Adobe Stops Support for Flash on Mobile Devices

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Adobe Stops Support for Flash on Mobile Devices

Chris:  A punch in the face. Let’s see. Let’s go on to this. A little bit of news. Hey, Adobe access Flash for mobile and TV. So they never really got it to work on all the devices; obviously, never the iPhone although that’s not exactly true because you can jailbreak your iPad. I saw it and get Flash on it. It was never running stable. That was always Steve Job’s complaint. And now, they’re making  decision to pull it. They’re not going to develop Adobe Flash for mobile devices or TVs like Google TV.

Chuck:   Mm-hmm.

Chris: I don’t know. I think that’s risky. You know, I was just reading stats and I should have recorded — put that stat in this list, you know, more searches and more mobile advertising to moving towards — more searches and more advertising is moving towards mobile. So if you’re — if everyone is shifting from being at the desk which is never gonna go away —

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: — and a lot more is happening mobile, you can —

Chuck: Well, I think that’s why it is risky but it may be worth the risk because if everyone shifted towards mobile and you’re clearly having problems with mobile on one big platform that is by far the — at the top.

Chris: Most probably, yeah.

Chuck: They may be worth, okay [00:08:30] [Inaudible] fall back, switch to, you know, some sort of HTML file presentation that will accomplish the same goal we’re trying to do for these mobile versions.

Chris: Well, the same — you know, we were talking when somebody was announcing that they thought Adobe Flash was doomed and then I looked at the stats like 98% of users, desktop users, actually have Mobile Flash installed.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: So their market capital — or not capitalization but the amount of market share that they have is huge. So they’re clearly not going away anytime soon on desktops.

Chuck: On desktops, yeah.

Chris: It’s hard to imagine right now a game — an online gaming platform, right?

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Little games you play online that would be better than Flash’s —

Chuck: [00:09:13] [Inaudible] Flash in play, yeah.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. So it’s interesting. We’ll see how that plays out. I thought this was cool. Kindle Fire has reportedly slow down iPad sales. This is, of course, from somebody taking pools, a poll organization.

Chuck: Kindle Fire slow downed —

Chris: — iPad sales.

Chuck: — Apple iPad sales.

Chris: So they — and the people that they interviewed, 5% said that they were planning on getting a Kindle Fire, 4% said that they were planning on getting an iPad and of those 5% that are gonna get a Kindle Fire, 26% said that that was slowing their purchase of an iPad.

Chuck: Because they want to investigate the —

Chris: At least check it out. My brother-in-law, he’s gonna get two probably. Oh, I hoped that doesn’t — they don’t listen. He was saying he’s gonna get one for his wife and one for his daughter.

Chuck: Two Kindles or two iPads?

Chris: Two of the Fire’s.

Chuck: Okay.

Chris: Right? He’s very price conscientious and the Fire would do everything. His daughter gets on the web to do research. She’s only seven and she goes on the web from time to time to do research for her stuff that she’s doing. So a Kindle Fire makes a whole lot of sense.

Chuck: Well, it does especially if you’re darn price conscious because I just bought an iPad — iPad 2 for the pastor of my church and it was interesting. It’s 499. No matter where you look at it, it’s 499 —

Chris: Yeah, right.

Chuck: — for the base model, 16 gig, you know, Wi-Fi only.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: Right? It was another 100 bucks. As a matter of fact, another 130 bucks if I wanted to get the 32, then add 51 bucks if I wanna make it so I can use it with a service provider.

Chris: Right, right.

Chuck: Or, you know, whoever.

Chris: T-Mobile or — yeah.

Chuck: Sounds like, wow, so if I wanna get maximum storage and use it with my service clearly I must spend 700, 800 bucks.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: Plus, another $100 for the warranty. I said, man —

Chris: And if you’re on the service contract plus 40 bucks a month for the contract whereas the Kindle Fire, 199.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Right? So it’s 300 bucks cheaper than the cheapest iPad so —

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: That’s — I think that’s what the Kindle Fire — although I want it to be the same size as the iPad.

Chuck: It’s a lot smaller, right?

Chris: Yeah, it is. I think it’s about 7 — it’s like the Galaxy.

Chuck: Okay.

Chris: I think then 300 bucks cheaper and with almost the same specs is just gonna — that’s gonna be really something that can go head to head with the iPad. Otherwise, they’re just doing an awesome — awesome amount of stuff. They’re doing a great job of iPad. This is interesting. Android and iOS — so that’s the operating system for Apple — has about 58% of the portable gaming market.

Chuck: Of the portable gaming.

Chris: So the little P — I don’t even know what they’re called that the kids play. The Nintendo PS3 —

Chuck: But PS3 doesn’t run on — say that again?

Chris: So Android and iOS have 58% of the portable gaming market.

Chuck: So they have to be considering games that are played on your phone device.

Chris: Exactly, yeah.

Chuck: Okay. Because, you know, PS3 uses something —

Chris: Something else, yeah.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah. So the actual devices that are designed for gaming are left with the other 42%. That’s pretty interesting.

Chuck: I wonder if that’s including I guess Angry Birds and things like —

Chris: I’m sure it does, yeah.

Chuck: Are they talking about game apps?

Chris: I’m sure it does, yeah. Zynga — you know what Zynga is? The company Zynga?

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: I thought this was interesting. The other ones who made FarmVille and CityVille, whatever — early on they didn’t have money and so they gave stock options. Recently, they said, give us our stock options back or we’ll fire you.

Chuck: Wow.

Chris: Yeah. So the —

Chuck: So they’re probably about to try to — yeah.

Chris: They’re about to go to IPO and they don’t wanna create like — Google apparently created a $20 million [00:13:05] [Inaudible].

Chuck: Mmm, yeah.

Chris: How lame is that though?

Chuck: That’s super lame.

Chris: Here’s your salary — wait, give us back your salary or we’re gonna fire you.

Chuck: And then let us go public first and then we’ll pay you what we think you’re worth.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And that what you’ve earned.

Chris: Yeah. I mean, oh, it was bad. But, you know what, that could have been blank stare.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: So this is nasty.

Chuck: Yeah. And I often say they need to keep the machine.

Chris: Yeah. It’ll have a whole different meaning.

Chuck: Yeah, I know.

Chris: Check out It’s a lot of information about everything related to Google. It’s really cool. And one of the things that I’ve found that — right out there was that 79% of websites do not have a mobile optimized website which is really interesting that this came up at this time because we’re working with one of our clients on the mobile site. We had a big, drawn-out conversation about mobile and what mobile should be accomplishing for them and so it made a lot of sense. So what I did is I put a question on our Facebook page. So go to our Facebook page. The question is, “How many of you actually go to the full/desktop version of a mobile site?” So as an example, when I go on to eBay, the first thing I do is scroll all the way to the bottom and go to the full site.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: When I go on to, if I’m not using the app and there are times when I want to do business stuff where I can’t use the Facebook Android app, so I scroll to the bottom and I go to desktop version. I wanna see the whole thing. And so I would say, I almost always go the full desktop version.

Chuck: Me, too.

Chris: Yeah, there’s two of us. Apparently, Javier here in the office, he’s about 25% of the time. So at 75, he stays on the mobile version of the website. We’d like to know what you think. So go to our Facebook page, —

Chuck: — ewebstyle. You know what I’d also like to see? If you do stay on the mobile site, why?

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Like what are you looking for? I mean, are you standing on a mobile site to seriously browse company information? Or, are you standing there because they presented what you’re looking for easy? I think most people who probably stay on their mobiles because whatever they’re looking for is ready.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: For example, the client he was speaking about earlier, you know, they — we need to feature maps and directions and instructions on how to get a certain location mobile-ly. So for that reason there, we’re designing it so that that information will be easily accessible on the mobile version. And if you wanna see any other information about us, people may ask questions.

Chris: Or investor relations information.

Chuck: Yeah, then go to the full version of the site.

Chris: Because it does render well on an iPhone. It renders well on an Android device and so that’s — that was our kind of — we’ve got a little push back and forward. We’re just — Javier and I were talking this morning. Should we have a mobile version of E-Webstyle?

Chuck: Would you watch it? That is the —

Chris: Yeah. Well, it should be, yeah.

Chuck: I don’t know.

Chris: We’d love the — love that about. Hey, question from a long-time listener, big time friend, punch in the face, regularly he’s all bloody. Darren Bowey [00:16:22] [Phonetic]. He says, “Does it hurt SEO if you point your hostname servers, not to your root directly but to a folder instead? Say, that you have just launched a blog and wish your domain name to go the blog instead.” And I know you put a response so what you’re saying —


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