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Seventy-Seventh Internet Marketing Podcast September 24th 2010. Second page of Show Notes

Show others Wall posts on your FaceBook Business page

Chris: That is awesome. And then Darren Booy actually has an article that he posted on our wall which is Five Ways to Be an Ethical SEO Expert.

Paul: And he is going down tomorrow in Fantasy Football, European Football so just —

Chris: Even though Paul has no idea how it works —

Paul: I would still whoop up on him.

Chris: He just —

Paul: But no knowledge or experience or education required.

Chris: Yeah, and we’ll agree with the first two.

Paul: Yeah.


Chris: To his credit, he’s never played soccer. I played soccer most of my life. He’s never played soccer and he got into the World Cup like —

Paul: Oh, man, all on it.

Chris: And you know what? It was something really exciting for me. I’m sorry I got to — I love soccer so I got to talk about this. There’s some sort of alarm going off somewhere.

Paul: Oh, it’s my phone. It’s all good. Oh, wait.

Chris: You couldn’t find a more annoying ring for your phone? So I’ve been playing soccer for most of my life and I’ve always felt that soccer is not a high-scoring game and in America people just rag on this sport ’cause there’s no scores, 0-0, 1-1. Who would want to watch such a boring game? You got basketball and football with such high scores. And I always thought that you had to play with it to realize that kicking a ball 75 yards to somebody who’s actually running and then bringing the ball from the air down onto the grass in stride so that they can continue to dribble the ball is unbelievably challenging. And I always thought that you really needed — and something to cheer about. You’re like, “Wow! That was 75 yards,” and there’s no goal. “That’s a 75-yard kick. You brought it right to a split. That was amazing!” Well, I always felt like you needed that appreciation in order to enjoy soccer. And apparently, it’s not true. You can really enjoy soccer and not, you know, necessarily know specifically how hard it is. I think it’s pretty apparent that that’s really challenging.

Paul: The people — yeah.

Chris: But I’m excited. I’m excited for — l call it my sport. I’m going to say it right now. It’s my sport.

Paul: That’s what’s up.

Chris: My sport is soccer and I haven’t played it in 10 years.

Paul: I really did — I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the workup. I never played them.

Chris: Very cool. You can think about joining a league.

Paul: I have.

Chris: You should do that. Join a woman’s league.

Paul: I did. I thought of it.

Chris: So you can —

Paul: So I can — I mean, at least I can win at that ’cause I’ll go for the easy W anytime. I have no problem there.

Chris: Easy woman?

Paul: The easy —

Chris: [laughs]

Paul: Yeah, I was actually better than the win so yes, I’m going to adopt that.

Chris: Maybe I can do both in the soccer field. I can kick your ass on the field and then get a win. [Laughs] All right. So we’ve got an article here. Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing. This we found. We ripped off. We’re stealing from — well, because we’re about to give credit. It’s not really ripped off or stealing.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: It’s a search engine journal. We’re not going to read it to you. We’re just going to steal ideas from it. And these are, again, Dos and Dont’s of social media marketing. We’ve got build a strong social network.

Paul: Wow! I’d say that probably would be the first most important thing is to actually build a network. You know, there’s a million ways to build a network. You could — one, you know you want to —

Chris: And make sure it’s a social network. Yeah.

Paul: Okay. Yeah. A social — yeah.

Chris: [Laughs] Is there any kind of Ethernet? I mean there is this network with social.

Paul: Yeah, we started building our network by developing this podcast. You know, we have a Facebook page and we would always shout out to our Facebook page. We have a Twitter page when we say, “Hey, we’re about to put up something new.” So we used — I mean a big part of our social network came from the podcast and I’d like to say, you know, going forward, we’re going to start branching out and try to build our social network on these different places. All the ways we’re going to start commenting in our — all kinds of different something.

Chris: Hey, I just commented on some Facebook pages just last night.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And I promise you I was not a douche.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: No, no, no ’cause we did a podcast on how not to be a douche and I listened to the podcast.

Paul: So you weren’t like, “Hey, my name is Chris. Great podcast. Check out mine. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Here’s my website. Buy my this. Buy my that.” You weren’t? Oh. [Laughs]

Chris: No. what I didn’t do is I didn’t say, “Hey, great wall. You should think about joining Facebook.” [Laughs]

Paul: Oh, yeah, yeah, let someone get to us.

Chris: No, I just said ’cause there’s a couple other people who are giving out to the SEO community. I just — on Facebook did a search for SEO and there’s a couple of people giving back kind of like we are and I said, “Hey, I love to find the other people. We’re giving back to SEO newbies. Check out the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.” So you know.

Paul: Okay. That’s what’s up.

Chris: That is what’s up. So we’ll probably have a million listeners — a million likers by the end of the day. So that’s going to be exciting. Yeah, so build a strong social network. That kind of like — it almost makes sense.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Wait, it does make sense. So that’s step no. 1. Step no. 2 is expand your effort building the trust quotient of your website.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: Well, that was a good silence. I like that.

Paul: I wasn’t sure if you were going to go into — and here’s what I like. What this talks about is — and this is something we are kind of in the middle of this right now and it basically says if you don’t — when you engage in social media marketing you are inviting the entire world to critique your website.

Chris: It’s kind of like going into politics. I guess that’s the point of this.

Paul: Well, people are going to watch you. They’re going to critique everything that you do.

Chris: I think I would have chosen some other terminology here instead of trust quotient. I think I would have said just consistency and —

Paul: Make sure you got something like that you don’t mind pushing out there to millions and millions and millions of people.

Chris: I’ve got a good example. So right down the street from here is a small little company, you guys make have heard of it, HostGator. Literally, walking distance from here. We drive by their parking lot every day. It’s not us who throw the eggs at the cars.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: We like them. They’re fine. We’re just — that was — I thought it would be funny.

Paul: Yeah, I thought it was.

Chris: Good. And we’ve — I got on their website, checked them out. They’re down the street. They’re one of the largest ISPs or webhosting providers in the country — in
the world, actually. And in the blog, the owner has gone — it has a couple of blog entries where he’s gone onto the streets of Houston as a bomb, panhandling for cash and then reports how much cash he gets for the day. I actually like social, you know, the sociology studies like that and things like that. It’s very cool. If I ever did it, it would not be on the E-Webstyle webpage. It wouldn’t even be on my Facebook. I might add it to a personal —

Paul: Another blog.

Chris: I’ll put it on my wife’s blog.

Paul: Yeah, there you go. [Laughs]

Chris: That way — you know, I think that’s a good example of really that’s not the kind of thing you want to associate with your business. So as soon as you do that you get people like us ragging on or doing that.

Paul: Yeah, on a podcast.

Chris: [Laughs] With a lot of —

Paul: There you go. You also want to make sure that your site, your blog, everything is — not efficient — is not harmful. You know, you want to be careful not — you don’t want to spread viruses. You people get hacked. That happens all the time. I know we got hacked yesterday as a matter of fact. We had to help him out. No viruses. No you don’t want to add spammy links. You don’t want to add Myware on anything. So again, you want to make sure that when they go there it’s a trusted site. It looks good and it looks clean. And here’s why I say that E-Webstyle is kind of in the middle of this because we haven’t even said about the site yet. Had we said anything about it?

Chris: Oh, the new site that’s coming?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: No, we haven’t said that.

Paul: Oh, okay.


Paul: All right. We — like a big part of our social media and I was just going to say this now. We’re going to start pushing it because we’re going to have a new site coming out. And a couple of people know about the new site. I think Darren and Dean and Scott probably already know about the new site. But, you know, when the new site comes up, everybody knows you see the little Facebook things and the Twitter things and you go to everybody’s website. Our site doesn’t have that right now. So when we get the new site up —

Chris: Chuck.


Paul: We’re going to push that. We’re going to start pushing the site. So that’s what’s up. So we’re kind of in the middle of this. We want to make sure — we’re going to put out the Rolls-Royce of websites.

Chris: Yeah.


Chris: Yeah, wow, you guys have been working hard. When are you going to show it to me? [Laughs]

Paul: Yeah, it’s all on Chuck. I’ve put all the things from Chuck. So if you don’t like it, e-mail Chuck.

Chris: E-mail Chuck. Hey, the next thing here we got is it’s pretty impossible to drive a social media campaign without a blog. And you know, I’m not convinced about this.

Paul: Let’s say that it’s harder.

Chris: Yeah, I’m —

Paul: ‘Cause there’s a million ways to bring traffic to it. We did it with our podcast.

Chris: I’ve got a — I don’t know. I don’t know if we are qualified really to answer this one. You know, if it’s the right —

Paul: Well, I can fake it till I make it.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: We can just talk about it.


Chris: You know what? Really for this one I really think — let me. — there’s an expert. I mean —

Paul: Let’s bring in the social media king.

Chris: Let’s bring in the social media king, yeah. This is a good question. Yeah, you guys know him as the SEO Rapper, Charles Lewis, also known as Chuck. He’s on Twitter and Facebook. You could find him all over the place. Let’s bring him in here. He has a new rap that’s out, Social Media Marketing.

Paul: That’s what’s up.

Chris: I know he’s working hard on the video. He’s going to make it one impressive piece of work. One could say the Rolls-Royce of SEO rap videos. [Laughs] It is Charles Lewis. All right.

Paul: That’s what’s up, Chuck.

Chris: Thank you for stepping in here ’cause we were floundering. I heard that Chuck went back there so…

Chuck: Yeah, a little funny.

Chris: I don’t know if that was good, funny, or just — you know, you’re funny. I look at you and I laugh.

Paul: When I say funny, I mean stupid.

Chris: Stupid. [Laughs] So here we go. Impossible to drive a social media campaign without a blog. What do you think of that?

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