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Seventieth Internet Marketing Podcast July 22nd  2010. First page of Show Notes

Facebook and SEO

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to another fun-filled Thursday edition of the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast.

Chris: Also known as Internet Marketing Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast ’cause we realized at one point that internet marketing was actually a pretty valuable term so we decided to add that to our title. And if you have any suggestions, we’d be happy to adjust our title again. This is podcast number 70. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Man, I’m like I’m a little down today.

Paul: Why is that?

Chris: Yeah. You know, this is like two weeks in a row I’ve gone over to iTunes like waiting to print out a review that we can talk about on air and no one is reviewing us.

Paul: Oh, man.

Chris: So go out there. Create an iTunes account and…

Paul: I know there’s a new visitor out there somewhere.

Chris: Well, speaking of that, we actually have a listener in Estonia.

Paul: Which is…

Chris: A country and there’s a city in Estonia. [Laughter] God, we are American.

Paul: Yeah, man. Sorry about that, Estonia.

Chris: And Tallinn is the city. It seems like — well, at least everything I tend to look at and bring up on air is right on the coast. So it’s a beautiful city right on the coast.

Paul: That’s cool.

Chris: Hey, listener in Estonia, excellent. Thank you. Send us some information, you know, some cool snippets about Estonia.

Paul: About Estonia ’cause I have no — seriously, I don’t even know that existed until 30 seconds ago. That’s awesome.

Chris: Did I ever tell you my Jordan story? When I was in college, I met a guy from Jordan, and at that time, right out of high school, Americans don’t know that Jordan exists usually. But it was the time of Air Jordans so I literally thought the dude was messing with me, right?

Paul: [Laughter]

Chris: But I was also smart enough to know that I don’t know shit about geography and so I always just kept my mouth closed, and I said I’ll research this later ’cause he seemed very serious. If he was in fact messing with me, he was a very good actor and it turns out that he is a good friend of mine. He is actually from — there is a place called Jordan and he is from there.

Paul: I’ll tell you why that’s funny. Well, I’m thinking that’s funny because when you said from Jordan, I know Jordan is a country but my first thing was Air Jordan?

Chris: He is like from Air Jordan?

Paul: And I know it’s a country. I’m like wow! This is the first thing that comes into my mind is Air Jordan. [Laughter]

Chris: Is that like Avatar? Are there like Jordans hanging in the air and people living there? Oh, man. So we like to talk a little bit about what we talked about last time. Last time we did — I don’t even — what did we — I don’t even remember.

Paul: We did…

Chris: We did something. Yeah, it was one note. I should have brought that. I didn’t bring it. It was a…

Paul: It was a tool. It was a tool. It was something that I found that I thought was just awesome. Like two podcasts ago, we went over these two Excel spreadsheets that I can’t remember his name gave to us. And then I found another — ooh, oh, it was the Google Chrome SEO toolkit.

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Paul: Yes. So if you have not downloaded that, if you haven’t downloaded Chrome, start. Do it. Awesome.

Chris: And we also talked about Flash, right? And can Google actually parse Flash data and what do you do about that. So go back to that. That is podcast number 69. Go back and listen to that.

Paul: Yes. If you haven’t downloaded Chrome, do it. If you haven’t downloaded the SEO toolkit for Chrome, do it. It is awesome. We talk about tools all the time. This one is a must have for an SEO guy. It gives a lot of quick information about any website.

Chris: Yeah. So that pretty much covers what we did last time. A little bit of news, Google has dropped Google Wave. There was a big huge thing. Maybe you know about it. Maybe you don’t. We started using it here and there were actually some initial very significant challenges so we stopped using it. They fixed those challenges. We started using it again. And apparently, they’re going to drop it. It actually had like a 45-minute intro which takes a lot to get 45 minutes from any website.

Paul: It took them like a week to put together.

Chris: It was the demo, the release of it. So it was probably straight to just like our podcast. If you guys are wondering because the production quality is so amazing on our podcast, no, we do not do any editing.

Paul: It’s all one take. [Laughter]

Chris: [Laughter] All right. Uncomfortable silence.

Paul: And they’re all like duh.

Chris: Duh. So Google dropped Wave. It was pretty exciting. The video was awesome. There were some very neat features and Paul made the point ‑ well, Paul apparently initially had some brilliant technical assessment that he never shared with me. He’s like, “What’s the point? I never saw any point of Wave.” And I’m running around here carrying a Wave banner and Paul is just apparently laughing at me. [Laughter]

Paul: It was amusing.

Chris: He is like “I’ll use it if you want to.” I don’t see any harm in actually using it so there you go. So yeah, they dropped Wave.

There was an interesting article. This was in CNN, and literally I only got to the title. And the title, it was right on the heels of — I don’t know if you know this. Saudi Arabia has stopped Rim service, so BlackBerry service. And there are a couple of other typically Middle Eastern companies that are following suit. UAE is one of them. And they’re arguing — it’s kind of funny how they’re saying we’re taking the same precautions that America would take to protect its national security, but their logic is anything to protect national security we would do it except democracy and freedom of speech come first. That means that’s the famous Franklin or I mean Jefferson. What it is? If you’re willing to give up your freedoms in pursuit of what is it? In pursuit of safety, you deserve neither safety nor freedom. That’s I think something that we believe here.

Paul: That’s cool. They probably don’t care.

Chris: Yeah. It’s funny though that they come up with like they feel they have to defend their positions and their defense is “Oh, we’re doing what you would do.”

Paul: But we’re not doing it.

Chris: No. [Laughter] Kind of crazy.

Paul: Like you’re right but you’re not.

Chris: And, you know, we can’t hardly have news without any sort of Apple discussion, right? And there was a pretty funny little article. Apple broke my iPhone with their new bloated operating system.

Paul: Oh, really? Oh, God.

Chris: Which works like my old ass computer.

Paul: It’s like my Apple IIe.

Chris: Yeah. So — hey, that was a good computer, man.

Paul: My first computer I ever had, Apple IIe, 5.5 floppy disk.

Chris: You know what? Dude, that’s the computer I wanted.

Paul: Oh, really?

Chris: I had a Commodore 64.

Paul: Oh, wow.

Chris: You had like, I don’t know. You had one extra color in the monitor or something.

Paul: [Laughter] Yeah. I had blue.

Chris: I love the Calvin and Hobbes. Did you ever follow Calvin and Hobbes?

Paul: Yeah, when I was a kid.

Chris: When he is asking his dad, “Why are these photos in black and white?” And he is like “Son, well before 1950, there was no color.”

Paul: [Laughter] I used to think that when I was young. I really didn’t think like…

Chris: Yes. Like for a kid, it makes sense. Oh, wow back then.

Paul: It used to make sense to me.

Chris: I’m so glad we live in the era of color. [Laughter]

Paul: Color now. That’s what’s up.

Chris: [Laughter] All right. Oh, I had one other piece of news that I didn’t get to last time ’cause if you listen to our podcast you will realize that I lost my notes, right, immediately before.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Facebook has pulled I think it’s called Pancake from 45 million Facebook users so 45 million users were using them. The software Pancake was about creating a quiz and you could share a quiz, and apparently, they were using techniques that Facebook wasn’t comfortable with. I don’t know if you know this. Farmville, everyone kind of knows Farmville, right? They seriously restricted what they could do, because initially, every time you like grew a head of lettuce, it would send a notification to your wall and to everyone, “Hey, Chris grew a head of lettuce.”

Paul: Yeah. And they stopped that?

Chris: Well, all of those, yes, they did.

Paul: Oh, thank you.

Chris: They did it afterwards because all of those notifications did a great job of building up Farmville, right? So it’s going to be harder to create a Farmville kind of a cool land.

Paul: That’s cool because I get so tired of seeing that. I don’t play games on Facebook. I’m just a loser like that. And I see people on Farmville and I’m like, “How does that work? How are you growing lettuce at 2:30?”

Chris: Yeah. How did that happen?

Paul: As I was saying, but I get like eight notifications from your Farmville. Oh, my God, dang! How do you have time do this mess?

Chris: Heck of a morning.

Paul: Man!

Chris: And those are our clients.

Paul: We’ve got information to ask you for, punk.

Chris: [Laughter] We’re doing all their work and then they get to play Farmville all day and taunt us with their…

Paul: And I’m glad they shut down the quiz things. I’m like I hated those things.

Chris: Yeah.

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