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Twenty-Six SEO Podcast August 28th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO Podcast.


Paul: Hi thanks for joining our SEO podcast.


Chris: That’s an SEO podcast by E-webstyle. I am the owner of E-webstyle.


Paul: And your name is?


Chris: And my name is Chris Burres.


Paul: Just call me owner. That’s how I got to meetings. Just call me owner. Owner, like in a contract, you know, a legal contract. From here on known as owner, and you will be client. And since there are 3 of you, client A, B and C. Excellent, we… you may have noticed, or probably not, if you’re listening to the podcast, we went in and we changed the title of the podcast. That was an incredibly interesting story because I had attempted to change the title, the podcast, oooh….


Chris: You did change it, you did change it.


Paul: That’s right, I did change the title of the podcast at least a month and a half ago. And it wasn’t updating on, on iTunes and so I’m Googling and why isn’t it updating. This is ridiculous. I can’t understand it. Maybe my thought process was that maybe iTunes captures the title and the image and then that stays constant, but they do allow you to upload the episode. So, but I was like, okay. So, if that’s true there has to be some way to change it and even if I have to delete my podcast, I want to rename my podcast. Now you may be thinking, Unknown Secrets of SEO, that’s just such an amazing name. Why would you want to change it, owner?


Chris: Owner guy.


Paul: And the reason why is, and we talked about this, you know, in a previous podcast. So go back and check that out. That, I was sitting down with a friend of mine who has Apple TV and he’s a sales manager for a large run gas company here in Houston and he said he wouldn’t search for SEO, which we kind of know…


Chris: Okay


Paul: because that’s what we use here in the industry. He would search for something like internet marketing or maybe search marketing or something along those lines. So, I added the word internet marketing in front of Unknown Secrets to SEO, which is in fact an SEO trick.


Chris: SEO


Paul: Yeah


Chris: I do like that.


Paul: So… so you can go and check that out now in iTunes. We show up on page 2. I was doing a little research, you know, like, if you do podcasts in iTunes and then search internet marketing, you actually come up, like the first… of the first 9 that I looked at, like 6 of them haven’t been updated since ’08.


Chris: Wow, man.


Paul: And, I’m like, well, you would think that should be part of the search criteria that, you know, iTunes uses okay. There should be some significant value to any podcast that, you know, has a new episode from the last month.


Chris: It should. I feel that there should be some optimization of, of there, maybe iTunes, in the internal site of their database of podcasts.


Paul: YeahThey should, they should optimize. I always feel that any site with a search feature should have like some sort of internal optimization.


Chris: And, and specifically because of the nature of a podcast it should be, you know, related to the fact that a new podcast has been added and that, you know. I don’t know.


Paul: I don’t understand why that is not happening and it doesn’t matter. We’re on the second page and I think we’re going to be moving up just because…


Chris: We’re awesome, that’s why.


Paul: Yeah, yeah, the owner agrees. Alright, so that’s our topic for today. A little bit about what we talked about last time. We talked about caffeine. I think that was, actually it was the last podcast. Really an interesting discussion on, on things that are happening in the news. We had, we talked about being hoooo…


Chris: Yeah, being Yahooed or deal or ordeal or whatever you want to call it.


Paul: ordeal, yeah. Ordeal for the people involved. And then the, the kind of the history and how Microsoft is getting screwed. So, go back and listen to that podcast because you know you’re intrigued now. How did Microsoft get skinned or how does the owner think that Microsoft got screwed? We talked about Caffeine which is a new release for Google. Caffeine apparently mostly covers indexing. You want to know some more details about that. Go back and listen to our previous podcast. This is podcast 26…


Chris: Can you believe it?


Paul: 26 Wow. We passed the quarter century.


Chris: It’s our silver anniversary.


Paul: Golden, I don’t know.


Chris: You didn’t buy me anything yet.


Paul: I’m sorry.


Chris: And last podcast was a naked podcast.


Paul: I was not. I’m not getting naked this podcast either.


Chris: Either. You were going to make that clear


Paul: And this podcast, you know, there’s no nudity in this podcast.


Chris: Oh man.


Paul: And the reason there’s no nudity in this podcast is because a naked man commandeered a high school school bus…


Chris: What?


Paul: Yes


Chris: Why would he do that? Where was this


Paul: Now get this, I don’t know, I don’t know. I was looking at the news and I don’t know enough details. I just don’t, it’s bizarre. So, imagine this, like, the kids get in the bus. You’d think he’d like come at the last minute and come in the door.


Chris: Yeah


Paul: He goes in a window.


Chris: How do you


Paul: So, then I’m thinking, he must have gone in clothes on…


Chris: On


Paul: …and then taken his clothes of. No. There’s no mention of that in the article. He went through a bu, can you imagine going through a bus window naked?


Chris: Like that, it just doesn’t seem easy.


Paul: Yeah


Chris: It seems like that will take some time.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: So why’s everybody still on the bus. Like, I’ll be gone if the dude’s trying to break in the bus.


Paul: Well, no the bus is driving right, and I don’t know maybe he’s…


Chris: What?


Paul: maybe he was all greased up, and he just popped right in.


Chris: You’re joking


Paul: maybe he’s all *** in Yes. This is bizarre.


Chris: Is it Spiderman?


Paul: Naked Spiderman.


Chris: I mean, I would. How do you that? Like, first of all, why would he do that?


Paul: Exactly.


Chris: I’m going to jump through that window right there.


Paul: Naked, naked. What are you doing on the street naked? And then you decide you need to get in. That’s cool. Anyway, so so, the school bus driver is apparently terrified and leaves this, the driving station and maybe the naked man driving for a little bit and then he stops driving. So now, the bus is moving, there’s no-one driving…


Chris: Oh my God.


Paul: …so one of the high school kids grabs the wheel or something and then a confrontation occurs with naked Spiderman and boom, they…


Chris: They hit something.


Paul: … hit something. And then a crowd of people detained the man while all the kids are using the emerg. Remember that, remember the drill we used to…


Chris: Emergency


Paul: Yeah


Chris: …emergency escapes. 8 or so. Yeah.


Paul: Now you know why you need it. It’s not a fire, it’s when naked Spiderman comes on to your bus.


Chris: Nothing ever happened that cool at my school. That’s an excuse, I’d be, like, Mama I can’t go to school…


Paul: Yeah


Chris: There’s a naked guy


Paul: I’m afraid of the naked man. Oh man.


Chris: That’s an interesting news story, I did not know that.


Paul: Yeah, so, yeah. So, this is not a naked podcast.


Chris: Yes


Paul: The last one was. This one will not be a naked podcast.


Chris: So what’s on the topic?


Paul: So, last time you had a, you had a task you were assigned to do and I know you probably took care of that immediately this morning.


Chris: I did, it took me 7 days to get that done. I did the search for flights on Bing. Bing is touting that…


Paul: Well, compared to Google.


Chris: …yeah, it’s a decision engine and I looked at Google and I think I just typed in… yeah I did. I typed in: flights to Houston, on both Bing, Yahoo and Google and what I liked about Bing. Here’s really where Bing stands out. Bing will actually give you ticket prices to Houston and then tell you, OK, you buy now, or you buy now because this ticket price is about to increase or wait, because ticket prices are decreasing. They should be lower in, within by next month. So, I like that a lot. So, they have, I feel like Bing has the corner in the market on flights so they can help you make decisions on flights and shopping. You can shop for certain products, but, and they will give you pricing but not all of them. Like, I did shop for mattresses and I got some local pricing which is really cool. I didn’t even put in Houston. I just put in: shop for mattress. And then…


Paul: That’s like Big Brother there. You know, right, like.


Chris: Oh yeah


Paul: Because my computer’s watching me. Your computer knows you’re in Houston. It is telling everyone.


Chris: The shop feature, I didn’t feel like works as well because when you did shop for iPod, nothing came up.


Paul: Nothing came up. To be honest I started with, shopping for iPod, and that didn’t…


Chris: Yeah


Paul: …work and you said, shop. I think you repeated it 3 times and then I got it on the 4th time. And it still didn’t work though. Shopping, shop.


Chris: It still didn’t come up, so I feel that they could. With shopping, there’s so many variables that you could type in to. You know, I feel that they could kind of tighten that a little.


Paul: Right. Shop for escort. Don’t ask me where that came from. News here in Houston recently, so…


Chris: Recent.


Paul: …so are you looking for Ford or are you just looking for some fun? Right.


Chris: We should, we should email Bing, and be like, why is there no shop feature for escorts. So…


Paul: Yeah


Chris: …so, you know. Why can’t I get comparison pricing? You know, come on.


Paul: We won’t comment on kicking the tires, will we? Oh, man. So, so what was your general conclusion from this in-depth research that you did?


Chris: Google is still king.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: Pretty much.I mean, Bing has some really cool features, but Google is still, and, and the Google, the Bing Yahoo, the Binghoo thing, it’s yeah…


Paul: Binghoooo


Chris: …it’s awesome, but Google is still owning the lion share of the search market.

Author: eweb-admin