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Eighty-First Internet Marketing Podcast October 22nd 2010. First page of Show Notes

Use your blog for SEO and Technology Storage

Chris:                           Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul:                            What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to podcast number 80…

Chris:                           1.

Paul:                            1.

Chris:                           81.

Paul:                            And on a fun-filled Friday.

Chris:                           This is ‑ we also do websites.

Paul:                            We also do websites.

Chris:                           Yeah. Like Paul said, this is podcast number 81. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Unfortunately, we’re not broadcasting the video of this live right now and we’ll blame it entirely on USTREAM ’cause we have no other evidence to blame ourselves.

Paul:                            Yes. That works for me anytime.

Chris:                           I’m not saying that we actually really searched a lot for evidence to blame ourselves. We just said it’s not working. Boo on USTREAM. The tip…

Paul:                            [Laughter] That looks like what we talked about last week.

Chris:                           The tip from last podcast was find the keyword tool that works best for you. So if this sounds kind of like a weird tip, that means you need to go back and listen to our last podcast. That’s podcast number 80.

Paul:                            It was a good podcast. There were some things that have changed a little bit or half-changed over the last few months with the Google keyword selector tool. I read an article. It was confirmed so I went looking for other keyword tools out there as well.

Chris:                           Oh, once again, we have to give a boo to Google.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Paul:                            Come on dude, seriously.

Chris:                           They took our links and now our keyword tool.

Paul:                            Yeah. And if you are like me, you probably noticed that if you used that sucker like daily or at least every other day I’m sure you probably noticed over the last like six months the tool has gone through a lot of different changes, some good, some bad.

Chris:                           Which were the good ones?

Paul:                            I’ll get back to them. [Laughter]

Chris:                           [Laughter] I’m not trying to call you out or anything.

Paul:                            I like the design.

Chris:                           It’s a great layout. [Laughter]

Paul:                            Nice personality.

Chris:                           That’s like when we get clients that yeah, really the best I can say is you have a lovely design. Your search engine placement is horrible. Your page SEO is horrible.

Paul:                            I like those pretty colors you got.

Chris:                           Your SEVO, search engine visitor optimization is horrible. We understand why you’re visiting us and it is quite lovely.

Paul:                            Yeah. But your wife is really nice. [Laughter]

Chris:                           [Laughter] That’s right. Okay. We have to be careful when we like really go after our website when it’s horrible because you know. His wife, man, made it.

Paul:                            Let’s say that some of us are more careful than others.

Chris:                           [Laughter] Yeah.

Paul:                            So we’ll just be dogging people out on the phone.

Chris:                           It’s really funny ’cause you know when somebody says, “I’m not trying to give you a hard time on your website, but… and let me proceed to give you a hard time on your website.”

Paul:                            If you cry after I say this, I’m not sorry.

Chris:                           I know who made it and I’m not sorry.

You guys want to stalk us, follow us, tweet us, burp us and I don’t know where that came from. [Laughter] We need a website, or some I don’t know ‑, You can watch our videos and we are actually recording the video of this so we will post it up ‑ I think we can add it back up to USTREAM and we’ll definitely be cutting it and putting it up on YouTube. Our YouTube account is, and when you want to watch this, when USTREAM is actually working and we are broadcasting live at 9:15 Central Standard Time on Friday mornings, then you can go to e-webstyle/USTREAM. That’s the letter U. We will eventually get that incorporated into our web page.

I am excited. Not only do we have a review. We have an ingenious user, listener ‑ listener, not user, who has figured out another way to give us reviews.

Paul:                            Other than iTunes?

Chris:                           Other than iTunes and other than our Facebook ’cause we’ve gotten a couple of good reviews on Facebook. He went to PodOdomatic and on podcast number 75, he made a comment. So you guys can check this out. We’re actually going to go ahead and post it on Facebook. I think I’m about three reviews behind. If you go to like the discussions area of our Facebook page, I try and post all of our reviews over there, good and bad. In fact, I put the bad one before even some of these good ones.

Paul:                            That’s cool.

Chris:                           So, you know, we’re just straight up honest. This guy’s from Australia but he is not from the western coast.

Paul:                            Western Australia? That’s a western state?

Chris:                           [Laughter] So you actually believe that this is on dry land. He is actually from Melbourne. He says, “Hey, guys. I love listening to your podcasts. I listen from Melbourne, Australia.” We already covered that in case you weren’t paying attention. “I wait to download your podcasts and listen to them several times. I have used some of your tips and can’t thank you enough. Kind regards. Lee Cummings, Clarity Coach.” So I’m sure if you Google…

Paul:                            That’s what’s up, Lee. Yeah.

Chris:                           Lee Cummings Clarity Coach.

Paul:                            Hit us up with the URLs so we can give you a little link love.

Chris:                           We would love to give you a little link love and he says he has only used some of our tips so I imagine he is probably on page 2.

Paul:                            Oh, yeah. You’re dripping. You’re going to get caught up, boss.

Chris:                           Let us know. Get us a report. Yeah. If you guys go out there, that would be great. Go write a review on PodOmatic. Go friend us on PodOmatic or follow us on PodOmatic.

Paul:                            Or on YouTube.

Chris:                           Or on YouTube or you can follow us on Facebook. Actually, we got two new Facebook followers so that’s pretty exciting. I keep getting emails on Twitter. I don’t really know what happens ’cause sometimes I get like new followers and emails saying that there’s new followers and then I go and it seems like the same number although I’m not paying 100% attention. So follow us on Twitter. Don’t just go check out on Twitter account. Actually follow us. What else do we got? That was good. You know, I think I might be done.

Paul:                            [Laughter]

Chris:                           Oh, I got news! I got news! I’m sorry, Gino.

Paul:                            All right, thanks for tuning in, guys.

Chris:                           Gino, I’m sorry. I actually do have news. There’s actually a service called Raplent I think it is and they have actually been ‑ they collect information on you. They probably know who you are. They certainly know how much you’re jogging right now so they could probably tell you how fit you are. They can probably sell information to insurance to say, “Hey, this is a good guy to go after because he is probably not going to die in the next six months.”

Paul:                            [Laughter] Thanks. I appreciate that. And Google is probably going to buy them since they have so much information.

Chris:                           Did I ever tell you about the best cold call I ever handled?

Paul:                            No.

Chris:                           I got this call and it was a lady who was like, “I’m calling about life insurance” and I was like, “I don’t need life insurance.” And she’s like, “Well, I know it’s not for you. We don’t want to think about this but this is for the people you could leave behind” and I went, “No. I just got back from my psychic. I’m not going to die for at least five years.” [Laughter]

Paul:                            That’s what’s up. Call me in four years and six months. That’s pretty clever.

Chris:                           She was like, “Ah, well, ah…”

Paul:                            “Have a nice day.”

Chris:                           What retort do you have to that?

Paul:                            I mean there’s absolutely none.

Chris:                           That’s like the people who are like, “I am on the first page of Google.” Really? ‘Cause I Googled you before I called you and you’re not. Oh, you mean when you type in your name and city and phone number? Oh, yeah, of course. You’re probably on the first page.

So apparently they’ve like combined Facebook IDs into what they do and so, you know, everyone who is paranoid about information and I’m not saying you shouldn’t be. I’m just not sure exactly what you can do except for disengage socially which really social engagement is kind of the last option for nerds. So if they disengage, good luck.

Paul:                            Good luck. Good luck.

Chris:                           They’re just ‑ we’re going to see a lot more weird stuff on universities from bell towers. [Laughter]

All right. The other thing I got here is Facebook ads maybe outing gays. Did you see that article?

Paul:                            No, sorry. It’s not on your computer.

Chris:                           It does sound a lot worse than it actually is. All they did is they created two ‑ six Facebook accounts, two guys interested in women, two women interested in guys, one guy interested in guys and one woman interested in women, and it turns out that there was a significant difference between the ads that were being shown and this is specifically against Facebook’s policy like sexual orientation is not supposed to be a deciding factor in what ads are showing. By the way, that’s kind of stupid in my opinion. I mean, if you’re going to say “I am gay” then there is actually different ads that you would probably be more interested in than say me.

Paul:                            I think so because of your lifestyle differences.

Chris:                           So I don’t even know why that’s ‑ I mean, you shouldn’t discriminate. It shouldn’t be although we know there’s a fine line between whether it’s discrimination or showing a different ad. I mean, are there gay people out there really upset that they’re getting gay nightclub ads instead of Depends ads?

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           I don’t know. Anyway, that could go a whole other direction.

Paul:                            All different directions.

Chris:                           So yeah, they’re not really outing them. These are professed gay people and they’re showing on different ads. I really don’t know what the deal was there.

Oh, my, WordPress. This is going to lead directly into what we’re going to talk about today. So last night, I was working on one of our clients, Hippard Law, and he’s got a blog. So he got the website in the blog and I was going into permalinks on WordPress, and for those of you who don’t know WordPress or content management systems, it’s a way to change the links so that the links isn’t really ugly like Instead of saying article 2, you really wanted to say like the title of the article because that’s powerful keywords that are in the URL.

So I went to turn it on and when I tried to use the blog to test it ’cause we tested it earlier, 404, which is a page not found error. And I was like what’s going on? So I tried all these generations and like all right, this is ridiculous. So I go to Google and I type in one thing and I didn’t really find a good answer. So I go to Google and I type another thing and I just really quickly clicked the second link. Guess whose website came up?

Paul:                            Ours?

Chris:                           Yes.

Paul:                            With a fix?

Chris:                           [Laughter] There you go.

Paul:                            This is how you fix this problem.

Chris:                           Yes.

Paul:                            Written by you.

Chris:                           Written by me.

Paul:                            And those guys are really smart. Oh, wait. That’s me.

Chris:                           Oh, wait. That’s our logo and that’s me. [Laughter]

Paul:                            So you showed you how to fix that problem. That’s what’s up, man. That’s like customer service at its best.

Chris:                           It worked. E-Webstyle has amazing technical people.

Paul:                            That’s awesome.

Chris:                           I think.

Paul:                            So awesome you forget how awesome we are.

Chris:                           Oh, man. I do not recall writing that, oh, and it fixed it immediately. I was like oh, good. Thank you.

Paul:                            That’s awesome. We may not remember it but we actually know what we’re talking about here.

Chris:                           Probably if we don’t remember it it’s in our blog somewhere.

Paul:                            Tell me about it.

Chris:                           Those things that I’ve searched for a long time, I know they are valuable not just to us at some point in the future but to other people. And guess what, I tend to use search terms that I would put in the title. Oh, that was great.

Paul:    That was pretty funny.

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