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This is a transcript from our 140th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Chris: Hi. Welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Charles: You got it right that time. I did.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of EWebResults.

Charles: Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: Welcome to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes. As hopefully you know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Otherwise, I have no idea how you found out this podcast or why you subscribed. Well, I guess internet marketing really worked.

Charles: We cover more than SEO. We cover DIY PPC, we cover social, we cover local, and we cover internet marketing in a whole. So, everything.

Chris: When somebody asks us what we do, we say we make great websites, we put them on the first page, we Google and then we iterate with the traffic from Google to make that that traffic converts into business.

I’m thinking about changing that to – we use all the tools on the web to help businesses grow their business.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: As always, we have a little bit of news and we have a tip from our previous podcast. This is Podcast number 140. So, in Podcast 139, our tip was – Hire an expert or let an agency run your PPC Campaign.

The small investment will ultimately save you money, and most importantly, save you time.

Charles: Definitely. You definitely wanna save time. What you don’t wanna do is waste time and money. And so, whatever result that would happen to generate by managing the PPC Campaign yourself, we probably broke even or even lost when you consider your time as an owner sitting in front of the computer, pointing and clicking.

Chris: We were talking to a very successful business owner this week. He was using a service that didn’t allow him to have access to all the details you can get in Google or in Bing, pay per click campaigns. He took it over himself, he actually did a good job, [cross-talk] and proved it. Significantly better than the company that he was utilizing.

We get on the phone with him, we’re like, so how much time are you spending? 30 minutes a day. Well, first off, here’s what I would do different on your campaign. I can actually improve it. You haven’t done those things. And 30 minutes a day for business owner, you know, shouldn’t you be making sure your employees have what they need to succeed the most. Shouldn’t you be schmoozing with that client who sent you a ton of business instead of pre-occupying yourself with [cross-talk].

Charles: Yeah. That’s two to three hours a week. And if you’re 30 minutes a day probably means an hour. [cross-talk] That’s a whole work day total, that business owners could be doing something a little bit more time for [00:02:43][Inaudible] with what they’re doing.

Chris: Productive.

Charles: Productive is the word I was looking for.

Chris: Hey, remember. We are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers.

Charles: Yes, sir.

Chris: And we have a mantra. What is that?

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Don’t be a douche.

Charles: Yeah. [00:02:57][Inaudible] a good look.

Chris: If you are in front of some sort of electronic [00:03:01][Inaudible] device, go ahead right now and tweet. And you are going to tweet or [cross-talk].

Charles: Or pass tag SEO Podcast 140. Just as now you’re watching, just tag us at EWebResults that way we would know you got it. As a matter of fact, this portion of the program is sponsored by Google Nexus. [Laughter]

So, use your phone man, tweet us and let us know you’re watching.

Chris: And by sponsored, we mean we’re proud to have one. We’re proud to have paid full price for one.

Hey, Nexus. You just hook us up. It’s now with [00:03:36][Inaudible]. I can’t believe [00:03:37][Inaudible] doesn’t call us. I don’t get it. Here we are, the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes.

Hey, I wanted to talk about this. I met an incredibly dynamic CEO and very young CEO of a not-for-profit organization. Go check out the website. It’s

Basically, they put in wells in remote areas in Africa. The stories are of course, any sort of kind of charitable story you get out of Africa is not gonna be pretty and it wasn’t.

What I thought was interesting is for $10,000, you can significantly change your community. So, that’s what they do. They raise money to $10,000 goes towards putting in the well. And kids and women are walking three hours to go get water and because they’re doing that, each way, by the way, they can’t get an education. So, it really does…

Charles: Totally water this, frankly, we would need water.

Chris: He makes the point [00:04:40][Inaudible] we wouldn’t step in. And they’re collecting it so that they can drink it.

And you know, there’s a lot of health problems. I just thought it was really interesting that you know, if you can just put in the well, put it conveniently located, now kids can get an education. And that’s kind of cool.


So I’m not gonna push that. Just go check it out, and Seth Maxwell. He is a pretty cool 24 year old kid. He was living – yeah, punch in the face for Seth – he was living the [00:05:09][phonetics] lifestyle. And sold some photos and have some experiences that changed them and now he is the CEO. At their events, they’ve got actually some of the cast of Glee, are involved in this project. He apparently actually know some of them personally, which is kind of cool. So, go check that out,

In terms of news, is there any greater news this week than the – well, is it the iPad3 or is it iPad 3rd Generation, or is it the New iPad that – I don’t even know what it’s called.

Charles: Yeah, iPad 3.

Chris: They call it the New iPad. Anyway, and one of the points they made, I thought this is interesting. They, being news people.

Charles: Yeah, media.

Chris: Media. They didn’t wanna call it iPad 3 because statistically, this will be the first iPad for a whole lot of people. And so you don’t wanna go out and have the first one to be with the iPad 3. I got the New iPad. So, an interesting marketing thing.

Charles: What’s the difference with the iPad 3?

Chris: Yeah. Around here it would be known as the iPad 3.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: And we may not see one for a while. [laughter] You know what’s different on it?

Charles: Well, I was surprised that I found out most of the rumors that they had going out weren’t true. Like it does have a home button, you know. And they were saying that it wasn’t.

I heard something along the lines of the screen was supposed to be kind of [00:06:40][Inaudible] so you could feel certain stuff. And the desk is not accurate either.

Chris: 3.1 million pixels.

Charles: Wow. Stupid clarity.

Chris: They pulled up a – this is on the TV news, not internet news. They pulled up an HD TV and then showed how many more pixels are in this tiny iPad than your big HD TV. It’s pretty crazy.

It’s also got 5 mega pixel camera. I love their term resolutionary. By the way, we have a new term to our vocabulary today. We’ll be getting to that soon.

And then also this was interesting – TI Texas Instruments, their profits are down. They’re selling less Kindle Fire’s than they had anticipated.

Charles: You know, some of our softwares is not surprising that they chose now to release the three. Remember, last year, they had the whole [00:07:40][Inaudible] Apple Store out there.

Chris: I’m surprised they didn’t do that this year. I mean with the three coming out…

Charles: They probably will.

Chris: Oh yeah. Maybe another [00:07:48][Inaudible].

Charles: If it’s this week, it will be crazy out there.

Chris: Although, are they coming out? They may not be coming out for two more weeks or something.

Charles: I think the release day was the 15th. So, that’s next week.

Chris: Yeah. They probably missed.

Charles: Next Saturday. [cross-talk]

Chris: Maybe they’ll have one day at [00:08:08][Inaudible].

Charles: It’s running two days a week.

Chris: We’re gonna try and go – we’re actually trying to put things together. You can stalk us,,, E-webstyle Podcast at


Chris: I can’t even do it after you getting started. Those are the ways you can stalk us. If you go to our Facebook page, there’s a really good question and frankly, we don’t know the answer to it. Basically, there’s a gentleman and I didn’t include his monicker, so I don’t know exactly who it is.

I think I did speak with him. I think it’s Phillipe. And I think we may be interviewing with him later today.

Charles: We got contacted by two Phillipe’s.

Chris: Yeah. Two last name of Phillipe in the same week is crazy. He posted – he’s got a virtual assistant working with him and he wants to use a whole collection of tools. And he’s actually listed all the tools on our Facebook page,

And we don’t use those. So, we’re thinking that probably some of you out there use them. And if you guys do use them, get on our Facebook page and let us know your results.

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