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Backlinks Article Spinning and SEO

Charles Lewis:             And so, you know, and what really sucks is [Audio Glitch] their fault and issue [Audio Glitch] and things like that which was expected. This is the highest, you know, IPO. They should have anticipated those problems.

Chris Burres:               That are more — yeah. We got an e-mail and this is from Ibrahim Kudru [0:04:15] [Phonetic] if I’m saying that correctly. “I’m probably [Audio Glitch] iTunes reviews to you guys where we are in Australia. I also took a stab at the iPhone because both of you were talking about taking screenshots.” He left us a review on iTunes and — in November 24th 2011. Did read on air. I’m going to hold this up for anybody looking at the video. You will see your review on there and red check marks that is because I reviewed. That is actually the check mark is the actual blood as I remove to the tear.

Charles Lewis:             Is that from the tattoo?

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah. Also control of your blood?

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] And his – he left a little link love, his card [Audio Glitch] one detail. I think we even did a —



Chris Burres:               On that one, yeah. [Audio Glitch]  to your podcast and a have a little [Audio Glitch] many people approve. We have addressed that but no one has [Audio Glitch] but the audio level has always been low.” So we work on getting that a little bit higher. Did I have anything else? I don’t —

Charles Lewis:             No, I had — I want a punch in the face to Greg Scott. That’s @gregsandiego. [Audio Glitch] review for a little bit and [Audio Glitch] about [Audio Glitch] shout out and give you the name recognition. So [Audio Glitch] at the heart, appreciate your support. Yeah.

Chris Burres:               All right. So that’s for the Gino time limit. I feel — I feel like dripping in. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             So I want to address this question from Scott Moses. He e-mailed — this is actually few out more or less about an hour ago and he says, “Hi [Audio Glitch]. I have a question about backlinks and article spinning. He was reading a Pat Flynn’s blog his Backlink Strategy. Long story short, I spent a whole [Audio Glitch] free domains point to your main page. Oh this is if there is no article spinning and the goal being – the goal being to build your own quality backlinks. So long process, it’s kind of long but here’s the post. And he put a [Audio Glitch] of post it or not because of [Audio Glitch] and then you go on and as you know, the strategy and my trouble in the future. I hate it this time blah, blah, blah. [Audio Glitch] bandit lose. Is it worth it? Short answer is no. Long answer is hell no. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               I’ll be [Audio Glitch]. It probably could help.

Charles Lewis:             We would have short term

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             It would [Audio Glitch] nonsense because Google is still making changes.


Charles Lewis:             … algorithm changes that’s still happening right at this particular [Audio Glitch]. They released Panda. The second version Panda strictly targeted these sorts of sites where you post in the same articles and it’s been this content has spin and pointing link in to the same site. That second Panda Update 3 something was targeted directly at that. Search engine link called it Farmer. That was the Farmer update. Then they came back with the Penguin Update to catch [Audio Glitch] this for those sites that has articles are posted on with even gather enough [Audio Glitch] the in regards to a link and then it would come back to bite you. And so — but you know —

Chris Burres:               I think the same effort [Audio Glitch] that you can do that’s blogging at.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Find places where you can actually create value and bring the links back to your — back to you. Start a podcast. Start, you know, start your blogging on your own. Oh well, and that the [Audio Glitch] on your internal website within your website is done well.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Focus on a little bit more of the basics and don’t kind of get hang up on tricks and especially tricks. I know your concern. Hey, I could spend all of this time and it may take me twenty hours, it may take forty hours and if has great– if it actually bumps me to the top. That’s worth it. And if I turn around tomorrow and Google makes a change and takes me off, then that twenty or forty hours was a waste.

Charles Lewis:             It’s just like [Audio Glitch] like a fire [Audio Glitch] had acquire. And so [Audio Glitch] agency, they were doing the — I think they were marketing for like [Audio Glitch] They got [Audio Glitch] to my punch in the face to my boy Mike King. He works there. The big SEO –

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             … contributed lots in to community. The dude is on it.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             He really knows the stuff. And so he just recently became the head of in an inbound marketing there, hopefully, to kind of get them out his whole there. Google just banned him because they were [Audio Glitch] buying paid links for their clients. And so not [Audio Glitch] can do [Audio Glitch] and they did see it.

Chris Burres:               Wow.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, that’s a huge. A lot requires, it’s a big company. Situational, yeah it may affect content. [Audio Glitch] goes in to is called 7 Achievable Steps for Great SEO after the Penguin Update. And another review [Audio Glitch] more Facebook but it covers, might get in to it, it covers link and things like that. You can [Audio Glitch] Penguin up to kind [Audio Glitch] and or maintain your ranking.

Chris Burres:               By the way, as a note, we saw nothing. We saw changes and —

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, we didn’t experience —

Chris Burres:               … placement for our sites and the sites that we’re in charge of at all. So that’s [Audio Glitch] then you can see the results. Remember bottom line, if you’re creating a good experience for the Google user, you’ll get Google will like you and or love you.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah because I know — I mean Analytic really [Audio Glitch] I haven’t know from [Audio Glitch] any, any — any drop off, any customer complaints. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             You know, or any far —

Chris Burres:               Our ranking so far is so good.

Charles Lewis:             … and all the reports in this down or any of this. So, yeah.

Chris Burres:               Do it right. Boom. There’s our tip.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Do it right and [Audio Glitch] [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             So the first one in 7 Achievable Steps for Great SEO After the Penguin Update. This is by Chris Warren, SEOmoz. First one he says Understand your link profile.


I think that is a great step. [Audio Glitch] essential knowledge and then, you know, some ways to do this is [Audio Glitch] great making to using, how long they been link in to you. And so definitely [Audio Glitch] how many links do you have and what type of links you have. If you have of low quality links coming to you, then you — you can’t — you can’t necessarily get rid of them because they’re to you but you can shift your energy on maybe it if links come to. So the way you won’t suffer so bad from having a low quality link of coming to you.

Number two, Learn what makes a good link. [Laughter] I thought this is a great [Audio Glitch] brands and sites people like that. They exist on pages that lots of other sites linked to. All right. So [Audio Glitch]

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             They – these links provide a value [Audio Glitch] and they’re usually aren’t replicated many times linking on. And so I think that’s a pretty good one. Definitely, know what types of links to go after.

Chris Burres:               In a very understandable sense, a website that you respect is a website that you [Audio Glitch] who’s in the website that linked to your site [Audio Glitch]

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

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