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Eighty-Third Internet Marketing Podcast November 5th 2010. Third page of Show Notes

Blank Stare SEO News

Chuck: I got some — a hundred blank stare news. Paul: Okay. And a guy said — the guy used to do some contract work for Google and Yahoo. He says “Listen, reviews are becoming very important. You have to have your review — your Google Places page filled out.” He says “Google is going to start dropping third-party reviews when they can get their places page to have one” — Chris: To have tons of reviews. Paul: — and within a few months I stopped seeing Citysearch, maybe it’s still there, but I haven’t seen Citysearch reviews on people’s places pages. I still see Yelp which could change — Chris: I saw Angie’s list and the doctors. Paul: Angie’s list? Chris: Yeah. Paul: Okay. Well, so — Chuck: Well, I didn’t even hear this. Paul: When — yeah, really when someone — and I not tend to agree with this that once Google — Google’s gets their reviews and the places the way they want it. They’ll probably start dropping Yelp, and all — and they want everyone to go there. So start getting a — reviews on Google. We have a couple. Thanks to everybody that submitted one for us so get a Google Places page, get reviews on it and make sure it’s a hundred percent complete. You need videos, you need everything. Chuck: Logos and e-mail addresses, and your contact information. You need product descriptions. All of those fields should be filled up. Chris: Absolutely. My theory it is now that they’re putting those — the Google Local Places listings in the organic area and now because of Google Boost which is a Pay Per Click for Google Local Places, they may not — it may not adjust your organic listing but it could put you with a blue pen in the organic listing and when you click — when somebody clicks that Google could get paid, it’s a way to still have organic value in the search but get paid. And then they can get paid on both sides. That’s my theory. Paul: Yeah. That will make your money on the whole page. The top three sponsored listings are the ones on the right-hand side and now the natural listing they’re getting paid on. And let’s face it — I mean, yeah, they want to provide good search results but they didn’t make money. Chris: Well, you know, and I’m personally happy ‘cause, you know, the amount of money they’re making now is just — I don’t know how they’re staying in business. It’s so miniscule. [Laughter] Chris: They really need to capitalize on the rest of their real estate, their web search engine real estate. Paul: Yeah, so — Chuck: Let me put it — but that is all those people who we’ve, you know, tried to get on the first page of Google, you’re like automatically on page 2 now. Paul: Oh, right. Instantly, you know, the — Chuck: You’ve been both. Paul: In 30 minutes, they went from — Chuck: Page 2 and you’re on page 3. Chris: Now, here are some interesting point, and remember back when Yellow Pages were big and somebody called in — I don’t know a couple — maybe a month ago or something and was saying that they searched — Chuck: You found them from Yellow Pages? [Laughter] Chris: Well, actually, yeah. But he mentioned that this person tended to stay away from the big ads, because they didn’t want to pay the fees that the big ads were going to charge and so — Paul: ‘Cause I have to pay for that ad. Chris: Exactly. So maybe that’s going to do this, maybe we’re actually going to see some more SERP page to traffic, right? Just because — Chuck: Right. Chris: — some of those — I mean we’ve — for some of those people who have already been going to page 2 anyway because that’s just kind of the mentality, “Hey, anyone on the first page is, you know — Chuck: Paying. Chris: — paying the devil, so let me go to page 2 and I’ll get somebody who’s going to be a little less expensive.” Well, maybe this will increase — Chuck: Well, page 2 will probably be more — more on national results. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: Right. For our national — if you’re not local — Chris: Yeah, okay. Chuck: — then apparently you’ll be bumped. Chris: Yeah. Paul: I can probably guarantee that more people will go to the second page. Chuck: Yeah. Paul: ‘Cause I did. I mean I’d go now because I’m like “Okay, maps, maps, maps. Give me the natural listings.” I’m still kind of a natural organic listing searcher and don’t — not trust but I just — I’m just used to using the natural listings so I’m like “All right, skip this, let me get to the natural listings so I can look at those so.” Chris: And you know this is going to be a big boom for local offices. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: ‘Cause if you’re a national player and you don’t have an office in Houston and, you know, if Houston has a huge economy, and you want to take advantage of it, you’ve got to have a local office of some type. Chuck: Yeah. Paul: Like — this — I’ve heard that local search was really going to be big and I’m really seeing it now, local searches, everything — Chris: Yup. Paul: — completely everything, so get you — get your local office. Chris: Well, give us some feedback. Let us know if you’re seeing similar things, you know, hopefully our descriptions have been good enough and if they’re not, go get the video and check out the time that I hold the piece of paper in front of the camera. Paul: Yeah. [Laughs] That’s what’s up. Chris: If you’re seeing those kind of things, hit us up, let us know if you’re not seeing those things, hit us up and let us know, hit us up on Facebook, again ewebstyle — actually and let us know what city you’re in, and are you seeing the new kind of Google layout, Google local places integration with organic layout. Paul: And if you’re seeing Boost — [Laughter] Paul: Hey, Darren this — yeah, Darren this is for you because I saw a guy on a blog and in Europe somewhere that said, that he had seen this layout before. So Darren I want to know if you have seen this in Reading? No. He moved back to England or London? Chris: Yeah, he visited — I think he visited London. Paul: Okay. He went back to Reading, okay. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: We’re talking about Google, you go out on Facebook. Did you know that Google played a trick card on them recently? Chris: Oh, I didn’t know. Chuck: They act as — what’s the word reciprocity, when you have to give someone — Chris: Reciprocated. Chuck: Yeah, that. Chris: Right. Chuck: Okay. So, you know, how — with Facebook, when you sign-up you can import you Google context in order to — Chris: Right. Chuck: — see what friends you have. Well, Google pretty much played a card that said “Well, if you’re going to import ours, you should let us import yours.” Chris: Ohhh. Paul: By the way — [Laughter] Chuck: They thought they stopped it. So, no, you can’t import your — Paul: I’m sure Facebook was like “Yeah, right.” [Laughter] Chuck: I just thought that was — Paul: That’s very interesting. Chris: By the way Chuck, that mocha coffee just smells awesome. Chuck: Oh. Chris: And I’m assuming that’s from — Chuck: No, there’s no — no Starbucks today. Chris: Oh, no? Chuck: This is not the white chocolate — that is home Folgers French Vanilla with vanilla cream and baby squeezed caramel in it. Paul: Oh, that’s what’s up. Chris: That’s — wow! That’s what tasted funny. [Laughter] Paul: That sucks. Let me jump in front of you. Before we go, I want to say what’s up to all our Facebook friends real quick. We have a lot of friends on Facebook, some new ones I want to be able to shout-out to everybody that signs up for us. New promotion, sign-up and win an — sign-up and you’ll get a free iPad. Not. Chris: Not. [Laughter] Chris: Not yet. Chuck: I don’t want to __. Paul: I want to say what’s up to Jeremy Brasher at I had a great conversation with him about WordPress. He actually was the one who was like hey — I’ll say it about next week ‘cause he actually thought — brought up the idea for next week’s podcast. James Slattery our Facebook friend is writing a book on it and so we’re going to get to talk to him about it, and Howard Roston, my main man, Darren Booy. Chuck: Roston, that’s a great name. Paul: Yeah. Well, that — never mind. That’s a liquor store here. [Laughter] Paul: Dean Calhoun, Affygility Solutions. Cory Malcheskie, Terry Crosby, one of our YouTube friends, Move In Specials became a Facebook friend, Scott Bonner, my man you are going down, wait till the mission comes into place, Matt Dixon, my main man Matt Dixon. Chuck: Matt, I’m going to e-mail you, I promise today. Paul: Yes, we talked a while back, you know, I owed them info. I kind of — I was a douche to Matt for a while. Proactive Patrol, a new internet security software, they are also donating money to kids — I mean, a great program over there. Chuck: Yeah, check that out. Paul: And AJ Neil at We want to say what’s up to all of them, all of our Facebook friends, everyone has a right to review. Chuck: Aloha! Paul: Blank Stare News. Chuck: Well, that was one of my Blank Stare News, the Google-Facebook deal. The other thing is, you know, the guy in the Man versus PC commercial, the guy who represents PC. Paul: Yeah. Chris: Yeah, the dark-haired guy. Chuck: Yeah, with the glasses. Paul: Okay. Chuck: The guy — he’s actually a programmer for Microsoft and he quit. Chris: Oh, really? And he quit. [Laughter] Chris: Quit like he’s got — I’m surprised he didn’t fired. Chuck: He quit. Paul: [Laughs] Chris: Well, after he quit. Chuck: I’m just saying though. Chris: No, he is the — he is the PC guy and he works for Mac — Chuck: No, no. He works for Microsoft. Chris: — I mean, and he works for Microsoft and he quit. Chuck: He quit. Yeah. [Laughs] Chris: I’m surprised they didn’t fire him like “Why are you going — Paul: A competitor — Chris:
No, no, no, no. Chuck: No. Chris: He used Microsoft, he works at Microsoft — Chuck: He can go to a competitor. Paul: Yeah, but those are Apple ads right? Chris: No, no, Microsoft’s response to the Apple — Paul: Oh, I didn’t know that they had those. Chris: Yeah. Paul: Oh, okay. [Laughs] And he goes to Apple next. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: Oh, man, that would be awesome. Chris: I switched. [Laughter] Chris: And that’s all it’s got to be, I switched. [Laughter] Paul: That’s pretty funny. Chris: That is — that’s awesome. I had something and it’s totally gone away from my mind. So I think we’re — Chuck: You need slow moments. Chris: Yeah. Paul: Slow. [Laughter] Chris: I think we’re — I think we’re done. We’re a little bit over, no charge for any extended podcast. We really appreciate you guys listening. This has been podcast number 83, the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, Internet Marketing Unknown Secrets of SEO. Paul: Tip of the day. Chris: Tip of the day, I did that. Paul: Oh. Chris: And then we got to write it down. Yeah, I know I’ll write it down and do it next time. Paul: Oh, okay. Chris: Yeah. Paul: That’s what’s up. Chris: You should read the memo. [Laughter] Paul: Oh, I have a memo box? Chris: Not yet. [Laughter] Chris: Thank you guys for listening, you guys are making us the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We really appreciate you. Interact with us more on Facebook. Hit us on Facebook and Twitter. We’re all getting a lot better. Great job Paul and Charles has always been good at Facebook and Twitter. Paul: Yeah, any social media. Chris: And I’m getting — I’m trying to get better, not just when we post the podcast but when, you know, other things. Thank you guys for listening, this is the end of podcast number 83. My name is — Paul: Oh, hang on, hang on. Chris: Yeah. Paul: If you are going to PubCon, James I know you’re going, if anybody is going to PubCon, call us, e-mail us, let us know what — you know let us know how it went ‘cause PubCon is coming up in Las Vegas in like a week, a week and a half. So send us pictures which would be awesome from like the club. It had nothing to do with PubCon. I’ll take them. So let us know how that goes. And for those of you who will be at South by Southwest, we’ll see you all there. Chris: Yeah. This is the end of podcast number 83. My name is Chris Burres. Paul: I’m Paul Hanson. Chuck: Charles Lewis. Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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