How many businesses integrate Facebook?

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How many businesses integrate Facebook?

Chris Burres:               Use that booming voice. We also have Samantha Hanky [0:08:54] [Phonetic]. “Hello, I am doing catch up on your awesome podcast. Curious what happened to podcast 101 on YouTube?” I haven’t responded to her yet. I glanced at YouTube today; I couldn’t even find [Laughter] podcast 101 which maybe the question. So let me know what you’re experiencing maybe I can find it.

Charles Lewis:                         Can’t find it?

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         That’s her experience?

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         I don’t know. Yeah.

Chris Burres:               And we don’t have all of our podcasts on YouTube yet. Just — just so you know.

Charles Lewis:             Yes. Samantha, go to Ustream. All of them on Ustream if you’re checking this and out, they’re all there. They listed the title. It has the podcast number in it. And at least that way, you can check out 101 while we —

Chris Burres:               Figure out —

Charles Lewis:                         … figure out the YouTube issue.

Chris Burres:               What happened to 101? We posted this on our Facebook page nearly — and the quote is “Nearly a quarter of the web’s top 10,000 websites have Facebook integration – All Facebook., I think that’s where the stats came from and Dave Gibbins made a comment. He said “I think the headline figure sounds quite low! To be in the top 10,000 sites you’re going to need some massive form of branding, and building you brand.” And I’m surprise — yeah, he did read an article that found that 49% have some form of link to the network, that’s more the number I was thinking. I was even thinking even 49% would be low if you’re top 10,000 website.


Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               You at — I would imagine you at least have a link to your Facebook page or to someone’s Facebook page. Probably you’re up.

Charles Lewis:                         10,000 seems a little low.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. No, 50% out of the 10,000 top websites have Facebook. That seems low, right?

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, it’s even lower than I thought.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. [Laughter] Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         Doesn’t 5,000.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         So…

Chris Burres:               Yeah, we don’t believe it.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Reposted it. This is an article. Don’t go to messenger. Dave Gibbins, he seems like a tough guy.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah. So that — our tip from the last podcast talked about things you can do to improve your website. We call it SEVO here, Search Engine Visitor Optimization. The — the industry term for this is conversion optimization. I like SEVO better. And so the article today, I pull it from a guy named Stoney. This is a Search Engine Journal, 10 Easy-Peasy Conversion Optimization Tips That Make Visitors Happy. And so immediately the title caught me. So first of, punch in the face for the title. [Punching Sound] And you know —

Chris Burres:               Yeah, actually it does say easy-peasy.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, he said easy-peasy.

Chris Burres:               He was not ad libbing. Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             [Laughter] And so as I’ve been here reading the tips would made me want to discuss this article with you is because these are things that we usually judge doing a web now.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             You know, are the phone number is visible, things like that. And so the first one says Make Your Phone Number Visible. “I know, I know. You don’t want to handle customer calls all day, especially with issues that can be resolved by viewing the website. But if your number isn’t prominently displayed in your site, you’re potentially losing customers. Most people won’t call, but there’s confidence which is the point of getting to, there’s confidence that increases when they know that they can call.” And so one of the — one of the things we try to do here is make sure that the phone number not only is prominent but that — that phone number has the appropriate call to action that go with it.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             If it’s, you know, “Call now for a free consultation,” phone number or, you know, “Contact us today for information about blah blah blah,” phone number.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             Or call this phone number to get access to whatever it offer is, phone number. And so that way, people may not want to call but they know they can and therefore, they’re more prone to probably convert.

Chris Burres:               I agree with that. 100% I like to see the phone number and I’m the kind of I was like I want to save their money. I like to kind of do my own research anyway, so I’m going to see if that information is available or not. Usually, by the time I pick up the phone I actually leave my —

Charles Lewis:                         Ready to make a purchase.

Chris Burres:               … I need to two or three support [Laughter] or something because that’s, you know, that’s — the concept of hiding the phone number as we don’t want people to call if they could find answers on the website.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               And — and, you know, or get service — you know, find answers for their service. And yeah, by the time I call — yeah, I’m either ready to order and was frustrated that I wasn’t able to place an order or I need like to your twelve —

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               …support.

Charles Lewis:                         Twelve?

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah. There’s — I forgot the word. I’m going to say later when it comes to me. Number two —

Chris Burres:               Actually, it’s an apostle. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         They’re twelve.

Chris Burres:               That actually works, doesn’t it? [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             Answer Emails and Phone Calls. “I am surprised by how often prospective clients tell me that their company was the only one who followed up with them.” This is huge. I had a meeting — potential client yesterday. Actually, went there. Great dude, they’re security. Up on the North side of Houston. Actually, they provide unarmed and armed security guards, right? Top-Flight Security. And so — my Friday reference.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             That’s not actually them. So but anyway, what he said was, “Charles, one of the reasons you’re here because I contacted five different companies and you’re the only one who actually called me back and e-mailed and then showed up.”

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             So, yeah respond. [Laughter] I mean the easiest way to get the customer is to respond to the client. So —

Chris Burres:               The easiest way not to get the customer —

Charles Lewis:                         Don’t respond.

Chris Burres:               … don’t respond.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah. So respond to e-mails and phone calls. Number three says Fix Typos and Grammatical Errors. This is huge. I am a stickler for this because it immediately reduces the amount of confidence that I have in the said company whatever that company is.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             Especially for easy typos, like things that that frankly, WordPress would have underlined and read. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               And you must have skipped anyway.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah. You know, like come on.

Chris Burres:               So right now, we can imagine a very bad website with no phone number and lots of type errors, typos. Type errors, typos.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.


Chris Burres:               Where’s typo come from I wonder?

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, I have no clue. But apparently it’s a weird world.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         And a typo doesn’t get underline to read.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             Show Prices and Shipping Info. This is huge. I’m a huge online shopper which goes back to the phone number deal because if there isn’t any prices or if there’s no prices, I look to different site. But if there’s any — any readily available shipping information, then and I really want the product, I may make that phone call. If there’s no phone number, then — then, yeah — then I’ll just bounce. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             But yeah, show prices. Show shipping information and when — at least two places, ones on the — maybe three places. Ones for sure on the product page. Price needs to be there. Description needs to be there and shipping options should be, if not there, at least on a check out page.

Chris Burres:               Right.

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