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This is a transcript from our 134th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Design At Work, Houston

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. Is that good?

Charles: I think there’s way…

Chris: That worked. My name is Chris Burres on e-webstyle.

Charles: I’m Charles Lewis, internet marketing specialist.

Chris: Thank you guys for tuning in. We have some special guest that we met last night. Hopefully, they are tuning in, give a shot out to – excuse me, a punch on the face to Matt if he actually tuned in. I met him at a nice – actually, a really good event, Design at Work.

Charles: Design at Work.

Chris: It’s a local PR advertising firm that they just expanded their facilities. They had a great party. Actually, the owner and some of its key staff were playing in a band and it was great event last night.

Charles: Phenomenal office. I mean phenomenal layout, from the design to the layout, to the employees working there, just great company that’s doing some big things over there. You know, I appreciate the invite for, you know, we [0:00:51. 7] [Inaudible] just check it all out.

Chris: That was awesome. Hey, as always, a little bit of a news and a tip from the previous podcast. The tip from the previous podcast is help your SEO efforts with a properly manage social media campaign.

Charles: Yup.

Chris: Done with that. Remember if you’re near some sort of electronically device, Twit, Facebook, do something right now. He always has the recipe.

Charles: Yeah. Yeah. Get on your device.

Chris: He’s got a new device.

Charles: You see, this is my seamless glove for my new Google Nexus phone, but, yeah, get on the phone or your – whatever device you’re on and Twit us, man. Twit us as e-webstyle and tag this one, #seopodcast134.

Chris: A lot more people are doing that. That’s pretty exciting to see that happening. That’s great.

Charles: Yeah, punching the face until you’re all pro, you’re watching right now and you take it out last week. I’m going to take this out in a punch in this face out, Regulus AT [0:01:46. 3] [Phonetic], I know you’re watching. So, just thank you, Darren and all you guys. I really appreciate the support.

Chris: Remember, we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers where our mantra is…

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Don’t be a douche.

Charles: Hey, it’s not a good look.

Chris: And don’t finish your podcast with…

Charles: Deuces.

Chris: Deuces. Our transcriber for podcast, I’m reading the last line of it, I’m like, . Deuces. . Man, Charles is going – I don’t remember Charles going after somebody going after somebody calling him a bunch of douches and then I realized it was deuces.

Charles: Deuces

Chris: We’re out.

Charles: Deuces.

Chris: Hey, we have a review on iTunes. Look at this. I’m actually using the iPad to view the reviews on iTunes. That’s…

Charles: That’s, you know, that was about right.

Chris: Yeah. And, frankly, it’s only because my computer was acting out this morning. This one was a great podcast, the title seattleorthodontist. com. This podcast is not only informative but entertaining. I especially like the video format and the website reviews. I think they’re actually talking about our…

Charles: Seattle Ortho, we do web analysis…

Chris: We did a web analysis of them. That’s our other podcast, The Unknown Secrets of SEVO Website Analysis.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: I have improved my website using a number of Perls I gain from this podcast. Unlike this podcast, most of the other SEO podcast out there of date which make them or out of date which makes them a limited utility in terms of current SEO. I added the current. I hope these guys keep working on this podcast.

A punch on the face to you at Seattle Orthodontist. And hopefully, you take some of our advice from your web anal and incorporate it and hit us back with, you know, like the stuff we have from the one guy. We gave him one comment. You said…

Charles: Central Park dude.

Chris: Central Park, I increase the video views by 70%.

Charles: Yeah. Do this favor for me because I’m very analytic. Why don’t you check the date that you made those changes, those Perls you spoke about and check it for the rest of the month. And then hit us up and let us know, you know, what changes did you see, what kind of improvements, what things didn’t work frankly, and, uh, just let us know.

Chris: Cool. Another punch on the face for Paul Shaw. He’s actually in Sidney Australia, boom. He called up, actually, like Tuesday evening. I was just about to leave home and we had a good lawn conversation. He actually does karaoke machines.

Charles: Okay.

Chris: And we did SEVO website analysis of one of the sites you actually submitted to and the other one was more important, so we’re actually going to do that today. And we just had a really good conversation and a big punch on the face to you, Paul.

Hey, a little bit of news, the senate actually postponed the vote on the people of legislature bill. I think it’s bill. So the legislature was pushing through a bill and they postponed that vote.

Charles: Yeah, they post it. They stopped it. People, protester [0:04:47. 4] [Inaudible].

Chris: Yeah, something I thought was really interesting. Google announced that they slowed down their crawlers to try and ensure that those people who blacked out their website, like Wikipedia or whatever, we’re not – we’re less likely to get crawled and less likely to get penalized by this particular issue.

So, out there, you know, cheers, tip of the hat, punch on the face to Google for supporting this community, the web community in their effort to protest what is clearly a problematic bill. It was interesting because Google actually – they didn’t blacked their website. They just put a blacked out of their Google logo.

Nothing happened on Yahoo and nothing happened on bing. They didn’t make any changes and basically Yahoo’s co-founder resigned this week, so maybe their preoccupied with that. They’re going to delay our blackout.

And as much as they’ve been selling off and getting rid off and everything else, I don’t think they’re in the position for whatever cost it would be to blackout their website.

Charles: Yeah. Yahoo kind of reminds me of the Titanic. I mean and it’s now the – the captain is just about to jump ship.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And then – yeah.

Chris: That was one of the founders that…


Chris: Yeah, the founder and the – was he CEO? What does he – he’s a co-founder in one of the principals in the management team. So he’s out of there, you know. Moving on to bigger and more things moving – things that aren’t sinking, because it’s a sinking ship. All right. Is that all I got? I think that’s all I got.

Oh, we have a Facebook contest and speaking of Facebook, there is a way to actually get a hold of us. There are some few ways. You could follow us on Facebook, facebook. com/…

Charles: e-webstyle.

Chris: You can also hit us on Twitter, twitter. com/e-webstyle, right? I left out the slides there.

Charles: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: Change…

Charles: You can’t get me as always.

Chris: Youtube. com/…

Charles: ewebstyle

Chris: podcast@…

Charles: e-webstyle. com.

Chris: And then last one is just – if you want to send us an email. We are running a Facebook. It’s a captioning contest right now. If you’re listening to this on audio, on iTunes, the contest is probably over and that means there’s probably a new contest. So, go hit our Facebook page. Again, facebook. com/e-webstyle.

Get in that contest. Whoever’s winning the contest is getting $10 something. I know, Darren Boyce specifically requested a $10 amazon card. He didn’t really want the Best Buy cards. So, you know, we’re open to whatever it is that you guys need and so you got to check that on Facebook. Those are always fun.

Charles: So remember they use the algorithm of date. I think it came out yesterday. They call it the Google page layout algorithm update. So this algorithm, it’s really an indicator of how Google is taking into effect more issues in regards to design and layout. They’re really trying to present the – again, the best content and the best experience for the Google user.

Chris: Yup.

Charles: And this is another way of doing that. So what they’re trying to do is really – the author, I read, basically said that they’re trying to prevent frustration, all right. How many people go to a website and then you automatically hit with articles or not articles but you hit with ads.

Chris: Banner aids.

Charles: Banner aids or square aids or display ads or frankly content or voting images that don’t necessarily have any fit on what they’re searching for, right? We do that a lot; especially with these newer sites they all tend to have a rotating banner.

Chris: A really big rotating banner.

Charles: Yeah, which is fine if it’s relative to the search or the page that it’s going.

Chris: It’s going, yeah.

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