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Alt Tags SEO and SEVO
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Alt Tags SEO and SEVO

Chuck:                         Well, that would mean either one of two things. That either (a) the search query that was used to generate those search results page, that phrase that they searched was also part of that alt tag.


Chris:                           Was in the alt tag.


Chuck:                         Yeah, and not essentially in the content.


Chris:                           Yup.


Chuck:                         So since they pulled that image, the alt tag had to come from an image, you know.


Chris:                           Yup.


Chuck:                         That’s why that’s the description. Either that or you have the same description somewhere likely in your meta information.


Chris:                           And so you — yeah. Maybe it’s — yeah. What I put is — I haven’t heard of this, then I told I’d ask around the office. I’m actually doing that now. Google pulls this information from the meta description tag. We say that’s the first opportunity for SEVO. So when somebody’s doing a search, and they were looking at that search description, that’s the first opportunity that you have really to sell to that person.

Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           So don’t just put a tag together — a meta description together that has some keywords in it, and then not think about it from the client’s/sales perspective. That’s your first opportunity for search engine visitor optimization. They’re about to visit you. You’ve got to engage them right away.


Chuck:                         The meta description is a great place for your — an abbreviated version of your call to action.


Chris:                           Right.


Chuck:                         So if your call to action is “free estimate on same day plumbing services” or whatever it is, then include that in your meta description along with the other keywords you may need; free Houston, blah, blah, blah. But they’ll see that in the search. So that way if they click on it in the SERPs, then they get to your site, they see the same CTA. You’re starting the SEVO process, and they’re more likely to convert.


Chris:                           Yup. Yeah. And we talked about continuity. So you — don’t get us wrong. You do want the keywords in there. If they type “Houston plumber,” you want to make sure that it says “Houston plumber” probably pretty early in it, and then make sure the description has other aspects that are on the sales process. Colin did write us back, and he said he did a double check in Google, and they had replaced it with another random script from the page. My guess is he doesn’t have a meta description because they’re usually pretty consistent about pulling meta description.


So Colin, hit us back. Let us know if that is the case, and I think you can improve that process if you work on that meta description. By the way, also on our Facebook, our podcast page is back on the first page of Google. I put a little outline of the process we went to ’cause Google made an algorithm change that took us from the first page to the — like supplemental. It doesn’t even begin — let me put it this way. I took the page, the entire page URL, searched it, and that page did not come up. Other pages came up.


Chuck:                         So it wasn’t page — the last time we checked it was page 5 or something.


Chris:                           Well, was page 5, was the internet marketing, not the search engine optimization page. Literally, if I took the page URL and search for the page URL, it wasn’t supplemental. It was gone.


Chuck:                         It was gone.


Chris:                           It was banned. And so we removed that duplicate content. That got us back in the listings but not on the first page and then added some relevant content. Hmm, content is — what do they say?


Chuck:                         King.


Chris:                           King. That’s right. So live it. Learn it. Love it. It is king. Terry Crosby did us a great favor. She went to iTunes. She’s put a review on our Facebook already.


Chuck:                         Terry, I appreciate it.


Chris:                           Thank you. She wrote on our iTunes, an iTunes review. So again, four stars. Another guy, Malcolm Warring, he’s been listening to these guys about six months while driving because we are the Red Bull of SEO. You actually don’t fall asleep. And you know, the comment that was made earlier by Colin, we literally decided to have like the news and reviews at the beginning so that as we’re talking about SEO, which we need to get to here pretty quick.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           That we’ve got things to reference and banter back and forth, and it makes it a little more interesting.


Chuck:                         There are two classes of internet marketing agency — we have to stay abreast on the latest news and technology and what’s going on.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         So you may not have heard the latest news that we give you. And if you have heard it, comment on it. If you haven’t heard it, then you’re welcome, right? So I understand the comment. I appreciate it, and we’ll probably tweak accordingly but —


Chris:                           Yeah, absolutely.


Chuck:                         — you know, this is what you get.


Chris:                           And one of the reviews by K.W. Williams, he actually wrote a review on Facebook before. He said he’s tearing through our episodes like Lindsey Lohan goes through nose candy. “And yes, I listen while driving.” Well, if you’re doing nose candy, apparently it’s — you’re wide awake so you can do lots of driving. So are we the nose candy of SEO? [Laughter]


Chuck:                         No comment. Yeah. No, not — we — no.


Chris:                           We’re not going with that. All right. Let’s jump — if there’s nothing else, let’s jump into some good information. We want to talk about mobile marketing. We want to talk about mobile SEO, and what you should be doing with mobile.


Chuck:                         Yeah. So we got a few tips we’re going to give, and we’ll try to breeze through these. But keep in mind that right now most mobile marketing tends to work best for — working more with retail —


Chris:                           With retail —


Chuck:                         — agencies.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         You know, we are an internet marketing agency. It won’t make sense for us to have an app, right? [Laughter]


Chris:                           Yeah. Unless it’s like an SEO app which, you know, specific SEO like show Page Rank or whatever type of app. But that’s not really mobile.


Chuck:                         Yeah, that’s research, you know. So I don’t see that helping. But if you’re, you know, Starbucks, right, then mobile helps you. Which is kind of the first two, you know. It says, “Make it fun.” And so when I thought about that I think of FourSquare.


Chris:                           Yup.


Chuck:                         Right? Well, we say being the mayor of Starbucks doesn’t help me. It doesn’t help me personally at all. But what it does do is for everybody who’s not the mayor, who wants to be the mayor in order —


Chris:                           It reminds them at least to check in when they’re there. Maybe they’re regulars anyway. So that’s an interactive experience.


Chuck:                         Well, and not just that. Go get coffee.


Chris:                           Yup, go get an extra coffee.


Chuck:                         If I’m checking in, that means I’m spending money ’cause I’m there. I’m not going there to check in and leave, right?


Chris:                           Yeah. Although we’re sure — that that would be a mobile douche. Don’t be a mobile douche. [Laughter]


Chuck:                         Mobile douche, I’m going to write this down. Right.


Chris:                           Mobile douche. Yeah. In fact, the other day I got bounced as the mayor of a place, a wine bar here in town called Sonoma. And I happen to go there that night and forget to check in. It was like, oh, that sucked. Yeah. That’s almost douche. Don’t forget to check in. [Laughter]


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           But yeah, I think in your FourSquare and the whole check in browser I literally like try and check on FourSquare, Yelp, and Facebook and it — yeah, it’s an experience. It’s like, cool, I’m checking in and —


Chuck:                         You bought a Yelp. Listeners, I want you all to tweet me, Facebook us. With regards to Yelp, I got a Yelp account, only used it twice. I logged in the other day, and I had, like, 30 friend requests pending.


Chris:                           Wow!


Chuck:                         It’s all ‘cause I don’t use Yelp.


Chris:                           Right, right.


Chuck:                         And so I accepted them all, and then I posted a comment, “Should I start using Yelp again?” I don’t know.


Chris:                           Well, you haven’t checked back in to see what the response is. [Laughter]


Chuck:                         Yeah. So — so — yeah.


Chris:                           So there’s probably like a thousand people telling you, “Yes, you should use Yelp again.”


Chuck:                         So if you use Yelp, add me, and tell me why I should, you know, keep going with it.


Chris:                           And I think one of the things — and we mentioned this to one of our clients who is opening a Tequila in the State of Texas. I think we’ve mentioned him before — is that there is a process. I don’t know what it is. We haven’t really researched it. But to make a badge, you know, I got a — I forget what it’s called — going through security at the airport badge, you know, they mess with my package, bag, or whatever. I forget what they call that. [Laughter] But that’s kind of cool. So you could have a badge if you’ve attended — in this particular case, he’s going to have Tequila tastings across Texas and certainly across different cities like Houston and Dallas and Fortworth.


Chuck:                         San Antonio, yeah.


Chris:                           And San Antonio. So if you attend four of those, you could get a Pura Vida badge. Pura Vida is the name of the Tequila. So I think that’s another way to engage —


Chuck:                         To make it fun, to make it engaging. Exactly.


Chris:                           Another one is SCVNGR. This is actually seth, pre-batched. There’s going to be — one of the keynote speakers at South by Southwest up in Austin in the middle of March, right?


Chuck:                         Yeah. That’s on March 11 through the 20th.


Chris:                           And we’re still — we’re kind of coordinating schedules and hopefully we can be up there. But what he created was a website called SCVNGR — I’m assuming it’s that — .com, and it’s really –events where you can — it’s not events. You go to a place, and you’ve got a couple tasks. And if you complete task, you get a certain number of points, then you can get a free coffee or, you know, there’s a pot of gold at the end of the SCVNGR rainbow, if you will. And — you’re not going to write that down?


Chuck:                         No.


Chris:                           [Laughter]


Chuck:                         I’m acting like I didn’t hear that.


Chris:                           And so you go there, and you participate in stuff, one of is like do a tin foil origami with the burrito —


Chuck:                         Wrapper.


Chris:                           With the burrito wrapper, yeah. So those are kind of things that, you know, can help engage, and I think there’s going to — I’m sure SCVNGR has like marketing experts that you can work with, and I’m sure there’s going to be eventually — you know, eventually we may end up having somebody on our staff that was like good at putting these kinds of things together to make SCVNGR campaigns or whatever. And it’s interesting ’cause this week is the week I’ve learned about SCVNGR. I do comedy improv at place here in town called Third Coast Comedy and CitySolve Urban Race Houston. So that’s — it’s like — I think it’s like a scavenger hunt. You have teams, and it’s got corporate sponsorship, and it’s apparently a pretty big deal. They wanted our group to be at one of their scavenger stations ‘casue what they were supposed to do at the scavenger station is a game called ABC which is — you got two teams. One team starts a sentence with the letter A, and then next team response with a sentence that starts with the letter B, C, D, E, and then if somebody messes up, they have to go back to the end of the line. If there’s no other team there, they wanted an improv group there so that they could play the game even if there’s not a team there. So —


Chuck:                         Interesting.


Chris:                           Yeah. It’s interesting how kind of all these similar things happen at the same time. All right. “Make it fun.”


Chuck:                         Make it fun.


Chris:                           And five minutes, “Make it short.” I think that’s certainly true like checking in is about — I don’t know how much more I’m going to do —


Chuck:                         Yeah. I checked in. I may tweet or a comment why I’m there, and then I’m done, you know. They said ask him to catch it on film. I like that one because that’s a great way to get user-generated video content and so — which is, you know, like gold to the search engines. And so while – if they can catch it mobile, you can use it on your site to not only make the client happy but make the search engines happy, then it’s win-win. So if your business will benefit from them using videos somehow, then do it.


Chris:                           And make sure you do something with it, right?


Chuck:                         Yeah, yeah. Don’t just do it, and then have me record and stuff and send it to you for no reason.


Chris:                           And maybe have like, you know — just do something with it like, okay, each week we’re going to choose one video or one picture and we’re going — we’re going to give them a free burrito —


Chuck:                         Or something.


Chris:                           — or something.


Chuck:                         Yeah.

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