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Twenty-Second SEO Podcast July 10th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi, welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast.

Paul: Welcome back and thank you for joining us for another fun-filled edition of the podcast.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres. I am owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, Sales Manager of E-Webstyle.

Chris: So, as always we like to start off with a little bit of, do we start off with news or do we talk about what we did last time first?

Paul: Ahhh…I don’t remember. I should know this because we do it every week.

Chris: But let’s talk about a little bit of news.

Paul: What’s in the news today?

Chris: We have something that’s absolutely, unbelievably hilarious. Man fatally gored in running of the bulls.

Paul: I have no sympathy over that guy.

Chris: Well, I am kind of kidding. It’s not absolutely hilarious. It’s just stupidity. Stupidity, you know. I think, have you heard of the Darwin Awards.

Paul: I haven’t like people who die doing like stupid stuff.

Chris: Really, really stupid things. I think running of the bulls would be one. You were saying you had a buddy…

Paul: Yes and he had a great strategy. He ran track in high school and college and he says…

Chris: So he was fast?

Paul: Yeah and he said, when they said go, he immediately went to the front and did not turn and look back and I’m like, hey that’s a good strategy because if there’s a bull trying, two guys and a pair of bulls trying to kill me, I don’t want to be, I don’t want to hit in the head.

Chris: Taunting, yeah.

Paul: Yeah, with a newspaper.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: No.

Chris: You hit flies with a newspaper; you don’t hit bulls with a newspaper.

Paul: Bulls with a newspaper.

Chris: That’s just kind of foolish.

Paul: I’m sure it was a ton of fun until the point that somebody got hurt, you know.

Chris: Yeah, it’s always fun until somebody dies. I mean, gets hurt.

Paul: Stop, you’re going to get a lung poked out or whatever.

Chris: You know, I’d love to have some great box seats for the running of the bull.

Paul: Oh yeah.

Chris: I don’t think I need to, I don’t think I need to participate.

Paul: That’d be cool. I think it’d be great to watch.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: That’d be fun, but, no.

Chris: Drink some nice Spanish wine.

Paul: Of course and then I’m definitely not running.

Chris: Maybe you’d like throw newspaper at the bull.

Paul: I’ll hand newspapers out like cups of water at the marathon.

Chris: Say hey, hey, you seem out of paper, you need some defense.

Paul: I’ll just hand out newspapers, here you go, here you go, here you go.

Chris: Don’t mind that big, 2000, 2-ton bull behind you.

Paul: Or better yet, hand out insurance. Insurance.

Chris: Although, you know what, if Jackie Chan can beat up five guys with a rolled up newspaper, certainly a random stranger can take care of a bull.

Paul: Or a sea of bulls running after you.

Chris: How many bulls run and I don’t know.

Paul: It’s at least 10, at least 10.

Chris: Okay, and do you get any head start? I just don’t know anything about that.

Paul: I don’t know. I really don’t know. I mean, at least they’d get, I’d say, 20 yards but they run right in front of them.

Chris: And some of them like slow down so that they can wait for the bulls.

Paul: Yeah, they do. They run right in front of those suckers which apparently isn’t a good idea.

Chris: Yeah, on some occasions. The other thing that we saw on the news that caught both of our eye was actually on MSN and CNN’s front page, psychics see magic in Michael Jackson’s life.

Paul: Oh man! That’s newsworthy right there.

Chris: So these are supposed to be…

Paul: Is it a slow news day?

Chris: Am I missing something? Aren’t these supposed to be credible news sources?

Paul: And we’re talking about psychics. Right.

Chris: I have to tell you. I did use a psychic once.

Paul: I have never used one.

Chris: It was very valuable because I’m sitting at the desk one day and I got this phone call and this lady said, hey, I’m calling about life insurance and I said, oh, I don’t need any life insurance. And she said, of course, according to her script, she said, well, we’re all, you know, uncomfortable talking about death and it’s not really for you, it’s for the ones you leave behind. And I said, no, really, I just back from psychic, I’m not dying for at least 10 years.

Paul: Yeah so you’re good.

Chris: It went quiet.

Paul: What do you say that?

Chris: That’s what she said. She said, um, okay, thank you.

Paul: I’m going to use that one. I’m going to use that one.

Chris: And I think you can probably use that as for anything.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: My psychic just told me I don’t need that or whatever…so.

Paul: That’s awesome.

Chris: Well, our last podcast, we talked about, we kind of related how Michael Jackson was on the forefront of a technology in that case it was videos. And, you know, how there are a lot of people right now on the forefront of Facebook and Twitter. We kind of told you how foolish I was to think we were on the first page in an instance where we weren’t. Certainly we’re moving towards the first page on that. And we also talked about; this may sound funny, burritos and Hammer pants.

Paul: Burritos and Hammer, I mean, what better way to start a podcast.

Chris: So if us talking about burritos and Hammer pants intrigues you, you should go back to our previous podcast and listen to it because…

Paul: Find out why we’re talking about burritos and Hammer pants on a SEO podcast.

Chris: Exactly. So go back and check that out again. We love all your comments. We really appreciate everyone out there listening. If you’ve got any comments or questions for us, go ahead and send those to We’ll be happy to air your question and maybe even talk a little bit about your website and give you one of those shoutouts.

Paul: Yes. And keep the emails for the analysis coming.

Chris: Yeah. We’re still, we’re extending our offer.

Paul: We’re still offering it.

Chris: You can get a free five-point analysis and that’s from an SEO perspective which as you, you know, if you’ve been listening to this podcast, there’s a lot of nuances about SEO but the real value comes when you start actually converting that traffic into dollars.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: So that five-point analysis really attacks both of those. It’s an analysis of your website from the perspective of turning traffic into customers and an analysis of your website to get it on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bling. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Paul: Hey, I’ll go with Bling. They should’ve actually named it Bling better.

Chris: You know, if they were more cutting edge, Microsoft feels like an old stodgy company now, right? Remember it was the bomb and wow?

Paul: What it was what Apple is now.

Chris: Yeah or Google.

Paul: Yeah or Google.

Chris: And Google is coming out. They’re actually going to go head to head with a Google operating system which is already available.

Paul: Oh, really?

Chris: You’re looking stunned.

Paul: Wow!

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I hadn’t read that.

Chris: I didn’t too many articles on it so I don’t know too much about it and it’s clear that Google is, you know, it’s in the game as, hey, anyone can sell somebody a device that has the ability to computing. The only software you need to run on that which sometimes the people call that the operating system is Google and that’s Internet capable. You’ve got Google Docs, Google apps, you’ve got, you know, Google drawing, drafting, editing, you’ve got everything you need in one Google app, called Chrome.

Paul: That’s going to be interesting. I’d like to see where that goes.

Chris: So we’ll see how that goes. We’ve got a whole lot of things to talk about today. We’re actually going to do a review of a website which means that I need to pull that up and I’ll do that here shortly. But we started talking about; we’ve been running some different campaigns here. I like to really get involved in some of the campaigns sometimes. We’ve got lots of campaigns going off in places and I kind of glance at them from time to time. But I take a personal interest in them sometimes and in things as I’m doing that, I kind of, it refreshes my mind about things that are probably valuable for you guys to think about. One of them is Pay per click. You know, we always talk about Pay per click, it’s valuable. There’s value in running Pay per click and having great organic search engine placement.

Paul: Yes, definitely.

Chris: That comes from a perspective of, okay, I’m looking organically which I trust 80% more than Pay per click and I also notice that they have a link over there on Pay per click so these guys are serious not only about the quality of their website and information available on the website, they’re also serious about their business and growing their business so it lends to credibility back and forth. You’re certainly hoping that they see you’re organic and then don’t go click your Pay per click because that costs you money and you’ve already paid your money for organic if you’ve been working with us. So everyone, when you start Pay per click and we talk in general, we’re always talking about Google and one thing that I want to make I think is very important to really think about is that Yahoo is another significant search engine out there and if you got to click for the term, I don’t know, shutters in Houston from Yahoo and you got the same click from shutters in Houston on Google and you paid a certain amount of money, the value of those clicks is the same.

Paul: A click is a click. Whether it comes from…

Chris: On a search engine.

Paul: Yeah, a search engine click from Google is just as valuable as a search engine click from Yahoo or Bing. A click is a click, you know. You just want to get them to your, you want to get them to your website which search engine they use, hey whatever, a click is a click.

Chris: Right. So they have the same value, but it’s important to understand that they don’t have the same cost.

Paul: Oh. So that’s an interesting point. And that’s something that I think a lot of people can gain a lot of valuable insight from. Let’s talk about the cost. Now when I think search engine, I don’t even say search engine most of the time, I say Google. Because I think, I mean, Google’s my go to, that’s my go to search engine. So I usually go with Google. And so if I’m going to do a, if I’m Joe the Plumber, I’m starting a PVC campaign.

Chris: Joe the Plumber again! Yeah, alright!

Paul: I’m probably going to go to Google first. So talk about, you know, different search, like using different search engines and pricing. Talk about that.

Chris: So, I think I will.

Paul: Alright. I appreciate it because if you don’t I don’t know where…

Chris: Where this podcast is going? So, it’s important again, you know, they have pay per click campaigns. They’ve got Yahoo, they’ve got Bing, they’ve got Google and what you realize is that Yahoo is less expensive and if you’re able to spend your entire budget at Yahoo then you might as well spend your entire budget at UF Yahoo because you’re going to get more clicks from your dollars at Yahoo or Bing than you are from Google because Google’s more expensive and I can give you some examples. Some of the terms that were working right now for E-Webstyle, you know, we’re not getting clicks at the 5-dollar range on Google and we are getting clicks at the 1 and 2-dollar range at Yahoo. So, you know, every time Google clicks, it’s costing us five dollars every time Yahoo clicks, it’s costing us one dollar. I’m spending more money attempting to spend as much money as I can on Yahoo because I get more clicks for the dollar.

Paul: But wait, Chris, Google gets a lot more searches than Yahoo.

Chris: But if I can spend all of my money, I’m getting more clicks. So if Yahoo has a significant amount of traffic, that’s probably what you’re eluding to, it’s not like Yahoo doesn’t exist. It’s, you know, Google is significantly larger probably three times larger in terms of searches. But if the amount of traffic that Yahoo generates and the amount of queries that they generate relative to your, you know, search engine optimization Houston term is enough to spend all the money that you want to spend in that budget, then you should do it at Yahoo and you do it at Yahoo because for that we’ll just say, you know whatever, 10,000 dollars. For that 10,000 dollars, if you can spend all of it, you’re going to get more clicks. Because your clicks cost an average of a buck apiece versus five bucks apiece.

Paul: Excellent point, excellent point.

Author: eweb-admin