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Above the Fold SEO

Charles: So they’re trying to remove, though. Anybody who doesn’t have relative content to the search phrase on their website above the fold, and this day, they have tons of ads and images is going to hurt their ranking. I think that’s awesome.

All these black sites would, you know, a banner at the top and then another banner here and then a small text ad here and only this is above the fault of we had consider to redesign.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And I appreciate it. I don’t like it.

Chris: Sure. How many – you know, I think I’ll take a kind of inventory of websites that I go to and I don’t see that mini pages. I know there’s a ton out there. I just don’t see that many pages that are overwhelmed, where the ads are overwhelming on the top.

How about you, like, what’s your…

Charles: I see a lot but I think we kind of search differently and we’re going to sue maybe the content reviewing.

Chris: Right.

Charles: I look at a lot of…

Chris: Sports.

Charles: A lot of sports, a lot of urban content. And so what I found is these sites that half frequent visitors…

Chris: Right.

Charles: That half frequent content changes in nude post, they, you know, they make their money off edge.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And the ad always go up with the more visitors they have and give more visitors by…

Chris: And the more ads that are up on top, yeah.

Charles: Exactly. So I think it’s those sites that I feel are paying the most.

Chris: So really niche sites that, you know, somebody’s out there or frankly it may even be a hobby that they’re doing and they’re just trying to get as much value out of that hobby or just kind of a new business. And so they’re putting a lot of ads up top, above the fault, so it doesn’t generate as much revenue as possible.

Charles: Yeah, I think it was small to medium size businesses who we usually target, who may, you know, frankly, content won’t change that often maybe okay. If you’re somewhere in Houston, you’ll probably don’t have ads. And we did decide to definitely know

Chris: By the way, our litmus test for whether you should have ads on your site or not is if you’d sell and make money somehow, you should have not ads because ads are just a way that dragged people away from your site. You know, we’ve had – I was talking with a moving company that had Google AdWords at the bottom of their website. I’m not going to…

Charles: They had AdSense at the bottom.

Chris: Yeah, AdSense. And not only that, it was ads for other moving companies. So like not only are you driving traffic away from you, you’re driving it to your competition. You know, literally if you can make money doing what you’re promoting on your website, you should not have ads on your site.

Charles: What’s interesting to me is Matt Cutts when he talked about the Evo update, he’d mentioned that, you know, in typical fashion of this won’t have a huge effect.

Chris: It’s going to affect one-tenth of one percent of…

Charles: Yeah. And I don’t encourage people to be leery of that because Google also said the same thing about protecting the keyword data.

Chris: Yup, basically, it would be less than two-digit percentage and we’re consistent…

Charles: And usually not provided those…

Chris: Twelve, thirteen percent of the seventeen percent.

Charles: So the net effect, we’re giving some of it later, I believe that, say, in this year, that will probably be closer to 25%.

Chris: Yup.

Charles: Because of Google plus and what people use in Android. And so, you know.

Chris: I saw this on search engine, man, that AdWords is getting more granular with new mobile targeting options. I thought that was pretty cool. You can actually drill down to the particular operating system.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: All right. So, you could show different ads to somebody who’s on, you know, IOS, obviously, Apple product or Android or WebOS, which is I’m guessing…

Charles: That was palm.

Chris: Palm, yeah.

Charles: So, I mean, yeah, I started. I remember AdWords all the time.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Charles: And so it’s pretty cool, but, you know, I think…

Chris: I don’t really know why you’d want to show different ad to like your phone, in an Apple, on an iPhone.

Charles: It can depend on what the ad is targeting.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: If I’m targeting – if I had an Android based ad maybe before new Android phone or that.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Then, you know…

Chris: I don’t need to show that ad to iPhone users. No, that’s very true. So there is certainly some places where that’s going to happen. So, what else we got?

Charles: You can see an ad for Google Nexus, right, like this one. Then, yeah, I don’t need to show it to anybody using Apple’s OS.

Chris: Right, absolutely.

Charles: We got this here, posting predictions that ran for [0:13:25. 9] [Inaudible] he would list a few predictions of what he thinks is going to happen with SEO in 2012. And so I figured out to run this you, we’ll kind of see if we agree or disagree.

Chris: All right.

Charles: So I didn’t get all of my permit to do that I thought were kind of cool. SEO without social media will become a relic of the past.

Chris: It depends on the industry. I think it depends on industry. I think that’s social and its interaction with SEO is not going to get that maturity level this year.

I mean worse of getting clients who aren’t doing SEO and aren’t doing social, and so that implies that we’re going to start getting clients where everyone were – our new client, everyone we’re competing against – is doing SEO and social.

I don’t think plumbers are going to be doing SEO and social. We’re pitching it…

Charles: And we’re closing it.

Chris: And were closing it.

Charles: That was the point I was going to make is that you’re right. We’re getting new clients who aren’t doing them, but when we offer them, we explained the benefits…

Charles: They like it.

Chris: They like it.

Charles: And it makes sense. And so I think there’s – I kind of believe them. I believe that what you’re talking about is really inexperienced, they’re maybe under educated client in regards in search.

Chris: Right.

Charles: But as they become more educated they’ll understand the need to do both.

Chris: I guess my [0:14:53. 2] [Inaudible] is with relic, you know, like because the reality is that plumbers could come into our office this year and we could just do SEO and we could do really well with SEO and not need social. And plumbers, you know, whatever they – competitive in a target area, niche players don’t need social to succeed in SEO, just flat out.

And they’re not going need it by the end of this year, they’re probably not going to need by the end of next year. That’s not necessary for success in niche markets. For instance, we will never need a social page for blue one on widgets…

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: …ever, so I don’t think you can call it relic if it’s still valued. I mean it’s almost like saying I meet keyword, just a relic. Well, it is for Google but it’s not for bing and Yahoo. So I think that’s a little strong term.

Charles: It is.

Chris: I think it’s a good prediction. I think, yeah, it’s, you know.

Charles: So probably not a relic. But what I do believe is that you must include some sort of social. It may not be necessary but do it anyway, because – especially, we’re just talking about providing stuff.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And so that really is for people who are rolled into Google when they search. And now using Google Plus, if you’re allowed in the Google when you research, what do you see? Your results change due to how many people you have in your circles and what they plus, if they plus one it.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And so your search is going to be totally different from my search even with the same query. And so if, you know, that’s the reason to be on Google Plus.

Chris: To be social, yeah.

Charles: Definitely.


Charles: Same thing with Facebook likes. I think those will come back somehow because Google is like in a lawsuit right now. They’re saying they’re favoring their own products instead of displaying others in regards to the search plus…

Chris: Somebody had sued them or what.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: I just don’t get that. I mean there are big player. I don’t know at what point do you regulate that. They can sell their own products. I mean they have the right to put their – I mean it’s their page like the result page is not community property. It’s actually their, you know, just like…

Charles: It just happens to be the most top of the way.

Chris: Yeah. It’s kind of like Yahoo back or directories, like email, where there are actually men, you know, people going through and filtering them, you know, actually, physically looking at the pages, you know, you’re going to tell them how it gets so granular and tell them what pages they should or shouldn’t include on the first – but it doesn’t – I don’t get it. I mean go ahead and sue, but I think it would be very sad if they have the right to tell Google what to put on the first page.

Let’s just open the state run search engine and keep that over there and that’s the most objective, whatever the hell that means. And it’s like the NPRR search and just, okay, go ahead.

Charles: If you think you’re not there, you can come here.

Chris: Or you can get these results which people seemed to like.

Charles: Yeah, that’s the core thing about it. Google is not going to ever put themselves in the position to lose markets here. As a matter fact, to this day, they are still – we have 80% of the search market. I don’t think they’ll do anything to harm that.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Google will finally take stronger pedestal action against manipulative link spam.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Right. I agree with that. I think they will. As a mater of act this whole page layout, update is kind of – I think it’ll fixed it.

Chris: If you know what I’m saying, yeah.

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