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Twenty-Second SEO Podcast July 10th 2009. Third page of Transcription

Chris: They slapped this one up really quickly and you know, it does have some of the components that you want. I actually do like this first image. It’s got some of the cheesier stuff that we used to use when we designed long ago like, his “Plantation Shutters, only $17.45, Limited Time” wiggling back and forth at the top.

Paul: Looking like a seizure.

Chris: Yeah. We always like to have motion, but you’re right, we don’t want it to be seizure-inducing motion.

Paul: Yes!

Chris: That’s kind of; it’s actually just kind of annoying.

Paul: Yeah. Just you know, you want to stay away from anything that’s like seizuriffic.

Chris: Seizuriffic, I like it! That’s seizuriffic! Throwing me in to the seizure!

So, the other thing you notice is the links across the top. It’s obviously a template that was designed to have six links and he only has four.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: They just left two blank spaces.

Paul: One thing I will give him like, his navigation scheme is consistent and I was like okay, he does have the same. If you go across every single page, his navigation bar across the top that has links to his other pages like Home, Services, Contact Us, splash … it does stay consistent throughout the … which is…

Chris: It’s very good. That’s actually…

Paul: It’s not really a given, yet. I mean, like, you would think it is a given but I still see a lot of sites, almost maybe one every other day, where their navigation system…

Chris: It’s poorly done.

Paul: Yeah, or it may change, so.

Chris: Well we were looking at that other site earlier today where it’s just incomplete navigation. Where, from the home page if you clicked Portfolio, it would go to the Portfolio, but if you went to the Services page and clicked Portfolio, it was a dead link.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Those are the kind of things that would cause us you know, our rating system is from one to five. That would bring you, you know, from a five being the most powerful, down to a two because some of your links are missing and then images were missing on that one.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: But you know, for what he does, if you really think about it – and it depends on what he wants to do with his business. This is where we start asking questions about what do you want to accomplish with your business? Is it just some income? Are you happy with the current income? Is it something and you know, this may sound obvious because you know, you think business owner – are you happy with the current income? There are a lot of people who are.

Paul: Yeah. [inaudible]

Chris: It’s a legitimate question. There are people like okay, I make whatever it is my company makes and I’m happy with that. I’ve got my car paid for, I’ve got my house paid for, my kids are going to college. I don’t need any more money, I just need to maintain that business and in this economy to maintain a business you need to be effectively trying to grow it.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Because you are going to lose customers in this economy. We hear about it every day and you know, you’ve got to replace those customers and to do that you’ve got to be kind of … in effect, you’ve got to be in an expansion mode. So you ask that question, is this a business that he wants to grow more? Is this a business that he’s happy with? Does he want to grow to the point where he’s got you know 10-20 employees? You know, what’s his kind of vision? Because when you understand where you want to end up, it’s easy to figure out what you need to be doing today.

Paul: Need to do, yes.

Chris: If he wants 10 employees in the next year, we need to aggressively change his website and we need to aggressively go after organic search engine placement. Not just in Houston, this one we’d recommend a local search where he’s doing things like shutters in Houston, shutters in Baytown. For those of you who aren’t around Houston, Baytown is just you know, a surrounding city that most service companies are willing to drive to. That would also include like, Conroe … it’s a little bit far, you may want to do it, you may not … Humble, Tomball, those kinds of places. So you would kind of target a campaign for those keywords and those local areas so that he could grow his business. And again, that depends on what he’s doing. He’s actually doing some of it. You’ll notice he does mention “Proudly serving Pasadena, Houston, Seabrook, Clear Lake, Deer Park, Bel Aire and the surrounding areas. That was, I’m not sure that was an attempt at SEO. I think it was just an attempt at kind of…

Paul: To say where he’s serving, what areas he’s willing to service. But I still think it’s still a great idea in terms of letting the customer know hey, these are the areas that I’m willing to drive to and help service you; but also even for the search engine spider. Now they’ve got another geographic location associated…

Chris: That they can apply you to.

Paul: Yeah, associated with your website so if I’m searching for shutters in Bel Aire now, you know, a spider might be able to find you.

Chris: Right, right, and apply and show your page. That’s very true. So really what I would ask him what he would want to accomplish. This website, I would get rid of the splash page and just have his Home, Services, and Contact Us button. I would probably put a little more pictures on his services because he literally has only one picture and he has only one picture on the homepage. I think I would put a few more and I always like to have people in pictures. Like somebody doing you know, pretending to finalize the installation is a very powerful image. It’s more powerful than just the shutters and so I’d want to do that. I’d probably want to have a couple before and after, right? The more dramatic, the better…

Paul: Yes.

Chris: …because it’s going to give you some more thing. You also see he’s got his email here and it’s got an improper link on it so… It’s actually a proper link, but just improperly laid out, so.

Paul: One thing that I think people should really start to get away from is he has an email address, he has a hotmail…

Chris: Account.

Paul: …on a hotmail on account. This what I … I have a hotmail account, but my hotmail account is not on the E-Webstyle website. It’s you know, it’s at E-Webstyle.

Chris: And, when you’re doing business as E-Webstyle you do it as E-Webstyle and that creates a certain amount of credibility.

Paul: To me, I would do it just for credibility…

Chris: Nothing else.

Paul: …and nothing else.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Just credibility. I, looking at his site, I think he needs to add calls to action. I really only see one and it’s the seizuriffic plantation shutters for $17.95.

Chris: That’s not even a call to action. That’s just like a, you know, it doesn’t say ‘call me’.

Paul: Yeah, it doesn’t.

Chris: Right? It doesn’t say ‘call me’ anywhere. It does in the text, which is very small so there’s a part of him that understands look; I need to be telling them what to do. Call the experts. The other thing that he’s got on here is “For a Limited Time Order – Must Order By 6-30-09”. I think that date is gone now.

Paul: ’09, that was about two weeks ago, a week and a half ago?

Chris: Yeah, so you know, and then items available. He just needs to spend a little more time on the website to make it more impactful.

Paul: There’s one thing I say, if you’re going to put limited time offers and call me by this date, make sure you are updating because to me, when I see stuff like that I’m like, okay, you’re not really messing around with the website.

Chris: It’s kind of ironic because that date, as soon as it expires, that could be 2007 or it could be last month. The meaning is the same. They don’t update their website.

Paul: Yeah, exac-, yeah.

Chris: Right, and if it’s you know, my belief would be that I could come back in a year and that’s still going to say 6-30 so I’m going to treat him just the same as somebody who’s got an expiration by 6-30-07. So you’re right, it is very important to keep that up to date.

Paul: One thing that I would say is I think little things like this, like having maybe a hotmail account listed on your website and having incorrect dates and broken links, to me that is something it’s like, one little small negative thing. Having a hotmail account is not a sin to have a hotmail account on your website, but its one little bitty negative thing. Okay, maybe he should have his own you know…

Chris: You might let that slide.

Paul: Yes. Okay, but now I also see a date, and expired date on here. Okay, and then I also see another little bitty thing, and then those little bitty things add up and you don’t want to you know, having that hotma- … having the correct email address and having proper dates on your website is probably not going to get you a sale, but having these things improperly done on your website…

Chris: Can lose sales.

Paul: …might lose you a sale, yeah.

Chris: Yeah, you can definitely lose sales.

Paul: And so it’s just about making sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. You know, it’s not necessarily going you know, doing these things right could help you keep sales not necessarily … it will help you not lose them, if that makes sense.

Chris: So kind of the short story is hey, if you’re kind of happy with where your business is, you want to grow it a little, I would clean up this website just so that it’s not damaging your reputation.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Because it should be supporting your reputation. Then I actually wouldn’t do SEO. If he’s happy with his business, just keep it manual because he’s going to invest some money in SEO…

Paul: Yes.

Chris: …and you know, if that’s what he’s going to do if he wants to grow his business.

Paul: I think he’s going to have to invest some money in his website…

Chris: Before we do SEO, yeah.

Paul: …prior and that’s something we do talk about, so. Everyone listen, you may have to do that. Consider it if you’re going to do SEO. You might have to invest money in the website first.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: So don’t forget that.

Chris: Because the last thing you want to do is waste money. That’s like doing a mail-out and having the wrong phone number.

Paul: Exactly.

Chris: Right, because if they call and you know, it’s the wrong place or if they go to your website and it’s the wrong image that you know, it presents an image that doesn’t represent your company, the high quality of your company, then you know, they might as well have called the wrong number.

Paul: Yeah, exactly.

Chris: You don’t want to make those efforts without having a clean, good look and feel, so.

We’re actually out of time.

Paul: Yes, I think we’re a little over.

Chris: Yeah, we’re running a little bit over. You guys look, no charge.

Paul: These four minutes are free.

Chris: Absolutely free! Brought to you by the guys at E-Webstyle, your SEO, which actually means internet marketing company.

Paul: Keep the emails and the analyseeses…

Chris: Analysireseizures! The analyseizure requests!

Paul: Keep those coming, I love knowing that people are listening. They want help and you know, we absolutely are going to extend it. We are going to offer it for free and here’s one thing I’d like to say, if you are listening and you have a podcast, send it to me.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I want to listen. I try the best as much time … I try to dedicate time listening to other people’s. I don’t have as much time, but I want to know who else is out there. Who’s got a good podcast? We might be able to learn something that you put out there that maybe I didn’t know, so send those podcasts. You know, or if you know of another one, send it to us. You know, I’d like to become your audi- … you’re listening to us, I’d like to become part of your audience as well.

Chris: Excellent! Well, until out next podcast, this is Chris Burres.

Paul: And Paul Hanson.

Chris: Bye-bye for now!

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