Epic SEO Rap Battle, The SEO Rapper and PPC MC

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Epic SEO Rap Battle, The SEO Rapper and PPC MC
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Epic SEO Rap Battle, The SEO Rapper and PPC MC

Chris:                           And basically, what we end up doing is talking to our clients and asking our clients ‘cause you know we had the HPAC client who had one particular term that they used “mechanic” or —


Paul:                            I think it was MEP.


Chris:                           MEP.


Paul:                            Mechanical Electrical Plumbing.


Chris:                           And MEP is not something we would ever think of in terms of an AC or heating guy. That was the term that they were able to share with us and say, “Oh, this is something that somebody in our industry might use.”


Chuck:                         Yeah, yeah. Find your industry terms.


Chris:                           And in general like if you’re the business owner it’s like, “What would I search if I were a client and I wanted to find me?” Like what are the things that they are going to be searching. So, that’s the real question that you’re going to ask.


Paul:                            And here’s a good answer. Ask an SEO professional.


Chris:                           Yeah. I like that.


Paul:                            Because I’ll tell people all the time, you know, when we’re going to do it, I’m going say, “Hey, you come up with the list of keywords you want. I’m going to come up with the list and then we’ll put them together because you know more about your industry than I do.”


Chris:                           Absolutely.


Chuck:                         I want to give another shoutout to Kevin Gallagher — excuse me if I crucified your last name, and that’s @kevinjgallagher.com. Him and I had actually had a back and forth. He posted the question, “Why did we mention that Google may use Tom onsite in their ranking. And so my response was, “Well I’m pretty sure they use bounce rate because you know, it’s reported in Google Analytics, it makes sense and I’m pretty sure they run some form of Analytics onsites in their index.”


Kevin then responded, “Were the link from Matt Cutts?” Well Matt said, “No, we don’t use Google Analytics on our ranking.” And so, thank you for sending that. But Kevin, what I should’ve said was not necessarily the Google Analytics that has the code and the footer of your site. I don’t think they’re doing that because every site doesn’t have that, most of them do but I think they do track clicks.


They may not be tracking how long people stayed on your site and which pages they went to for the sites in there index, but I think they are tracking when that click came, when that click left, when did that click go to another result in the SERPs.


Chris:                           So, yeah. So if you’ve got a search engine result with 10 results of course, and somebody clicks number two, Google knows the time frame from the time they clicked link number two to link number three. Now, there’s a lot of room for error in that, right? ‘Cause you know, sometimes if I’m desperate for information fast, I’ll hit shift which is — by the way, here’s a hotkey, if you hit shift and hit a link it will actually open a new browser.


So, I’ll go click, click, click. I’ll click like four things. I got four new windows coming up. I’m like, “Give me that information fast. The client’s website is down,” or whatever it may be. I got to have that information fast. And so obviously that would skew the results.


Chuck:                         The results, yeah. And then you know, they also have like over 200 ranking factors right, so the percentage of that being used is probably mini skewed to say the least. But I think it may take some of that.


Paul:                            I haven’t studied this in a while but this was well over a year ago that I read that Google was taking bounce rate into account and the search engine results pages because that is a — it’s kind of a metric that measures relevancy.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Paul:                            So, if you’re not relevant you bounce. And so they — and now this was well over a year ago, so I still believe that they do — they may not use like you said traditional analytics on your site, but I think they run their own analytics, and figure out, “Hey, people go here and they don’t like this site. Why would I return this site when 99% of the people that go here don’t stay? So why would I put this in the first position or even on the first page?”


Chuck:                         I’m going to shoutout to Garret as well. Garret, yeah, I mean I sent you your analysis. You can get back at me. What’s up with that?




Chris:                           We put time into those today. By the way, you can get a free website analysis, just go to e-webstyle.com, on the right there’s a little form, you can search around. I think we have a longer form somewhere, just fill out that simple form and send that in and you can have a top position snatcher review and analysis.


Paul:                            Oh, I need one. You need to give me some of that e-mail.


Chris:                           Okay.


Paul:                            I probably talk about this up there but —


Chris:                           Okay.




Paul:                            I still haven’t got that from —


Chris:                           But you know what? You could talk about this.




Chuck:                         And he asked the question, “What do we think about the whole J.C. Penny thing?”


Chris:                           Oh, wow.


Chuck:                         He asked that not too long ago actually, right before I got to —


Chris:                           You know this really ties into the whole content farm, link farm, Google created their monster thing.


Chuck:                         Yeah, I just think that J.C. Penny knew what was going on but since they had a third-party managing informed they can act like they did.


Paul:                            Yeah.




Chris:                           Yeah, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.


Chuck:                         Yeah. Well, they knew what was — I mean —


Paul:                            I agree.


Chuck:                         You know, the way it happened, how they were coming up first like above brand names for under brand name searches.


Chris:                           Well, the one example I like is “Little black dress.”


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           Like really, J.C. Penny?




Chris:                           I mean that’s not the first —


Paul:                            It’s like that J.C. Penny.


Chris:                           Yeah. No, no, don’t punch them on the face. They’re not a customer yet.




Chuck:                         Oh, yeah, that’s what’s up with that. I think that they knew. They seem — and then the funny about it was that all of that happened right before the holidays. And so you know, they got this influx of sales, right? Everybody’s holiday shopping, online shopping and so I think they sacrificed it, they wanted it, they made a lot of money and so be it, right?


Chris:                           Yeah. Now, they’re scrambling for more — another SEO white hat — reputable SEO company. Give us a call.


Chuck:                         Yeah, we’re here. You all want Blank Stare now?


Chris:                           Yeah, some blank stare, right.


Paul:                            That’s a blank stare.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         All the way blank.


Chris:                           That’s why you got lots of videos ‘cause you see those blank stares.


Chuck:                         Blank stare, shoutout to somebody who gives blank stare. Anyway, a dude name Aaron Goldman.


Chris:                           Aaron Goldman.


Chuck:                         He’s the CMO at a company called Kenshoo, pretty — you know, a savvy internet marketing guy and has some great work. He wrote a book called “Everything I know about Marketing I learned from Google.” Okay?


Chris:                           Good thing it wasn’t J.C. Penny.


Paul:                            Yeah.




Chuck:                         And so due to the recent success of page rank, which I did like 2 years ago —


Chris:                           Page rank, his rap video, available on YouTube.


Chuck:                         Yeah, and at the TheSeorapper.com. And so we’ve got some exposure — long story, short Aaron came up with the name, “The PPC MC.”


Chris:                           Right, right.


Chuck:                         He came at me like, “I want a battle.” I stopped man, I haven’t battled since high school, you know, so he was like, “No, I want a battle.” And so I denied him, I’m a not a two-year old, I don’t want to do that. So then he posted his video on YouTube. As matter of fact, I’ll send the link out. His YouTube’s video rapping with his microphone and his hat turned back looking like Vanilla Ice’s nephew, you know?




Chuck:                         And he’s coming at — he’s calling me out, “Chuck you’re not ready, then blah, blah, blah.” And so I responded again. As matter of fact, I polled Twitter and Facebook —


Chris:                           Oh, yeah. And went out and said, “Hey who thinks such a battle?”


Chuck:                         — who said I do this, who said I do, who said I don’t, so the response was kind of even. All of my industry friends, Chuck is hip-hop, “He called you out, you do what you got to do, sell it, squash him, kill him.” Marketing people was like, “You may be some good punk, don’t do it. He’s not ready. You know more, blah, blah, blah.” So then —


Chris:                           Some of the information was wrong in his actual rap — oh wait, that was me.




Chuck:                         He came back again with the whole — posted his lyrics. We got a conference coming up in May, called SIS Search Engine Summit, he wants to do the live battle there and so with all that said, I did a response.


Chris:                           Ooh, all right. Yeah.


Chuck:                         The response video is actually uploading right now to YouTube as we speak and so after the podcast I’ll shoot the link out, you go watch it there, and Goldman I’ll shoot you one directly so you’re probably watching now. I’m coming at you. I gave you a warning. I tried to back down.


Chris:                           Pull back, you should pull back.


Chuck:                         I’m going in.


Chris:                           By the way, you know the whole acronym thing we were talking about too many acronyms, you got two full words in your title, he’s just the “PPC MC,” he don’t got like one word in his name.


Chuck:                         Yeah, and I master PPC, that’s another thing. Now, I’m going to stop your domain.


Chris:                           Ohh!




Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           And that is what’s up.


Paul:                            Yeah, it is. Everybody go check out the video, click it, like it, post it, re-twit it, you know, let’s get a battle. Let’s get them to battle at SES.


Chuck:                         SIS.


Paul:                            SIS.


Chuck:                         Yeah, so then —


Chris:                           SIS is in?


Chuck:                         It’s in Florida.


Chris:                           Okay.


Chuck:                         Somewhere like down south Florida and the pictures look cool, so yeah, I’ll come battle you on the beach.

Chris:                           Yeah, cool.


Chuck:                         Battle you on the beach, son.




Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           That is what’s up. Yeah, we want to give to you now this is too good information, let’s just end it on that.


Paul:                            Yes, next week, mobile SEO, mobile SEO.


Chuck:                         Oh, speaking of mobile. I want to say this, May I’ll be on Chicago for the Mobile SEO University, it’s pretty cool. I’m doing some awesome things out there. March I’ll be at HubSpot in Bing town so, you know, you all stay tune and I’ll be checking in. If you could check in where you’re at, come holler at me.


Chris:                           You can actually stalk him now ‘cause he’s going to be out on the road. [Laughs]


Chuck:                         It should be at South by South West so, you know, I’ll be checking in wherever I’m at so, yeah.


Chris:                           Hit him up. Find him. Excellent! Thank you guys for listening to and watching podcast number 97. This is the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes — or top 10, that’s because of you. Thank you guys for listening, make sure you tune in. Remember the video for the next podcast will be filmed on Thursday 9:15ish time. We’ll make sure we’ll get that out on Facebook and Twitter so you guys can follow us, and thank you guys again. Go on to our website E-webstyle.com, fill out a form, we do a free website analysis for you and your friends.


Paul:                            And here — you’re going to Panama?


Chris:                           Yes.


Paul:                            Any listeners we have in Panama, hit us up.


Chris:                           I’m going to be in Panama starting the 30th I think, so the first week in April — so yeah, hit us up. See if anybody is down there listening and —


Paul:                            That would be cool. I don’t know if we ever had any listeners in Panama, have we?


Chris:                           I haven’t noticed any so…


Paul:                            We’re on the hunt for listeners in Panama.


Chris:                           So, forward this to somebody you know in Panama. I think they do like English call centers. I know they do it in Costa Rica and so in Panama, so there’s lots of English speakers that —


Paul:                            That’s what’s up. And a Panamanian punch in the face.


Chris:                           Oh, yeah. I don’t even know how to describe that.


Paul:                            That’s what up.


Chris:                           That’s awesome.


Paul:                            It’s like a quick dance steps.




Chris:                           A little hip — getting the hip side to side. All right, thank you guys for listening, until the next podcast. My name is Chris Burres.


Paul:                            Paul Hanson.


Chuck:                         Charles Lewis.


Chris:                           Bye-bye for now.

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