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Auto Glass Houston

Charles: Yes. Don’t – don’t have, you know – well, and it’s kind of strange because on your homepage, when you cover on a variety of topics, kind of throwing people to the site then maybe you do want to have two or three different key phrase.

Chris: I was thinking like stuffing like Auto Glass Houston – Houston Auto Glass.

Charles: Okay.

Chris: You know, Auto Glass replacement.

Charles: Replacement. Repair. Houston stuff for, you know?

Chris: Yeah. You want to be careful about – about your keyword density. And you’re right, you know. We’ve – we’ve got all those terms, we’ve got, you know, SEO Houston, PPC Houston in our title tag on our homepage, so.

Charles: Yes, I mean, on individual page is direct for that particular phrase.

Number nine, meta tag notes, the meta keywords tag is no longer use Google for ranking although other search engines may still use it. Make – more important are the meta title and meta description tags. Keep your 70 characters list, keep your meta description 160 characters list and – or anything more will be cut off with search engines.

Chris: And we always say that meta description is the thing that shows up as the description in…

Charles: The search and result page.

Chris: Search and result page. So, that’s your first opportunity for SEVO. That’s the first opportunity, you can start closing clients. We’ve actually put different phone numbers in the – in the – and track the phone number in the description and know that we get phone calls without people going to the website.

I mean maybe they call first and go to the website or whatever but they are actually calling the number that’s only in the surf. It doesn’t exist anywhere else. So, you know, it is the first opportunity for search engine visitor optimization.

Charles: Definitely. Number 10, link building and what not to do. Many people go in the wrong direction when it comes to link building. For example, via links or participating in the link form is doing from the get-go. You should also avoid low qualities spammy directories. I conquer, you know, definitely good, and there’s one of those things where it’s – it’s not hard but it’s definitely time-consuming and tedious.

And so, if you’re going to do it, do it the right way, you know, guess blogs and really submitting to directories that aren’t spammy, that are relevant to your industry. Blog posting, and don’t go post a spammy comments., “Oh I like your post but check out my site link.”

Chris: Right.

Charles: You know, because frankly, if this is my blog I won’t approve your comment. But most people won’t either but it stays – stays relevant to the post and then link to your site. And if they will let you link to your site in your comment text with the right anchor text kind of the internal link, some sites will allow you to post HTML in the comments…

Chris: Right.

Charles: …some don’t. if they do, take that, well, there’s a huge factor that can get your keyword in there and usually they’ll going to approve.

Number 11, link building what should, what you shouldn’t do. Okay, well, submit a high-quality directories [00:23:11] [Inaudible]. These can pay off his dividends. I agree and I also add Yahoo! Search Directory today. Three hundred bucks, I mean, it’s worth getting a half pee on it to your site. Oh, give that word again.

Chris: Canonicalization.

Charles: Yeah, don’t forget.

Chris: Canonicalization.

Charles: Yeah. We’re going to maximize your search engine results while improving your ability to track your site’s traffic then I’m sure your pages aren’t being account to more than one. Yeah, you don’t have, you know, and

Chris: Yup.

Charles: Make one of them, the default and for [00:23:50] [Inaudible].


Chris: And if that’s all about link tunes, you know, so don’t want to spread, you know, if people are linking to www and non-www and other people are linking to the non-www, you’re spreading your link tunes canonicalize them and have it at all one.

We actually do 301 redirects which is more solid. The canonicalization is more something that we want to do if you got some structures that’s related to blogs that really makes sense and you want to keep that structure and still kind of tell Google where the original content is.

Charles: Definitely. Last but not the least, number 13, stick with HTML. The benefits of JavaScript and other program languages are lost because code isn’t searchable by the search engines. To help your calls of ranking highly, stick to easily access HTML for your website. Avoid over complicating your site with access form frames of any kind or code that isn’t searchable.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: I would agree, some JavaScript is good, you know.



Charles: if I were to say, what he didn’t say and I’ll say is stay away from flash, you know? Feeds and flash navigation or you know, different flash headers, they rotate, you know, all these new sites rotating banners is the new thing now, and so new JavaScript for those.

Chris: Yup.

Charles: So that way the tags that’s on those is usually pretty keyword wit and should be scannable, indexable and with flash is not what JavaScripted is. And so, I would definitely, you know, stay away from flash and use a new script when we can.

Chris: I like the note.

Charles: The note. And it’s state in number 12, I love WordPress, go WP. Why? Well, many engineers that Google said this, “WordPress does 80 to 90% of what Google love without changing a scene. If you have it already, look for ways to use WordPress in your business.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: I love it. Yeah, all the sites were good and we’re [00:25:53] [Inaudible] on WordPress.

Chris: And I’m finishing a triple site for – for one of our clients and it’s a mess. I mean, it’s a mess. It’s – it’s a client that we’re – we’re taking care of. They actually build websites, they subcontracted to us and so it’s her responsibility to take it to the client. And we’re just going back and forth and like, you’re going have to explain a lot to your client and if your clients never going to get it and that’s okay.

Frankly, when we do WordPress sites for our clients, we understand that nine times out of 10 they are not going to do what they envisioned they were going to do from the beginning, they’re not going to get in there and tweet content, upload photos, all that stuff. That’s just how it is. They’ll end up coming back to us.

Charles: [00:26:36] [Inaudible] we shouldn’t be doing it.

Chris: We shouldn’t be doing it.

Charles: But they can and with WordPress if they choose to, is this…

Chris: Significantly easier like just crazy easier. So to Axons – so that’s a good article so check that out.

Charles: Yeah, on Google, post this on – on our Facebook page.

Chris: Excellent. Remember to follow us on our Facebook page. Remember – so that I don’t have to, you know, put another tear tattoo, you need to go to iTunes, you need to create an account and you need to submit review, please.

And you can also submit a review on our – on our Google Places page. All you got to do is – actually the best way is go to, and there towards the bottom, right above Charles’ bio and my bio is a list of links that are related to e-webstyle. One of them is our Google Places page.

Charles: That’s a brilliant idea. I am going – we’ll talk about that.

Chris: Yes. Remember brilliant – alright.

Charles: Oh, got some blanks there.

Chris: All right.

Charles: Yeah, there’s blank there with a smart.

Chris: Oh, with the smart?

Charles: Yeah. These blanks there is that the CEO of REM, right?

Chris: Right.

Charles: Blackberry.

Chris: Blackberry REM? Right.

Charles: So he made a comment…

Chris: Research in motion.

Charles: Yeah. He – he gets on – he gets on ESPN2 we interviewed about something and his comment was I don’t think we need change. And so…

Chris: At first I thought you were going to say his phone rings and it wasn’t iPhone.

Charles: I think he probably carried an iPhone. All right. And I don’t think we need change so that went and that was – on my mind, I was like, “Yeah, no need to change, thank God.”

Chris: Have you paid attention to your market share?

Charles: And so, then he came and he had wanted all as well. What had happened was moments – he came back and cleared it up and was saying, “I don’t think we need structural changes like in regards to, you know, employees,” and these and that.

Chris: The organization.

Charles: Yeah, he was saying that we need – there are a lot of other changes, you know, in regards to the products we’re putting or how we release them. And so, they have some pretty good things. They got a new OS for the PlayBook…

Chris: Right.

Charles: …which is supposed to be nice. And instead of releasing three or four phones at one time like they usually do in a stock room…

Chris: Right.

Charles: …like Samsung does.

Chris: Yup.

Charles: And so – so hopefully it will work. I used to be a CrackBerry user, so we’ll see.

Chris: Yeah. They made a good product. It was – it was the best business phone ever really and, well, until now. At that time it was the best. Their – their push technology was pretty – pretty genius and the way they integrated it.

Not easy to submit reviews using the iPhone. Yeah, that does that.

Charles: It looks the iPhone or with iTunes review.

Chris: Yeah. We – actually I was on the phone with one of our listeners in Australia and – and he – he can only – he submitted a review a long time ago and it’s not showing up so I think iTunes actually does keep Australian reviews separate from U.S. reviews because he says only sees 17 and we have like 75 reviews.

And so I asked him to send us a screenshot and he goes, “Well, I’m – I’m viewing it on my iPhone. I have no idea how to send you a screenshot. So, another iPhone issue.

Alright, flash it’s cheesy.


Charles: Who was that from anyway?

Chris: That was from Jen Beckman, punch on the face. Alright. Well, that’s it, we’re done. You have been listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes that is because of people like Jen Beckman, Aaron Thomas who are actually listening live real-time. Thank you, guys.

Remember, you can follow us – actually you can watch the video of this by going to We broadcast where our start times a little rough, sorry guys, some time between 9:15 and 10:15.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: Follow us on Twitter because I tweet literally about five minutes before we go on air. So then you don’t have to be sitting at your computer, we don’t want that unless you are tweeting about us.

Charles: Yeah, hashtag SEO Podcast 135.

Chris: Thank you guys for tuning in. Until next time. I’m Chris Burres.

Charles: Charles Lewis.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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