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Hello, and welcome to the E-Webstyle Newsletter! We here at the office hope that you all have had a great thanksgiving holiday, and are ready to make the most out of the period of time we have between now and whatever end of the year festivities you have planned out. For this week’s newsletter, we’re going to be going over a way to build up your site’s ranking that is often overlooked – Link Building. Without further ado, we urge you to sit back, relax and have a Punch in the Face, because it’s time for this week’s Newsletter.

For something that has as much impact as Linking does, it is often overlooked or done in a sloppy manner. Linking is exactly what its namesake is – the act of chaining together data to form a bond or a link in between two websites. What linking does, however, is more than just the creation of that bond. Linking heavily influences a large portion of any given search engine’s ranking algorithms and directly contributes to the ratings that are attributed to trust and spam and other such figures.

Moving on from Linking, we go into Link Building. Link Building is the act or process of generating quality and relevant links that point to your website and generate inbound traffic. Now, as with anything, there is a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this. The wrong way to do this is generally referred to as “Black Hat SEO” – a whole list of unethical processes designed to bump up a pages ranking in the search engine results page. One example of Black Hat SEO for a Link Building process would be spamming a link to your website over and over again throughout the internet. It’s important for you NOT to do this – what you might assume as frugal advertising could be considered unethical by a search engine algorithm and subsequently harm your website instead of helping it. It’s important to actually have a system to the links that you send out rather than posting them like it was going out of style. We at E-Webstyle cannot stress this point enough.

Now, concerning the actual Link Building Campaign, we have a few strategies for you to keep in mind. The first step is to take all of the freebies that you can get. This means linking back to your website on anything that you manage, or obtaining permission from a friend to link back to your website on anything that friend manages. These links are usually the easiest to set up and provide you with a good starting point. This includes, but isn’t limited to any social media account you/your friend owns, websites that you/your friend manages and blogs that you/your friend run. After you’ve successfully linked your website to all of the available “freebies” in the beginning, you’re going to want to do something about your outbound links as well. Your outbound links are typically related to your site in some way. For instance, if you run a blog about food, you could create an outbound link going to a trusted website that talks about food that you recently posted an article on. Outbound links are important in establishing a good “trust” rating for your website and will not only help the website you’re linking to, but your own website as well. Also, it’s important to create links to reviews about your website on your website itself. Doing so will improve your ranking substantially.

The next tip comes after you already have a starting point set up and are seeking to expand, but don’t exactly know what direction to expand in. You have to know how to identify the most viable link opportunities – opportunities that are worth your time, effort and resources because you know they’ll be big for your website. These are readily identifiable – The links that you’ll want to focus on are ones that are on big websites with high credibility ratings. You’re going to want the best high credibility links possible. A link from a trusted news source or a widely followed blog will do more for your website than 5 inferior links from spam heavy websites or small blogs whose only followers are 2 guys working at a donut stand in the mall.

Our next tip is focusing on a website that has manual approval. Manual approval is the process of some person sitting behind his computer and clicking on a link that you submit to a website for the sole purpose of making sure it has decent value. What this means is that the other party will have to physically click on your link and go to your website and evaluate it before letting it appear on their own website. Link building on manual approval websites will always add pack more juice into the campaign.

Our last tip is something we stress over and over again – content. Make sure you have good content for others to link back to. In fact, make sure you have regularly updated content period. Unless your website is a transcription of literary classic, no one is going to want to link to anything that has stale content. Keeping a regularly updated website with rich content is key not only to SEO, but to Link Building as well. Give the people something to link to.

Keeping all of the above in mind now is a good of time as ever to get started on link building. With the year winding down to a close, people are losing their drive to work and putting all of their thoughts on the winter holidays – which is fine and all, but keeping a website up to date is a year-round ordeal. On behalf of the E-Webstyle Crew, I bid you a good day, but most importantly, first page results.

Author: eweb-admin