Anchor Text and Link URL Consistancy

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Anchor Text and Link URL Consistancy
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Anchor Text and Link URL Consistancy

Chuck: Yeah, definitely, they will use, you know, just in regards to Anchor text, they’re looking at the link URL right there as linking, and then the Anchor text and so they should be relatively consistent. So here linking to a water heater repair page and then the URL says water heater repair.

And if this is your homepage and this is all you do, then yeah use home for the sake of usability, but it’s worth – is were definitely given that tittle of water heater repair and have another link to the homepage maybe in the footer or somewhere else with the phrase water heater repair and not home.

Chris: Yup. And the of course in to disperse in text on other pages so that you’ve got some really good cross thinking on your website.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: I just thought it was valuable, you know, it was the first page item on and we really wanted to, you know bring that up ‘cause that’s you know SEO news.

I wouldn’t call that late breaking news.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: By the way I did mention our last three Podcast where about keywords. We talked about the importance of keywords and how to focus on keyword, what to look for, how to kind of interview a client to understand what keywords are relevant for them and also to educate the client, because you know repeatedly…


I get phone calls, they’re like, oh yeah I’m in the first page of Google.

Chuck: Yeah, that one weird. Okay good.

Chris: The laptop just – I just want to make sure it doesn’t go to sleep. So the client calls up, I’m the first page of Google, oh really, yeah, for what term? What do you mean what term? Like what you type and so that you’re on the first page of Google, oh my company name.

Yeah, so many people are researching for your company name, maybe you’ve got a great, you know, base of advertising, traditional advertising and that’s actually happening, but that’s you know, if you’re proud of that, you haven’t been listening to this Podcast for very long. That’s should be easy, it similar to Blue One-Armed Widgets.

You go Google it, we’re on the first page, we may even have number of positions on the first page and the reason is that it’s so unique. Your business almost by necessity by…

Chuck: By default. Probably, yeah.

Chris: Is a unique set of word and especially if you – if you localize it. So if you’re in the Houston area, if you put your company name in Houston there should be no way that you’re not on the first page and if you’re not then… And if you are…

Chuck: You’re probably…

Chris: Wow, there’s goes the phone now. If you are then don’t think you’re on the first page, don’t, you know walk around believing, oh my website is already on the first page, ‘cause people typically aren’t going to be typing your business.

Chuck: That – and speaking of that, I’m kind a of along the same line, ‘cause I’m thinking about a call I took yesterday, where the guy were like say, well I’m ranking Will. I’m on the first page with this terms and I wasn’t seeing them.

And so then, you know, I twist him another monitor, where I was not logged in t the browser, right.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: So, I would be able to see them. So then I told him, are you logged in? Logged out or better yet open up a different browser and don’t log in and start again. I mean, he went speechless, like he couldn’t see yourself.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And I told him, yeah. So, you know is placing you here because you’re frequently on site and they think that’s what you want to see and so when you logged in and you search, they’re tell you what they think you want to see. Logged out when you’re doing research. Logged out when you’re taking on SEO companies to see when you ranked in. Make sure you’re not logged in to Google or you know, yeah in Google.

Chris: Yeah. How do you stalk us, how do you follow us, you – either there’s a proper of ways to do it. You can go to…

Chuck: But at least four.

Chris: You can go to…

Chuck: Facebook

Chris: .com/

Chuck: ewebstyle


Chuck: /ewebstyle

Chris: You can e-mail us at podcast@

Chuck: You try to get me there.

Chris: Yeah, and then you can always watch—typically watch our Podcast as we air it, the actual video of it at 9:15 Central Standard time on Friday mornings, just go to and there’s actually a link to our stream right there.

So, again for those of you who are tuning in and watching, we really appreciate it, you have made us the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes.

All right, Eddie Runner send in this long letter and it covers a whole lot of points, really I’m just going to read and we’re going stop from time to time.

Chuck: Yeah, he e-mailed that to

Chris: Yeah, he knows how to make contact. He’s good.

He says, I enjoyed listening to the Podcast, I get a lot out of them, thank you. If not news stuff it reminds me of importance of old stuff I already know really helped me stand my toes. I listened to one of your Podcast this morning and you talk a little about finding what the landing page for your keywords.

I think you said it’s easiest to simply do Google search with each keywords. So, that’s the process of you want to know, so you’ve been doing some effort and you want to know, here’s a great example, he has quit smoking products. So we’re working on some quit smoking terms for a while.

You typed in quit smoking hypnosis and it would land them on the homepage, not actually on a quit smoking page. He’s homepage because of the nature of his business had nothing relevant to smoking, to quitting smoking. So we actually had to put a logo on there, the pages change sent in, but we had to put, you know something on there so that’s when we’re…

Chuck: Just quit smoking.

Chris: Exactly. So you want to do that research, you want to know and Google in analytics, you know and I just know that people are getting to your website from xyz keywords, you want to actually do, you actually go Google those and figure out what page they’re landing on.

Chuck: Yeah, do what you do that in analytics if you know, you don’t really had the time to search a key phrase which you should be is look at the enter pages and exit pages. And so look at your enter page and which page is people actually entering your site on and then throw that back to which keyword they use.

Chris: ‘Cause maybe it’s an old ugly blog that wasn’t design…


To actually close business and so you just going to be aware of that. Eddie goes on and I say I recently found that in Google Webmaster Tools under your site in the web there’s a tab for search queries. It has a list of top queries to your website, so that’s pretty cool.

You can actually go there and Google Webmaster Tools were actually tells you the top queries that are getting you –your traffic to your traffic website. If you click on the search term it will show the pages on the website that Google links to.

So this is really you know, one interface where you’ve got at least you know the top 10, top 20 query that you can quickly got aware of their landing. You can do the same, find the pages I want or don’t want to show up for each of the search queries. I haven’t played around with that.

Chuck: Yeah, that’s Webmaster Tool that allows you to go in and kind of twit if you’re notice that your water heater repair phrase has landing them on a tank less water heater page and not the water heater repair page, then they do have some tools and place where you can switch it. Still requires Google to re-index them and make it valid, but you can at least tell them this is what you want to go.

Chris: So this is really interesting, right because I wonder what real implications are. If you’re telling Google, hey don’t send traffic her for this keyword, send it here, but Google clearly with their algorithm has decided that the homepage, I wonder how they handle that, we’re willing to play around with that ‘cause there’s certainly, you know Patrickwellness is a great example where we would have rather send people direct to quit smoking page. If you give them that guidance, I might be concerned about falling off the link.

Chuck: Yeah, they like okay, if we send it to that page, you’re not going to be in the page one anymore.

Chris: Yeah, that’s – it seems dumb right, ‘cause that would defeat the purpose, but we’ll play around with that. He normally sorts on the average position and that way can scroll down and see the search queries that come up first on Google and actually tracks the top 3 Google pages every morning to make sure that their, you know what’s moving up and what’s moving down.

On another subject keywords, SEO guru always refer to keywords, like there are unknown quantity not a variable. What I mean is…

Chuck: Like, there are unknown quantity and not a variable.

Chris: Like, it’s like, you know if we just running around and said you know, keyword– keyword and then content this gag, et cetera and then do 3 Podcast on keywords then we would be you know what he’s accusing SEO gurus have doing we would exactly be doing.

Because keywords aren’t unknown quantity, there’s a lot of effort that needs to go in to identifying keywords, you can’t just say, oh make sure you focus on the right keywords and then move on to the next subject, you’re going to like, well how do you focus on the right keyword.

Chuck: You determine the right keywords, what are the right keywords.

Chris: What tools can you use?

Chuck: How do you know they are the right keywords.

Chris: You know, exactly. You know and that goes to our a lie or actually setting goals in Google analytics to make sure that that traffic is actually, that you’re keeping track of if that traffic converting the way you want it to, whether that be business or whitepapers or like on our case. Our push is that people submit for…

Chuck: A web analysis.

Chris: A web analysis.

Chuck: Yeah, it could be a download or the contact information, the phone call, you know, it doesn’t matter.

Chris: And then he says, he goes on to say that his experiences that keywords are sometimes are huge mystery we’ve got some good examples in our Podcast where we talked about MEP, I think which is Mechanical Electrical Plumbing which is a phrase that people use in the industry on the commercial side.

And when we were working with a commercial plumber that was a term they brought up that we would never thought of. So that’s comes through, you know, he’s right sometimes it is a huge mystery. And it’s just really, it’s a lack of education, you got to spend time and educate yourself, in our situation we have to educate ourselves on what the client does, how that client finds people.

Chuck: What’s that and it’s effort. Like, it’s more than just determine what those keywords are, but it’s applying the effort to use consistently. This is, you know, we look at reports monthly for a reason not just to see how much track we came but which keywords that we focused on, which ones are doing excellent and we can stop betting on them and work on something new, you know, vice versa.

So, it’s definitely educating yourself, I mean consistently providing that effort to maximize your keyword.

Chris: He goes on to say, he had an e-commerce website and they put a lot of emphasis on the part numbers but not too long later, they shifted to part descriptions. Folks looking on Google often don’t know the part number. Do you want to be optimize for the part number? Yes.

Chuck: Yes, absolutely.

Chris: Yes, right. And that should, you know, hopefully it’s fairly easy depending on the competitive nature of those particular products. You also wanted you know most people going to be typing description, you know, water filter for my GE refrigerator. I don’t – you know most people don’t know that it’s, I’m going to do this again.

Chuck: Yeah.


Chris: Most people don’t know that that it’s actually, you know, W, I can’t remember the part number.

Chuck: GAAB/F.

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