of your business – this should already be in your title.

You only want to put what’s absolutely necessary in the description tag in order to drive the optimal amount of traffic to your website/blog.

Thanks again for joining us on this weeks E-Webstyle Newsletter.

Stay tuned for more tips!

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Author: Chris Burres

Chris Burres is the owner of eWebResults. He has been an entrepreneur since 1991 when he started a Carbon Nano-Materials manufacturing company, SES Research. In 1999 with a graphic design partner he opened E-Webstyle (now eWebResults), a website design and development company.

Chris started honing his search engine optimization skills in 2001 for a select few projects. It was 3 years later when E-Webstyle started offering the service of 1st page search engine placement to their clients.

In an effort to give back to the SEO community Chris co-created and is currently the co-host of the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes The SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing”. Through this podcast, Chris is an internationally recognized SEO expert and Internet Marketing expert.