Bad SEO versus Good SEO

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Bad SEO versus Good SEO

Charles: Bad SEO hurts the site and the business. Duh! It really duh, it does hurt the business. What you’re going to do is re-writing for the wrong thing. Let’s see. We’re going for the PPC system. PPC gets result fast starting within the month. I think it goes—especially to what I’ve said earlier—if it’s done right now because you can’t get the wrong type of results fast. [0:19:54] Chris: As an example, while doing the SEO for windshield repair we’re also doing pay per click on windshield repair at the same kind of thing. They got the wrong result really fast. Charles: Luckily, now here is one of the benefits to PPC, luckily we’re pay per click we’ve managed right the nest is just an egg room for that’s just a set of phrases that I can go pause and or delete immediately and you stop the bleeding. Chris: Right. Charles: If you go to SEO, their page has been indexed, has been ranked as in Google search index so I can’t just go, turn it off. Chris: I was just thinking about that, we could actually turn it off but there’s so much effort to get to first five. [0:20:36] [cross talk] It’s not something you can turn it off today and back on tomorrow, it’s something that normally you turn it off which we would be changing content or removing the page literally from the web. And that would severely impact [0:20:52] [cross talk] and the rest of what you were saying with the four page or page can’t be found in the Google index and that does not a good look at all. That will affect all the rest of your optimization, the rest of your pages and everything else. Charles: Let’s see, PPC is good to retarget and ad tile in many ways. I concur. Specially with the retargeting. That is a huge thing that is highly effective in regards to pay search marketing. The ability to read market to certain individual’s ritual to grandeur like people who maybe visited our site and look at the SEO page. We document, we remarketed them on different sizes that is not ours as SEO specific ads. And so it’s really cool, great feature ad, glad who did it but you have to know how to do it. If you set it up wrong then you’ll be displaying ads everywhere and you are plumbing your budget pretty quickly. So definitely take advantage of it or hire somebody who can to take care it for you which goes into next one. PPC is the fastest way to move money when badly done. Chris: Yes it is. Charles: I think it would mark, if it climb. Chris: Yeah. Charles: Turn it off, turn it off. We get that call, turn it off. I got to go. [Laughter] And I see clients – and one of the things that we do, we try to be very transparent in regards to our efforts. A lot of our competitors in another companies wants you to pay them and they handle it and you don’t really know what’s going on in Google, how much it’s spending, how much the key words cost it, what’s really happening. We allow clients to have login and access to the Edwards campaign. Look in it, see what’s going on, and see what’s happening and its effects. See when the last time I logged in was and sees the changes I made but there comes with responsibilities. This particular client since the billing was on his card, he had the option to make changes and he did. He did but what he didn’t do was to make the change right. It turn on what Google called as display network and draft up his budget thinking because it was extremely high outside, he’ll get out a bunch of leads and he went for spending from 400 bucks a day to just spending 5,000 bucks a day. 5K. And so in three days – oh and he did it on a weekend and so by Monday, when we get back to the office – turn it off. Oh my God, turn it off. I just paid $2,000. What’s going on? And now luckily he get a few four [0:23:37] [inaudible] out of it. It’s what’s you kind of break even. Chris: He had a positive ROI on that, yeah. Charles: But yeah, you can move money if you handle it the right way. Let’s see here. Site only often believe do PPC but tend to do a bad link unless they have professional training. Yes, so we get them a lot, a lot – most of our new clients. They come in, they had a communication with Edwards, they know it works because the day they made some money but they know it’s not performing optimum. Chris: Right. Charles: And so they come in and we’re going, revamp it, fix it, change it and get it back off to part. Chris: It’s being managed as it’s not being properly managed. Charles; Exactly. So I mea
n, I was saying in closing you know, if you could do SEO and PPC at the same time, you do it even if you have to start with the smaller budget. Its one thing to get ranking it’s nothing if it doesn’t click. Chris: Right. Charles: Click and trying the traffic presence in the business, ranking is trying the traffic as well if you’re ranking for the right phrases. So I would say, especially if you’re a service provider, let’s say like Plumber or you know, if somebody likes that who can provide a service that doesn’t have a long sales process, right. You know quote, you see a price you get a quote and he will contact to, PPC works great because it’s the quickest way to get the response. [0:25:06] If you are [0:25:06] [inaudible] longest process, let’s say you are consulting for HR companies or human capital, right or you are an attorney, you’re something like that then you previously may not be the best way to go because you’re [0:25:22] [inaudible] maybe extremely high and it won’t turn into a direct sales going for some time. Chris: Right. Charles: So meetings, conferences and some other stuff and it’s probably not the best way to spend money. Do SEO but if you can’t do both, so that is SEO versus PPC. ‘ Chris: Any blank stare? Charles: No blank stare. No blank stare. Chris: I’ll do my little bit of blank stare. Charles: Okay. Chris: Just a little bit. Charles: Yeah, a blank stare is a guy – see it works like this. Guy done it a while ago, guy’s name is Dan [0:25:54] [inaudible], right? Chris: A huge SEO guy who knows his stuff, yummy, big guy, right. Charles: So you’ve heard about the negative SEO. Negative SEO is the practice of doing stuff harmful to your competitors to reduce their ranking so your ranking would increase. And they get a negative SEO, right. Chris: Right. Charles: So Dan is commonly known to that and he made a comment, a twit niche [0:26:16] [inaudible] set down a twig to make cause about the average test. They made a change, they kind of penalize a lot of blog works in this and that that they feel were open forums for people to make negative SEO, right. He said the twig met through the back something along the line and so you cut it blah blah blah, we’re doing the best we can to reduce the number of spam and this and that. Two days later, Dan lose all his ranking [laugher] and reason was according to Met, his site had spam on it. The links are bad, all reduces so he was the victim of what he commonly known. Chris: Oh wow! Blank stare! Charles: Yeah, then good job, bring it out first off, he took some boldness to even save it and unfortunately you pay conflicts to that. But good luck with it. [Laughter] Chris: All right. You’ve been listening to the most popular and internet podcast on iTunes… Charles: You write that. Chris: Please help us out. Go to – you know what, you can stalks us and the way you stalks us is by going Charles: e-webstyle/. Chris: Charles: e-webstyle Chris: Charles: e-webstyle Chris: Podcast@ Charles: Chris: We really appreciate you guys listening. Go ahead and submit a review somewhere, good or bad, we’re an open book here. That’s our policy. Until the next podcast, My name is Chris Burres. Charles: Charles Lewis. Chris: Bye bye for now.

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