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This is a transcript from our 91st Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Angie’s list and SEO

Chris:                          Hi! And welcome to SEO podcast, the Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. Boom! Boom!

Paul:                            And there you go [Laughs].

Chris:                          Starting off the year right. 2001, we got the title to our podcast right on the first try.

Paul:                            That’s what’s up man. Welcome back everybody. I hope everybody had a happy holiday in 2010. Happy New Year! Welcome back to another fun-filled year. Well, our podcast was like 100? 200? What?

Chris:                          We’re at 91. Podcast 91, starting off ’11.

Paul:                            That’s what’s up and that’s what’s up.

Chris:                          My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-webstyle.

Paul:                            And this is Paul Hanson, Sales Manager of

Chris:                          We are excited that you guys have tuned in. All sorts of thing, we’re mostly — most of this podcast, we’re going to be kind of interacting with our audience ‘cause we’ve got so much free — I think a lot of people had a lot of free time and so they were, you know, doing some geeky stuff and —

Paul:                            Giving us a work to do basically.

Chris:                          — giving us work to do and we got to be honest, we did not do all the work that you gave us ‘cause we were on vacation.

Paul:                            But we got time. We got a full — we got the full year to cover a lot the stuff, and we had some great topics that were suggested last year.

Chris:                          You know I am excited because I lived through a snow hurricane.

Paul:                            A snowycane?

Chris:                          A snowycane! I like that.


Paul:                            Somebody here is thinking like cocaine.

Chris:                           Yeah.


Chris:                           That’s a whole different meaning. Now, it actually refers to snow on the ground. It was two feet-deep snow. I know you hate the snow so…

Paul:                            That sucks. Yes, I do. Yes, all two feet of it. That sucks.

Chris:                           Yeah, I know. It was pretty cool. The only thing is my wife, and myself, and our twins were a little ill, so we didn’t get to go out and really enjoy it.

Paul:                            Yeah. Well, let’s get on.

Chris:                           That was cool. Hey! As with every podcast, we want to talk a little bit about what we talked about our last podcast. Actually, the last time we were recording podcast we did two because we did the 2010 Year in Review. You can actually find that on our USTREAM page which you can get to from our page, go to and it would actually take you to one of our pages. And in fact you can watch this now if you could go to that page and it will take you to our USTREAM page, it will show you some of our archives. Also, it will be up on iTunes soon.

When we did the 2010 Year in Review, we actually did part 1 and part 2, two 30-minute podcasts. Actually, I didn’t get — or a two 40-minute podcasts. And the tip from podcast number 80 — no, I think I should just do 90 ‘cause I think probably I did 89 and 90. And the tip from podcast number 90 was — and I must have you make a beat for this.

Paul:                            And Chuck may need to beat now.


Chris:                           Places is the place to be. That’s Google Places A through G. That’s the tip from number 90.

Paul:                            That’s what’s up [Laughs].

Chris:                           You guys forgot who did that, didn’t you?

Paul:                            Yes, yes, I completely forgot.

Chris:                           You were hoping to erase it.

Paul:                            I was thinking that the last podcast was the Back to Basics, you know.

Chris:                           I think that’s like three podcast or four podcast — yeah.

Paul:                            Okay. And we did the Year in Review.

Chris:                           Oh, by the way Back to Basics was a hit. We got two or three comments directly on that so…

Paul:                            You know it really was. It really was a hit. And thanks for everyone that sent us messages on Facebook about “Hey, it was a great podcast.”

Chris:                           Yeah, a lot of them referred to the Back to Basics and so that was pretty awesome. Maybe we should do back to basics every —

Paul:                            We should do that maybe like —

Chris:                           Every week?

Paul:                            Yeah.


Paul:                            Maybe we should do it like every — like once a year or twice a year, and just kind of go back to basics out ‘cause we do tend to veer off.

Chris:                           And get on it. Speaking of veering off, news…


Paul:                            Look over there, now look at that.

Chris:                           Things that are looked up, Facebook is — it looks like it’s probably going to be going public in 2012.

Paul:                            I can solve that. We’re talking about full disclosure and I see when the people have to talk about financial disclosures this season because everyone starts selling some stock or somewhere.

Chris:                           Yeah, and I actually over the holiday — my brother-in-law is a big kind of a financial guy, and so we watch lots of financial stuff and it turns out — you can actually like buy Facebook on the off-market ‘cause there’s lots of people who own stock in Facebook. If you saw the movie, there’s at least three.

Paul:                            Yeah.


Paul:                            So you can buy from them like —

Chris:                           Yeah, ‘cause those — I mean, the only way to monetize if you — say you own 50% of Facebook right now, you may have a high net worth but how do you turn that into cold hard cash, so you can disappear for a year. We were talking about that yesterday. The only way to do it is to sell that stock and there’s like an off-market where you can do that. Apparently, they’re going legit.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                           I thought this was cool. P. Diddy rented an $850,000-a-week ‘Superyacht’ controlled by an iPad.

Paul:                            Wow!

Chris:                           That’s kind of cool.

Paul:                            That is he bought or rented?

Chris:                           He rented.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                           ‘Cause it says “a week.” I’m sure it was diamond-encrusted.

Paul:                            Yeah. He better have a million a week. Shit! [Laughs]

Chris:                           Yeah. This is cool. Apparently at CES they previewed the tablet-optimized Android OS Honeycomb. So it’s optimized for — it’s the same OS. It’s optimized for a tablet and I’m assuming it’s actually optimized both for the current phone devices and the tablet which is pretty amazing because we have access to —

Paul:                            The Galaxy.

Chris:                           — the Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy is — it’s banging.

Paul:                            I think it’s cool. I’d like it to be bigger though. I’d like it to be the size of an iPad.

Chris:                           Yeah, that’s the only problem. But the OS is doing a really good job already.

Paul:                            It’s awesome. It’s phenomenal.

Chris:                           So, if they have actually optimized it for it. Did you know Google bought Android?

Paul:                            No.

Chris:                           Like I always thought like they just created it like in-house, some dude — some smart dude with —

Paul:                            But you know it makes sense ‘cause I know that Microsoft buys like everything.

Chris:                           Everything, yeah.

Paul:                            Nothing comes from Microsoft. They buy everything and slap their logo on it.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Paul:                            So I guess that makes sense and they have the money to buy that and stuff like that.

Chris:                           One more thing, we’ve got to put it out there. We talk about regularly, if you’re lucky and you become a customer, we will punch you in the face.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           And we’re serious, we will punch you in the face.

Paul:                            Chuck, did you put that up?

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         I think so.

Chris:                           So we’ve got a video. Go to our Facebook page and we will show you —

Paul:                            What we did to some clients.

Chris:                           — what we do to clients, yeah. The smoking client was — I like the client that just dipped in water. That was —

Paul:                            Yeah, the little paper rings was cool too.

Chris:                           That was, ‘cause they were still shooting. Now, that their face was on the other side of the screen [Laughs].

Paul:                            Yeah, go to our Facebook. Please check that out. It’s a pretty cool link.

Chris:                           It is pretty awesome. You guys can follow us,, We have a place to put reviews on our Facebook page and we love it when you go on to iTunes, create an account and then put a review about us. If you want to find us on iTunes, you actually go into the iTunes marketplace, type SEO, hit all SEO podcasts and we’re like number 5 there. We are the most popular SEO podcast even though we’re not first in the list. I don’t know why we —

Paul:                            ‘Cause we still probably record a podcast weekly.

Chris:                           The ones that are ahead of us have poor on reviews or no longer submit podcasts, and we think that’s a fair criteria for being the most popular podcast on iTunes, even though we’re not the first. So go out there and do that. Is there anything else that — any other way they should — YouTube, and we still have — in fact, we’re going to backlog one of the comments today that we may or may not be reading is that somebody submitted a request for an analysis twice. So we have a little bit of a backlog right now if you don’t want to get at the end of a very long backlog, make sure you get your request in quickly.

Paul:                            Yes. And everyone that has submitted a request, you will get one. We just got to — we got to get to them.

Chris:                           Yeah, but in the holiday, you know — it was Christmas and it was awesome. And your holiday was good?

Paul:                            It was good. It was really good.

Chris:                           I think yours was banging, cool. No $850,000-a-week yacht?

Paul:                            Not this week but I still have a long — there’s a lot of year —

Chris:                           There’s a lot of weeks that you can stand on, yeah [Laughs].

Paul:                            Yeah, there’s a lot of year left for me to go ahead and get that [Laughs].

Chris:                           Start with the lotto. What do you got? Do you pop in?

Paul:                            I got kind of a listener question we can start with before we get into the main topic. I received a call yesterday from Andy Bauman at baumanphotography, B-A-U-M-A-N.

Chris:                           Man, he is persistent. That’s good because he sent — I saw he sent a request.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           He sent a question and then —

Paul:                            And then I’ve spoken to him yesterday.

Chris:                           By the way, you can call us. You can. Just like Andy Bauman did. Thank you Andy and you can call us at 713-592-6724.

Paul:                            You got it. And his website is bauman-photography, B-A-U-M-A-N, hyphen He called in yesterday and says “Hey! I listened to the podcast. Thanks for all the info. I requested about Google Places and a little bit about” The Universal — I don’t remember. It’s a universal list — whatever. I think it was — not URL.

Chris:                           That was — yeah, UL — yeah. It’s in our link. It’s on our Facebook page.

Paul:                            Yeah, it’s on our link. I can’t remember. The listing service so… And basically what it kind of boiled down to is I said “Yes.” He had asked about the listing service. “Hey, do you guys” — you know, “how do you do this? Do you check — do you fill this out and then go back and check all of them and make sure their all accurate? Do you do your own search engine once or do you let them — the listing services do all of them?” And basically it boiled down to — I said, “We do our own listings for the three major, major search engines which all of you should do.” Do those yourself and if you do decide to sign-up for our listing service that will list you on 150, 300 whatever directories which is I feel like a great idea. It’s a great price, like 30 bucks a month. I gave two examples of them.

Chris:                           30 bucks a year.

Paul:                            I mean — yeah, 30 bucks a year. I have two examples of them. You want to do your own listings for the major search engines and then sign-up for the listing service and then you want to — you don’t want to double check 250 different directories. Go to the ones that you know people search for. Go to Yelp, go to Citysearch, go to AOL, go to the Yahoo directory and check that and make sure that those are accurate.

Chris:                           I would say Angie’s List but I don’t think that they cover Angie’s List.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           So I’m not saying Angie’s List.

Paul:                            Yeah, exactly.


Paul:                            Yeah! So you definitely want to do that. And he also asked about Google Places and you know, “What would you recommend if you are looking to market” — and he is in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma looking to market in Tulsa.” I gave him a couple of tips there and if you are in a small city — he would like to think, you know, we have a lot of listings for E-webstyle. And I noticed that he had a couple of different listings and I said, “You know if you want to market to Tulsa, Oklahoma, you know, here’s what you could do…” We’ve told clients this before, you could get a P.O. Box in that city and list your address there and you could just pick up random address, you could rent it, you could stealing someone else’s addresses if you did that or you could —

Chris:                           And one of the challenges with that is potentially sometimes Google won’t allow you to do a phone confirmation that it’s you and if they do, then they send a postcard and if you’re just using a bogus address.

Paul:                            And it goes to that address so…

Chris:                           And you know in a bogus address — because it’s your places listing so people — you know we actually — it’s kind of funny even before we felt like we were getting end results from Google Places, we’re actually getting people searching for how to get to us, so I’m a networking group, people were probably Googling “E-webstyle” and then figuring out how to map to us and so you don’t want a mapping to — and so there’s some drawbacks of that but there’s some value.

Paul:                            Yeah, and there definitely is some value. And he has two listings, one in his hometown and one in Tulsa. I gave him a couple of tips. We kind of went over like go into little tips for optimizing your Google Places listing. We did a whole podcast on that. You definitely want to take advantage of this. I can’t kick this dead horse enough. The local pack or the map pack, whatever, the seven —

Chris:                           The seven packs.

Paul:                            Yeah, the seven packs.

Chris:                           A through G.

Paul:                            A through G is where you want to be. That is what I believe is going to become the — if not, the most important part of the search results page. It’s the first thing everybody sees, you want to make sure your listing is optimized, have videos, photos, keywords in it and we did a whole podcast on it, so go back. So, Andy thanks a lot for the questions. I had a great talk with you. Any other questions feel free to give us a call. And what’s your question?

Chris:                           No, I just had this — it was Dean Calhoun, he put a link on our Facebook page about “Help save South by Southwest from Marketer Douchebaggery.” And he made a great point. Maybe they listened to our podcast ‘cause you know one of our mantras is don’t be — we are the friendly local top position snatchers and one of our mantras is “Don’t be a douche.” And so apparently a lot of marketers are douches and —

Paul:                            They have a douche bag on.

Chris:                           Yeah, they get the douche bag on. Apparently they have been accused of douchebaggery and so there’s a talk — I don’t even know what this is, you know South by Southwest, but they’re talking about how marketers are taking over and it’s becoming douchy and hey we should —

Paul:                            And to me it makes a lot of sense because it has more — the web is creating more and more opportunities to market. You know banner ads wasn’t even something I thought about five years ago. And now there are banner ads and there’s always — and now Google is now marketing to you with their marketing in the seven-pack. They have sponsored listings. So the search engines and then ad companies are finding new ways to market to you. So I think that as these new ways to market increase there’s got to be more and more —

Chris:                           And they’re kind of technical and so you can kind of see how maybe marketers who really don’t have that much tech savvy or kind of migrating to these of South by Southwest. I think that’s what the major complaint it is, is that there’s a lot of marketers who don’t — you know, for instance we have a marketing partner who — and told me recently was telling her customers that SEO was voodoo and you really didn’t want to mess with it, and she was just saying that because she didn’t really know how to handle her clients when they were saying “Hey, I think I might be interested in SEO.”

Now, that she has partnered with us, of course, she was like “Oh, SEO is wonderful. It gets you on the first page of Google and it brings clients and then we know how to optimize it so that those clients would come. They can actually convert into leads and customers” and so her whole selling has changed but before her really partnering with us, you wouldn’t really want her out of South by Southwest conference on — yeah, Search Engine Optimization.

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