55 Tips for SEO

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This is a transcript from our 125th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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55 Tips for SEO

Chris: Hi, welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secret of Internet Marketing. I don’t celebrate it anymore… I just don’t – everything.

Chuck: You got it now, you got it now.

Chris: You are listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Chuck: I’m Charles Lewis, your Internet Marketing Specialist.

Chris: We are really excited to be doing our show today. You know I forgot the last paper. You know let me step in to my office and I will get our last tip paper for…

Chuck: Our last tip? Yeah, we are the most popular Internet Marketing Podcast on iTunes and that’s because of you. You right there, you right there and the rest of you who are watching and listening, we really appreciate you tuning in. Thank you for tuning in and I’m going to keep going in this talent ‘cause Chris – ‘cause I’m pretty good on what I do.

Chris: Here we got, so our tip from our last Podcast was make sure you PPC manager/team has SEO expertise.

Chuck: Yes. Yes.

Chris: Never been more important than now for your PPC management team to have SEO expertise. Go back and listen to the last Podcast which was 124 to figure out why that is true.

Chuck: Exactly, because I mean basically Google is now ranking the quality of you landing pages. So, if you’re doing PPC then chances are you create landing pages. Well, Google wants that in any page, basically to be optimized and so whoever is managing your PPC definitely needs to know how to optimize that page.

Chris: Yeah, so go back, well I guess now they don’t have to listen.

Chuck: Yeah, don’t listen.

Chris: Don’t listen anyway. Hey, we got a great review. Do not forget we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers…

Chuck: Yes.

Chris: Where our mantra is.

Chuck: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Don’t be a douche. You got to go back and listen to some our Podcast. In fact let’s get right in to this, I’m excited, no tear.

Chuck: No tear.

Chris: I don’t need a tear tattoo.

Chuck: That’s iTunes review.

Chris: It’s an iTunes review.

Chuck: iTunes review.

Chris: Yeah… The title is, great info with you guys, lots of fun, Billmac444 it’s actually Bill McCanna. It goes, I didn’t get it up first but kept listening… I’ll be honest sometimes we don’t get it.

Chuck: Yeah, we got to get listening too.

Chris: Yeah. These guys are having a lot of fun teaching and sharing with people ideas and concept that they hound in the trenches. This is not theory, it’s not a hubby, and this is what they do. Not only do they share their tips and secrets but they also offer people free website evaluations from an SEO standpoint. Oh, that’s great. All you got to do is…

Chuck: You set the plug.

Chris: Go to our website e-webstyle.com, on the right there’s a form. What’s that form?

Chuck: Free website analysis. Free website analysis form, fill that out, and submit it out. I’ll get it, Chris will get, we’ll personally evaluate your website. We’ll let you know what’s wrong, whether it was right, whether what you can improve and we do it free.

Chris: It’s part of internet Podcast, out Unknown Secrets of SEVO Website Analysis, SEVO starts for Search Engine Visitor Optimization. Bill continue to saying, when I said I did not get a – first I mean some of the inside jokes, but after a short time listening you catch up quick. Good, we like to think our audience is quick.

One of the things I really like is when they really are stump with something, they will admit and look in to it further rather making up a lame answer. Well, at least that’s how it feels to him.

Chuck: Yeah, you’re right. If I don’t know – there’s something wrong.

Chris: I’ve got a big thank you to give to the audience after we finish this review. I love the bank stares, you have to tune in to see what that is, but if you have any interest in SEO and want to learn from professionals while having a few laughs then look no further than this place. Bill McCanna will share website after some more works. So…

Chuck: We appreciate that review, I really do. Punch in the face to you for that. Send us some link podcast@e-ewbstyle.com. Send us the link to your site and we’ll be glad to do an analysis and show you some link love.

Chris: Unlike a lot of other news, we actually want you to get destructed right now. Wherever you’re watching or listening to this, hopefully you had a computer or you’ve got your phone, pull it out and twit that you’re listening to SEO – what’s the hash tag.

Chuck: Hash tag is the SEO Podcast 125.

Chris: Hash tag is the SEO Podcast 125. And the big – the big thank you that I want to give – give you guys is you know, it’s reading your questions that ‘cause us to have to research and do a little bit more work, and frankly without this podcasting, without you guys submitting those questions, you know, we would probably stay, you know, right on the edge of being able to do a good job and not really having expansive knowledge of SEO.

It’s the fact that you guys pushed us that really push us to really expand our own knowledge. So, man bog punch in the face…


In the face to every single one of our listeners which is apparently about 2500 to 4000 downloads per week.

Chuck: Yeah, keep it up.

Chris: Thank you guys so much. I already mention the twit, right? So, they should be twitting right now.

Chuck: Yeah, right now.

Chris: That they’re listening.

Chuck: And tag us in it at e-webstyle, ‘cause since Chris didn’t tell you how you guys can stalk us.

Chris: Oh, yeah. There is a way or two or three that you can stalk us. One of them is Facebook.com

Chuck: /ewebstyle

Chris: Another one is Twitter.com

Chuck: /ewebstyle

Chris: We also have YouTube.com

Chuck: /ewebstyle

Chris: And then there’s an e-mail podcast@

Chuck: e-webstyle.com

Chris: I got you, you paused there.

Chuck: No, that was – I did that on purpose. I fooled you.

Chris: There’s a dramatic, the pregnant paused. All right, a little bit of news, Larry Page vows automagical results with Google Plus.

Chuck: Yeah, I saw that.

Chris: Automagical, like that’s just a wonderful in general.

Chuck: I’m not sure with that word means.

Chris: Yeah, I’m not either. It’s sounds just great. He’s says, there’s hundred new feature have been added in the first 90 days of Google Plus. There are 40 million users on Google Plus in the first 90 days. The automagical, it says it’s going to take in to account your experiences and what you do on your Google Plus account and who you interact with to judge what results that you’re probably going what you want to see.

Chuck: Interesting.

Chris: I think that’s pretty cool.

Chuck: [0:06:33][Inaudible] bucks for a minute, just for a minute.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely.

Chuck: All right, so check this out Larry Page since you’re probably using Google – ‘cause this will this transcript to CD transcript and get an e-mail and then get this next statement I’m about to say.

Google Plus I really would appreciate the – if you guys could be a little bit more efficient and make a Google Plus work with Google apps account.

Chris: With your ever Google products. Is that really too much to ask, I mean really?

Chuck: I mean, ‘cause what makes it worse is that I have a Google Plus account with the Google apps account. And I can’t use it, I used to use it now, we’ll I can’t sometimes…

Chris: Like it’s just depends if you, the random data, you remember the order or that the order works where…

Chuck: Yeah, I have to log in to it a certain way, like I can’t log in to my e-mail on Google Apps and then try to go with the Plus.

Chris: And won’t work.

Chuck: I have to log in to Google…

Chris: Right.

Chuck: Then instead of activating the Gmail account that it keep trying to force me to do which I don’t want ‘cause I’m already access the Google account.

Chris: Right, right.

Chuck: Go to a new tab and go on GPlus.

Chris: And it worked.

Chuck: And then it worked.

Chris: So, there is actually some weird work around that.

Chuck: In Firefox.

Chris: In Firefox.

Chuck: And so, yeah, I’m making a real hard in using GPlus man, real tough. So I’d like to see the new feature. I like to do a hangout. So, come on man.

Chris: Yeah, we can’t do it unless you open that up. And frankly, really what they’re going to need to do is have the ability to transfer Google Plus accounts. Because if you are at a company and you setup your first Google Plus account on that company e-mail and you leave that company there should be some methodology where you can take that GPlus account with you.

And that’s probably with the wrestling with ‘cause there’s a lot of nightmare, I think nightmare scenarios that can occur. Oh you got it, okay. I thought I have just to go back in my office.

Chuck: Thank you for the – punch in the face to Billie.

Chris: Yeah, thanks Bill. It was a great – great review.

Chuck: So, we got an article here, it’s interesting, it’s an old article like two years – two and a half years ago, April ’08 from Search Engine Journal by Richard Rollin. And it looks like he has a ton of tips, 55 different tips for SEO. So the reason we have this article today ‘cause we kind of want to brief to this if we can probably won’t complete the entire list. But curious to see what has changed in our industry from 3 years ago.

Chris: Three years. So, how much of a difference has 3 years made, ‘cause we do get comments in our reviews about how we’re up to date, we’re talking social, we’re talking thing that, you know, we’re talking GPlus. Well, if you’re listening to Podcast that ended, I don’t know 3 years ago ‘cause there are few, they weren’t talking about GPlus.

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