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Forty-Sixth Internet Marketing Podcast Feb. 12th 2010. Third page of Transcription

Chris: Well, Facebook is more social media. Yeah, social. So, Delicious is one. BlinkList, which I have never used. StumbleUpon which I actually like. I use it on my lunch breaks all the time. And So, those are social bookmarking sites and so you want to try and get your website on one of those. And so, often what we talk about when we’re talking about the process of engaging and social marketing, you actually have to be a member of those sites typically, and you want to have friends who have influence, you know, friends who a lot of people follow, a lot of people like to follow what they dig or what they find as delicious or what the blink at.

And so, when you have those people and you can get them to reference your website, boom, you’re going to have ‑ not only, in those cases, it’s good for getting indexed, for people finding you, but it’s also just to get for, you know, backlink love. It’s good for traffic, traffic in general, you know. You definitely want traffic on your website.

Paul: We’ve talked about that over and over. Get on, you know, get your social media on people.

Chris: Yeah, it works. It works. And, you know, even Mo Serious, Chuck.

Paul: Chuck.

Chris: Chuck.

Paul: The SEO rapper.

Chris: Really, SEO rapper. We’re serious. There is an SEO rapper. He is awesome, and one of things he said when we were interviewing him here in the office, he said if they can’t find you somewhere else, at least they can find you on Facebook or MySpace or whatever, Twitter or whatever.

Paul: He is an avid tweeter.

Chris: Yeah. Chuck has actually kind of helped me. I was like I had to get on Twitter. I need to get on to it. Now, I need to actually start updating my tweets. I’m going to do right after this and say, “Podcast is up.”

Paul: Podcast up. That’s what’s up.

Chris: And that’s what’s up.

Paul: That’s how we get in to every podcast, right?

Chris: So, create comments on a blog is another one. And this is ‑ you find that there are actually a lot of SEO companies who will do this. This is a way really to create backlink love. You get on a blog, and we’ve got a number of blogs that were responsible for when I get comments like there a standard going around. These are all basically SPAM and their comment is, “Oh, your blog is so incredibly informative. I was looking all over the place for information on this subject. I have bookmarked you.” And they want me to approve it so that they get that backlink love.

I don’t approve that because it’s clear what they are doing and it doesn’t help my website. If you don’t have any links going out of your website, you might want to approve some of those because actually having links out of your website is actually good. It creates a better experience on your website, because if your website is just text and information about you and with no future destination, it kind of feels like you reached the end of the web, and people don’t like to think that they’ve reached the end of the web. There’s always some more piece of information.

In our case, we actually get legitimate submissions about information that is in the blog, and when that happens, we absolutely approve it. We want to approve it so that we get those links going out. Those are fine. Those don’t hurt us. They actually help us. I was thinking about this ‑ this may sound embarrassing ‑ about this last night. We talked about in our last couple of podcasts that the job of you doing SEO or your SEO company is to give a good experience to Google users. So, if a Google user comes to your website and I was thinking I bet Google has a once a month meeting where whatever, five guys who are just out of diapers, maybe even girls, and they’re saying “Okay, what factor should we consider in search engine results, right, and who is position 1, who is position 10? Should we consider the age of the website? Should we consider the age of the information? Should we consider, I don’t know, if it has outbound links?” And think about it, it’s a better experience for the user if a particular page does have outbound links.

You know, in the grand sense of the web, a particular web page is about collecting information and providing information to the user. And you’re not going to provide at all on one page, so you need to have it, and you’re not going to provide it all on one website. So, maybe you’ve got some outbound links going to Wikipedia to help define certain terms. Maybe you’ve got outbound links to MSN ’cause there’s an article related to whatever you’re talking about. Those create a better experience for the Google user and your user in general. And so, they’re going to count that. That’s going to have some value.

Paul: And just a piggy back on that. Don’t, you know, add value. If you’re going to make a comment on it, make sure it’s of value. ‘Cause I read a lot of like blogs, if I’m trying to find something or how to do something, I’m searching or reading blogs, and I can just scroll. People can tell like when you just want a backlink. So add value too. If you’re going to add on a forum or whatever, make sure that you’re adding value to the actual forum itself, not just SPAM. SPAM sucks.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah. And we’re just going to delete it.

Paul: Yeah. Delete SPAM.

Chris: We use WordPress for all of our blogs and it’s got some really nice features for handling SPAM. It actually got some built-in SPAM filter so it’s ‑ what little SPAM I get I think is attributed to that SPAM filter and it’s so easy to handle it. I just delete or SPAM. Okay, I’d put SPAM. That way it gets filtered from other people.

Alright. So, this one is substantially the same. Oh, what was I going to say? So, comment. I put a note here. So we get comment on a blog, right?

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Chris: Or you could send a review about a podcast and get mentioned in a podcast which gets transcribed and put on a blog. That’s what’s up. So, we actually engage in providing this type of service if you will. You know, write a review of a particular podcast and let them know and say, “Hey, could you give me backlink love?” Maybe it’s not us. Maybe there’s a blog that’s more relevant to your subject, right? So, I don’t know, you’re an army services and you sell guns or whatever and there’s a police website and they have a blog. You could write a good review about it and then let the people in charge of the blog know, “Hey, I wrote this review about it. Maybe you could recommend some of my review at my website or something.” That could give you some backlink love.

Paul: That’s actually kind of link baiting. You may have heard that term before.

Chris: As long as you are doing something of value to the readers, to that website, to your website, then it’s not just SPAM.

Paul: What goes around comes around. So, it’s all good.

Chris: So, the next thing on this is actually substantially the same as the blog, commenting on the blog. It’s comment on a popular forum or help page. So, that’s pretty much the same.

Paul: Yeah, I’ll kick that dead horse in over no time.

Chris: And what I mean is that it’s good stuff though. It all makes sense, just don’t SPAM.

Paul: Yeah, don’t SPAM.

Chris: And this article was actually, it’s written by Anton Strydom and as we mentioned earlier, it was submitted February 10th, so it’s very recent. And it’s on Ezine Articles. And it says 10 Steps to Get Your Website Indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo in a Day. And the rest of the things here, we really just wanted to touch upon, you know, how you just get in them and get ‑ well, this does say get indexed. But there’s other things like install and activate Google Analytics. We have talked about that numerous times. I don’t think that gets you indexed. Probably if you did it all on itself and did nothing else, you might get indexed just because now Google is aware of you, but I wouldn’t count on that. That’s you know.

Paul: But you should be doing it anyway.

Chris: Yeah. By the way, you should be doing Google Analytics. Anyway, Google AdSense. So that’s if you want to have ads on your website and then Google AdWords. So, you know, there’s no evidence that if you are advertising on Google, you know, pay per click advertising on Google, there’s no evidence that that makes your website do any better in organic and there’s no evidence. However, if you are advertising on pay per click, you should be getting more traffic. If you’re not, then you need to let us run this pay per click campaign.

Paul: And you know, here’s something else that’s not on the list, but it’s actually, this article is an example of it. At the very bottom of this article, it says Anton Strydom is a seasoned web, online media and technology blah, blah, blah. He’s the founder of this company and here’s their website. You could actually write an article and submit it to an article, what is this?

Chris: Like

Paul: Yeah. You could write an article and provide value to the SEO community or through the internet and do it that way, ’cause I read tons or articles about just random things and I will go ahead. If it’s a good article, I’ll check out their website and say hey, is this something that’s good and of value to me? I might take a look at this. I think that’s another good way. Write an article.

Chris: Alright. Well, it looks like we’re actually out of time. This is a really good podcast, more information. Again, we are so ‑ I’m still stoked about those incredible reviews. Thank you. Bend it like Beckham and…

Paul: And MPO Zero and Lightning Thief.

Chris: Basketball.

Paul: Basketball.

Chris: Lightning Basketball.

Paul: That’s a movie. Yeah, that’s a movie.

Chris: Again, send us your website so we can give you some backlink love. We really appreciate that. Anybody else out there who wants to write a review, if you get a modicum of valuable information in this, do us a favor, link to us, find us, tell your friends, tell everyone, tell your neighbors, strap a sign on your dog and have them run down the street. I don’t know.

Paul: Just stand on the street corner with a sign that says E-Webstyle like…

Chris: Rocks.

Paul: Yeah, there you go. That would work.

Chris: Help us out. We really appreciate it. We really have a good time. We really enjoy giving back to the SEO community and helping you guys out. If you guys have any questions or comments, again, You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We really appreciate your listenership and hopefully soon your viewership. 9:15 Central Standard time, you can find us. That is our podcast. We really appreciate you joining us. My name is Chris Burres.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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