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Check-in and SEO

Chuck: What’s interesting about Foursquare and I [00:20:30] [Inaudible] this morning actually. They are — they redid their web version because they’re trying to get into a city guide [00:20:42] [Inaudible] check-in, where most check-ins are at, who’s checking in where.

Chris: Makes sense.

Chuck: Where your friends usually take in and hang out at and try to help people find things to do, kind of tourist type stuff.

Chris: Well, I checked in three places now. I check-in on Facebook, I check-in on Foursquare which I think sometimes also post to my Facebook so I end up checking in twice. And I check-in on GPlus. I used to check-in on Yelp. So the whole concept, right, makes sense of having a review site and a kind of a directory for Foursquare. Some of the cool things about Foursquare is you become the mayor if you’ve checked in at a particular location more than somebody else.

Chuck: I’m there at E-Webstyle.

Chris: Oh, dang. I need to check-in, you know, like an auto check-in software. Let’s see, what else can you — they have different types of badges. So I think — I went to some — I went to the Harry Potter movie and I got some Harry Patter badge which was pretty cool. Actually, I think Javier told me about that so that reminded me to get — oh, I got groped by the TSA. Is that at the —

Chuck: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: Yeah. Is TSA [00:21:51] [Inaudible] yeah, yeah.

Chuck: TSA, mm-hmm.

Chris: So those are kind of cool. They added a lot games to it, a lot of kind of fun features. So here is how you market on Foursquare.

Chuck: Add your business.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: No. 1, the worst thing I hate is check — you’re trying to check in somewhere and then I can’t find their business.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And frankly, I’m just too lazy to create their business myself so I just won’t check in.

Chris: Yeah. I think the only business I’ve created is actually [00:22:17] [Inaudible] comedy where I performed at. So when I check in there I don’t have to — it’s been added by me. Next one is, add friends, right?

Chuck: Yeah, definitely.

Chris: The more people that you have in there, you’re — you know, they’re aware of what you’re — that you’ve added that business and every time you check in at that business that — this is one of the things that I hadn’t really thought of as. Every time we check in at E-Webstyle, it reminds all of our friends on Foursquare that we’re here at E-Webstyle.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: And that can, you know, a lot of advertising and even just networking in general is about top of mind. You know, maybe somebody who’s one of our —

Chuck: At the office.

Chris: And one of his friends bumps into somebody who’s complaining about their website and boom, hey, wait, Chuck is — actually, he’s at work right now. You should give him a call.

Chuck: Especially because my Foursquare updates, there’s Twitter and Facebook know that I’ve checked in here.

Chris: Right. It makes sense. Get active. So that means, you know, make sure you’re checking in at certain places. Where does — one would check-in — add shouts to profile updates that are relevant to what’s going on.

Chuck: Yeah. Same features and usually when you check in on Foursquare you can, you know, tag it with some sort of phrase or something like — as a matter of fact, today’s check in said @ewebstyle at the J time to get busy.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: That was my shout. You know, usually when I check in at [00:23:36] [Inaudible] take a picture or, you know, something to that nature. So yeah, get active, don’t just check in but check in and leave a tip.

Chris: Yeah, tips are great. Yeah, try to hum us not at E-Webstyle but somewhere try to hum us. Hum us is always good. Actually, not really. Reward those who check in. So really that doesn’t apply to our business very much. It certainly applies to retail establishments.

Chuck: Yeah, you [00:24:01] [Inaudible] in the face if you —

Chris: Yeah. You check in to — are you trying to take my mayorship? Come on, you better watch out.

Chuck: Mayorship who?

Chris: [00:24:11] [Inaudible] take my mayorship.

Chuck: Oh, but yeah. Give a benefit. You know, one thing that I’d do with the church. If people check in on Foursquare after their fourth check-in, they get a free DVD.

Chris: Oh, that’s cool. That’s really cool. I was gonna — I’ve actually had free hum us with the check-in. That’s probably why that pop up into my mind. I checked in at some bar somewhere like look, I would like my free hum us, please, and another glass of wine. Spread the word. So link your Foursquare account — we’ve talked about this. Link your Foursquare account with your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that when you shout or say, check in, it goes on to all of those.

Chuck: You know, what was cool. I went into Walgreens the other day [00:24:51] [Inaudible] this and that. And when you walked in the store, it’s on the wall.

Chris: Check in.

Chuck: Check in Foursquare.

Chris: Wow.

Chuck: Yeah, that’s awesome and I’ve been plenty in Walgreens but that was the only one I’ve seen in it.

Chris: And I’m sure if — I think they have a loyalty program. There’s probably some sort of loyalty program built into it. If not, I’m sure it’s coming soon because Bing already has like a way to do a loyalty program. So, you know, utilize that aspect when it becomes readily available and then outside the box events. So I don’t really know what that is.

Chuck: Yeah, me either.

Chris: Hold events for Foursquare users so they can check into your business. One of the things that we talked about, remember when we were working with a guy who was — it’s actually Pura Avida Tequila.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: Opening a tequila brand in Texas and one of our initial ideas was, hey, let’s figure out if we can get like, you know, a worm badge or something. So if they’re having multiple events and you checked in to four different Pura Avida Tequila events that you actually get the worm badge. So I think — I’m sure there are ways to do that because there are —

Chuck: Yeah. You can create your own badges and on your own stuff.

Chris: Is there a cost to that? Do you know or —

Chuck: I don’t think there’s a cost. You set it up when you create your business profile on there then you get certain access to set up multiple locations, badges and then, you know, things like that. The same place you add in the benefits, you know, like the free DVD and things like that.

Chris: Right. Right, okay.

Chuck: I don’t think there’s a cost associated with.

Chris: Well, that’s cool. So yeah, you know, take advantage of that free badge because, you know, people get excited about those badges. I mean, that I got excited about getting groped by the TSAs so that’s another story. Do we have any blank stare news or was that it?

Chuck: Well, you did bring up GPlus, I was gonna leave them alone but since you brought them up, yeah, GPlus, I’m still stuck in my situation.

Chris: Oh, and then it got worse, right?

Chuck: It got worse.

Chris: Yeah, it got worse.

Chuck: It’s not if —

Chris: Oh, wait. We need the —

Chuck: Yeah, this is the blank stare with the old handshake.

Chris: Yeah. Like, I can’t even believe I’m still having problems with this.

Chuck: After you made it, after you tried to fix it.

Chris: It got worse.

Chuck: So I’m using [00:27:15] [Inaudible] as my personal e-mail account but it’s on a Google apps account. So they open up GPlus for Google apps, yey, right? The problem is I had already been using GPlus for that same e-mail account and so now I have one that’s four — friends [00:27:32] [Inaudible] Circles and I use it. Well, I could use it and now they’re forcing me to use a new one, same e-mail address. The crazy part about it is if I go to my address directly I’ll see my old profile but I can’t do anything with it. I can’t post a comment. I can’t add a circle. I can’t do anything because it always links over to the new one which is totally blank.

Chris: Why?

Chuck: That’s what I don’t understand.

Chris: Totally blank as in our stare. That’s bizarre. He’s in some sort of Google Plus Never-Neverland.

Chuck: Yeah, Twilight Zone.

Chris: And he knows that he needs to bite the bullet and move all of his content and all of his friends —

Chuck: Oh, what makes it worse, speaking of friends — friends can add me on the other one. I keep getting e-mails. Somebody just put you in their Circle.

Chris: Wow.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Wow. Yeah, that’s where they’re blank stare.

Chuck: Yeah, sir. Another blank stare was that just 23 year-old dude in Nebraska. Dude was trying to buy some drugs. So he’s tasting, misses a character, takes the state troop.

Chris: What?

Chuck: The state troop would meet some at the drop-off spot and arrest him and the drug dealer.

Chris: Wow. See you for the drug —

Chuck: Yeah, that’s about takes him to drive.

Chris: Wow. Another curse you, you auto correct.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Wow, that’s hilarious.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: That’s blank stare news. All right, guys. Thank you so much for listening. You have been listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes. That is because of you. Do not forget our other podcast which is the Unknown Secrets of SEVO Website Analysis.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

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Chuck: Analysises —

Chris: — on websites that have been submitted on our website. So if you want us to do that for you, just go to and then on the right side, you’ll see Review My Website. I think that’s — Website Analysis —

Chuck: Yeah.

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Chuck: Charles Lewis.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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