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This is a transcript from our 85th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Chris:    Hi! And welcome to the SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chris:    We do websites.


Paul:    I felt that same way before like “What is this called again?”

Chris:    We do this every Friday and somebody — come on, refresh my memory. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-webstyle.

Paul:    What’s up you all? This is Paul Hanson.

Chris:    Sales manager of E-webstyle.

Paul:    Something like that. [Laughs]

Chris:    It seems like all is working out. We want to thank you guys for checking in, listening. We actually got some viewers right now. We really appreciate that. If you guys want to watch us instead of just listening to us, you can find us at 9:15 Central Standard Time or in — like today it’s 9:30 Central Standard Time on Friday mornings. All you need to do is go to e-webstyle.com/ustream, that’s the letter “U” and “stream.” That will actually take you to our page where we have our embed-ity live USTREAM feeds. So, hopefully everybody out there is watching directly from our website or from the USTREAM page. We don’t — you know.

Paul:    Hey, Chuck. Can you go to our Facebook page and see if we’re streaming from that ‘cause I put a link to it on our Facebook page.

Chris:    On the home — yeah. That’s — yeah, that’s cool.

Paul:    I don’t know. I forgot about that so.

Chris:    That will stream directly from Facebook.

Paul:    And if you go to our Facebook — if you go to our homepage, you can find out how to find us on Facebook, Twitter, I think YouTube and USTREAM. And we — on our Facebook page we put — we did something new.

Chris:    Two things new actually, yeah.

Paul:    You can actually write a review about us directly on our Facebook page.

Chris:    And by the way, as administrators, we cannot write reviews which I kind of like.

Paul:    Oh, yeah. Yeah, that’s awesome.

Chris:    And it’s actually cool. Pretty cool.

Paul:    So any review we get, that’s good, it’s actually legit. [Laughs]

Chris:    And from you guys.

Paul:    Yeah.

Chris:    And we’ve already got one review. Dean Calhoun, thank you for the review and shame on you for not giving us five stars.

Paul:    Yeah. [Laughs]

Chris:    Come on.

Paul:    I thought he did.

Chris:    No, he gave us four.

Paul:    Oh.

Chris:    And he complains about the audio. We’re still trying to get feedback where I — I recently added polls to our blog. Don’t go try it, don’t go check it out because apparently when you like enter your vote it just disappears. I don’t know the plug-in is not working exactly right. We want to use that to get some more feedback ‘cause we do — we kind of get on and off complaints about the audio and we’re trying to get that straight. We’re already researching like the lapel mics and boom mics. I don’t know. We can be like Justin Beaver and Janet Jackson together.

Paul:    Did you say “Beaver”?

Chris:    Isn’t that his name?

Paul:    “Bieber.”

Chris:    Oh, it is “Bieber”?

Paul:    Yeah, “B.” [Laughs]

Chris:    Yeah, yeah. Well —

Paul:    I like Justin Beaver better.


Paul:    It’s like that.

Chris:    There are so many uncool jokes we get to —

Paul:    I know. What else? We also added a Discussions tab to our Facebook page so you could — oh, no, no. We had — I think we had a Discussions tab and then Chris put a section for podcast ideas. So, if there’s something you want us to hear us talk about, go ahead and write in there. We already got a bunch of stuff from Darren Booy, Dean Calhoun. I think James Slattery put something on our wall. So what’s up to James Slattery? And I’m waiting on that book fool, so hurry up and make your book come out.

Chris:    Yeah, we need that book.

Paul:    Yeah, he’s writing a book on SEO and I’d love to read it. So, new stuff going on, on the Facebook page.

Chris:    So go and check out the Facebook page. If you have any doubts you can get there by going to facebook.com/ewebstyle and no dash on that.

Paul:    And let me give a quick shout-out, a Facebook shout-out ‘cause I said last week — I try to say this every week, if you befriend us on Facebook, say something and give us your URL so we can give you a shout-out and Eugene something of — from screensurgeons.com, “Laptop screen replacement is all we do.” He says “I listen to the podcast,” and gave us a shout-out. So I said, “Hey, we’ll give you back.” And they don’t sell this week, shout-out is five bucks but —


Chris:    Yeah, he’s got some good looking — that he’s got a real good USP.

Paul:    Yeah.

Chris:    A Unit Selling Proposition right there in his home page. It’s clear what he does. I mean that’s good stuff.

Paul:    Very cool. Now, like Eugene — because Cory Malcheskie —

Chris:    Hey, good job.

Paul:    — give me a bag and just read me out for what’s up and everybody’s name.

Chris:    Hey, that review was all good. What are you talking about?

Paul:    It was. What’s up? DHL is here you all.

Chris:    All right.

Paul:    So, I can’t pronounce his name so Eugene I can just say that — just say, “Hey, what’s up Eugene?” and a shout-out to Tee at teespurplemartinishop.com.

Chris:    All right. So Cory Malcheskie thanks for writing the review. It was great. Thank you for the compliments on my geography and pronunciation. I’m surprised as you that I actually pronounced that correctly — your last name. Let’s see. This is entertaining. So, we got news — oh, we got to remember the tip of the day and actually the tip of the last podcast. The last podcast was number 84. We also — I forgot to mention, we are the top position snatchers and one of our mantra is “Don’t be a douche.” The tip of the last podcast is optimize everything including videos. So if you have some videos out there that are not showing up on the first page of whatever it is you want them to show up on the first page for, go ahead and listen to podcast number 84 ‘cause we have some nice tricks and tips on that podcast for that. Remember optimize everything, that’s our tip from the last podcast.

Paul:    Optimize everything.

Chris:    Including videos. And we are the top —

Paul:    Position snatchers.

Chris:    — your friendly neighborhood top position snatchers.

Paul:    Uh-hmm.

Chris:    A little bit of Google news like there are so much news going on. I know we got some blank stare news coming up a little later that is just going to make you — I don’t know, stare blankly or something. Google is looking to buy Groupon.

Paul:    That’s what’s up.

Chris:    And I don’t know if Groupon is in every city. I don’t know if it’s international. Groupon is a — has amazing concept and in such a money raking in concept.

Paul:    I do not think they are international.

Chris:    No?

Paul:    The only reason I say it is I have a friend in Australia and I introduced her — she has never heard of it. But there are other things just like it by other names in other countries.

Chris:    There’s one here called like Social something.

Paul:    Social Living.

Chris:    Social Living.

Paul:    Living Social.

Chris:    Living Social, yeah.

Paul:    I just grabbed it from a forum so — it’s awesome. They’re like Red Bull they created the coupon — online couple market.

Chris:    And I actually have recommended to a couple of potential client. Say, what you really need to do in your kind of niche businesses, create like a Groupon equivalent for your niche business ‘cause I think there’s a lot of value that —

Paul:    Yeah. That’s — like to me that’s internet marketing ‘cause that is marketing using the internet. It’s just a different form of internet marketing that we’ve discussed.

Chris:    It’s a great way to be social too —

Paul:    Yes.

Chris:    — ‘cause you really accumulate a huge e-mail list and then you’re — you know.

Paul:    I buy from them suckers all the time.

Chris:    Yeah.

Paul:    I bought one two weeks ago and I can get the massage this weekend.

Chris:    You may have noticed that my teeth are whiter actually. See?

Paul:    They’re a little whiter. I could use some of that.

Chris:    Because of Groupon so.

Paul:    That’s what’s up.

Chris:    Yeah, it is what’s —

Paul:    It is from Groupon?

Chris:    That is what’s up.

Paul:    That is actually. It currently is.

Chris:    Now, let’s go back to the podcast when I mentioned the dental spa. So I went there and they gave me a dental spa treatment, a tooth massage and gave me some teeth whitener. It’s awesome.

Paul:    That’s what’s up. Very cool.

Chris:    So some of the comments, some of the suggestions that we’ve had and actually we’ve been threatening to do this was — what was it? Get back to —

Paul:    Basics.

Chris:    Basics, yes.

Paul:    Get back to basics.

Chris:    Get back to basics because — and actually we had a couple of really good ideas where somebody suggested we start from the beginning when we first get a website and go all the way through it. And I think that’s a really good idea. We should probably do almost a three-podcast series. We’ll take somebody who sent us, you know, a free analysis request, watching go through the analysis, people can look at the website and we can say “Hey, here’s what we would do to the analysis.” We also had somebody who suggested that we look at logo. “How do you make a logo?” And I forgot who it is. It’s on our Facebook page, in our suggestions area and it’s one of our female listeners, so thanks —

Paul:    To both of you.


Chris:    Thanks to both of you. What is this? Like our Facebook like count was at 60, now it’s at 59 or someone —

Paul:    What?

Chris:    — no longer likes us or something. I don’t know.

Paul:    Now, that’s a whack but —

Chris:    I don’t know.

Paul:    — we were at 58 last week so we got two new listeners. So, whoever you are give — I know one of them was Screensurgeons, whoever the other person is that flaked on us give us a — you know, send us your URL and like us again.

Chris:    And the comment about our logo which you can see over — off to your left there is that “Hey, it’s cool that you have the Internet Explorer “E” in your logo. Does Internet Explorer really care that you do that?” And so I glanced over at it and I said “Wow! It really does have the Internet “E” in our logo.” [Laughs] And I think there’s a lot of rules that go with logos. It’s — people aren’t going to confuse us with IE, so I don’t think that IE would have any problem with what we’re doing. By the way, I mean Microsoft since they’re — you know, the owners of IE. And I think it’s a good idea, we can talk about some — maybe some logos in the future. Not specifically SEO and it does have an impact. It’s about the aesthetics and —

Paul:    And awareness and development.

Chris:    Yeah, exactly. So, here we are getting back to basics. When we first look at a website — we’re going to use a couple of tools. Actually, we’re going to use Aardvark and look at — do they have header tags, do they have — or what’s in their title tag? We’re going to use SeoQuake to see what is the content? It’s going to tell us what are our inbound links, what are outbound links?

Paul:    Keyword density.

Chris:    Keyword density. All of those things and then that’s kind of — we’ll formulate a plan and then we’ll go after it and, you know, our online — on-site stuff —

Paul:    Uh-hmm.

Chris:    Where do we start? I just —

Paul:    Well, I’d say — and just to go over those two tools, we have talked about a bunch of tools in the 85 podcasts that we have had. Aardvark, A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K is a great tool. Is that aardvark.com? Chuck, is that aardvark.com?

Chuck:    Yeah.

Paul:    It’s a great tool that you can use to help with your on-page stuff and the other one is Seo — was it Quake?

Chris:    Quake. SeoQuake.

Paul:    SeoQuake. Excellent tool that you can use to do your on-page stuff so —

Chris:    By the way, we think there may be an issue with SeoQuake and that it does so many hits to Google —

Paul:    Oh, yeah.

Chris:    — that it can flag your computer as being like a bot or something.

Paul:    Yes.

Chris:    So we tend to turn it off until we need it and then we turn it back on ‘cause there’s one particular individual here who has some challenges —

Paul:    Yeah.

Chris:    — from time to time. I won’t say who it is though.

Paul:    Yeah. But it’s not me or him.


Paul:    So, okay, back to basics. I used those tools. They’re phenomenal tools. I’d say the first thing that, you know, if I get an analysis or we get a brand new SEO website, I’m going to look at a few different things and we beat this dead horse so many times. First, I’m going to look at your meta tags. I mean, I can’t —

Chris:    Wait, wait, wait. I keep hearing meta tags are useless. What do you —  what are you — you look at meta tags?

Paul:    All right. True. I still look at meta tags. There are some useless meta tags. I’m going to say that the keyword meta tag is pretty much useless at this point.

Chris:    Yup. I would agree with that.

Paul:    But I’m still going to look at a title tag and I still will look at a description tag because Google looks at the description tag to display in the search engine results page. If you don’t have one it will pull random data off — a content off your website and put it there, and you want to be a be able to control that. It’s a great place to put keywords. Title tag also — and the only reason I look at it is because it’s a place to put keywords, you know, and Google gives a lot of important title tags.

Chris:    Exactly, yeah.

Paul:    Do people read it? Maybe. Who cares, you know? [Laughs]

Chris:    The only thing we care about is what Google cares about.

Paul:    Thank you. I don’t think it’s going to make or break you if somebody reads your title tag and it doesn’t have the keyword or doesn’t pertain to your website. It should, but I still look at those two main title tags.

Chris:    Well, we can say like if your title tag only has your company name in it, they’ll probably not going to find your business?

Paul:    Yeah.

Chris:    Oh, okay.

Paul:    It’s that important. A mistake.

Chris:    For Google.

Paul:    A mistake.

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