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Nineteenth E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast June 12th 2009.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi! Welcome to the “Unknown Secrets of SEO” podcast!

Paul: Yes, thank you for joining us and welcome to another fun-filled edition of our “SEO” podcast.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, the sales manager at E-Webstyle.

Chris: You know, it’s in our title, “Unknown Secrets of SEO” and I don’t know that we’ve actually given away the unknown secret of SEO yet.

Paul: Is it time? Is it time that we give away the secret?

Chris: NO! It’s not time yet. But in the next podcast, we’re going to give away the Unknown Secret of SEO or Unknown Secrets of SEO.

So everyday we like to start off, last time we just kind of covered our five- point, that’s actually six -point SEO analysis of a website for a Costa Rican villa. That product is moving forward great so hopefully you guys enjoyed that. If you didn’t catch that podcast, go ahead and go back and download it. It’s a really good podcast about how we analyze a website. We now have a form on our page where you can actually fill out your name and domain name and we’ll give you a free five-point analysis. And when I say free, how long is that going to be free, Paul?

Paul: Let’s run it for a month, end of the month? Not long.

Chris: Okay, we’ll say end of the month. I like that, because that’s not long.

Paul: Yeah, get them in now, because it won’t always be free because that’s a lot of work.


Chris: It is a lot of work.

Paul: Oh and too, if I could make a quick note to Elizabeth. You sent me a request but I need some information from you so get back to me. Fill out that form again. I didn’t have your website. Elizabeth, I think in Maine or New Jersey. I don’t know…I can’t remember. But get back to us; we need your website to do your analysis.

Chris: And since you’re doing “shout outs”, I want to give a “shout out” to our friend Gustavo Salomé, I’m sure I’m pronouncing that wrong. (laughter) Salomé is probably more appropriate. Sorry about that Gustavo. He actually put a note in his contact to us. He’s asking us to put together a quote for him, but he said that he loves or podcasts.

Paul: Thank you very much for listening. We love it. We really appreciate it.

Chris: Gustavo, here’s to you, thank you.

Paul: We’ve got to update that, so remember, update the form.

Chris: Oh yeah.

Paul: Sorry about that.

Chris: He put a great note that we need to add to our form, the ability for people in other countries, because he’s in Zurich, and so our form isn’t very user friendly for people in Zurich and we’re going to make that happen for sure.

Paul: Tell them to start thinking globally.

Chris: Alright. News for the day, you know this is a little weird. It’s one of those things that jumps out at you on the page and you know what? Chastity Bono is going to change gender.

Paul: Whaaaat? (laughter). I don’t even want to touch that one. “Man, like”

Chris: Yeah, you don’t want to touch it.


Paul: You’re right; I don’t want to touch that one.


Chris: Alright, let’s not spend too much time on that, just for you guys who may or may not know. Sonny Bono, who used to be Cher’s husband and manager and all of this, Chastity Bono is Cher and Sonny’s, was Cher and Sonny’s daughter, and soon will be Cher and Sonny’s son.


Chris: You know, the next topic that I’m going to bring up is really appropriate. This is going to be our apology podcast. I’m very sorry for that, Cher and Sonny. Rest in peace. I figure that all the right wing radio stations are talking about Obama’s apology tour as he’s going around the country and apologizing for being Americans and all of this stuff…. And even David Letterman the other day was actually, like his top 10 list was even apologies for things he had said about Sarah Palin’s daughter and all this…… I’m like, “oh man” everyone’s doing apologies. I want to apologize for something, right?

Paul: So let’s offend some people real quick and you apologize.

Chris: So we did that and that’s excellent and the only thing I could really come up with in terms of the podcast is; we have to apologize for not getting our podcast up as quickly as we like. We miss a couple of weeks every now and then. And so, we apologize for that. We are trying to get them up every single week. We know that that’s value. We know that you guys are….we’re hoping that you guys are waiting with baited breath for our next podcast and we’re going to work on making sure that we continue to deliver that, because that’s pretty important.

So, we’ve gone through a lot of different things and we on a weekly basis, we like to talk about what we’ve done during the week, typically. And I wanted to take it; we kind of got away from some of the fundamentals of search engine optimization. So I wanted to put together some sort of list of nine mistakes that should be avoided when you’re doing SEO. So you’re making your website, you’re doing SEO and there’s nine things that you want to avoid. There’s a whole lot more but we like those numbers; nine, a five point website analysis that’s actually six, etc.

So one of the things that I want to start with is we’ll say; in the old days when you designed a website you; click here, link anchor text is a mistake that you want to stay away from. And where that comes from is; when we used to do websites in the past we would say, click here and then that would be the link to the next page. And the reason you use click here was for some surveys that you were 80% more likely to actually get them to click something if you said, click here, which is probably still true. You still want to have that around for your really important calls to action. They should be image/text/whatever, so your calls to action should say click here, I believe.

Paul: I think also, back in the day, people didn’t understand what a link was, so there was some text that was in a different color. I think a lot of times it was underlined. People didn’t necessarily know, if I click that, it would do anything. Yeah, it will take me to another place.

Chris: Right. When I first started searching the internet, I didn’t understand then. I remember someone actually had to show me; yeah, if you click that it will go somewhere else. That was years ago. You’re like WOW! This is soooo cool. There’s more than one page on the internet?


Chris: There’s two pages on the internet. That’s awesome. It just doubled. (laughter) And it’s been doubling everyday ever since. So now what we understand and we’ve talked about this in some of our previous podcasts, so if you haven’t heard those, make sure you go back and download those. “Click here”, you know the text that is on the link going to the next page which is one of the things that Google used to determine uses to determine the information. Excuse me, on the next page. What we’ve talked about in the past is; a lot of people would have the definition of “home” going to their home page. And Google thinks that what you’re trying to say is that, there is information about “home” on this page that you’re going to. So that’s actually a mistake, because there’s usually no information about “home” on the page you’re going to.

Paul: Of course.

Chris: The same with “click here”. Google’s expecting there to be information about “click here” on a page where “click here” is the link. And so you want to stay away from “click here” now. It’s pretty straightforward. It’s also very important. Now we work on that on a regular basis. I had some engineers kind of kick me in the butt the other day about; “hey, we need to get some of our linking straight for this one client of ours”. So, let’s go on to the next thing.

One of the things and you know we’ve never bumped into this; I’ve just seen it on enough forums and mentioned enough times and it has to do with potential CR-Ram, any sort of environment where you have a theme where people will actually move. You know, have different theme versions. For instance, if our current version of E-Webstyle was E hyphen Webstyle dot com and then we do like /V version two and then our entire website was under version two. And that would kind of make sense from a programmer’s perspective if I know that I’m going to make a new version of E-Webstyle, then the next version I could put under version two, the folder version two. There’s a whole lot of challenges with that. The most important one is that your back links, if you decide to take down version two, is no longer valuable. If you do have to move a page, you know, you want to try not to. We’ve got some clients that we’re going to be migrating from dot asp to dot php, so we’re working on the best case solutions for those. Google does have an exceptable methodology for moving a page permanently in it’s database. So it can keep the link tracking and all of that. So you want to use that and versioning you don’t really want to use. That’s not going to be a good thing.

And like I said, the main reason is as you move your website around you’re going to be losing a lot of back links and Google is just not going to like it. Ajax, have you ever heard of Ajax?

Paul: Yeah, actually I cleaned my sink with Ajax two days ago. (laughter) That power stuff you get in the can and sprinkle it in your sink.

Chris: Podcast, remember we’re on a podcast.

Paul: Oh yeah, we’re in that general home improvement (laughter). It’s a stainless steel sink cleaner, or something like that.

Chris: Ajax is a pretty cool technology. It has a lot of…..it totally can enhance the user’s experience on your website. Ajax is also known to have some particular challenges with security, so you have to be careful when you use Ajax. How does it relate to SEO? Specifically, Ajax is a way to dynamically bring in content onto a webpage without refreshing the entire page. So we may have been on a website where, I don’t know, where they’re saying top ten lists and it’s got ten lists of top ten things. And the first one is, top ten fattest cities, and I have to mention that because we’re here in Houston. One of the fattest, are we thee fattest.?

Paul: I think we were back in 03, 02, whenever “supersize me” came out, we were number one.

Chris: What’s happened to us? Is it we’re just not eating enough?

Paul: Yeah, that’s probably what our problem is.

Chris: This is ridiculous. Come on Houstonians, kick it up. Shove another burger in your mouth. (laughter) Come on, at least go to Burger King and get one of those tiny burgers. I figure you can get two more tiny burgers in, so we can be fatter. Geez… Number one or nothing! That’s what we’re talking about. And we’re certainly not going to be the number one healthiest city anytime soon.

Paul: Not anytime soon.

Author: eweb-admin