Android Firefox Vs Default Browser SEO

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Android Firefox Vs Default Browser SEO
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Android Firefox Vs Default Browser SEO

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chuck: Right on the first try.

Chris: Oh, you got to love it. Welcome. This is Podcast 119. You are

listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. How are we the most popular? How does that happen?

Chuck: Well, there’s three ways that’s going to happen, right? It’s like three easy

steps. It’s really simple. Go to iTunes.

Chris: One.

Chuck: Create an account.

Chris: Two.

Chuck: Review us.

Chris: Three.

Chuck: That’s it.

Chris: That’s it.

Chuck: Three steps, three minutes. And we really appreciate you.

Chris: So because of you we are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes and

don’t forget, we are your friendly local top position snatchers.

Chuck: That’s right. That’s the top position snatchers.

Chris: Boom. Bring it in there. Bring it like from way out there to one to right

where you’re probably at.

Chuck: Yeah, we’ll bring them down.

Chris: Yeah. We’ll bring in one — Okay. My picture is we’ll bring in one to them.

Chuck: My picture is bringing the competitors out and…

Chris: Oh, yeah. Just climbing up — climbing up the rum…

Chuck: — Snatching the top position.

Chris: Shoving people and stepping on CEO. It’s a good visual. We should

replace like whoever is on top of the client with the image of the CEO and

then, so anyway…

Chuck: That is it.

Chris: And our mantra is “Do not be a deuce”.

Chuck: Don’t be a deuce. That’s not a good thing.

Chris: As always, the last podcast was podcast 118 and we have a tip from that

podcast. It says keep yourself up to date with SEO and Internet Marketing. And the reason we brought that up is because we actually had an interview last time. We interviewed Christina Hawkins. She’s with Global Spexs a Web Design company in Houston

Going back, it was a great interview. And most of the interview was about — she’s been in the business for 13 years and how has what she’s done as a web designer changed from an SEO perspective and from a SEVO perspective over the last 13 years.

Chuck: Yeah. Pretty great interview and, you know, to hear the perspective from,

you know, two different perspectives. One from an internet-marketing

company and from a web designer, right? You know, how our jobs, you

know, cross so much. So, it was definitely worthwhile interview and we’ll check that out.

Chris: And that is Podcast 118. A little bit of news. Oh, actually, we did get a, you know, I was going to be like the most aggressive SEO dude in history with like 8 years tattooed to my face. And technically, there isn’t one on iTunes. There was one on Facebook —

Chuck: Okay.

Chris: — so I don’t have to put another tattoo on.

Chuck: Okay.

Chris: We’ll have to get like art —

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Not real.

Chuck: Yes.

Chris: I can have them. Spencer Welch. He says great show and awesome way to deliver —

Chuck: — our sales message.

Chris: Yeah. And a great way to deliver the latest and greatest SEO info. Now he

also — so yeah, punch in the face to you, Spencer. He also submitted from our website,, that’s his website.

Chuck: Yeah. That’s what it is.

Chris: Yeah. Exactly. And we will be doing a live video analysis of him here as

soon as this podcast ends.

Chuck: Yeah. In about an hour.

Chris: And the way you can see that — the best way to see that really is you can

go to YouTube, UStream, you can find their other channel. We’ve got a

whole lot of website analysis there.

Or you could go to YouTube. On YouTube, we actually have a whole

bunch of website analyses and LSI.

Chuck: I think it’s embed too on AOL.

Chris: I’ve got two to four embedded, yes.

Chuck: Oh, we actually have – received one.

Chris: Yes, you’re right. We have a link for our Unknown Secrets

of SEVO Website Analysis under internet marketing, I think. And then

we’ve got four samples there and then a link to the YouTube page. So you

can certainly find us. There’s lots of ways to find us.

Facebook is one. And, oh, we have — you know, we talk often about how many downloads we get…

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Per week. right? I’m looking right out, this week it’s 2,800. It’s a little

low. Usually it’s around 3,500 and we have 162 Facebook followers. So

like 3,000 people a week are downloading our podcast and 162 of you

have bothered to go to our Facebook page —

Chuck: And liked it.

Chris: And liked us. Really?

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Like we don’t do commercials. You could be a little irritated about our

SEVO time limit. We don’t ask much.

Chuck: Correct.

Chris: Three simple steps on iTunes and go to Facebook and like us. Our

Facebook page is

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: Our Twitter page is —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: Our YouTube page is —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: You had the robot there, man.

Chuck: Yeah. You thought that was good.

Chris: I thought it was maybe just how you were moving ‘cause you played

basketball yesterday.

Chuck: No, I’m in — I’m a robot right now.

Chris: I am robot.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And the other thing that you can do is send us an e-mail, and I think that’s all of our social how to stalk us, how to – all that stuff.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Hey, listener, Copenhagen, Denmark. Not that — we are in Texas, so you

say Copenhagen, people are like, “Yes, sir.”

Chuck: Yeah. Copenhagen, Denmark. That’s what’s up.

Chris: Yeah. So shut up and then give them a punch in the face. So whoever is

listening in Denmark, hit us up, let us know and we’ll —

Chuck: Yeah. Twit us, man. Facebook us, man. You know, we’ll show you some

links there.

Chris: I saw an interesting article about Apple and Apple leading the volatile

mobile web browser market. Right?

Chuck: Volatile, mobile, web browser market?

Chris: Right. So for — like right now, of mobile searches, 44% of mobile

searches happen on Safari. All right? 44%. Makes sense right?

iPhone —

Chuck: Yes.

Chris: — is like the single largest… And then I think as soon as you get into an

Android, there are people like I have Firefox on Android. I don’t use it

much. It’s pretty heavy.

Chuck: I just use the regular browser.

Chris: Built-in one. And that’s the one that’s catching up next. But it’s still

miniscule. It’s like 10 percent.

Chuck: Oh.

Chris: So it’s got a long way to go.

Chuck: Yeah. And you know with Apple, you know, releasing their phones on

these different networks now is going to make it even harder to catch up.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: But I got so many Android [6:43:00][Inaudible] of mine who use Sprint –

Chris: Right.

Chuck: Who are anxiously awaiting the iPhone released on Sprint —

Chris: Wow.

Chuck: — in October. So I’m like, really? You know, just try it like that.

Chris: Just use it as – Android did you right for so long and you’re just going to

like… later.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: He’s like a phone player.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: He took what he could get while he could get it. But he really wants the


Chuck: Yeah. Exactly.

Chris: On the PC, actually, IE has dropped from 61% to 55% from

like October 2010 until now. You know, the biggest gainer there is

Firefox and then Chrome has taken a little chunk out of that.

Chuck: Yeah, ‘cause I’m going to. Well, you know, I was a convert.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: But lately I’ve been, you know, using two monitors and I got Chrome up

on one and Firefox up on the other. And maybe, yes, that’s Google on

your phone.

If you would fix Google apps, take the time – time to think, if you

would fix Google apps to where I could use my GPlus account with my Google apps account, then I will only need one browser.

Chris: Yeah. It will be done, like — I actually have like — and we’ve share the

secret around the office here that — and it’s a real hush-hush secret so

anyone who’s listening, all 3,000 of you, don’t tell anyone, that there are

— what is it called? There are different profiles in Firefox.

Chuck: Firefox, yeah.

Chris: So I actually have a shortcut on my desktop that actually leads to a

different profile that opens up, so know I’ve got two Firefox browsers

open. They use different cookie sets.

And I actually make like a different theme so I know which one is at

when I’m on my Google Plus account. I’m with you though in telling

Google to get it together so we can use our —

Chuck: Yeah. Fix it ‘cause they’re having 5,000 new businesses sign up for Google

apps every day.

Chris: That means those businesses, if they are already using Google Plus are

going to have to —

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: — stay with their old account. They can’t move it to the new account. I on’t even know what they’re. Yeah. It wasn’t right.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Right. It was a big challenge switching over.

Dean Calhoun, who is a frequent contributor. Punch in the face to Dean.

He’s always skiing. He is over there in Colorado having a great time.

Chuck: He just checked in at Affygility.

Chris: Oh, yeah? So he’s there?

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: He made it, dude. He’s clocking in.

Chuck: Literally, I was — I just saw us on Foursquare and checked in [9:07:00][inaudible] and I was like okay. You should be there.

Chris: Yeah. Better be out.

Chuck: It would probably it.

Chris: Get to work. Stop watching like entertainment podcasts and, you know,

get back to work. He submitted an article on our Facebook page, which is an article on how an SEO, a WordPress blog post.

Chuck: How to SEO a WordPress blog post.

Chris: Yes. Great article actually. I looked at it. It talks… there’s a link to other

plugins that they talk about for WordPress related to search engine

optimization. A really, really good article, guys. Go check that out at and you’ll find that note from Jean — no, from

Dean. And if you like it, you know, put a comment there. You know, Dean

thanks for the link. And I’ll — here is my official. Thanks for the link.

Chuck: Pow.

Chris: Punch in the face.

Chuck: Or do this just to make it interesting. I want to see how this works. If

you’re using the Chrome browser, go to Facebook and Chrome browser has a plus 1 extension, see if you can plus 1 our Facebook post.

Chris: From right there, from the Chrome browser.

Chuck: From the browser, yes. Cool.

Chris: I think I’m done with most of this information. I’ve got one other thing. I

saw this article on Search Engine Land and so this is outside of the

(general) time limit.

It says Google classifies subdomains as internal links within webmaster

tools. So what does that mean? You used to have a subdomain. By the

way, a lot of people don’t realize that www.udomain is a subdomain and that’s why Google considers it something different. Your domain is actually, like in the case of us, is actually, is actually a subdomain. It happens to point to the exact same location and therefore show the same information.

You’ve seen links like, I don’t know, or Those are subdomains. Those used to be displayed in webmaster tools as external links pointing to — you know, if you’re looking at —

Chuck: Details of —

Chris: Exactly, at the details of, it would say, oh look. Here is an

external link pointing in even though it was

They’re now calling those internal links. So does it matter?

Chuck: Well, actually, I think if anybody was using that sort of process to maybe

gain a high amount of inbound links per se —

Chris: Right.

Chuck: Because it appears —

Chris: External links, yeah.

Chuck: — to be an external link ‘cause it appears to be a different domain name,

and if it was affecting their ranking, then yeah. It does matter.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Because they will probably lose their position.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: You know? But if you were — if you had the correct 301s and everything

going on, then probably not. I mean, because an example you gave, our

dub-dub-dub is directed to the non dub-dub-dub.

Chris: Right. Yeah.

Chuck: And so it —

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: It doesn’t make a difference at that point.

Chris: All the Google juice goes to the one spot.

Chuck: Exactly.

Chris: So 301 is a permanent redirect that Google understands. The last

sentence on this with regard to this article is on the algorithm side, on

how Google handles the link waiting for links from subdomains of your site, we have no idea yet.

Google has not said anything to my knowledge about this matter. That’s what’s so great about this podcast. We can literally say anything.

Chuck: I don’t know.

Chris: And we could say I don’t know, we could say we know. It has to be this or


Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And one of the comments, you know, comments are the best place to get

factual information about articles.

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