Algorithm Cataclysm

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Algorithm Cataclysm

Chris Burres:               Hi. Welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets [Audio Glitch] owner of [Audio Glitch] style.

Charles Lewis:                         And I’m Charles Lewis, internet [Audio Glitch] specialist.

Chris Burres:               We are [Audio Glitch] because we’re actually doing our podcast a little [Audio Glitch] really to airing in right [Audio Glitch] and watching. Thanks [Audio Glitch]. Charles had an event this morning that went — that went good?

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, it went great, man. My daughter’s award ceremony. She’s graduating from the fourth, wooh. And she [Audio Glitch] and ultimate [Audio Glitch].

Chris Burres:               Shut up.

Charles Lewis:                         …  the word punch in the face. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Bet you don’t. [Laughter] Pass CPS [0:00:28] [Phonetic] [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         [Audio Glitch] very good. And so, yeah, it’s a good job.

Chris Burres:               Yeah?

Charles Lewis:                         Okay.

Chris Burres:               We’re having a huge maybe glitchy details here. Hopefully, the audio is coming out pretty good. You know what? Remember, your friendly local neighborhood position snatchers and —

Charles Lewis:                         Don’t be a douche.

Chris Burres:               And sitting in front of some sort of tweetable tweeting capable device [Audio Glitch] anything. This is [Audio Glitch] right now, hash tag —

Charles Lewis:                         SEOPodcast150.

Chris Burres:               150.

Charles Lewis:                         150, 150.

Chris Burres:               150.

Charles Lewis:                         [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               And then include e-webstyle and note it. Remember our new segment, last [Audio Glitch] Algorithm Cataclysm. Oh that’s good. I like that. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         Oh yeah.

Chris Burres:               And Charles is presenting the Algorithm Cataclysm.

Charles Lewis:             Yes, what we want to do on this section is really cover the latest algorithm update. And so last time we talked about the algo changes and a portion of that as the Google [Audio Glitch] which they did is affecting the links [Audio Glitch]. So there are ways to recover from that and then we’ll get in to the cataclysm a little bit later.

Chris Burres:               And the ways to do good SEO [Audio Glitch] relationship to that Penguin Update. So —

Charles Lewis:                         Definitely.

Chris Burres:               Excellent. A little bit of news. Actually, first tip from previous podcast. It says tune in to the SEO rapper…

Charles Lewis:                         This.

Chris Burres:               … for an entertaining way to stay on top of the latest internet marketing trends.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, I released the Google Algo Changes that’s the new SEO rapper. Go check it out. Post a comment [Audio Glitch], you know that mean —

Chris Burres:               If you don’t know how to find that, you need to only go to Nice and [Audio Glitch] exciting. Actually, doc [0:01:55] [Phonetic] with the space station.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, definitely cool.

Chris Burres:               That is pretty cool. The American Indians [0:02:15] [Phonetic] getting us back [Audio Glitch] back in space —

Charles Lewis:                         Yes, it is like thousands pounds of food. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Wow.

Charles Lewis:                         [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               And that’s free strive.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         If it’s really a thousand pounds, then there’s no winners. [Laughter]          

Chris Burres:               Yeah. Also known as [Audio Glitch]. [Laughter] And I thought this was awesome. So there were a dude who is working on a startup who lived at the AOL runs [0:02:38] [Phonetic]. I think he’s working on a startup. Lived there.

Charles Lewis:                         Lived there. Like —

Chris Burres:               Like behind the scenes covert and identify [Audio Glitch] at the security guard frequent [Laughter] slept there, woke up early in the gym.

Charles Lewis:                         Wow.

Chris Burres:               Took hour [Audio Glitch].

Charles Lewis:                         Wow.

Chris Burres:               This whole thing and then pounded out code all day. [Laughter] His name is — [Laughter] Isn’t that crazy? His name is —

Charles Lewis:                         That is most awesome.

Chris Burres:               He’s [Audio Glitch] and the way he actually got in was – or are friends of Vanessa [0:03:07] [Phonetic].

Charles Lewis:                         He didn’t work there?

Chris Burres:               No, he didn’t work there. He was on the start X program. So this is like an entrepreneurial program.

Charles Lewis:                         That’s awesome. This is the employee —

Chris Burres:               Yeah, I know. [Laughter] He had a badge and the badge continue to work after —

Charles Lewis:                         Wow.

Chris Burres:               … the program was over and that’s when he was there. There is [Audio Glitch] AOL who is [Laughter] who said —

Charles Lewis:                         Wow.

Chris Burres:               And I had printed it out. I don’t have it with me. [Laughter] He said, “Yeah, we’re always striving to encourage entrepreneurship. We just didn’t realize well it was working.” [Laughter] Anyway, Apple TV is going to come out. We always going to [Audio Glitch] next thing [Audio Glitch] out. And Facebook has the [Audio Glitch] PO in a decade.

Charles Lewis:             Well and that’s almost expected [Audio Glitch] I mean because it’s set –

Chris Burres:                It was so high.

Charles Lewis:             I mean – they went – they went from the best to the worst in the same week.

Chris Burres:               Yes.

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