Designing Web Pages for iPhone SEO

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Seventy-Sixth Internet Marketing Podcast September 17th 2010. Second page of Show Notes

Designing Web Pages for iPhone SEO

Chris: Okay, it’s not — you’re not being just stood up when you refused to leave the first lady’s house.

Paul: Oh, yeah.


Chris: That’s not being stood up.

Paul: I almost got stood up last night. She was like a half hour late. Man, I wish she ain’t watching the podcast.

Chris: You know she is. You know she is. Star, it’s nice to — nice to see you.

Paul: [Laughter] That’s what’s up.

Chris: All right.

Paul: So mobile. We’re going to talk about mobile. We’re going to bring out our expert on mobile.

Chris: Yes.

Chuck: It hurts.


Paul: You got some big shoes to fill boss.

Chris: You are the expert, we agreed.

Paul: All right mobile expert.

Chris: Come on in here, Charles Lewis.

Paul: He dressed up in a mobile phone suit today.

Chris: In a mobile suit.


Paul: Oh, come on man.

Chuck: That’s really like a dancing suit. Like —

Chris: Beep, beep, beep, beep.

Chuck: — Tracy Morgan on — you got to see the movie of him and — him and who was the guy from Die Hard? Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan who was in a mobile phone suit —

Chris: This is something —


Paul: I’d like to see that.

Chuck: Okay.

Chris: All that’s in my head and this is going to be really weird, is a dude in a hotdog suit.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: ‘Cause I’ve been watching Colbert. And Colbert was like handing out hotdogs like the best way to show support to the troops — his audience was all troops, and he was handing out free hotdogs. And then he had like a dude in a hotdog suit —

Paul: In a hotdog suit.

Chris: — come up and danced for him, like I might too —

Paul: What? [Laughs]

Chris: — ‘cause the troops were upset that it was hot girls handing out hotdogs.

Paul: Oh.

Chris: So yeah, hot dude in a hotdog suit.

Paul: That’s what’s up.


Chris: It was crazy. Anyway, that was — hey, mobile.

Paul: Mobile search, mobile browsing, mobile…

Chris: And you got a tip this week about mobile, right?

Paul: I did, I did. Well, let’s get into it and I think somebody will say something then we segue into it.

Chris: Okay. Okay. Ooh, suspense.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I like that, that’s good. You’ve been practicing.

Paul: Yeah [Laughs]. Okay, so here’s my two cents of mobile browsing. Yes, mobile browsing is taking over somewhere, somebody said that one day — could I get anymore vague?


Chuck: Somebody, somewhere.

Chris: There’s a dude that, I read on…

Paul: Yeah. And don’t quote me on this, that mobile browsing will one day surpass — in the near future will surpass PC browsing and to me it makes sense. I just read something — especially if you are listening in Asia, mobile browsing is in the process of taking over PC browsing because, one —

Chris: Actually, if you’re listening in Asia, Konichiwa.

Paul: Yeah, oh yeah, that’s what’s up.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And Ni Hao Ma.

Paul: I don’t know what that means.

Chuck: I have no clue.

Chris: That’s Chinese.

Paul: Asia was taking over because they set the trends in mobile browsing with technology that Western civilizations follow — Western countries follow, and just because of population, sheer population they can demand — you know, if the population demands something they pretty much have to give it to them. So if you are listening and you are a company in Asia

Chuck: Except the freedom.

Paul: There you go.

Chuck: Yeah.


Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Freedom of speech.

Paul: They control everything except your freedom. So if you have a company —

Chris: I didn’t just throw it out there.

Paul: — or you do business with companies in Asia, you really need to get on mobile…

Chris: That’s true, yeah.

Chuck: Yeah.

Paul: Or should I say have — you should —

Chuck: Be mobile accessible.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: That’s good.

Paul: And there’s a lot to it. There’s, you know, being — just having a mobile site, there’s mobile ads, there’s mobile — search engine results pages which aren’t the same as —

Chuck: As a PC search engine.

Paul: As PC.

Chuck: Yeah. Uh-hmm.

Paul: So there’s a lot to it so…

Chris: Well, that’s a good point. You know when we started saying, “Hey we’re going to — let’s talk about mobile this week.” Charles and I were sitting down and I was like “You know, I don’t even know — I don’t even remember as I do searches,” ‘cause I do a lot of mobile searches if there’s the sponsored ads over here or if — in my mind I was thinking there weren’t any sponsors.

Paul: I don’t think there are.

Chris: Apparently there are.

Paul: There are?

Chris: The first 2 or 3, at least on the search I did, which was I think air conditioning probably.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: ‘Cause I was in –one of the clients were talking about, the first 2 were sponsored ads.

Chuck: Okay.

Chris: So I think actually — and there was no — kind of the right column.

Chuck: There’s was no right column. They just had the 3 — as a matter of fact it was 3.

Chris: 3, okay.

Chuck: 3 were sponsored ads and they were shaded, just like the Google search engine result page.

Chris: That’s why you got to have a real high quality phone so you can see that shading ‘cause you know a cheesy phone, you might not know what sponsored ads is.

Chuck: Yeah. And the marketing part about it was — due to the size of my screen the only ads I saw were sponsored —

Chris: Were the Pay-Per-Click sponsored ads.

Chuck: — and so I scroll.

Paul: Oh.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And so I’m prone to, you know, when — if somebody’s Pay-Per-Click budget —

Paul: There you go.

Chuck: — therefore I’m searching on my phone.

Paul: And you know what? And when I’m doing adword searches I use the click off of it, but I should click on and it says “include mobile.” There’s a little thing, it says “include mobile” when I’m on the keyword selection tool, “include mobile results.”

Chris: When I was looking at Pay-Per-Click the other day — one of the Pay-Per-Click accounts, there’s a mobile option and I’ve never — we’ve actually never played with the mobile option, so that’s something that we’ll be playing with here on the next —

Paul: So in about 5 days we’ll be an expert on it.

Chuck: Yup.


Paul: So here’s what I got, I did a little search for mobile browsers. Of all mobile browsers that are out there, ‘cause you know if you got to be on mobile you should know what people are searching. What people are using to search mobile. And there’s a list of them Opera, Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, SkyFire, Safari, Google Android. Yes, it is a mobile browser.

Chris: Is that in a random order or is that in —

Paul: Just random order.

Chris: Okay.

Paul: Microsoft IE —

Chuck: Android would be at the top.

Paul: Mobile — yeah. Bolt and Tshark, but I found that Safari Mobile has 65% of all mobile browsing. So you should probably — and what I’m going to say is, you should probably look to optimize your site for a Safari a browser, ‘cause there’s probably a good chance that somebody other than yourself is looking at your website on an iPhone.

Chris: Oh, I think there’s 2 things that I would add to that. One is, if you’re designing for a small screen which is mobile, you’re probably going to capture everything, and we even need the statistics on the Safari browser and the Android browser are actually —

Paul: Or change it up.

Chuck: Yeah. Android is really taking over the whole market share.

Chris: Killing it, yeah.

Chuck: And so — which means to do 2 things. One, either design for a mobile or use the right coding on your current site to display correctly on a mobile device, that’s what I would do.

Paul: So…

Chuck: That’s your segue immediately into my next point.


Chris: That was good.

Paul: That really was.

Chris: I know. That was really good.

Paul: I couldn’t have done that any better. My main man Darren. Boo! I know it is “Darren” but it rhymes with man, Darren. So my main man Darren sent something over. All right. What’s up, Darren? Darren sent something over. We traded some info this week. I was like “Hey, Darren I got something for you.” And he was like “Hey Paul, I got something better, Paul.”


Chris: And it was.

Paul: Yeah, it was. It really was. I was like “I got nothing.” So Darren sent something over. I was like “Hey.” He sent over a line of code which I didn’t write down.

Chris: It will be on something.

Paul: A line of code. Very small line of code that will — basically it’s optimizing your site for Apple products like iPad, iPod, iPhone and it shows — basically — it’s not a mobile version of your site but it says “Hey, if someone pulls up your site on a Safari browser, here’s how to properly display it to show up on the iPhone and it’s a —

Chris: So let me understand this, I actually read part of the anti-piracy code but you don’t have the line of code.


Paul: I know and it’s like –it’s seriously like 50 characters. It’s very short. It’s just a simple line of code.

Chris: We’ll give that up on Facebook.

Paul: I mean guys, like do I have — do I have to do that? That I kind of have to do everything? But thanks Darren. That was very cool man. Very, very cool. So we’ll — I’ll send that to Chris to put up on the blog. And remember it’s just — it’s not a mobile site because, you know, it’s just how your site — it is to optimize your site for being viewed on a Safari browser.

Chuck: Yeah, you brought up Apple. One thing about Apple that I was looking at was, you know, people are — they are letting the developers who build Apps that are in Apps Store. They are letting them sell advertising.

Chris: Right, right.

Chuck: Apple created a new platform. They called it iAd.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And iAd will allow you to build your app for advertising. So when I go buy this app or download this app you can advertise through me.

Chris: Right, right.

Paul: So — okay.

Chuck: It is crazy.

Paul: I mean it’s been a long morning here so I need to understand. So here’s what it is, if you want to build an iPhone app —

Chuck: Yes.

Paul: Okay. I’ll take to the guys at Apple and then they will —

Chuck: Will include some code.

Paul: Okay.

Chuck: Yeah.

Paul: They will put in an advertisement on my app?

Chuck: Exactly is.

Paul: Oh, okay.

Chuck: I mean you control where it goes even with the code that’s included in it.

Paul: It’s on the top. It’s the bottom.

Chuck: Yeah.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: And so like are they android apps? Some them have, you know, task killers, the one that has advertising in the bottom so it’s a similar thing.

Chuck: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah.

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