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Thirty-eighth Internet Marketing Podcast Nov. 6th 2009.Third page of Transcription

Chris: As it works. But sometimes you know you start, some people would get up into the source code and I like to get into the sources code …

Paul: And starts doing it wrong …

Chris: … and makes it so it tweaks.

Paul: Oh, okay.

Chris: And if I make a mistake there the package that we use might not be able to catch that mistake, you put it online and you validate and you’ll find it out. The other thing is, you can put a whole website together and you post it up there and it validates sometimes the term validating a website will actually apply to making sure that all the links are, you know that there aren’t any what are called dead links. You know. So maybe your home page used to link to, you know we were talking about this recently. SEO Houston and we decided that we wanted to change that page to Internet Marketing Houston, well if we still have links to SEO Houston and that page no longer exists, that’s a dead link.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: And so validating is part of that. That’s why you want to make sure you do that great and that’s, again that’s just something that we do on a daily basis here at EWebResults.

Paul: Okay, next verse. All right. “Checking all browsers I do it directly you gotta make sure that it renders correctly.”

Chris: All right, so that’s good. Well yeah, go ahead and finish the next two.

Paul: “Some use IE some use Flock” which I have not heard of.

Chris: I have not heard of either.

Paul: Uh, and “some use AOL, I use Firefox” just like I do. “Title everything including links and images, don’t use italics, use emphasis, don’t use bold”, my favorite line.

Paul and

Chris: “Don’t use bold, please use strong, cus if you use bold it’s old and wrong.”

Paul: That’s my favorite line. Chuck, I sang that in the shower last week. That’s no joke.

Chris: I don’t think Chuck wanted you to do that, Paul.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: I love that line. All right so I assume he says, checking all browsers making sure your website appears and looks and functions properly in all browsers.

Chris: Well just like I was talking. There are differences between IE and Firefox right?

Paul: Yes.

Chris: So it’s going to render, its going to display the page differently on the different search engines so you really do want to check. You know when we first started in this business all we did was design for Netscape and then we had to transition and actually design both for IE and Netscape.

Paul: Uh huh.

Chris: And then we had to design for IE …

Paul: IE.

Chris: … ‘cus almost nobody used Netscape. And, and now we’re having to transition to Firefox, IE and Chrome and and …

Paul: Safari

Chris: … Flock.

Paul: Yeah, I’ve never even …

Chris: I never heard of Flock. We’ll have to Google that. Somebody who uses Flock out there and is listening to this broadcast, send us an email please.

Paul: Let me know what that is.

Chris: I’m assuming Chuck at least knows that it is, you know since he wrote the lyrics, but we want to hear from somebody out there who actually uses it and why you use it and is it just ‘cus you’re maybe anti-establishment and you want to use it or, you know what is the reason that you’re using it and so we can get you on air. Um.

Paul: All right. He says “don’t use italics, use emphasis.”

Chris: And that’s just, you can use the actual tag inside HTML the actual code is ah, is an I for italics and what we’re supposed to be using is EM for emphasis.

Paul: And “don’t use bold, use strong.”

Chris: Yeah, and that’s again, the old one is B and the new one is strong so ah we are supposed to move on to the new one. Apparently remember that was done in was it, ’94?

Paul: ’94?

Chris: Ah, ah ’04?

Paul: ’04. Yeah, I remember that. All right, next verse. It says, “Use CSS your page should load quicker, your client’s satisfy like they’re eatin’ on a Snicker.” Awesome line. Ah “They’re stuck on your page like you made it with the stickers and then they convert, now that’s the real kicker.” So use CSS is gonna make your pages load faster, uh apparently,

Chris: Yeah. So what a CSS will do is, it’s again it refers to cascade style sheets. So you can, if you wanted to find different, let’s say you wanted to have a web page that’s oscillating every other line, this is going to sound retarded but it works, just follow me here, every other line is a different font and a different size. Right? So if you don’t use a cascade style sheet you actually have to define the font and the size on each line. So if you had hundreds of lines every fourth line, well every single line you have to define it because you want every other line to be different.

Paul: Uh huh.

Chris: So all the text associated with the font that you are using and the size that you are using is duplicated over and over and over and over again. Uh, now if you just use a cascade style sheet you actually define that four times,

Paul: Uh huh,

Chris: And then you reference it on each of the lines that you are doing the text on.

Paul: Okay so that makes sense.

Chris: So that short reference is a lot less text and that’s you know the amount of text is,

Paul: Faster. I assume it makes it faster.

Chris: That does indeed make it faster. So,

Paul: I got, you know um, so I want to get onto a soap box about making your pages load faster and the reason because a question last week from a guy that asked something. He asked me “Is it best to use HD images and HD video on your website?” And I was like, “You know, I’m not really sure. Let me speak with my graphic artist.” And he says, “Well,” and this was an attorney that we’re working with, and he says, “I don’t think it’s necessary for this particular case. It would be one thing if he was in an industry where they needed to see his face and they needed to see all of the stuff with him”, but he says
in this case I think you can pass on it because I think having high definition images and high definition videos on his website will slow down the loading of his website and that will drastically effect the …

Chris: The load time.

Paul: Yeah. His load time. And so he was like, “In this case, I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Chris: You can think of a case where it would be, you know if you’re, maybe you’re in production. Maybe you’re in video production and you need to show the quality of what you’re doing.

Paul: I definitely would. I definitely would. Ah, you are in the adult industry, ‘cus I’m sure there’s somebody that listens that is, that would be necessary scenario. I say yes. You probably because your videos and images are what bring you traffic so I’d say yes.

Chris: Paul’s professional opinion on porn is HD.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: All right.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: Cus you know I run a little porn consulting on the side, you know. (laughing)

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: So in case you’re wondering about that, should I switch, you know you want to take that into mind if you do switch to HD images and videos it will make your page load longer. So just remember that. Uh all right, next verse says, “That you’re stuck on your page …”

Chris: I like that yeah, “They’re stuck on your page like a sticker, like you made it with a sticker and they convert.”

Paul: Now that’s the real kicker. That’s the word is convert.

Chris: And we talk about that, that’s back to SEVO, Search engine visitor optimization. That’s, you know, that’s what we talk about, we’ve actually coined that term here on EWebResults um. Search engine visitor optimization. ‘Cus again you know for us it’s an easy thing to get website to your website ah but what do you do after you get that traffic? You know what do you do when you get the people to visit your website? What are your calls to action? What are you doing to convert them? What are you doing to, to, to take the effort that you’ve made to get them to your website and turn it into actual value for your business? And so that is the real kicker.

Paul: That is definitely the real kicker. I mean that is why we’re here. That’s seriously why we’re here. You know, you think visitors are great but being on the first page of Google is awesome but hey, I mean, we’re all looking for business. You see that’s the, that’s the whole point of your marketing campaign, is to bring in business. All right. Next verse says, “Make you a little richer, your site a little slicker, design and co-write, man I hope you get the picture. What I’m telling you is true, man it should be a scripture if it’s built right you’ll be the pick of the litter. Everyone will want to follow you like Twitter. Competition will get bitter, you’ll shine like glitter, if you’re trying to grow now your company will get bigger, design a co-write man, can you get with it?” So that was the last two verses so basically if you follow all this stuff, ah …

Chris: ah …

Paul: People will want to follow you like glitter. Which is awesome man, and you’ll be the pick of the litter.

Chris: And remember Moe Serious, remember Chuck gave us a little, it was two podcasts …

Paul: Two …

Chris: … couple of little secrets …

Paul: … two, three tips.

Chris: … regarding Twitter and Facebook and whatever so go back and listen to that. That’s going to be broadcast number 36. Um.

Paul: It’s an awesome rap though and I, we – – It took two podcasts to go over it. I hope you guys go out there and just type, Google, design code, Design and Coding Rap lyrics. I thing that’s how we found these but they’re informational, they’re accurate, they, its good stuff and it’s, you know, its fun, it’s a cool rap and hopefully we will put, we can get a video up on our site or something like that.

Chris: Yeah, we’ll um, yeah make sure you can, I think you can find those all the videos, all the rap videos that Chuck has done at The SEO Rapper. So you can find them over there and ah go check those out, remember you can, this is the end of our podcast actually so this is pretty good timing. Ah, remember you can follow us on Twitter,, find us on Facebook, Send us an email. We haven’t given an email out yet today. Podcast at and you know and you can always call us at (713) 592-6724. So that’s awesome. Thank you guys for listening. This is, has been another wonderful podcast, tune in for our next wonderful podcast until next time I’m Chris Burres,

Paul: This is Paul Hanson.

Chris: Bye bye for now.

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