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Seventy-Sixth Internet Marketing Podcast September 17th 2010. First page of Show Notes

Best Team of SEO Experts

Chris: Hi! And welcome to the Internet Marketing Unknown Secrets of SEO, we do websites podcast.

Paul: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another fun field edition of the internet marketing podcast, where we actually do build websites.

Chris: Apparently, we’re also the violent SEO top position snatchers.

Paul: That’s right.

Chris: ‘Cause we punch in the face.

Paul: Knocking customers out one at a time.

Chris: [Laughs] Right hook then a left uppercut. Watch out.

Paul: That’s right, Scott-bottle, so you got a Facebook profile picture, that’s what’s up.

Chris: Hey, well done for getting that picture up there. Also, for other listeners who haven’t been participating in the conversation at our Facebook page, go check it out, you’ll find out why we’re known as the violent SEO guys. I’m not even sure that we should be promoting that.

Paul: Like that’s our niche.


Chris: That’s our niche.

Paul: They say find a niche, there you go.

Chris: That’s our value added proposition. We punch in the face.

Paul: Oh, man.

Chris: Whatever SEO group is going to punch you in the face.

Paul: And make you like it. There you go.

Chris: And then make you pays us. Hey, from our last podcast — this is podcast number 76. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Actually, when we moved up in a position — this may sound funny ’cause you’d think we’re in the first position. Our criteria is SEO podcast that have continued to submit podcasts, not submitted the last podcast in like 2007, and have great reviews. That’s why we’re the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. For whatever reason, when you search “SEO” in iTunes we don’t come up first. I don’t know exactly why. Apparently, the people at iTunes don’t listen to our podcasts. Don’t understand the amount of entertainment and the SEO value that actually comes out of this podcast so…

Paul: And they’re just trippin’ really.

Chris: So really what we need is more reviews ’cause there’s still no reviews. This is like 3 weeks in a row, no reviews. Somebody go out there create an iTunes account, submit a review, and let us know about it. This is podcast number 76. The last one for you guys doing the math was —

Paul: 70 — God, you don’t put me on the spot.

Chris: Apparently, he wasn’t doing the math [Laughs]. And the tip from the last podcast was, have a plan for your PPC.

Paul: Yes, have a plan. Hopefully, have a plan for all your marketing, not just your PPC.

Chris: For all your marketing. And I think the — really like when you boil it all down, the best plan is to hire us.

Paul: Is to hire a professional, yeah, or hire us even. There you go.

Chris: Us specifically. By the way, you can reach us — you can send us an e-mail, You can find us on Twitter,, find us on Facebook, The easiest way to get to our USTREAM page where we broadcast this podcast live on Fridays around 9:15-ish, just pay attention to your tweet ’cause we tweet right before we go live, that’s And you can also find YouTube videos at, and it would automatically forward you to the USTREAM and the YouTube page. Excellent! What did we talk about last time? Pay-Per-Click. Obviously, we talked about Pay-Per-Click and really what we ultimately talked about is, why you should hire an expert in Pay-Per-Click.

Paul: Yes. And I think the time — I think the time before that, right where we ended up, I remember saying. “Yes, you can. This is not rocket science. We’re not reinventing the wheel. You can do this on your own. But seriously do you really, really want to?” I mean we have a team — I did say this in the last podcast, we have a team here and we are — we do this for a living, but we still have a team. We don’t do it all, I don’t do all of it, Chris doesn’t do all of it. We still have a team that we can rely on, “Hey, you do this, you’re doing the research, you’re watching the bid price, you’re doing this, you’re doing that, you’re doing the SEO, you’re doing blah, blah, blah.” So you need to have a team and we should be a part of that team, or a professional company should be a part of that team.

Chris: You should be focused on your business, and what you know about your business, and the best aspects of your business, and your clients. We should be focused on getting your new clients.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: So, a little bit about news. Did you have anything in the news? I have some — I’m sure you want to give a shout out to Jam11.

Paul: Oh, man. Okay.

Chris: Yeah, see that? See, I knew it. He was like…

Paul: There you go man, right, so… [Laughs] Let me have a seat. That, like I have a big — I’m big into music. I like music. I also run, exercise. I like to have my music on when I exercise. Chris found this at — it’s an android and I love android phones, and it allows me to stream my iTunes from my PC directly to my phone. It is off the chain, I love — I used it this week.

Chris: So wait, wait. So you don’t need to like upload the songs to your phone?

Paul: I couldn’t because I don’t have enough — there’s an issue —

Chris: RAM.

Paul: Yeah, I don’t have — it’s an issue with HTC phones. They only have like 4gigs of space. So I can’t —

Chris: Booo!

Paul: Yeah, I know. I can’t put my iTunes on there. But I got just the ton of stuff on my iTunes. So it’s called Liberate your iTunes by It’s off the chain.

Chris: That’s pretty cool. I thought you’d want to get the machine.

Paul: Oh man, that’s about — or probably my second favorite.

Chris: Hey, I’ve got to thank Google Instinct. I am now a Tech N9ne. If you guys listened to the last podcast — do you understand I was researching tech news and Tech N9ne came up. Tech N9ne is a rap group. There are also — like I’ve got a CD in my car, it’s just wow! It was like heavy metal riffs and some hardcore rap, you can tell. You can just look at me and know I’m a rap aficionado, I know [Laughs].

Paul: So that’s tough to Google. And like we said a little bit on the last podcast, it’s going to start wasting a lot of people’s time, and so introducing people to new things…

Chris: It introduces the randomness, that’s the beauty — really, one of the beauties of the internet. Additionally, in thanking Google, I have to damn Google. I am officially damning Google for Google Places, and Google AdWords, and their lack of support.

Paul: There we go.

Chris: Somebody — Matt Cutts give me a call. We just — we need to talk.

Paul: Hey, holler at your boys, man.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Come on like — so do we — we just scratched everything and started over?

Chris: We’re working on that.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: It’s ugly. I mean it’s just great.

Paul: This is the part on the screen where they say “…to be continued.”

Chris: Yeah, to be continued, ad nauseam, infinity. Yeah, anyway, crazy. Samsung is coming out — bless you…

Paul: Thank you.

Chris: — with the Galaxy Tab. So that’s going to be like a competitor to the iPad. Of course everyone always say “iPod Killer,” you know, android is the — “the evil iPod killer.” Well, it actually is, “Could I have one?” But everyone is like always comparing the iPod which is actually iPad or iPod. It’s actually a testament to the quality of that product. I just see it as another product on the market that this is an option, and you don’t have to get an iPad, you can get a Galaxy Tab.

Paul: But you know what? I’ll give a lot of credit to Google because Google — excuse me, Apple, because they are creating markets that or did not exist.

Chris: Yup.

Paul: iPad.

Chris: iPhone.

Paul: iPhone. What’s the — iPod?

Chris: Yup.

Paul: So I mean I give them a lot of credit, you know, ’cause they didn’t exist.

Chris: Those are new industries, awesome. That’s insane creativity.

Paul: Yeah. And now everybody jumps on the bandwagon.

Chris: So we were running a little low on content and so I came across this tech news and so we got to fill the podcast with something, anything, right?

Paul: Yeah [Laughs].

Chris: And so apparently the anti-piracy code for DVD’s and high definition videos was cracked and released to the public, so I thought I would just read it out for you guys.

Paul: Yeah, that’s what up, man. ‘Cause I tried to pirate something the other day and I couldn’t.

Chris: So go get you’re pencils everyone ’cause you’re going to want to write this down. Let me start here, 6692D179032205, that’s the first section. Hold on. B4116A96425A7F…

Paul: Is that really the code?

Chris: It actually it is, part of it [Laughs]. ECC2EF51AF. I think it’s a 1, you can figure it out, 740. So that’s line one of 376.

Paul: All right.

Chris: Since you’ll probably get another pen and another piece of paper, here’s the next line…

Paul: That’s what’s up. And probably you’re just like super gigs, we’ll break that into like 11110011000.

Chris: That’s how they speak. What are you talking about? That was — they interpret that. No, I will not read the rest of those. I just thought that was kind of funny.

Paul: That’s cool. That’s cool. So now we can get your pirate on. Man, it took you long enough.

Chris: Get your pirate on [Laughs]. Who would have ever thought that would be a sentence never uttered by anyone ever.

Paul: Let’s get our pirate on, Arrr.

Chris: That was like —

Paul: There she blows.

Chris: Oh, my God. Man, I’ve been having so many problems with words and that’s like a Johnny Depp phrase.” Let’s get our pirate on.”

Paul: Let’s get our pirate on from his movie.

Chris: From his movies.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I can’t remember a God damn thing.

Paul: It would be hot if you did say that.

Chris: What were his movies?

Paul: Pirates of the Caribbean.

Chris: Pirates of the Caribbean, thank you. This has been a rough week. And Darren, I’m not drinking coffee this week. It’s actually a combination of Theraflu and some herbal teas that I drink when I’m not feeling well.

Paul: Well, how about that Theraflu? Woohoo!

Chris: All right. But I do still have my diet Pepsi so we’re in good shape. Really, at this point, we had a question from…

Paul: Not a question, more like a demand.

Chris: A demand.

Paul: From Dean Calhoun.

Chris: Well, apparently he’s unafraid that we might actually punch him in the face so he’s very commanding.

Paul: Like, okay, yeah. Dean come on man, I don’t have enough to do. Well, I actually I have to go do something.

Chris: More work.

Paul: Gosh! So Dean Calhoun of says…

Chris: Yehey, Dean!

Paul: That’s what’s up, Dean. Hey, how about you talk about mobile browsing. I was on college campuses with daughters of, you know, killer smart brainiac and start to notice some kids having mobile browsing, and he was — he had some time, so he actually sent his — signed up for mobile browsing. So I said “Hey, how about you all talk about that?” So we grudgingly — oh, man. I actually did the —

Chris: The stuff we do for our fans which is like…

Paul: I’m saying though, like I don’t understand.

Chris: And I don’t even know if they’re fans, they’re more like demanding —

Paul: Likes, yeah.

Chris: Like…

Paul: Demanding a —

Chris: Demanding people.

Paul: It’s my — it’s like a girlfriend now. Like I got to do so like…

Chris: You got to do more stuff.

Paul: Yeah, really like oh, I got to please my girlfriends on Facebook. I can go to a whole different direction.

Chris: Yeah, it did in my head. It was really funny [Laughs].

Paul: Oh, okay. No don’t move, watch it.


Chris: Oh, we had a company dinner last night. That was pretty awesome. We did get stood up and we had some technical challenges.

Paul: How did we get stood up by our own employees?

Chris: We got stood up by like 8 people last night. Like I haven’t been stood up that much in my entire life, one night, boom! 8.

Paul: Yeah, I have.

Chris: Oh?


Paul: Yeah, I can’t say that.

Chris: You probably deserve it young man.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Paul: Oh, yeah. I did.

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