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First link priority, WordPress and SEO
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First link priority, WordPress and SEO

Charles: You know, whatever your secondary nav is. So, yeah, don’t follow those first ones first off. Do that and then have it go to your secondary nav first. Link sculpting 101.


Chris: And there was an interesting kind of sub text to this, which was how does WordPress handle first link priority and basically it says a pretty good idea of what you’ve got to do. So there’s some manual stuff that you need to do.


Charles: Uh-hum.


Chris: In that kind of link sculpting and it depends on your theme. If you’ve got control over the CSS and can actually manipulate it like you just said, then that’s a good theme and it will be a lot easier. If you’re using kind of a more challenging WordPress theme then it’s not going to work very well.


Paul: There’s something I read about link sculpting a couple of weeks back and I think this updated with its — I don’t believe it’s with the Farmer Panda update, but I think it came in February. They had [0:27:09] [Indiscernible] chains that had a significant impact on link sculpting. Before, okay if you have ten links on a page–


Charles: Yeah, we talked about that.


Paul: I don’t know if we talked about this on the podcast, but I read this. If you have ten links on a page, right, and every link, what every link does is kind of takes 10% of the page rank of that page and sends 10% of it to the other page, right. So you have ten links, you have a page rank of whatever, 10% goes to each link. But now they’ve kind of changed this. So —


Chris: What you used to be able to —


Charles: Used to be able to —


Paul: They’ll follow five and then you only have another five.


Charles: And those five will get 20.


Chris: 20 each, yeah.


Paul: 20% yeah, but that’s not true anymore.


Charles: Yeah. Now if you now follow five then those other five still does have 10.


Paul: Yes.


Charles: They didn’t increase the rank.


Paul: Yeah. So, you can’t do that anymore.


Chris: And well there are techniques — again, there are more complicated techniques for link sculpting so that really Google doesn’t know that those are outbound links.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: So that’s a technique that you would want to use for that.


Paul: So here’s what I get from this. If you are just — okay, you write an article or a blog and you just got a butt-load of links. You know you’ve got 50 links on this page, you’re diluting the value of each link. Each link is valued very, very little. And then you have 50 links on a page if 10 of them go to the same page, Google doesn’t care anyway. It’s only going to get the first one.


Chris: Yeah.


Charles: [Laughs]


Paul: So now not only —


Charles: It’s called link spamming.


Paul: Yeah. Not only are you wasting time, but no one cares. Like Google — the search bot doesn’t really care so…


Charles: Your reader doesn’t care.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: Yeah.


Paul: I definitely don’t care.


Charles: Like I’m not going to click the same link ten times.


Paul: Yeah, exactly so definitely don’t do that. So you need to watch the way you do you’re linking.


Chris: Good. We covered some valuable information. I was worried there for a minute.



All right. Do we have any blank stare news?


Charles: Oh, we’ve got a blank stare.


Chris: All right. Wait.


Paul: That was one of the best ones.


Chris: Oh, yeah.


Charles: Yeah, yeah.


Paul: That was.


Charles: It might have been better than last week.


Chris: Yeah.


Charles: So check this out. I told you I had tablet blank stare, right. This blank stare goes to research in motion.


Chris: All right.




Paul: Remember the Blackberry guys?


Charles: They released it. The Blackberry PlayBook, right. Here’s why it’s a blank stare.


Paul: Blackberry sucks.




Charles: I think —


Chris: I never used a Blackberry.


Paul: No. [Laughs]


Chris: I don’t know.




Charles: 300,000 —


Chris: I’m sorry. You’re the dude in the forum is like I didn’t even watch his video and it sucks.




Charles: I hate Jordan —


Chris: I quit, didn’t get past the chorus.


Paul: Yeah, that’s me.



That’s me.


Chris: All cap.




Paul: Re-tweet.


Charles: Yeah.


Chris: All right.


Charles: Yeah. So check those. So they had — well the iPad had 300,000 presale orders.



Chris: Right, right.


Charles: Opening day, Blackberry did a huge push, they closed out with 40,000 sales.


Paul: Wait, Apple did or Blackberry had 300,000?


Charles: No, Apple had 300,000–


Chris: Apple had 300,000 preorders.


Charles: — preorders.


Paul: And —


Charles: Blackberry had 40,000 total.


Paul: Dang. I mean because see who — okay seriously, who uses a Blackberry that doesn’t get one at work?


Charles: But look at the numbers though. Like Blackberry still controls the —


Chris: That’s still huge.


Charles: — a huge share of the market.


Paul: Okay. But it —


Chris: But I think you’re right.


Paul: Who uses a Blackberry that didn’t get one —


Chris: Using from one work.


Paul: — at work. That’s why Blackberry is popular because they buy — Chevron will buy 10,000 at a time.


Charles: True enough it is mostly for corporate usage. But there’s a lot of younger generation people using them mainly because of the BBM.


Chris: Yeah.


Paul: Okay. I can see that.


Charles: BBM is moving right now.


Chris: Yeah.


Charles: There’s a lot of people who BBM.


Chris: That’s how — like my wife is from Panama and if they bought Blackberrys down there and you’ve got them here, you get free access.


Charles: You’re good.


Chris: Yeah.


Paul: My brother owns a Blackberry. He’s the only person I know that owns a Blackberry that bought a Blackberry on purpose. He did not get it at work.


Charles: Yeah, Kim did it.


Paul: Oh, really?


Charles: I had her on Android, she didn’t like it. She went back to Blackberry.


Paul: Wow.


Chris: Wow.


Paul: Man. So 40,000?


Chris: That’s a blank stare news. [Laughs]


Charles: Yo, blank stare sweetie, just…


Paul: So it was a nice try — it was a —


Charles: I think it rolled.


Chris: Their ad is good. I mean they —


Charles: Yeah.


Paul: As soon as I switched to Android, yeah, bro.




Chris: You are just a —


Paul: Blackberry.


Chris: — you’re just a [0:31:43] [Indiscernible]



As soon as they get a real operating system like Android.


Paul: I mean because see I think this is a classic case of reinventing the wheel, you know. Apple did it — you know, they did first, Android probably did it best. If you can’t compete with those two, why even —


Charles: Yeah.


Paul: — try. Like if you can’t beat them, join them.


Charles: If you can’t beat them, join them


Paul: You know?


Chris: Maybe they can. Remember you haven’t looked at it yet. [Laughs]


Paul: Yeah. It might be best thing smoking right now, man. It might be.


Charles: Yeah.


Paul: And I’m like it sucks. You know and I’ll tell you why I don’t like Blackberrys. Because they have the whole keypad on the phone, that’s why I don’t like it.


Charles: That’s why I like it.


Paul: It’s the only reason —


Charles: When I first had it — I used to be a strong Blackberry user.


Paul: Yeah. Because I’m just like and I don’t even have big fingers but I always push two or three letters at a time. I was like, this sucks. So now I am — I’m on my soapbox. I have, you know, conjured up all these negative energy towards Blackberry just because of the keyboard on the one Blackberry I’ve ever held in my life.





Chris: That he held — what was the time?


Charles: You know what you did –




Paul: See I was like, here take this I can’t type.


Chris: I can’t use this.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: I tried to type my name…


Paul: Didn’t work.


Charles: Did you hear about Blekko?


Chris: Nuh-huh.


Charles: Blekko search results will now include Facebook comments.


Chris: Oh, wow.


Paul: Wow, that’s what’s up. But who the hell uses Blekko that’s not in SEO? [Laughs] Seriously.


Charles: Well that’s why I’m telling you all, right.


Chris: Yeah. [Laughs]


Charles: We use Blekko.


Paul: Yeah, that’s what’s up. I think that’s very cool.


Chris: That’s cool. That is cool. Well —


Paul: Okay, Google get on the bandwagon.


Chris: — it is those kinds of things that will help them. You know, their goal isn’t to be 90% search traffic. If they can hit 5 of all search traffic that’s still —


Paul: That’s still millions and millions of traffic.


Chris: — phenomenal success with traffic. Yeah.


Paul: So Google, get on the bandwagon man, seriously, quit hating, gosh [Laughs]


Chris: The world according to Paul–


Paul: It is.


Chris: — as a useless commenter. [Laughs]


Paul: Get on the band — it’s going to have — I don’t know why. Google is just hating on Facebook right now.


Chris: All right. So this has been the laughingest podcast. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We do actually cover SEO information today–


Charles: And we do websites.


Chris: And we do websites.


Paul: And paid search.


Chris: And paid search and social —


Paul: Remarketing.


Charles: Social marketing.


Paul: Social.


Charles: Yeah, social.


Chris: Yeah. There’s a lot of things we do. We’re the most popular SEO podcast because of you guys. We really do appreciate you. Please go on, like us on our Facebook page, follow us on our Twitter page,, Hit us up with an email,, We really appreciate you guys listening. We love your comments.


I actually had a survey out on our Facebook page and it either accidentally got deleted or I don’t know. I’m going to repost that survey because we really like to know what business you guys are in, are you B2B product, B2B service, B2C product, or B2C service. That was kind of the best categories I could come up with.


Charles: Yeah.


Chris: That were broad and useful.


Paul: Yeah, that’s great because we used to always ask, like man I wonder — we always would guess that this is what our listener base —


Chris: Is, yeah.


Paul: — does. But we really guessed.



Chris: Yeah. It was a total shoot in the dark.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: Shot in the dark. All right. Thank you guys for listening. This has been podcast #104.


Paul: Hang on.


Chris: Yeah?


Paul: My home girl Chante Walton [0:35:11] [Phonetic] has whooped me on Facebook and this goes out to you, I’m coming after you.


Chris: On Facebook or that–


Paul: Oh, excuse me, words with friends.


Chris: Words with friends.


Paul: Oh…


Chris: That’s why he’s so angry.


Paul: That is why I’m so angry. Just got a 55-point word this morning and just… It’s been having a bad effect.


Chris: 55, wow, that’s a lot.


Paul: 55.


Charles: Oh my gosh.


Chris: That’s a whole lot.


Charles: Yes. Super —


Chris: How are you going to come back from that?


Paul: Man, I don’t know but I am.


Chris: [Laughs]


Paul: I’m going to cheat. I’m just going to say it.


Chris: How are you going to come back? [Laughs]


Paul: I’m going to cheat, I’m going to cheat. I’m going to go to use the scrabble word finder.


Charles: Oh….


Paul: Yes. Well, I’m going to cheat, I do. Well, I don’t, but I’m going to cheat this time. Gosh.


Chris: All right. Thank you guys for listening. My name is Chris Burres.


Paul: Paul Hanson.


Charles: Charles Lewis.


Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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