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This is a transcript from our 103rd Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Facebook Survey and SEO
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Facebook Survey and SEO

Chris:                           Hi and welcome to the SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.


Paul:                            What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another fun-filled Friday of the Unknown Secrets of SEO.


Chris:                           This is podcast #103. As always, we want to talk about what we mentioned in the previous podcast and we have a tip from the previous podcast, which is give your website a speed test. That was —


Paul:                            Where? Where?


Chris:                           — a good tip. Oh, great question, almost prompted.


Paul:                            [Laughs]


Chris:                           Pagespeed.googlelabs.com and you could type in your website and get the speed of your website. I am absolutely excited today. We’ve got reviews, we’ve got Facebook interaction, we’ve got articles in Fast Company, we’ve got articles in —


Paul:                            Social media.


Chris:                           — industrial, social media articles. This is absolutely amazing. Remember, you are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, that is because of you. We really appreciate you guys listening. And speaking of reviews, we really appreciate it when you go, I don’t know, say for instance on to iTunes —


Paul:                            iTunes.


Chris:                           — and I don’t know maybe create an account and then submit a review. We really like that. It’s really good and I’m about to read a review here shortly. Remember, you can follow us, you can stalk us, that’s what we usually say.

Paul:                            Yes.




Chris:                           At Facebook.com/ewebstyle and Twitter.com/ewebstyle, Youtube.com/ewebstyle. You can actually listen and watch to this podcast live at 9:20-ish Central Standard Time. The way to get to that is you can just go to our homepage E-webstyle.com and then click on the podcast or you can actually go to E-webstyle.com/seopodcast and that’ll take you to one of our pages. You scroll down a little bit, there is the little video thing, the interface for watching the video so you can see it there. You can also see archives. Right under that little video box, there’s an archive button so you can actually go see us immediately.


I had conversations. Actually, I had two people call me this week to try and sell me something and I think I turned them into podcast listeners.


Paul:                            Oh, yeah. That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           One of them was trying to sell me SEO and I’m like, we —


Paul:                            Did you look at my website first?


Chris:                           Do you know who I am?



And he said, no.


Paul:                            Oh, that’s what’s up.


Chris:                           [Laughs]


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           It was pretty cool though because he —


Paul:                            It’s cool just to say that to somebody.


Chris:                           Yeah. Do you know who I am? [Laughs]


Paul:                            You should.


Chris:                           Because there’s an implication, right, when you say that?


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           It’s like —


Paul:                            Well, it’s one thing to say it, but it’s one thing to say it and actually expect them to say yes.


Chris:                           Yes.


Paul:                            Because I can say that all — you know, say it all day to my friends now, yeah.


Chris:                           I’ve been saying that for years.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           And everyone keeps saying no.


Paul:                            I never actually expected them to say it.



Say yes.


Chris:                           A little bit about news. That’s our old podcast, 102, 103. Oh, by the way, we added a survey. On Facebook, there’s a thing called questions, we added a question. I wanted to get a feel for our podcast listeners, do they do — and I gave four choices.


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           I couldn’t think — at first, as I was thinking about this, I was like what is your business? Like when you’re doing SEO and the reason you were listening to this is for SEO, what are you focusing on?


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           And I was — you know, I was going to — you know, whatever, products and I thought the best way to ask this question and then get answers was are you B2B product or service, are you B2C product or service? Or that’s business to business, are you making sales to other business or you’re business to consumer, you’re making sales, directly retail sales is a great example and is it product or service. So we’ve got a couple of people, our regulars have already gone out there and answered. Thank you very much, Dean and Darren. Yeah, two D’s.


Paul:                            Yeah. That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Maybe all our regular listeners need to start with D.


Paul:                            [Laughs] Two D’s for a double dose of their pimping.




Chris:                           Yeah, I’ve got some bad news for you, Paul. And not just that that was lame.


Paul:                            Oh…




Chris:                           Cisco cancelled the flip phone.


Paul:                            Yeah, it sucks man.


Chris:                           Not phone —


Paul:                            I mean it sucks.


Chris:                           — camera.


Paul:                            The flip.


Chris:                           The flip phone has been cancelled.


Paul:                            Because that was my Christmas gift to myself which–


Chris:                           Last Christmas?


Paul:                            Yeah, which never happened and, you know, gold old boy of procrastination stepped in the door and now I had a flip camera.


Chris:                           That you never had.


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           [Laughs] Let’s report it stolen.


Paul:                            [Laughs]


Chris:                           Mozilla is actually pushing to change the certification baseline process. So —


Paul:                            Sure?


Chris:                           Yeah. [Laughs] So when you get an SSL certificate, right, and that’s when you go to HTTPS, right.


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           So you’re on a secure certificate and actually all interactions between the browser and the server are encrypted, there’s a process for getting that SSL certificate. Depending on which certificate it is, sometimes it’s as involved as you have to send your corporation paperwork.



Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           You have to send in your BBA paperwork or something. Others are as simple as they call you on a number that’s registered with the domain name. And that’s, you know, one of the certificates that we use. Apparently, that process is not hardy enough and so some people are having SSL certificates and they’re still able to scam people. So, they want to improve the actual hoops that you have to — increase the hoops you have to jump through in order to get an SSL certificate–


Paul:                            So it’s like a blood sample?


Chris:                           — that Mozilla — yeah, exactly.


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           So I think it’s probably a good idea because —


Paul:                            You could never be too secure.


Chris:                           Exactly. I think it’s good.


Paul:                            Because as they’re working on this, somebody else is working on how to crack it.


Chris:                           Yeah, exactly. So I got this article, an article from Fast Company and it was really interesting. It’s about — here’s the magazine for you guys who are actually watching — why Larry loves Google and seven secrets of the video…


Paul:                            Is that Larry Page?


Chris:                           Yeah, Larry Page.


Paul:                            I have never seen him before. Man, more people know who Matt Cutts is than Larry Page.


Chris:                           That’s true.



And one of the things that they did in here that I love, it talked about how Google is very data focused, data centric. And one of the things I loved in here is they actually took, and apparently this is available on YouTube, they actually took some cameras into Time Square and they asked people, what is a web browser.


Paul:                            And I’d probably say that —


Chris:                           What do you think —


Paul:                            — over 50% of them got it wrong.


Chris:                           I don’t — I’m not even sure that that many got it right. [Laughs]


Paul:                            I think — I’d say that at least 5% said Google.


Chris:                           One dude — yeah, one dude said a browser is a search engine, another one is it’s what I search through like to find things.


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           It’s Google, right.


Paul:                            [Laughs]


Chris:                           And then the article really went in — it was pretty interesting because it went in and talked about how — you know, why does Google bother to make a browser, right? If Google’s name is synonymous with a browser, and the IE6 browser is a piece of crap.


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           Then Google’s name is synonymous with a piece of crap.


Paul:                            Well, I’d 6, 7, 8, and 9.


Chris:                           Yeah.



Well, we just started using 9.


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           And I’m the only one in the office who does.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Because I’m the one who drew the short straw, who has to stay on IE so we can make sure our websites look good.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           So —


Paul:                            That’s a good question why. You know, if you are — you’re like Hoover, because I hear in England they say, or in other countries they say Hoover the floor instead of vacuum the floor.


Chris:                           Right.


Paul:                            So if you are the Hoover, why do you need to create a better vacuum?


Chris:                           Wow, that was very international, Paul. Good.


Paul:                            Somebody overseas told me that.


Chris:                           That’s awesome.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Oh, I assumed that. [Laughs] Because in your —


Paul:                            Because I’ve never been to England.


Chris:                           — your vast experience in England–


Paul:                            Yeah.




Chris:                           –dreaming last night, which actually got it correct because they were Hoovering the floor.


Paul:                            So why make a better vacuum if you are Hoover, you know?


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Why make a better search engine —


Chris:                           And in this case, you know, it’s a great — I mean it’s awesome. In this case, the research showed that people assumed the browser was Google and, you know, that’s great for Google unless their browser sucks.


Paul:                            Crappy, yeah.


Chris:                           So then people would start to — so interestingly enough Google made Chrome, not necessarily they’re trying to take over that market, but so that they could push the envelope. You know, now IE has hopped from 6 to 7 to 8 to 9 pretty quickly.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           And they’ve included a lot of the products and a lot of the speed and everything that Chrome had done just to keep up.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Or to stay ahead of it so…


Paul:                            Well, look you learned in economics that adversity is good. You know, it’s good, competition is good, it increases the bar–


Chris:                           Right.


Paul:                            — for everybody involved. So if everyone — people know there’s better product then they want the product and now that creates demand for a better product. And —


Chris:                           I wonder if maybe we should make like E-webstyle places–


Paul:                            We don’t have one?


Chris:                           — to increase the bar–


Paul:                            [Laughs]


Chris:                           — for Google. We’ll actually offer customer service.


Paul:                            Oh, yeah.


Chris:                           [Laughs]


Paul:                            Our own places. That would be a start of —


Chris:                           A lot of stuff.


Paul:                            — a search engine.


Chris:                           Yeah.



I’ll have it ready on Monday.


Paul:                            Yeah, okay. That’ll work.


Chris:                           All right, we got our review again. We’re always excited when we get reviews, although I don’t understand why Ricardo gave us four stars, I’m a little disappointed. And then you read this, “Okay, guys, I’ve been listening and listening and I was begging for better audio and I guess you guys worked on that. It is not the best still, but it’s getting there. Thanks.” Oh, maybe that’s why we got that one star short. Hey, really, I think the star should be on the quality of the content, not the audio, but that’s just my own opinion because our content great, our audio sucks. Okay, “Now everyone out there, SEO does not have to be boring so I recommend these guys with a big cup of coffee and you will learn and laugh so watch them and listen or they might punch you in the face.”



Paul:                            That’s what’s up, Ricardo.


Chris:                           Hey, only if you’re lucky.


Paul:                            How about…


Chris:                           Only if you’re lucky–


Paul:                            I’m going to punch —


Chris:                           –we’re going to punch you in the face.


Paul:                            — you in the face for that star you missed.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            [Laughs]


Chris:                           I’m sure it was an accident. It slipped off.


Paul:                            That’s very cool though. Thanks a lot.


Chris:                           Maybe he was in a lame browser.


Paul:                            Yeah. [Laughs]


Chris:                           It was iTunes. We also got a couple of other people hitting us up on Facebook. Make sure you go check out our Facebook page. Remember there is a question out there. Let us know who — what you guys as listeners are doing, B2B, B2C, whatever. This one is Damiso Lockheart, “Wassup up fellas?”


Paul:                            Wassup?


Chris:                           That’s how — wassup.


Paul:                            That’s cool that’s how I text it too.


Chris:                           [Laughs]


Paul:                            W-A-S-S-U-P.


Chris:                           “I stumbled across your podcast from a simple Google search.” Of course, that’s what we do.


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           “And have been hooked ever since. I just finished college for internet marketing, started working for myinsuranceexpert.com as an SEO analyst. I love listening to your podcast because not only is it filled with important facts and news, but you present it in an entertaining way.” Unlike all of the schooling that you just finished.


Paul:                            Yeah. [Laughs]


Chris:                           “Now, when I’m vetting links I have something educational and interesting to listen to. Keep up the good work. P.S…” Now I didn’t get this one. “P.S. Tell Chuck he was wrong for saying he was dumped on your domain name.”


Paul:                            He was stumped — I don’t know.


Chris:                           I don’t know.


Paul:                            I don’t know. [Laughs] We would tell Chuck, but shout out to Chuck at Chuck@moeserious@chuck…


Chris:                           [Laughs] @Chuck was not able to be with us–


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           –today nor was @MoeSerious.


Paul:                            Yes. They were at — they are in Oklahoma. So @Chuck I know you’re listening — no, you’re probably asleep.



He drove all night to Oklahoma so… Clarify that because I’m not sure what exactly he means by that.


Chris:                           Yeah. Me either, I don’t… I don’t know. And then Gareth Perkin, “Hey, guys, love the podcast. I’m just finishing web design and development study in a few weeks. My family owns a clothing company and I would be building a few sites really soon. Just wondering if you have any hot tips for the E-com side.” Yeah, don’t use Joomla.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           “And what do you think about HTML5? I’m not sure about it given the HTML5 tags having to be noted in the head via JavaScript to talk to the CSS and given how many IE users don’t allow a JavaScript.” We actually find that — we use JavaScript on a lot of stuff so we really do design our websites assuming that people leave JavaScript on. He’s in New Zealand.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Yeah. In Auckland. Auckland, New Zealand. Maybe in New Zealand people don’t use JavaScript because they’re afraid of demand or something.




Paul:                            Here’s what I know about HTML5, it’s a step up from version 4.


Chris:                           And it has video.


Paul:                            End of story. Yeah.


Chris:                           We can do video too.


Paul:                            Oh, that’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Yeah. So it’s going to be — it’s going to have some cool stuff to it. All right. meat and potatoes. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this. We got this article from GlobalSpec. Actually, one of our Facebook guys I think sent this to me.


Paul:                            Is GlobalSpec. I thought — doesn’t GlobalSpec follow us on Facebook?


Chris:                           They may. I don’t know.


Paul:                            I think they do.


Chris:                           They did some freaky stuff. Anyway, a punch in the face to Capital States, hopefully he’s listening today.


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           That is his name, Capital and then last name States. We had a great conversation. They put out a number of these articles. There’s another one about what industrial marketers should know about SEO.


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           I kind of glanced through that. It was actually pretty good. It was kind of like our SEO 101 podcast, both 101… Never mind.


Paul:                            Because they stole our stuff.


Chris:                           [Laughs] Yes, because we hide it all the —


Paul:                            Yeah. [Laughs]

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