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Ninetieth Internet Marketing Podcast December 17th 2010.  Second page of Show Notes

Call Tracking for your SEO Efforts

Chris:                           Yup, and for that matter on Foursquare and make sure it’s in Yelp. And since we’re mentioning Yelp, we can throw out Angie’s List and a couple of others.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           All right, podcast number 73. We got an SEO rapper worldwide exclusive. And you know there is one part of that and why don’t we get — we’re going to bring Charles out. There’s one part of that particular podcast that I just have to bring back, all right?

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                           ‘Cause this is really good. And we’ll get Charles over here. Here is the introduction of Charles.

Paul:                            Oh, yeah. I remember that.

Chris:                           He is the SEO rapper. He’s a social media master. You could say he’s the top position snatcher.

Paul:                            Snatcher.

Chris:                           It’s like he has a sixth sense. He is the King of Content. He’s got a flow that’s been sent y’all better repent! He’s here to give his two cents! It’s Chuck!

Paul:                            Chuck, Charles Lewis, MO Serious, SEO rapper.

Chris:                           All right. I had to bring that back.

[Laughter] [Applaud]

Paul:                            That was cool. During podcast —

Chris:                           73.

Paul:                            Chris just kind of threw that on us and I was like, “Is he rhyming or rapping?”

Chris:                           It looks pretty good.

Paul:                            Oh, oh! Oh, yeah!

Chuck:                         Well, you know that was funnier this time than it was the last time. This time, it was hilarious.


Chris:                           You actually gave us a worldwide exclusive on that one which was a Social Media Marketing.

Chuck:                         Social Media Marketing. Yeah.

Chris:                           So, that is available on our Facebook page. Yes, of course available on the SEO rapper.

Chuck:               , is Social Media Marketing, go search it, it’s there.

Chris:                           And he broke down Social Media, we talked about Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare —

Chuck:                         If you want to go there.

Chris:                           — when, why, how if you want to go there.

Paul:                            You have to go to the lyrics, like the lyrics, like Foursquare, if you want to go there.

Chris:                           That’s a direct lyric from the song.

Chuck:                         It’s called “The Bar.”

Chris:                           Okay.

Paul:                            Oh [Laughs].

Chuck:                         Just so you know, it’s called “The Bar.”

Chris:                           It’s a bar from a song. Wait a second. Rapper is in the song, right? Since it’s rap song?

Chuck:                         It’s a rap song.

Chris:                           There we go. It’s a bar from a rap song.

Chuck:                         Yeah, I rap. Darren, he told me my Christmas carol sucked.

Chris:                           Oh.


Chuck:                         Oh, he wanted — so yeah, so then I told myself “Well, I don’t sing, I rap.” And he said, “Well, I should do a rap and y’all could be my backup, biatches.”


Paul:                            Yeah. Come on Darren, why I got to be the backup bitch man? Come on man, I can’t — I mean, I can —

Chris:                           What do you want to be? The backup — what?

Paul:                            I’ll be a backup dancer. How about that?

Chris:                           Yeah, we’ll be in the back.

Chuck:                         We’re not going to do that.

Paul:                            Yeah. ‘Cause I can’t. Y’all don’t want me to do that. Yeah, seriously [Laughs].

Chris:                           I could. I’m comfortable with that.

Paul:                            That’s what’s up. 74! Website relevance, phone call tracking and Pay-Per-Click, if your website is not relevant you’re stupid. End of story. But I think everybody should understand that phone call tracking — we do phone call tracking here to help — basically to monitor what’s happening on our accounts and — you know, well, that’s what you get with us, you should do it too, it’s complicated, you know.

Chris:                           It’s a little complicated.

Paul:                            You probably want to have somebody to do it for you but we do it for our accounts. Basically, it’s a good way for you to track exactly what you’re doing with all these — you know, I still feel that the internet is the best way to track your — is the best advertizing partner.

Chris:                           You need an advertising partner, yup.

Paul:                            It’s the most trackable form.

Chuck:                         Easy form of advertising.

Paul:                            What am I trying to say here? Trackable.


Paul:                            There you go.

Chris:                           We got it.

Paul:                            I got it. I know what I’m trying to say but it won’t come out. So, internet is still the easiest — I’m not even going to try it again.

Chris:                           It’s the most trackable form of advertising.

Paul:                            Of advertising, period. Yes!

Chris:                           Bar none, not that bar, another bar none.

Paul:                            Yes. And phone call tracking is another way that we can add to the already trackableness of that.

Chuck:                         Trackableness?


Chris:                           In its infinite trackableness.

Paul:                            Yes. So, it’s a great way to just figure out — oh, man.

Chris:                           Next.

Paul:                            Next.


Chris:                           Number 75.

Chuck:                         What is Google Instant going to have on PPC and SEO?

Paul:                            What is Google Instant?

Chuck:                         Whoa!

Paul:                            ‘Cause I know there are people who don’t know what this is, if you just joined — people know what it is but they don’t know —

Chuck:                         What it is.

Paul:                            They have seen it, but they don’t know the name for it. So, what exactly is Google Instant Search?

Chuck:                         You typing in Google and your results automatically start coming up before you hit in — or click search.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           And if you go back and listen to that podcast, you’re — that’s how I found a rap group called Tech N9ne and now I listen to them all them all the time and so it’s kind of —

Paul:                            And you can turn it off. You can see next to the search box those little things that search — instant searches on, you can turn it off. Why?

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         Yeah. So, the question is “How does it affect PPC and SEO?” which you know, we actually raised that question before when they just announced that it is coming.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           Yup.

Chuck:                         Because the instant shows you results before you search. And so then you begin affecting your impressions, which ads is going to show, if it affects impressions and they don’t click then that affects your CTR, Click-Through Rate, and so they — what was it? Three-second rule?

Paul:                            Yeah, it was a —

Chuck:                         Three seconds, yeah.

Paul:                            And then it had — go search.

Chris:                           They stole that from food that falls on the ground.


Paul:                            Yeah, it will search if you’re like still for like a few seconds and — all right, it must mean search for the impression.

Chuck:                         You search for the impression.

Paul:                            Yeah. So, and when you —

Chris:                           And I find I use — I actually find I use Google Instant in all track or search because there’s some kind of adding one word at time, I’ll spot check the first three results ‘cause you know some of the technical searches that we do, you spend a lot of time trying to get the right phrase, so that you get your results. So, it actually has some benefit and I think it’s because —

Chuck:                         What is their benefit? And I think what they benefit is long tail.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chuck:                         ‘Cause instant tends to show you long tail results, and so you may search you know or whatever, but Google Instant will give you a different phrase you should probably optimizing for.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                           And for podcast 75 our tip was, have a plan for your PPC.

Paul:                            Yes. Hopefully everybody has a plan.

Chris:                           Again, that goes back to don’t throw money at the wall and see if it sticks. Actually, have an organized plan.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           Here’s the one that you mentioned. I’ll let you take this one. This is the one that you mentioned earlier.

Paul:                            Well, I’m going to pass this on to our production manager Darren Booy because that’s where I got it from actually. Designing webpages for the iPhone, okay, Darren I need a favor dawg. He said over this whole thing, there is a piece of code. If you’re designing a webpage for the iPhone and the iPad, there are specific dimensions of the phone and the pad to display the website, and there’s a piece of code that you could put on your site that all browsers and devices will overlook except for the iPhone and the iPad and it’s just for those devices. Darren, now — I hear everybody is like “Where is that code? I need that code.” Well, Darren I need you to post that code dawg because I demand — I got it somewhere but dude I don’t know.

Chuck:                         Yeah, he lost it.

Paul:                            Yeah, basically [Laughs].

Chuck:                         It’s clear to me.

Paul:                            I don’t know where that code is. But there’s a little piece of code, and I was like “Wow! That’s very cool.” Because you know with these new devices this may become — it may become more relevant and I think with these new devices, but I’m not exactly sure — but it’s very important for the iPhone.

Chris:                           And the tip was, “Design websites for computers and mobile devices.”

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           Because they’re becoming so prevalent now.

Paul:                            Aha! And we still have a listener question from few months back that I would really like to get into.

Chris:                           We do need to. You’re exactly right.

Paul:                            Dean Calhoun of Affygility Solutions was taking his daughter to college and he was like, “You know I see these kids on the — there are just phones everywhere, everyday these kids are on the phone.” You know, just talk a little bit more about Mobile Marketing, Mobile Search Marketing, Mobile Internet Marketing. So, I would definitely like to get into that in 2011 ‘cause it’s only going to grow and I think a great QR codes would probably be for the bar codes.

Chuck:                         QDL codes.

Paul:                            Yeah, they’re a great topic.

Chuck:                         And I think it will be at marketing.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chuck:                         That’s why Google — the android market and it’s opening up for people that include advertisements, same thing with the iPhone apps as well because all those free apps they have marketing on.

Chris:                           Yup.

Chuck:                         Oh, yeah. Mostly they have different companies promoting which has changed something — totally different from that app, right? [Laughs]

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         Like you’re a dick.

Paul:                            For real it’s all — it’s —

Chuck:                         That they would be — or live with more targeted but —

Chris:                           It may just be ‘cause an initial lack of targeted advertisers and as that increases the advertising.

Paul:                            Would be more and more target.

Chris:                           Will get a little more targeted as those people pop on board. Yeah, I think that’s a great podcast we need to do in 2011. Social Media Marketing, blogs and Facebook, this is podcast number 77. We discussed good and bad aspects of Social Media Marketing but — by the way, what are the bad ones? Probably not doing —

Paul:                            Not doing — yeah

Chris:                           Not having a Facebook page and really not —

Paul:                            And not doing.

Chris:                           — engaging in it.

Paul:                            Oh, and being a douche.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         Don’t be a douche in Social Media.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         Don’t add me as a friend just so you can DM and spam me every day.


Paul:                            And I guess he is probably cleaning up right now, like he remembers — like, “Yeah, don’t do that such and such.”


Chuck:                         No, but I’m thinking of a few. And if I follow you and there’s some scrap to your blog, there’s no need to DM and send me direct messages.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           And we too — literally in that podcast we talked about, why you should have a blog, and how to be social on the web, you know with Twitter and Facebook. So, go back and listen to that. Our tip was, “Social Media has become a must.”

Paul:                            Yes. It is a must. Here’s another reason why you don’t what to be a douche with Social Medial, and I’m going to steal this line form Chuck. “Social Media is faster than the news.” I think it was — because it was Twitter was faster than the news.

Chris:                           Yup.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Paul:                            If you’re a D-bag, right?

Chuck:                         D-bag.

Paul:                            It will travel very quickly.

Chris:                           Not to be confused with the teabag.


Paul:                            Yeah. So, if you want to be a douche on Social Media, it’s going to travel fast. You know, everybody started the phrase when a bad news — good news travels fast, bad news travels faster. So, don’t be a douche, a dork, whatever.

Chuck:                         Yeah. Dorky douche.

Chris:                           Number 78, who’s going to grab that one?

Paul:                            I’ll take it. Social Media, SEO, Google Alerts, Internet Marketing, Google Alerts, this is — I remember this one specifically, Google Alerts is an application that they use where you can put in a specific word, and it will tell you whenever people talk about that word, we have an Alerts account for e-webstyle, Chuck has an Alerts account.

Chris:                           In fact, Chuck was the one who taught us — told us about it.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           And that’s how we got connected again.

Paul:                            That’s how we got — we threw — we gave a shout-out to Chuck on —

Chris:                           On our podcast.

Paul:                            — our podcast.

Chuck:                         One of these podcasts, we probably just ‘cause —

Paul:                            Yeah, and went through the internet and it hit Chuck up, and Chuck like the next day he was like, “Hey! What’s up y’all? Blah, blah, blah” and that story is pretty much awesome.

Chris:                           I think he said, “Holler!”

Paul:                            Oh, yeah.


Chuck:                         In Social Media, SEO, right? So if you’re blogging or if you’re posting different articles, that’s a good place to use a keyword rich title for that blog post. And so, you want to do that and then make sure use that same keyword rich title when you tweet about it, or when you Facebook about it, or when you comment on it somewhere else. When you link to it on any of these other social media sites keep that same keyword rich text that you using.

Chris:                           And our tip from that podcast was, “Don’t be a —

Paul:                            Douche.

Chris:                           — douche.”

Chuck:                         Douche.

Paul:                            Man, there’s just so many people that just think that’s cool out there.

Chris:                           All right, number 79.

Chuck:                         SEO podcast.

Paul:                            Oh, this one we talked about SEO — yeah, all right — Remarketing. We discussed remarketing, banner advertizing versus SEO. What is banner advertizing? What is remarketing? Okay, well they’re not the same — they’re kind of — no. Here’s a banner advertizing, yeah.

Chuck:                         Banner is a form of remarketing.

Paul:                            There you go.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         Yeah. There you go.

Paul:                            A banner is you go to and they have — you know everybody’s probably seen it at some point but there’s these big banners that “Oh, hey! You like DELL notebooks? And you can click here and go to DELL website.” They’re all over the internet. I think most people’s eyes are trained to — well, my eyes are trained to look over them.

Chris:                           Skip them.

Paul:                            So, and after we did this podcast I start “Oh, there’s banner ads everywhere.” I go to, that’s a Houston chronicles website, I go to CNN a lot they’re there.

Chuck:                         ESPN.

Paul:                            ESPN they’re there. So, it’s a great way to market. It’s just a different animal. Remarketing is a way to utilize people that have come to your website and left so — and you can use banner ads to do that. So, I went to, I left. I went to and — oh, you know what? We used that example of the —

Chuck:                         The domain group.

Paul:                            The domain, that’s a great example.

Chris:                           I went to — I mean, this is the killer Remarketing, where I went to, I was looking up a domain for a potential client, the next day or at least later that day I was on a totally different website, and it said “Don’t let XYZ get away.” And it was literally the domain that I had searched for. So, it had dropped a cookie on my browser and it remarketed that domain name to me —

Paul:                            Specifically.

Chris:                           — that day and it was — that was crazy.

Paul:                            I mean, that is as bad as specific as it gets, like I would almost buy it ‘cause like “Wow!”

Chris:                           Wow! Oh, yeah.

Paul:                            I would buy that, just because they did it.

Chuck:                         Either that or I log off.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           Yeah, you know —

Paul:                            Yeah, get away from me.


Chris:                           Big Brother is watching me.

Paul:                            Big Brother is watching.

Chris:                           How come what we never realized about Big Brother is he would always be trying to sell us shit.

Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Our tip from that podcast was, “Remarketing is a powerful tool in the SEO-ers.” And really as SEM-ers, war chest and SEO-ers. Once you get traffic to the website, and there’s a new tool, you have to bring it back.

Chuck:                         Yeah. Whether it’s PPC or —

Paul:                            And you know what? This is kind of — this is not about the podcast but I’d like to talk about this because I think people have told us we’re kind of a rare case in the SEM community because we don’t — there has been kind of — I guess in the earlier days and years passes kind of been a — a bit of competition between SEO and PPC, and what’s better in this? And I think we take a — I was going to say —

Chuck:                         Holistic.

Paul:                            — holistic. Yeah. I was going to say that. You’re stealing my word, dawg.


Paul:                            We do it all, you know. We definitely do it all and some people will say, “Oh, you know you want to do SEO, you don’t want to do remarketing.” Or “You won’t want to do banner ads.” Or “You don’t want to do this.” And I’m like, “Hey, you want to put your name — for you or shout your name from as many mountain tops as possible.” And we have found a way to — we feel like search engine marketing all the different types of search engine marketing complement each other ‘cause SEO doesn’t do what PPC does, and PPC won’t do what remarketing does, and they all help —

Chris:                           And social doesn’t do either of those two.

Paul:                            Yes. So, you know, if you’re talking to somebody and if they say —

Chris:                           Don’t —

Paul:                            “Don’t do blah, blah, blah.” Run. You know run and — listen to what they say and then we’re like “You’re a douche.”

Chuck:                         And then run.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           And then run.

Paul:                            You’re a douche.


Chuck:                         ‘Cause truthfully, you know, SEO takes longer, right. So, it’s probably the better choice because you know we all look for those natural listings, but it takes longer. So, why not do PPC? Why not do Google Local? Why not do remarketing in the mean time?

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           And even when you’re on the first page for organic, there’s what’s — why not have your web —

Chuck:                         Two or three linking places.

Chris:                           — that you link a couple of places?

Paul:                            Exactly. I was in a meeting with a client on Tuesday of this week, right? He’s an attorney, and he told me when he was looking — he is one of our clients, when he was looking for and SEO company, he says, “I spoke with this lady and we’re talking about SEO and she goes.” “You don’t want to do that. Would you really want to do to build traffic and build awareness? You want to go out and just do it you know, shaking hands, and giving seminars and doing that.” And I was like I think she was a — yeah, I think or a web design company — I was like “She told you not to optimize your website.” “What?” I’m like, “Okay, I understand.” Hey, it would be great to do it and I said, “Listen, doing that is great. Putting your name out there — anyway you put your name out there is great. But she’s telling you not to put your name out there on the internet.”

Chris:                           In that particular way.

Paul:                            Yeah, and that’s stupid.

Chris:                           Now, we have picked up some clients who are in advertizing and just basically ‘cause they didn’t understand SEO ‘cause they kind of explained it to their client of, “Oh, that’s kind of voodoo and you don’t really want to mess with that.”

Paul:                            Well, yeah.

Chris:                           Now, they’re on board. Now, they’re pitching SEO and they always kind of knew the value of it. But they really weren’t — and she wasn’t in a position to really pitch it and help the client take advantage of it. So, it is an educational process.

Paul:                            Podcast number 80. SEO tools, China SEO, and being to PPC conversion. This is what I remember about China.

Chuck:                         Yahoo, totally.

Paul:                            Oh, Yahoo to be — oh, Yahoo sucks anyway.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Paul:                            Sorry.


Chuck: You’re really firing at people.

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