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Call Tracking and Internet Marketing
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Call Tracking and Internet Marketing

Chris: Yeah, it does. I just didn’t realize that that myth was out there. And it

may be the circles we are in, right? ‘Cause we kind of all in SEO know that

blogging does work, it’s valuable, you know, there’s got to be good

content, it’s got to be keyword rich, it’s got to be, you know, posted

properly according to Dean Calhoun’s article that he posted on our

Facebook page.

So it’s, you know, maybe we’re too far in the industry to realize that

that’s actually a myth that’s out there.

Chuck: Another myth. You can’t mention —

Chris: What number is that?

Chuck: This is number seven. You can’t measure your return on investment with

social media. Yeah.

That’s definitely a myth because you can measure your ROI especially

with enhancements that analytics makes or, more importantly, a lot of

our clients who use, you know, their main call to action requires a phone

call — excuse me — call tracking.

It’s allowing us to put different numbers in different places and so we can

easily track which form of our marketing is getting more profitable.

Chris: Well, I think it would be, you know — it’s similar to an ad you might place

in a newspaper. How track-able is that, you know, it’s depending on how

did you find us, have you liked us in our Facebook page. So I think it can —

Facebook may be more related to brand as opposed to direct sales. It just

depends what you’re doing with your Facebook page.

Chuck: Yeah. You’ve got social —

Chris: ‘Cause you’ve got social control of your Facebook page.

Chuck: Yeah. Most social is really geared towards branding.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: You know, ‘cause when you try to sell to someone through Facebook or

Twitter, I don’t — I call it spam.

Chris: Yeah. You get a dislike.

Chuck: You get blocked. You know? And so it’s more branding-related and, like I

said, customer service related. But you can track the ROI though. You

know, analytics will tell us how long the people took to get to the

checkout page of your site.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: That the link came from Facebook and then it landed on your About Us

and then it went to your cart and then they checked out. I mean, we can

track that information.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Number eight. Social media is time consuming. That’s not a myth. That’s

the truth.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Number nine. I’m going to keep it moving.

Chris: Yeah. And that goes back to — what I was going to say is, you know, if you

are just going to build a page and you’re not going to do anything with it,

it is a total waste of your time. If you’re going to do something with it,

then go ahead and make a Facebook page and, you know, spend time on


Chuck: [28:45:00][Inaudible] social right here. So — well, one of the things you

Do —

Chris: Yeah, yeah. Go ahead.

Chuck: One of the things we do, I mean, if you’ve a business and you know you

need social media and not quite sure, one of the things we do is we went

on to create that Facebook fan page for you and Twitter profiles and, you

know, YouTube page if you need to. But we’ll do social for you. We’ll

post, we’ll comment, you know…

Chris: Relevant to your business.

Chuck: Relevant to your business.

Chris: Frequently.

Chuck: And communicate with your people and meaning, keep you in the loop

on what’s going on and give you recommendations on, okay, you may

need to call these people or you need to go and handle that, whatever

that may be, and so we can do social for you. All right. That was my blog.

Chris: Good.

Chuck: Number nine. Social media isn’t right for your type of business.

Chris: Well, I guess if you’re in an industry, we’ve talked about Facebook page is

probably not necessary, Twitter not necessary, we consider LinkedIn

social so LinkedIn is necessary.

I think, by the way, I think LinkedIn is necessary for any individual ‘cause networking is paramount to everything that you do and LinkedIn is a great way to network. So get involved, get your LinkedIn page set up.

Chuck: I want to say this though. Make sure you use your pages the right way.

You know, what I’ve been getting annoyed with is — ‘cause I try

this in the same circle, right?

So if I’m networked in LinkedIn, then chances are you’re my friend on my

Facebook page, I’ll follow you on Twitter, and you’re in one of my GPlus


Chris: Right.

Chuck: Cross posting. You hit me with the same information four times.

Chris: Oh, wow. I do that.

Chuck: Right. LinkedIn is more professional, more – so you know, come with me

that way, business opportunities, things of that nature. Facebook, this is

friendly, you want to hit me with some pictures…

Chris: Okay.

Chuck: Cool.

Chris: Or you have some comment on what you’re going to talk about soon.

Chuck: Twitter. You got a link I need to see, tweet it to me.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: ‘Cause you want to send awesome information that I probably need to

research or need some more than 140 characters, post it to me.

Chris: Yeah – yeah.

Chuck: You see what I mean? So use the platforms the way they are constructed

and not just for mass, spam and promo.

Chris: Across everything, yeah.

Chuck: Number 10. This is the last one.

Chris: That’s number 10.

Chuck: I’ve nothing. Create a profile page and forget it.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Don’t do that.

Chris: Don’t do that. That’s — that is what is described as an absolute waste of

time. We know it’s time consuming. You’ve got to make that

commitment, make that Facebook page and either, you know, hire a company like ours or frankly there are services that are crazy affordable.

Chuck: I know right? This is a good time to get in.

Chris: And we’ll do social for you and you actually get value out of the time and

money that you’ll invest in figuring out what you want to do with social


Chuck: On another note, I’ll tell you why I don’t like people to do that. You know,


Chris: Right.

Chuck: [31:55:00][inaudible] was taken.

Chris: Right. And he’s not using it?

Chuck: No, no. He was actually using his. I actually know him.

Chris: Oh, that’s —

Chuck: You beat me to it. You know, but C. Lewis, was taken. I

go to the profile page and it’s not in there. And so I was like, you know,

why did you sign up bro? I’ll use it. You know what I’m saying?

Chris: It would have already been set up.

Chuck: Well, yeah. This is set up now. So, you know, don’t create a profile and

don’t do nothing with it. I mean, ‘cause other people can do something

with it. And, more importantly, if you created, do something with it. Use

it and enhance your business with it.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: You got some news?

Chris: All right.

Chuck: All right. So you know…

Chris: Blank Stare News or…

Chuck: No. This is the same as…

Chris: Okay.

Chuck: The same as…

Chris: Oh, okay. Yeah, the announcement. Can I go to conferences? I’ll keep it.

I’ll keep your rhythm. That’s just scary.

Chuck: It’s not scary. It is weird.

Chris: With your lapel mic. All right.

Chuck: I’ll release them. Content management systems. That’s a new a rap, SEO rapper song. I’ll put it our Sunday, shout out to everybody at WordPress and MODx, WPCandy put it out there and so the view site up is like over 3,000 views already.

Chris: Oh, yeah. All right.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: That’s cool.

Chuck: It’s been set out to MODx, you know. And I love the content management systems that I mentioned in there. I wasn’t trying to hate on you all and talk down or anything like that. I just don’t

use it.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: I use WordPress and I use MODx and so those are the two I talk about the most. I highlighted some benefits, pros and cons of both, and… so check it out. or just go to and check it out there.

Chris: Cool. It’s a good video. It’s good music, great tunes. We had somebody

ask if they wanted to do a Drupal project and I sent the rap first and said

call me when you’re done. We’re listening to this in Drupal.

Chuck: Yeah. And like, you know, Drupal, I took a blow outside of them in the


Chris: I looked at their backend the other day, yesterday I think it was. And I

think that maybe it has improved a lot.

Chuck: Maybe. I mean, I got a friend, my boy, Al, he’s actually over at Drupal. He

uses it.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Like, first buy Drupal and I saw, more power to you. I just — yeah. When I

tried it, maybe it was because I was accustomed to MODx and WordPress and saw that the layout was different format and I was


Chris: Like Drupal, like where is everything? I just —

Chuck: Yeah, it was like —

Chris: Yeah, step a bit.

Chuck: Yeah. But they’re number one. Well, we’re not number one. But if you go

to — I gauge it by GoDaddy, right?

Chris: Yes.

Chuck: GoDaddy has this automatic application installs and Juno, WordPress,

Zimcar —

Chris: Number one, two, three.

Chuck: One, two, three.

Chris: Wow.

Chuck: But they’re most installed applications.

Chris: Well, remember, WordPress still has that kind of baggage of being a blog,

of just a blogging software and that it’s so much more than just blogging


Chuck: We’ve been using it for everybody.

Chris: Yeah. See it mesh with all of our clients, yeah. It’s so easy on the backend

to use.

Chuck: So we got blanks there.

Chris: Yeah. There are some blanks stare. I’ll put my glasses down. All right.

That’s good.

Chuck: Yeah, it’s sort of a back blank list. This was crucial. So blank stare, I got two forms of blank stare. First – my first blank stare there is that, Kitten, just kidding now, so I just want to do this. She contacted us yesterday. She had a few questions about a website.

Manufacturing wanted to do a web analysis on it today. So you know, talking to the client, getting the e-mail address, and she gave me an MSN e-mail address.

Chris: What?

Chuck: MSN.

Chris: She has an —

Chuck: She has an MSN —

Chris: an MSN? Wow.


Chris: Wow.

Chuck: I almost thought she was lying.

Chris: So you have MSN and not Hotmail?

Chuck: @MSN.

Chris: Wow.

Chuck: Yes. But I said, dude, kidding. Come on.

Chris: We’ll get you — we’ll get you there.

Chuck: Yeah. We’ll get you right.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Second blank stare is that this — London, of all places — London’s financial


Chris: Right.

Chuck: Apple does not have a Apple store in London financial district.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: So they’re planning to build this huge complex, like 10 storeys, 27,000

square feet down this year, huge Apple sign on top, and the financial

district is trying to prevent them from building it. Here’s the key part

because it’s going to block the sun.

Chris: Isn’t that like — remember the old Apple commercial where they are like

fight the man and throwing the hammer into the screen, right?

Chuck: Right.

Chris: Now Apple is going to block the sun. Wow. By the way, I didn’t know the

sun ever shone in London.

Chuck: That was the first comment somebody said.

Chris: Isn’t that where vampires hang out?

Chuck: They’re going to block the sun, so…

Chris: Wow.

Chuck: The same way you in London —

Chris: Wow. I hope – I aspire someday to build a building that is stopped by the

local community because it’s going to block the sun. Like, what about

Dubai towers and, you know, that’s crazy. That’s crazy.

Chuck: Yeah. That’s all I have.

Chris: Blank stare out there…

Chuck: And I’ll post that article on Facebook too.

Chris: You have been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. This

has been podcast number 119. Wow, we’re getting up there. It’s – we are

the most popular because of you. Thank you, guys, for listening. Thanks

for checking us out. Thank you for going on to iTunes and commenting.

Thank you for going to Facebook and liking us. Thank you for following us

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Chris: Yeah. That’s right. I think they got a million subdomains. Go there and

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They redid the whole rank scoring and we’ve kind of dropped and love to

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difference. We really appreciate you guys. Is that it?

Chuck: Yeah. That’s all I have.

Chris: Till next podcast. My name is Chris Burres.

Chuck: Charles Lewis.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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