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This is a transcript from our 126th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Cover the SEO Basics for Local Search First

Chris: Hi, welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chuck: There you go, got it right there.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Chuck: I’m Charles Lewis, your Internet Marketing Specialist.

Chris: We are here today with our 166 Podcast, it is the most popular SEO Podcast in iTunes that is because of you. We really appreciate you and I will be adding another tear tattoo.

Chuck: Yeah, you over there too.

Chris: Did you hear that, another tear tattoo.

Chuck: Another tear tattoo.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Oh-oh.

Chris: Yeah. Even two weeks, we had two whole weeks, excuse me – since our last Podcast and nothing, no – no review on iTunes. Look, it’s really simple just go to iTunes, create an account, write a review.

Chuck: Three tasks. Three minutes.

Chris: You can do it. We really appreciate that, we’re kind of – kidding aside, seriously make a review for us. Product placement.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: This is Podcast 126 as always we have tip from our previous Podcast that tip was older traditional methods of SEO should be your first step when tackling your SEO product.

Chuck: Yup, you have to know, to make sure you cover the basics first. When you cover the basics usually, especially on a local market you tend – you tend to rank well, I’ll be honest. And then save you more advance stuff for – for active you’ve already done the basics.

Chris: Just like we always say, SEO easy, just Google Blue One-Armed Widgets we haven’t touch that information along time, you’ll definitely going to find that. Another thing we do is we tell you who we are. We are your friendly local neighborhood.

Chuck: Top position snatcher.

Chris: Yes.

Chuck: We will go get that.

Chris: Our mantra is.

Chuck: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Don’t be a douche because it’s not cool. That goes way back to one of our – one of our previous Podcast. And there’s a lot of them. Apparently, there’s 125 of them, previous Podcast.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Remember if you’re sitting at your computer, you’re on your phone, and it can multitask or whatever, twit right now.

Chuck: #SEOPodcast126 and tag us in it if you twit it at ewebstyle. We’ll give a couple of shout out to [0:02:11][AT] watching right.

Chris: Shout out, what’s the shout out?

Chuck: Punch in the face.

Chris: Oh, yeah, punch in the face there we go.

Chuck: Punch in the face to [0:02:16][AT] watch right. Punch in the face to [0:02:19][Natlar] so hit me back on Twitter how this one styles. You hear this last time, told us that my mic was a little low, we made it higher, so you know hopefully tune in now. Hit me up and let me know what’s up.

Chris: We appreciate all the feedback that we get. The other that we do regularly is we actually talk about news. I like this one, Android owners are getting stiff because a lot of phones don’t actually have the current version, like I know your phone, not the current version.

Chuck: Well…

Chris: Behind us, I mean.

Chuck: Yeah, and what it is, if this is – is a problem with the device.

Chris: The hardware.

Chuck: The hardware.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And the software.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: You know, so like I’m using, we’ll I’m really waiting, you know, hopefully Christmas I’ll upgrade. But the problem is I have the Samsung Moment which was new 2 years ago, right? And so it did had the latest version Android. But their hardware won’t accept the latest Android from where updates

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And so I can’t get the latest version of Android.

Chris: What this article has said, is there actually – there were actually some that we’re sold, they were promised Android OS updates and then the company whatever if it were Samsung an I don’t think that was the one in this particular case. Never bothered to actually upgrade for that particular device and that’s really weak.

Chuck: Yeah, that sucks.

Chris: Really bad. It’s also 7 out of 18, 38% are not on the current version of Android that actually frankly seems a little low.

Chuck: Well, and it’s not, you know, there’s a lot of blank going to the device but a lot of that blanks should go to the user as well. Yeah, I mean, you have to be aware when a new Android update comes out and then maybe you we have to go in and download and install that update.

Chris: Yeah, I haven’t – I haven’t updated mine. That’s partly because I’m rooted and I want to un-root it and then update it and then update it and then re-root it…

Chuck: Yes.

Chris: I don’t have time for that. Mozilla partners with Bing.

Chuck: I saw that coming.

Chris: Make sense right? I mean, yeah actually they have partnerships with Yahoo and – and have announced a lot of others, basically it’s just going to make Bing more easy to work on – on Firefox.

Chuck: Yeah, remember they changed the Firefox default search to Bing, it used to be Google.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: Firefox up to the version 3, it was Google, I think with 4 came the default search is Bing. It’s interesting.

Chris: I wonder how that relationship works, so it’s just because I, you know, I always remember when Google…


Provided by Firefox or something like that and you know Bing provided by Firefox, if revenue – if AdWords are Click or PPC is Click, is that how Mozilla makes a little bit of scratch or something, I don’t know.

Chuck: Probably that.

Chris: Yeah. Apple actually has a patent that finally gets approved swipe to unlock on the phone.

Chuck: Really?

Chris: Yeah, so they patented that and it finally just got approved, so that may have some impact on…

Chuck: On probably Android.

Chris: Probably increase their revenue, frankly, yeah. They might have to come up with another thing, you know…

Chuck: Swipe…

Chris: Who knows. Wow.

Chuck: Wow.

Chris: Well, you can always o the digits, right? To unlock and I know that the iPhone has that option where you can enter a code or you can do some sort of swipe pattern. I use a swipe pattern on mine, so.

Chuck: This is – face I’ll give my children, see. To those who viewing, you can see the face, if you download it, then thank you for downloading and you should really start watching. The face I gave Chris, with the face I gave my children that it’s stands BS, BS Face at Apple.

Chris: Yeah, I’m not buying it.

Chuck: They don’t force me to do the custom Z thing.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Z thing.

Chris: What’s the Z thing?

Chuck: The Z thing where you unlock your phone, you know, the pattern if – for everybody doesn’t see.

Chris: Right, oh.

Chuck: Or seven or something.

Chris: Yeah. Mine is not. And I gave mine away if anybody watches this video. So, if you get my phone and you watch this video, you can actually unlock my phone. And that’s not a challenge.

Chuck: I know yeah, I don’t really do that.

Chris: In the last piece of news Dropbox has a team edition. Do you use Dropbox?

Chuck: Uh-huh.

Chris: I use Dropbox, we really haven’t use it as a team yet, it’s probably something that will start incorporating in to what we do regularly here. And the – yeah Dropbox is good service.

Chuck: I see somewhere Dropbox decline Apple buyout.

Chris: I heard something along those lines.

Chuck: Yeah, it was some ridiculous amount of money, like in a billion and they declined it.

Chris: And I just heard today. Netflix is the biggest bandwidth user now. So above Facebook, above anything else Netflix uses more bandwidth. Even then YouTube, I’m not sure I buy that.

Chuck: Well, I do.

Chris: Yeah?

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: ‘Cause, I mean.

Chuck: ‘Cause YouTube video has time length. Netflix you can watch it, you know, 3 hour movie.

Chris: Three hour HD movie.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Interesting. So I just thought was cool.

Chuck: You bought Samsung, you realize that they have now overtaking Apple in regards to Smart Phone sales.

Chris: Sale? Wow.

Chuck: In this past quarter.

Chris: That’s – in Samsung, all of their Smart devices are all Android, right?

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And last piece of news, this was almost blank stare news today because it’s so kind of shocking, Google is actually going to now encrypt search results information, search information. It does actually specifically refer data. So what that means is let say you do a search and you do a search for carpet installation in Houston. And you get a search result, surf search result page. And you’ve got Pay Per Click and you’ve got Organic.

When you click a particular link, it actually goes to that page and in the past Google would actually provide what’s called refer information, so that where you – whatever page you landed on was able to figure out what keywords were used to get you through that page.

Now, Google and this is, who knows long this going to have and last only for people who are signed in to a Google account that keyword information, that refer information is going to be encrypted.

Chuck: Yeah, this is for our Google Analytic Users. Okay, so this is any people who are doing SEO, any sort of online marketing and really trying to track which keyword are driving traffic to your site and where they’re landing at. Yeah, anybody who happens to search from a log in page.

Chris: Then we just read up.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Let’s keep going ‘cause we’ll have it on the…

Chuck: It’s recording.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So, anybody who searches and they’re logged in to their Google account then Google is protecting their keyword data due to privacy concern.

Chris: That’s their – that’s their, yeah.

Chuck: Charles where those of you not watching use the “double-finger”…

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Yeah, privacy concern.

Chris: Immediately followed by the single-finger.


Chuck: Yeah, immediately followed by the face, I mentioned that it earlier. And so the problem with this is more and more are using Google Analytics. At one point they want more people are becoming Google account users. And so, especially as Android user group and we were just talking about and Gmail users go up, and –and Google Plus users go up.

This people will log in to Google and they’re searching. And so we can’t see their data, I can’t no – Chris’s Google Account user and if you search for carpet installation Houston and I have a carpet cleaning business if you logged in to Google then I will know what keyword brought you to my site.

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