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Seventy-Second Internet Marketing Podcast August 20th 2010. First page of Show Notes

Facebook Places and SEO

Chris: Hi and welcome to Internet Marketing, the Unknown Secrets of SEO Podcast!


Paul: That’s right. We are Internet Marketing, the Unknown Secrets of SEO Podcast. What’s up, you all? Welcome back to another fun-filled Friday. Let’s get started.


Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Paul: And I’m Paul Hanson. I’m the sales manager here at E-Webstyle.


Chris: We really appreciate you guys tuning in. Because you are tuning in, we are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, don’t you forget it, and let’s just hop right into it. You know, we’ve been having a problem remembering what we did last time ’cause we always like to talk about that or at least mention it.


Paul: ‘Cause we have short-term memory loss.


Chris: I took it up a notch.


Paul: You forgot that we did a podcast?




Chris: At all. I was like, “Why are the lights on? What’s the camera for?” No, I decided and hopefully we’re going to continue this. We’re going to pull out a tip from the last podcast. So not just some information, not just, you know, hey, you should go back and this is the last podcast because we were talking about reasons people might like your Facebook, an actual tip to get followers or likes on your Facebook page. You should concentrate on promotions and discounts and then entertainment.


Paul: Okay, that is ringing a bell. How about this? Here’s my tip. How about you get a Facebook page?


Chris: Yeah, make sure you got a Facebook page. Absolutely.


Paul: A Facebook business, whatever they’re called.


Chris: Business listing, yeah.


Paul: Yeah, Facebook business listing.


Chris: I got to be honest. I’m on Facebook regularly, updating stuff on the business, and there is a remote possibility that our business listing isn’t really a business listing because I set it up so long ago. I don’t know what I did.


Paul: Oh, okay.


Chris: So I’m pretty sure it is and…


Paul: It’s a fan page, right?


Chris: Yeah.


Paul: Okay.


Chris: I think. Sure. That’s sounds good. Hey, go out there and like us. Hey, speaking of liking us, how you can follow us. You can actually send us an email. We love emails. I have actually got some listener feedback here today. Awesome stuff. You’re going to love it. You can contact us via email, podcast@e-webstyle.com. You can follow us on Twitter, ewebstyle.com/twitter, no, twitter.com/ewebstyle. You can actually find our Facebook page, facebook.com/ewebstyle. And oh, we broadcast the video of this podcast live at 9:15 Central Standard Time every Friday on USTREAM. So you can go to USTREAM and from USTREAM you can actually view these podcasts. And actually, there are archives there. We’ve got there is one comment on the other. I’ll talk about that ’cause it’s kind of funny.


Paul: Hang on, here’s one other way. It’s a contact which we never say.


Chris: We talked about this though.


Paul: You can actually pick up the phone and call us.


Chris: Just call us. Hello, just call us.


Paul: If you are interested in some internet marketing, SEO type of campaigns, you could actually call us at area code 713-592-6724. We actually do use the telephone. Yes.


Chris: Hey, you know, I know you got this big competition coming up with Scott Bonner, right?


Paul: Oh, yeah, the celebrity death match?


Chris: Yeah, and I know that well, I know you. I don’t really know him so I’m just going to get I think you could take him.


Paul: Oh, yeah. Come on. This guy is small actually.


Chris: I got to ask you to lay off a little.


Paul: Oh, that’s right.


Chris: Well, no. He helped me yesterday.


Paul: Oh, that’s right. That is my Scott Bonner. You got it fast, man. You’re back.


Chris: So maybe you’re like one arm behind your back or something.


Paul: [Laughter]


Chris: Yeah, Scott Bonner. Thank you so much for helping me yesterday. I was having some really kind of my own stupid technical issues with setting up a website on our demo server to actually work. Actually, Scott did the website and we’re doing some modifications to it. So thank you, Scott, for helping me and thank you also, Adam, for helping me. And also, I learned yesterday that Scott has a website called diabeticjournal.com.


Paul: He told me about that.


Chris: So go check it out. He’s got a free and a paid service. The free service is I think you’re able to for lifetime, you can track your blood glucose level. So go check that out, diabeticjournal.com.


Paul: That’s what’s up, Scott. Scott Bonner from Columbus.


Chris: Yes.


Paul: Ah, never mind. [Laughter]


Chris: He is not from the rubber capital.


Paul: No, I was going to say something else. Hey, Scott. This is going to be random. [Laughter]


Chris: Okay, no random dots until later when we run out of material.


Paul: I was with a chick last night from Columbus.


Chris: Oh. [Laughter] What was that? You met a chick last night from Columbus?


Paul: So I was like, “Oh wait, I know somebody from Columbus.”


Chris: Hey, Mo Serious got in contact us.


Paul: What’s up, Mo?


Chris: Yeah, Mo. And I was going to print this out and then I said, you know, I could actually just write it down. “What up, fellows? Holler at me.”


Paul: That’s what’s up.


Chris: So we’ll do that. Maybe we can do that.

Paul: Ahhhh!


Chris: Ahhhh!


Paul: There you go.


Chris: Is that how you holler? I don’t know.


Paul: I do that to my sisters and they’re like, “Holler at me.” I’m like ahhh! I’m stupid. I know. [Laughter]


Chris: [Laughter] No argument for me. All right, let’s see. This is news. We’ve got “Intel picks up McAfee” and the little kind of byline on it was that this kind of represents the fact that security is going to become part integrated into microchip manufacturing.


Paul: That’s what’s up. I hope this one isn’t hard to suck.


Chris: Yeah, I know.


Paul: ‘Cause I don’t like McAfee. Sorry.


Chris: Yeah, I know. McAfee has some challenges. That’s in my humble opinion. Facebook Places. That’s been in the news. Apparently, you were inundated with the news multiple times.


Paul: Yeah, two friends asked me about Facebook Places and I’ve read something about it on two different internet websites yesterday and the day before.


Chris: So when two friends asked you, what did you say?


Paul: I was like huh? That was pretty much it.


Chris: And didn’t they immediately say, “Aren’t you like an expert?”


Paul: Exactly! I’m like shut up, shut up. That’s pretty much all I had to say ’cause I was like “Dude, listen to my podcast and I’ll tell you what it’s all about. You can go on the internet and find out what it’s all about now.”


Chris: Yeah, Facebook Places, apparently they’re going head to head with Google and their Google Places. They’re doing it they say it’s a more social way. I don’t really know. I mean, Google Places is pretty social like you can add listings. You can do stuff. Now, you can’t check into places and I think that’s kind of like Foursquare on Facebook. Foursquare is the place where you check in and I just kind of I sent you an invite. I don’t know if you got that.


Paul: I haven’t done it yet.


Chris: Check that out. E-Webstyle is now on Foursquare. I’m not yet the mayor. I don’t know how that works. I should be the mayor someday. You should just know.


Paul: [Laughter]


Chris: In Facebook Places however, you can check in so they’re going to tap into the concept of Foursquare without actually having to buy Foursquare. Really smart move if you ask me.


Paul: In places like Yelp and City Search, you can.


Chris: They’re going to start doing those, yeah.


Paul: Well, they do it now.


Chris: Oh, yeah?


Paul: They do check-ins now. I have a couple of apps on my phones that let me do check-ins. I just kind of got into the check-in games.


Chris: Is it GO-targeted so that like when you open up the well, you go to a website.


Paul: I go to Yelp Application.


Chris: Oh, application.


Paul: It’s an application.


Chris: Okay.


Paul: I check in and it finds where I am. Do you want to check in here?


Chris: Yeah, sure.


Paul: So it gives a list of places that are close by.


Chris: Okay, cool.


Paul: Yeah, that’s pretty cool.


Chris: That is pretty cool. I think it’s very wise for Yelp to be doing that and City Search.


Paul: So now you’re probably thinking, “Now, I need to go get a Facebook page and now I need to do Facebook Places.” And the answer is…


Chris: Yes.


Paul: Yes. Yes, you’re going to have to do some work. Yes, you should. I need to actually do some more research on it, but you know, Google and Facebook, if you haven’t seen yet, they’re buttheads. They’re really going at each other and whenever they’re coming out with something that’s new or cutting edge, you know, one is them is going to take off, and then the other one will catch on. So watch Google do the same for check-ins.


Chris: Well, I’m kind of a little concerned for Foursquare, right, because if Yelp is taking it, if the other people are taking it, and if Facebook is going to run away with it, then you know, the writing is kind of on the wall.


Paul: I know. Facebook says if they’re picking up on it, then everyone else is going to have to really be able to catch up.


Chris: Well, I’m thinking yeah, that’s a smart thing that Foursquare could have done is integrated somehow ’cause you can do apps for Facebook. I don’t know about those apps anyway.


I got a little wacky news. This is hilarious. I think this was in New Jersey. The city council was meeting on relaxing the open container ordinances. So a bunch of clowns showed up with glasses that said “not beer” and they were doing a drinking game, which is anytime somebody said “call to order” they all had a drink. Apparently, three of them got escorted out.


Paul: Ah, that’s hilarious.


Chris: And there was a comment ’cause this was in The Houston Chronicle about a city council meeting somewhere else in the country. There was a comment that’s like, “Man, if our city council meetings had drinking games, I’d go to city council meetings.” Do you want to get political participation? Make it a drinking game!


Paul: Free liquor.

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