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Forty-Sixth Internet Marketing Podcast Feb. 12th 2010. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi! Welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: Welcome back to another fun-filled edition podcast number…

Chris: 45. No, this has to be 46. That was last week.

Paul: 46. Podcast number 46. Welcome back. We’ve got some good stuff for you today.

Chris: We know exactly what we’re doing, podcast 46.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: I’m catching up here. I am unbelievably excited today, just like jumping out of my shorts excited today. I’m so excited I’m going to keep talking about it until you think I’m not really excited, I’m just saying it to try and get some stuff inside.

Paul: No.

Chris: No. I was perusing iTunes last night. We are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes and we have got some killer reviews.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Oh, man.

Paul: Thank you to everybody who has put in a review.

Chris: This is awesome. We really, you know, we get feedback, we love feedback, and when we see, you know, people who have taken the time to actually create an iTunes account, go on to iTunes and actually submit a review especially these amazing reviews. The only thing is just we don’t their websites, so we can’t give any link love and we’re all about giving link love.

Paul: Giving backlink love. So make sure if you a part of a company, and even if you’re not an SEO company and you’re just listening to help your own company, tell us your website and we’ll give you some backlink love. And by now, you should know backlink love is pretty good. There’s some value there. There is definitely some value there.

Chris: I got to read some of these. I mean, this is amazing. “I started listening to these guys earlier this year. I have been playing catch up to listen to all of their podcasts. They’re informative and entertaining. I have learned more ideas and tips from this podcast than I have in several books.”

Paul: Wow.

Chris: That is awesome. I will be a fan for a long time to come, which means you, apparently it’s David Beckham.

Paul: Oh, yeah. David.

Chris: Who plays soccer and also does search engine optimization. Very cool. David, send us your website. We’ll give you some link love. Since you’re going to be a long-time fan, obviously you’re going to listen to this. And this is what I love. This is not your typical boring dry monotone podcast that you often find on this subject. We talked about that early on.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: We said, you know, and it was Paul suggesting that they would bring in some news ’cause that kind of lays the groundwork for okay, we’re not only about SEO, we’ve got some entertaining aspects too.

Paul: And you know, hey, let’s face it, this is not like…

Chris: Rocket science.

Paul: Yeah, there you go. I mean, this is not always the most exciting thing.

Chris: Oh, it’s not like…

Paul: It’s not like codes and you know.

Chris: It’s not like celeb gossip.

Paul: There you go, there you go, you know.

Chris: It’s not just inherently interesting.

Paul: They’re not putting us on TMZ. I still want to go there.< /span>

Chris: Yet. Yet. Yet.

Paul: There you go. Yet. So, yeah. Thank you. And we’ve got another good one.

Chris: If in one day you’re finished with that, I feel like I’m listening to some friends talking about in the internet people with great work, you know, because you sent that and said that, I think we should actually keep up the great work.

Paul: Yeah. Got you man.

Chris: We got to set the bar high. I love setting the bar high. That’s it. Chris and Paul, this is another one. Chris and Paul provided a lot of good information, something you couldn’t find on the internet while making it fun to listen with humor but not getting side-tracked. Thank you very much. We know at least one listener would disagree with that.

Paul: Yes. And that’s American humor because John Reynolds has pointed that out. He said to me that’s American humor. I’m going to have to give up all my Western Australia humor.

Chris: Yes. Well, why don’t we watch like, was that the genius guy who had the crazy hair. Anyway, that was some Australian comedian. He said two things. I think his name was like Something Serious or anyway, and that was MPO Zero, and then now we’ve Lightning Basketball who says, “Chris and Paul appeared to be very personable, entertaining, and try to be themselves.” We’re still working on that. “Content is useful. Keep up the good work guys.” So, you know, I am stoked. This is awesome. We want to give you guys some link love, anybody out there who also wants to put, you know, good reviews. We are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We’re actually working up the ladder on PodOmatic, which is actually where we post our podcasts.

Paul: And hey, if you get some value out of this podcast, you know, take two or three minutes and send us a review. We don’t fake any of our reviews like I feel some people do. They’re all from people that have just taken the time to do that. So, thank you. If you get something from it, you know, help us out. We helped you out, help us out.

Chris: Yeah. We kind of get the feeling that some others fake it just because, you know, they were only broadcasting for a short period of time and they had like a hundred reviews. We’ve been broadcasting for two years and we’ve got between six and eight reviews.

Paul: Some of you guys out there that are on SEO iTunes are doing it. I’ll tell you why. Because if you have 99 reviews and your average rating is five stars, I mean damn. Come on, man.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Seriously.

Chris: Wasn’t that ‑ wasn’t that our goal?

Paul: Oh, yeah. Screw that. Man, I’d like to think I’m awesome. I would like that thing also. So, thank you again. A couple of things I found on the news today. Thi
s is actually very recent. You know what? I found this morning. I’m out to do some more research on it. Bid ideas. Go to Google, search bid ideas. It’s a new product that Google has come out with. If you are doing AdWords, there’s a section that will help you, give you bid ideas. If you would type in the keyword, it will tell you the relative or the approximate cost of it, the click impact, and some other stuff, and it will you, if you’re thinking about increasing your bid or decreasing your bid, it will help you find the impact that that could have over increasing or decreasing your bid. So, it’s somehow pretty cool. I’m going to have to check that out.

Chris: That’s pretty cool. It sounds like a tool that’s already like when you have an AdWords account, it all kind of do that. You’re like adjusting your bid and it will say here’s your estimated amount of links now or whatever. That’s cool, so they’re making that available more generically. You should get that on your account. Cool.

Paul: Bing. Bing came out with something called Streetside, which to me is something very similar to Google Street View.


Chris: Oh, okay.

Paul: Google Map Streetview. They actually have live photos and they have live video. Yeah, I thought that was pretty crazy. You could go actually see the ‑ I think the first video they saw was the fish market in Seattle, and I’m like wow.

Chris: So like Bing just set up a camera so you could see live video of the fish market in the Seattle?

Paul: So, Bing is now Big Brother.

Chris: Wow.

Paul: So, yeah. What else? Yahoo. The owners of Yahoo are selling stock and I was like, “Wow, man, what the hell are they doing?”

Chris: We talked about Yahoo last week and they were like they’re selling everything.

Paul: They’re going under.

Chris: They’re selling their core competencies and they’re selling out their stocks.

Paul: Yeah, the two owners sell 5 million share of the stock and that’s like red flag. Ding, ding, ding, ding. What’s going on with Yahoo? And then Chris goes. And then
I read further and they’re like okay, they collectively have 133 million shares and they’re selling 5. So, I’m like uhh.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah. I guess it’s not that big of a deal.

Chris: It’s close to 5% though. I mean it’s…

Paul: But you had a good point. Hey, they’re probably trying to raise capital to maybe start another company. So, look out for something else coming from the guys at Yahoo. And I want to give a special shoutout to some guys in Hawaii, Check out AJ. I spoke with AJ about two weeks ago. Sorry AJ, I forget to mention you last week, but he is the guy who started the company out in Hawaii and they can actually help you if you have computer problems anywhere in the world. They can actually help you. They’ve come out with a concept to help people anywhere, not just in their local towns.

Chris: Oh, we were talking about this earlier.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: It’s just a pretty cool idea.

Paul: And so I’m going to give you your backlink love AJ. It’s And I think they pronounce it “havaii.”

Chris: Hawaii. Yeah, there’s a weird little accent.

Paul: In Havaii.

Chris: You’re doing pretty good I think definitely.

Paul: ‘Cause I met a chick from Hawaii once. She told me that, so that’s the only thing I remember.

Chris: Was she cute?

Paul: Whoo!

Chris: That’s what I’d like to hear. Alright, you can stalk us at Twitter and I know we’re exceeding our timeframe for not getting into the meat of information and that’s just how we’re going to go. You can stalk us at Twitter. You can find at

Paul: There is no dash in that.

Chris: Facebook. The easiest way to get to our Facebook page is to go to That will immediately forwar
d you to our Facebook page. You hopefully are looking at us live right now as we speak or you’re listening to us. If you want to see us, actually record our podcast. We can get fairly dynamic pretty good.

Paul: And I just like to think I’m good looking to be honest.

Chris: Yeah. So, you can hear that normally at 9:15 Central Standard Time. We’re here for you. And then the other thing is, yeah, this is the last. I got to go get another sheet. You can email us. We appreciate your emails. Just email us at That will get to somebody, it will be interesting, and we’ll probably give you some link. So, excellent.

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