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Fifty-one SEO Podcast Mar. 19th 2010. Third page of Transcription

Chris:Right.  And so in that situation you – maybe you stay away from free, you don’t say “Get your free white paper,” you say learn but you just say simply “learn about whatever.”  And they would provide their e-mail or whatever.  Just as a question as I’m thinking about this.  Do you automatically send it or do you require – do you always require an e-mail verification?

Ken:Most of the time it’s an e-mail verification.

Chris:Yeah, ‘cause if they’re just going to give you a bogus e-mail then they don’t really deserve the information that’s – and I think it’s, you know…

Ken:Right.  There’s two schools of thought here and it depends on what you’re trying to do.  I mean, you can’t even take it to step out and say, “Okay.  I’m just going to just let somebody download something,” because there’s some…

Chris:Right.  And just have a link there, yup.

Ken:…there’s some type of an engagement…


Ken:…and from that you can step it into, you know, you want more, a bigger and better…


Ken:…now you’re going to have to give me your e-mail address and with that there is a – what we call a Double Opt-in, the confirmation…


Ken:…it keeps yourself…

Chris:Out of trouble?

Ken:…out of trouble and keep your doors open…

Chris:Right, right.

Ken:…’cause there has been too many.  It’s not a myth any longer about “Oh, you’re going to get sued,” and shut your doors because of e-mail issues.

Chris:Right, right.

Ken:Yeah, it’s true…

Chris:And you’re talking specifically like e-mail spam issues?

Ken:Well, it has gone to the point now where is — you know, somebody doesn’t like you they can submit e-mails to you on – because there’s list of people out there – known people that hate unsolicited e-mail…


Ken:…and they’ll submit their e-mail to you and if it’s not Double Opt-in, that person will make your life…




Ken:And there’s actually some lawyers that will – if their name is on – gets on a list like that that’s unsolicited – I’ve had once – I’ve made more money this month by getting them to settle with me than I did to my own practice because he would just go down the list of his garbage and say, “You know what, I am lawyer so it’s not going to really cost me anything but I’m going to sue you unless you send me a check for two grand.”  And he made lots of money.  Now, is that ethical or not?  The bottom line is you’re showing that…

Chris:He’s a lawyer so is that a rhetorical question?

Ken:Yeah.  But the bottom line is that it’s not a myth and the core systems do recognize it and you can get yourself in a lot of trouble now if you don’t do a Double Opt-in.

Chris:So be careful about – I think what — you know, read some messages that we can pass along.  Be careful about any sort of e-mail and newsletter system that you do set up.  Make sure – we use Constant Contact.  I don’t know if you use another service or you just…

Ken:iContact, AWeber – yeah.

Chris:Yeah, AWeber also we used.  So, there’s a lot of really good services out there and they have a couple advantages.  One of them is if you happen to be hosting with some sort of smaller company, there are some times you have e-mail problems.  You have problems getting e-mails into MSN, into AOL or into your Hotmail or Gmail where a Constant Contact has reputations and established relationships with the larger mail services so they don’t have as many problems so…

Ken:Right.  Absolutely.

Chris:…that’s an advantage, worth it in and of itself.

Ken:That’s a whole conversation…


Ken:…in itself.

Chris:Yeah.  And then they also have kind of requirements of at least Opt-in if not Double Opt-in that keeps them out of trouble.  That’s part of the reason they have the good relationships with MSN and Hotmail and Gmail.  So, I think that’s a good lesson, you know, definitely make sure you’re using a reputable service ‘cause you don’t want to get sued.  Actually, I was at a big seminar.  It was about 7,000 people and there was an attorney on stage.  And he said – I don’t know like two paragraphs or whatever into his little speech.  And he said “Well, I really have to apologize for my lisp because I cracked my tooth the other day when the ambulance slammed on its breaks.”


Chris:Right.  You know you got to appreciate a lawyer with the ability…

Ken:Sense of…

Chris:…to laugh at himself so…


Chris:So, that’s awesome.  Okay, so that’s about getting them to come back.  That’s, you know, engage in a dialogue, make sure that your, you know, you talked about series e-mails.  Do you – so does your company – do you guys write those e-mails or what kind of services…

Ken:Yeah.  We have professional copywriters in-house.  So, we write all of that.


Ken:It’s the conversation.  Now, e-mail is not just – is not the conversation.  It’s still a very viable conversation to have – to engage in.  A lot of people say, “Oh, e-mail is dead.”  Actually, just the opposite.

Chris:I agree, yeah.

Ken:If it is – it has to be managed today.  It can’t be – it used to be the Wild West where you could hit send and just blast.  And who cares about the complaints.  It doesn’t, you know…

Chris:Yeah, now they could put you in court.


Chris:Or at least somebody threatening to get you in court…


Chris:…and you send them – requesting a couple of grand.

Ken:So, let’s say that somebody enters your space via – in the e-mail…


Ken:Okay.  ‘Cause maybe that’s how they prefer to communicate is e-mail.


Ken:There’s a different…

Chris:I think there’s a lot of people out there who like – they don’t – they may chat, they don’t feel like picking up – a lot of people just don’t want to pick up the phone for whatever – maybe ‘cause they don’t want to be sold to, you know, by a talented salesperson so they don’t want to, you know, they don’t want to have to be put in that situation.  So e-mail safe and even chatting is safe ‘cause I always just close it or…


Chris:…ignore it or whatever.

Ken:You know just down – hone down to a net few.


Ken:But you can get somebody.  Let’s say that you have a Facebook page.  In your e-mail series and communication you can all of a sudden – you can introduce your Facebook to them.

Chris:Right, right.


Chris:So, that’s just one touch point if you will.  Is that how you…

Ken:Right.  So, maybe after all is said and done they want your e-mails ‘cause they want your information.  Maybe they don’t read it like they really would like to.


Ken:But all of a sudden, “Wow. Now I’m being introduced to Facebook,” and they may be engaged better.

Chris:Right, right.


Chris:‘Cause maybe it’s something they check regularly and…



Ken:At the same point, you can do the same thing on your Facebook in coming back the other direction.

Chris:To the e-mail campaign or to a particular page where you’re giving away that white paper – yeah, yeah.

Ken:Right, or just general information.  Getting them to come back for more really can only happen through an ongoing conversation.  You can blast out an e-mail that you haven’t had a conversation with — that are Opt-ins…


Ken:…and you might get some return that, you know, “I’m selling golf balls and…


Ken:…and they’re 50% off because it’s spring time.”


Ken;You – you’ll get some buyers.

Chris:Right, right.

Ken:But a lot of people aren’t going to remember who you are and did – why – did I ever really get broke on this list?

Chris:Yeah, I don’t remember why – yeah.

Ken:Or I’ve – you know, I’ve started buying golf balls from so and so over here because they’re communicating with me.

Chris:Right, right.

Ken:Okay.  And so they’re going to – because we are humans that we still need that communication, okay?

Chris:Yeah, I think we did an interview with a guy by the name of Joe Orsak and it was actually a really powerful interview.  He does and one of – one of his value added propositions for his business is communication.  They talk about 100% communication.  It has kind of motivated us to kind of go into the No Geek Speak, you know, our new website when we get the chance to finalize it.  You know, it was going to kind of stress that and you know that we, we can speak your language or we can speak your businesses language and we communicate a lot.

You know, we always say we’re world class experts at what we do and we’re not perfect.  And when we’re not perfect, we let you know.  And we say, “Look, you know…” – in the case of SEO we’re giving reports on a regular basis and you know some crazy numbers can happen, you know, from one report to the next.  And we let you know, you know, “Look this dropped and we don’t know exactly why and we’re working on it,” and you know that 100 – I think, you know – I just have this feeling, people just want to know that you’re aware of the people, that you’re working on the problem and that is important to you.  And all three of those things can only happen with communication.


Chris:And so communication from your business even it’s golf balls, if you do it appropriately and, you know, within the right time frames…


Chris:…is invaluable.  It’s a huge part of growing a business.  So, yeah, I agree with that 100%.  We’re actually done with this first 30-minute podcast.  We’re going to ask Ken to stay.  You can stay for another excellent — we’re going to end this podcast right now.  For you guys who are watching us on video, we’re going to stop, take a little bit of break, and then we’ll come back in probably another 15 minutes and knock out another 30-minute podcast.

For those listening to our podcast, thank you so much.  You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.  This is podcast number 51.  Remember send us e-mails at  Again, that’s  You’re website again, Ken?

Chris:Do you – you want to give out an e-mail or something that they can – or just send them to…


Chris:Yeah, just go to  And I know you’ve got a couple of e-mail forms that people can fill out and start a dialogue with Ken.  So, thanks for listening to the 51st podcast.  My name is Chris Burres.

Ken:Ken Roberts.  Thank you very much.

Chris:Bye-bye for now.


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