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Digg Reddit and SEO
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Digg Reddit and SEO

Paul:                            Yeah. Digg, I had heard of. I don’t think it was still around and Reddit. That’s what Reddit, like with a little robot dude.


Chuck:                         Well, see, and that was the tool. Digg, Reddit, and even StumbleUpon, right?


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chuck:                         In regards to SEO, those are the ones that you really — you want to use because I think they indirectly do pass link juice —


Chris:                           Yeah, I think so.


Chuck:                         — with the submission of articles and people stumbling them. And what they really does especially for people who use those tools in the toolbar, then that even gives your particular post —

Chris:                           Credibility.


Chuck:                         — more credibility. Exactly.


Paul:                            Here’s another site that I found out this week, the largest social media site that you’ve never heard of, Badoo, B-A-D-O-O.


Chris:                           Badoo, yeah. I thought that was a —


Paul:                            Not the search engine B-A-I-D-U.


Chris:                           Ahh!


Paul:                            B-A-D-O-O. It’s based in the UK, 175 million users.


Chris:                           What is —


Paul:                            And it’s kind of like —


Chuck:                         Yeah, I’ve never heard of.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Wow.


Paul:                            What I read about it was that it’s kind of like a dating — it’s a place to meet people.


Chuck:                         Okay. So like Match mixed with —


Chris:                           Facebook?


Paul:                            Kind of like that. It’s a huge site all over the world. They were — you know, it got a million users in Yugoslavia in 48 hours —


Chris:                           Wow!


Paul:                            — or some — yeah, it’s a European company and —


Chris:                           Company?


Paul:                            County, company, it’s all the same.


Chris:                           Eventually.


Paul:                            Yeah, I read it on —


Chris:                           United States brought to you by —


Paul:                            You know, I’d never heard of it but to me it just says, “Hey, there’s thousands and there’s tons of social media sites out there that you can use to help generate a buzz about your company, your website, your this or that and the other.” But still you want to stick with — search should be your primary focus.


Chris:                           And we actually that social is so important in kind of our — we got different levels of campaigns and the higher levels of campaigns. Social — did I say search? Social is included in our high level internet marketing campaigns. So that’s how important it is.


Paul:                            Yeah. And then one thing that I would say to look out for in the future is the Google +1 Button. I’ve heard that it’s going to be coming back this summer.


Chris:                           Did it disappear?


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chuck:                         It did? I’ve been seeing it.


Paul:                            Oh, really? They took it — they brought it out and then on April 1st, they took it away.


Chris:                           Maybe that was April Fools?


Paul:                            Well, no, they said they’re going to bring it back. They had some tweaking to do with it, and it was only brought on a —


Chris:                           Not to be confused with tweeting.


Paul:                            Yeah. It was only brought to the US market and only to certain people. Remember you had to go sign up to apply to do it. They said, “We’re going to bring it back.” It may be back already. I don’t know. I just haven’t seen it that much. So that’s also going to be another way to —


Chuck:                         Gain popularity.


Paul:                            — gain popularity. And my guess is that Google might pass some sort of importance if you get a bunch of likes. I don’t know.


Chuck:                         Well, I think more importantly that is going to be one of Google’s ways to figure out a better way to market to you because you have to be logged in in order to even see the +1 in the SERPs. And so in that +1, let’s say passing on credibility to whosoever I just +1’ed, right? Instead, it lets Google know that I like this.


Paul:                            I like this type of site.


Chris:                           Okay.


Chuck:                         Yeah, I like that. And so the next time I’m logged in and show me those types of —


Paul:                            Something similar.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Paul:                            Something similar to that. So you don’t want your wife or mom to stop +1ing all the porn. You don’t want to be sitting on your —


Chris:                           Don’t +1 it.


Paul:                            But hey, you know, that’s our tip.


Chris:                           Don’t +1 the porn.


Paul:                            So when that gets popular — I think it’s going to take a little while but I think that — you know, I think there is some credibility ot that program and it might actually do well. I think it will take a while. So it would be interesting to see who takes advantage of trying to use the +1’s to their advantage. And that makes no sense.


Chuck:                         Yes, somebody is eventually going to have an ad, you know, especially if you found me naturally.


Chris:                           Yeah. Go back and +1.


Chuck:                         Go back and +1.


Paul:                            +1 me and I’ll — that’s a stupid name and you get 10% off. Oh, that’s just a stupid name.


Chris:                           Well, and then maybe there will be some sort of aggregator, right? So some one piece of software –some one piece a software that enables you to +1, to like, to tweet, or whatever —


Paul:                            Oh, okay.


Chris:                           — you know, do all of these I approve of, I endorse.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Let’s start at Endorser.com.


Chuck:                         To get added to the “share this.”


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chuck:                         The “share this” box gives you all nine things. So +1 will probably be added there.


Chris:                           Yeah, that’s true.


Chuck:                         Talking about Google with that blank stare at Google.


Chris:                           All right. Blank stare. Yeah, I blinked but you didn’t blink. It was good.


Paul:                            Oh, man.


Chuck:                         Oh, so I got two people in blank stare. But we’re talking of Google so blank stare at Google. I hear you talking about the mobile wallet earlier, right?


Chris:                           Right, right.


Chuck:                         Did you realize that they recruited — well, right now PayPal filed a lawsuit against them, said that they — it was about to do it first.


Chris:                           Right.


Chuck:                         Google recruited two former —


Paul:                            PayPal employees.


Chuck:                         — PayPal —


Chris:                           Employees.


Chuck:                         Yeah. The dudes who designed PayPal with Google.


Chris:                           Wow!


Paul:                            How about you pull the trigger?


Chris:                           Yeah, PayPal, what are you waiting — yeah.


Paul:                            When they left, you should have known this is about to happen, like these guys who wrote the software and they’re gone.


Chris:                           That’s crazy.


Chuck:                         Yeah. So PayPal —


Chris:                           PayPal doesn’t have the — I mean PayPal needs Google because they don’t have the phones on the street.


Chuck:                         They don’t have the platform to do it on.


Paul:                            I don’t have a PayPal credit card.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Or a PayPal device that I could just swipe.


Chuck:                         Yeah. So they’re tied on them.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         The second one was, oh, blank stare at Amazon like really Amazon. You all should have known that doing Lady Gaga’s album in 99 Cents was —


Paul:                            99 Cents. I heard about that.


Chuck:                         That crashed their servers.


Chris:                           Was there limited timeframe or something?


Paul:                            A day.


Chris:                           One day, 99 Cents, Lady Gaga.


Paul:                            It was Tuesday of this week.


Chuck:                         Yeah. It got to the point people were complaining that it was taking hours —


Paul:                            To download?


Chuck:                         — to download one song. The rest of them would just hang up. And Amazon reported that, yeah, some of their servers melted. So yeah.


Paul:                            Wow! Oh, man.


Chuck:                         Well, come on, it’s Lady Gaga.


Paul:                            I saw it.


Chuck:                         You know what I’m saying? Like —


Chris:                           The whole album.


Chuck:                         The whole album.


Chris:                           Wow!


Chuck:                         That should have —


Chris:                           So that set some records.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Paul:                            Oh, I’m sure it did, but I would have been like $5 because I’m sure they were still getting a buttload of traffic.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Paul:                            I had 99 cents. That’s — I guess.


Chris:                           That’s like the cheap convenient — you know, the cheap 99 cents store, like —


Paul:                            Maybe this is just me and I’m cheap, but a long time ago Red Lobster did a all-you-can-eat shrimp special or something. That’s what this reminds me of. And the guy that came up with this got fired because they had so much traffic at Red Lobster and they lost a buttload of money. And he got fired so…


Chris:                           He didn’t realize how much shrimps I could eat.


Paul:                            Yeah. It was like unlimited — it was probably like five or six years ago. And he got fired so…


Chris:                           It shouldn’t even be that hard like each consumer eats this, double it just in case. Can we still make money?


Paul:                            But man, they lost a ton of money. It was bad. So whoever came up with that idea, you’re probably going to get fired.


Chris:                           Yeah. Amazon chopping block.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           All right. Is that it?


Chuck:                         Yeah, that’s all I got.


Chris:                           Excellent. This has been the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. We really appreciate you guys. We didn’t get any reviews this week, a little disappointing. Go on to iTunes, create a small account or big account — I think there’s only one size — and submit a review about us. It just doesn’t take long.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           And submit a review about it and then hit us on Facebook, Facebook.com/ewebstyle. Let us know that you submitted a review on iTunes so that we can give you — we got no punches in the face this podcast. I warmed up last night for that so… I don’t know.


Paul:                            Well, here’s a plug. I want to — here’s a plug for another podcast out there — our other podcast out there.


Chris:                           Oh, yeah.


Paul:                            Because you didn’t say anything about it. We do a live —


Chuck:                         Website analysis.


Paul:                            Thank you — website analysis right after this. We do them and then we will post them to a USTREAM page that somebody will post on our Facebook page.


Chris:                           It does end up — we haven’t put her on our Facebook. That’s a good point. So far it’s ended up on YouTube, on our YouTube channel. What we’re going to end up doing is turning it into a video podcast and getting it up on iTunes here in the next month and a half or so.


Chuck:                         So what happens is people who visit E-Webstyle.com and you fill out the website analysis, understand that we may do it live or not —


Paul:                            Yes.


Chuck:                         — which is valuable because we will send you the video.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         So that’s pretty cool.


Chris:                           So go check that out. We’re actually going to be broadcasting that here. It’s not going to be on the E-Webstyle.com/seopodcast page. It will be — you’ll need to go over to USTREAM and then look up E-Webstyle website analysis, and we’ll be starting that shortly. Until next time. This has been podcast number 108. My name is Chris.


Paul:                            Paul Hanson.


Chuck:                         Charles Lewis.


Chris:                           Bye-bye for now.

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