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This is a transcript from our 125th Internet Marketing Podcast(3rd page).

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Chuck: Let see, number 13, Frames, Flash and Ajax all share a common problem, you can’t link to a single page it’s either all or nothing. Don’t use Frames at all and use Flash and Ajax for best SEO results.

Chris: Yeah, Flash and Ajax, you really want to use those on forms and…


And actual software, so not your website, not the marketing aspect that your website, but the software, you know, maybe you’ve got, you know, we’re working on a couple components for SEO tools and those tools maybe done in Ajax ‘cause it doesn’t make sense to have those as multiple pages that have the opportunity to draw traffic that make sense to have it all on one page.

Chuck: We’ll probably get to this next page.

Chris: Okay.

Chuck: Let see here, number 14. Your URL file extension doesn’t matter, you can use .html, .htm, .asp, .ph, .sp, etc. and it won’t make a difference as far as your SEO is concerned. Our coast is not there.

Chris: I think there was a time were a dead man and where Google was a little apprehensive about parsing a data SP page or dynamically, what it knew it was dynamically created page, because it knew it could be dynamically created and you could get in to infinite loops. So I just figure it out a way to make sure that that doesn’t happen. And then there’s no longer fearful of the dynamically create a one page.

Chuck: I like this one, number 15, you got a new website you once Spider? Submitting through Google’s regular submission form can take weeks. The quickest way to get your site’s spider is by getting a link to another quality site. I totally co-sign that.

It’s basically if you get a link from a site that has a higher PR or site that refreshes their content frequently and it’s relevant specially to your industry and yeah, you’re more like to get your site index by Google a lot faster than going to were Master tools and submit it.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: Last one for today, if you’re site content doesn’t change often, your site needs a blog, because that search spiders like for a sticks, blog at least three times a week would good first content to feed those little crawlers. Three times a week is bit much specially if you’re a plumber or you know, some other service base industry that really looking a blog just for the sake of having first content.

I think once a week is good, maybe even twice a month, you know, but what I would answer that, I’m not only blog about it but like I said earlier spread that content out.

Chris: Facebook.

Chuck: Facebook, you twit it. Put that content in a newsletter.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: You know and then push it out there. And on that way you can build links back to your site, spread the content out and then keep it fresh.

Chris: That’s make the Frame, I may end up breaking our Podcast ‘cause our Podcast transcribe it, put it on our blog and I typically break it up and in to three sections with three amount keywords which titles and I usually just post them – post all of those on Monday, we can break that up in to three sections and that would have value, we were even learning from ourselves.

Chuck: Yeah, we’ll do it and we’ll tell you how it works.

Chris: See how different it is. Excellent that’s all good…

Chuck: That’s blank stare.

Chris: We’ve got – so just to – just to wrap that up…

Chuck: Yeah, that’s 1 through…

Chris: 1 through 16, and that was Richard Burckhardt, Search Engine Journal 2008. So that’s kind of cool to kind of go in retroactively and see what’s changes.

Chuck: What’s changed.

Chris: Cool.

Chuck: Cool.

Chris: Well, get to the rest of that in the next Podcast.

Chuck: Yeah. So, yeah.

Chris: Blank stare.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: You did the head tilt there, that was pretty cool. So check it out blank stare at RIM research it and post.

Chris: RIM.

Chuck: Yeah, RIM, RIM in M. Research in motion, man, BlackBerry now you really. They shut down, I take that, they didn’t shut down, what happens is I read article New York Times they had a core switch from their main networking data center.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: They crashed.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And so New York Times compare and said that [0:24:00][Inaudible] Obama saying, what are you trying to do rap…

Chris: All the time.

Chuck: Yeah, and all of a sudden they lost 5 continents.

Chris: 5 comments, 5 out of 7.

Chuck: Yes, so you went down first and why, all of a sudden data keep coming in, take surfing doing what they doing on BlackBerry’s and all of a sudden the whole infrastructure shutdown.

Chris: Wow.

Chuck: And it’s actually like two days.

Chris: Wow.

Chuck: It sucks to the BlackBerry’s, basically already losing market share.

Chris: You know, I was thinking, there’s like one engineer who is like saying, man I can probably speed this up by .0001% if I just put in this line and code….

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Then he’s taking a lunch. ‘Cause I know a guy who actually works on Cisco Routers and in Cisco Routers you actually like, you apply something but it doesn’t save it. So when you reboot it comes back up with the old settings.


So who, apply something take down a network, reboot it and leave. I mean what happen?

Chuck: I wouldn’t hear.

Chris: It’s fine now.

Chuck: Oh, ‘cause his reboot it.

Chris: When he comes back it’s back to the old setting and like, oh my lunch… Yeah, everything is good.

Chuck: Yeah, oh make it worse. Makes it worse, they don’t want issue out any financial.

Chris: Projections or impact.

Chuck: Well, customers, people asking what sort payback and review.

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Chuck: Due to the lack of service.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Chuck: So they’re dodging that question.

Chris: It’s just like a day, oh man, two days, with all of their subscribers, that’s a ton of money.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: In terms of what they raking in, it’s nothing ‘cause it’s only two out of 30 days.

Chuck: [0:25:54][Inaudible] to admit, these are — something.

Chris: You know a lot of – and we were talking about this, most people use the RIM device for, what is the technology?

Chuck: BBM

Chris: BBM, which is BlackBerry Mobile Messaging I guess.

Chuck: BlackBerry Messenger. Didn’t you say BBM.

Chris: Oh, BBM. I got it, I’m like double letter dyslectic I don’t even know how that works.

Chuck: Yeah, it’s like…

Chris: As I was saying is like where is the Berry, shouldn’t be 2 Bs. Anyway, and a lot of people in Latin America and here in the States actually communicate through that BBM service. So they are out of touch. I know Nick here in the office, he wasn’t able to get photos of his new baby over to the family, so they we’re all… no that was the baby…

All right, you have been listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes that is because of you big punch in the face to you. We really appreciate you on so many levels. Do not forget right now, wrapping up the Podcast just twit, I just finished to…

Chuck: hash tag SEO Podcast 125.

Chris: Yeah, 125. Wow, we’re getting up there.

Chuck: We could probably add a new one, I think I want to include eweb and hash tags on that.

Chris: Okay, cool. Now we can do ewebseo125 or something like?

Chuck: It’s kind of long. We’ll work it on.

Chris: You are the Twitter expert. He has the one who has Chuck.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: I’m the one who has E-Webstyle.

All right, thank you guys for listening, until the next Podcast.

Bye-bye for now.

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